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  1. bartalamey1

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    after your detailed summery I feel ashaimed for my feedback on Discord about sabotaging of game graphics... I didn't know that it isn't the final variant and that the sky will not be constant pink or yellow forever. glad to see I wasn't right.
  2. that's cool. I once started making a selection of typical Soviet houses around the WWII time, to help the person in charge of the maps deal better with it. because I often see in games made by foreign developers that houses seem to look like real ones, but the person who is used to them IRL clearly sees artificiality. for example, when a porch from a house of the Tsarist period is attached to a Soviet-built house. it just hurts the eye. or projects of houses are used, according to which they were built only in Moscow, and no one else has seen them and don't understand why did developers exact that-looking houses. but in fact there are a dozen elements of houses that can be combined so that almost every person from the provinces from the territory of the former USSR looks at it and says: "oh, this is just like in the old quarters of my town". I abandoned this case when I found out that the map makers left the team, but the appearance of new map assets in last updates made me think that maybe it would still be useful to someone. I don't know about Reto's plans for Soviet maps, but how about I create a thread on the forum and post what I have? maybe other players will have something to add too. P.S. I think I should to say that currently soviet maps in HnG looking good. there is too few furniture in rooms and assets around the houses, but it's good. the location of the church on the hill at some distance from the khutor is what is usually done in real life, but rarely seen in games. I also really like the accurate reproduction of the buildings of the Brest fortress, it seems that this was not done from the photos, but some of you visited it by himself. there are some things to complain about, but the attentiveness of the mapmakers and the accuracy really captivate.
  3. so do you have skills to make new maps? I'm not hinting at anything, I'm really wondering if Reto currently has a developer capable of this
  4. bartalamey1

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    not the best attempt at making yourself a good tanker. but it's okay. for example acceleration is not speed. it's just a different characteristic. increasing acceleration can help you to dodge from AT-grendes and even rockets (if you don't know how, you are an extremely bad tanker ) also turret rotation speed doesn't give an advantage in far-range shooting, rather the opposite. middle-range and easier catching rambo's jeeps with the faster turret is a week side of my suggestion. yes. but. it affects gameplay much less then buffing the armour of the tank (that affects the tank-vs-tank battle and requires a bunch of the other changes) or nerfing AT-weapons (that affects the infantery-vs-apc and infantery-vs-aircraft battles). my suggestion is much softer and might give relatively larger effect with relatively less losses. the decision if up to Reto anyway.
  5. bartalamey1

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    as I think, tanks just should get impovement in acceleration speed and turret rotation speed. It will improve their ability to self-protection against rambos and will not brake tank-vs-tank balance or tank-vs-infantry-on-far-and-middle-range. for some reason I haven't been heared yet, didn't even not get an answer like "nope, we will not implement that"
  6. bartalamey1

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    @Reto.Hades is the statistic through new players (guys who just recently got it) shows the same picture?
  7. bartalamey1

    Next round of balancing (november)

    @Reto.Hades I guess it can be needed a deeper look into performing AVS on short distance. I trust the statistics but it depennds how to interpret it. Hard to belive that AVS is so overpovered that it compete with guns with 30 rounds. Just because player with STG spends on reload 3 seconds every 30 shots, and player with AVS spends on reload 6 seconds every 30 shots. Maybe on long distance or in bushes it's no matter when player can reload in safety, but in close combat or on capture points it's hard to hide becouse you have 5 more enemies near by. I fully accept that on shooting range or in 1vs1 combat AVS shows equal or better results, just because 3-4 rounds needed to kill a player and AVS has as many as 15. But we rarely have 1vs1 cowboy duel by all the rules in HnG... sooo I guess it can be needed a deeper look into performing AVS on short distance. P.S. I know that assult rifle is not a weapon for close combat, and I think in that system all of them should show the same results on every distance/situation. Say no to "all ARs are equal, but in CQC some ARs are more equal than others" 😅
  8. bartalamey1

    Gun sounds

    this complicates things because the sounds heard from behind the barrel and from the front are quite different. videos in confirmation: my suggestions: make DT suond similar in tank as course machine gun and in hands of infantrymen make sound if knife much quieter! in a recent battle, for half an hour I heard the sounds of drawing and removing a knife, but I never saw a single player who did it, he was just running somewhere on the map, and I heard the sound of a blade. This is an old bug, maybe it's time to tackle it?
  9. why should Reto change the multiplier at all if they decreasing the hitbox size? it can be the solution without any other changes
  10. I can't imagine anyone who likes to play a headshotless game, but it is top-2 variant now. so weird. anyway I voted for x3.6 and ready to vote for x4, x10, x100 if it will be on the poll list somewhen. I suppose that if you got shot to the head, your brains should splash out, no matter what gut your enemy used. I've never heard about failed suicide just because that person used PPSh instead of PPS. but I have an option to suggest. it is the compromise. make one more hitbox on the helmet area and give to it any low multipler community will choose. but for the face and neck make it high.
  11. bartalamey1

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    the fact that after the 1.18 SU Tier2 machinegun got worse then GE Tier1 machinegun (according to statistics) is worries me a little
  12. all guns should to kill with 1 headshot. the current situation when from all SMGs only MP40 can kill with 1 buttet to the head is really sick.
  13. bartalamey1

    Prototype test: Flamethrowers!

    they already had own bike: Ural M72
  14. bartalamey1

    Prototype test: Flamethrowers!

    Soviet Type of weapon should be "Flamethrower", not "Assault rifle" Also what I personally think or found: the flame in the igniter goes out too quickly; also too few fire per each "bullet"; it will be more fun if the flamethrowers set walls on fire (just as on old prototype with Molotovs instead of RPG-43); the screams of burning players are cool but too the same; add damage marker when you hit someone with fire; the scream comes from the point where the player received damage from fire but not where he actually is. either make the sound sound only on death, or make the source move with the character model; motocycles should open before jeeps (and not at the very end of the ribbon progress), because Assault Teams get bikes first, and only then jeeps; may be can be solved with adding bikes with sidecars for US and SU and regular bike for GE; bikes with a sidecar is on the 10 level of ribbon (as it is) and bikes without it is on the 3-5 level.
  15. bartalamey1

    State of the game

    @Reto.Hades I have read your post and and I can't help but notice that you are still comparing weapons in ideal test bench conditions (also in a vacuum). I think this is not very correct. comparing weapons from different classes is a good move. but in real gameplay it rarely happens that rivals meet "one on one". more often it happens that "one on several" or "several on several". and then a situation arises that in a typical two-story house a person with AVS (15 rounds) most probably will defeat a person with STG (30 rounds). but will not defeat two persons, because he will be killed by the second one during reloading. at the same time, a player with STG has more chances to come out alive against two players with AVSs, although his gun is weaker. the same can be applied to the comparison of the MP40 (30 rounds) with the PPSh (70 rounds), for example. that is, it is the environment in which the weapon is used that must be taken into account. in addition, you have to take into account the battle environments of using the gun and remember that the smaller the choice of weapons, the more each individual gun affects the performance of the entire team and even the faction. I beg you to bear this in mind. I just can't draw your attention to this. please write at least that you read this comment.