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  1. FPSUsername

    V-Sync doesn't work

    No issues here with a GTX 960 GPU. Vsync is enabled in-game and this is set in the control panel. Adaptive will disable vsync when the framerate drops but enables itself at 60Hz (monitor's refresh rate).
  2. You can notice a difference between bots and players. Bots can't run, only walk (oh, and they zigzag like crazy if you shoot at them, unlike people). Anyway, the issue stated in OP has been resolved since a week or two.
  3. FPSUsername

    bugs on maps

    When looking at the housing between the old B4 and O2 on the Town map from quite a distance, the ground doesn't line up correctly with the house. People and vehicles "float" when they walk/drive next to the house. Object details setting is set to High (not the max setting). Pictures using a 4.2x scope: https://imgur.com/a/OlkZT4m
  4. No, it's completely random when it happens. Apparently, you can join war battles when queueing with a different faction for staged battles. A bug that Reto still did not acknowledge (haven't seen a post in the Discord yet).
  5. Another log, I just booted the game up, queued for war using the advanced battle menu, got placed in a staged battle:
  6. There is this bug where after a match, I select war mode again through the advanced battle menu and I'm placed in a staged match. It happened twice so far today. Here is the HngSync log (not sure if it logs something important regarding this). It would be nice if the selection of staged or war would be sticky as well, as it used to be. My filters (in case it's needed): HG Advanced Filters
  7. FPSUsername

    bugs on maps

    Forward airfield, the dirt crater between O1 (airfield) and O2 (bridge). You can prone underneath the pile of dirt (will only make you invisible, but you can't shoot through it).
  8. FPSUsername

    Badge changes

    If there's one badge that shouldn't be nerfed, that is mechanic. Do you have ANY idea how long it takes to repair a tank? I'm running around with the silver badge and it still takes way too long. Plane repairs without a badge are good. So if you want to nerf mechanic (gold), then make tank repairs faster. In an average game where I try to preserve my tank, I spend probably 5 minutes repairing, 15-20 minutes fighting and the rest is for spawning and driving. And that's why we need that badge. You're just wasting bombs just so that you can reload when you're almost out of ammo. If you have the badge, you can at least make a decent attempt to drop the bombs while reloading fast enough before your ammo is gone.
  9. Rant incoming "Let's remove heavy set from headshots to help new players get more kills" Headshots actually being a thing of practice Oh no, new players are getting pwned by old players experienced because they get headshot every time! Lets now decrease the multiplier So headshots aren't rewarding anymore, just go with torso kills, don't put the effort into learning how to become better at the game. For real, why do people want to decrease the headshot multiplier? Is it because they died too often from a MG42 that "accidentally" got a headshot? Decreasing the multiplier to 2 is just insane. Imagine coming up to a sniper and trying to take him out with your small pistol. Guess what, you can't kill him with one round.. Reto shouldn't change the multiplier. It's good as it is. Tbh, I didn't notice much of a difference. I don't see many people running around with HS (or everybody is). I'd almost say that I'll leave the game if Reto will practically "remove" the effectiveness of headshots. There's simply no need to learn to make headshots with such little advantage.
  10. You know that they're a small team of 18 people (assuming from the meet the developers' page). I'm sure that the development pace has been lowered due to COVID. I hope that they'll get back on track soon. If you know how many bugs there are in this game, you know that they are prioritizing the need of fixing these. Some aren't crucial, others are. We all agree that their priority list isn't the same as ours (to an individual extent).
  11. Oddly enough I've never encountered this bug until after the infantry scope changes (which didn't change anything related to the 8x scopes)
  12. I think that the scope effect is well executed (a bit like a fisheye lens), however, here comes the "we have to accept the halfway solution": This post-processing thing happens on the whole screen, as you can see in your first picture, the bridge is misformed. The zoom happens outside of the scope as well (very unrealistic). The way to solve this correctly is to make use of double rendering, however, this is so impactful on the performance. Check this video: As you can see, this developer used the double rendering technique to accomplish a realistic view of a scope. Even the latest CoD implemented this with sniping, and I'll tell you this. I tried the free beta of the game, it ran between 40-60 FPS normally on my setup, however, when I was trying out a sniper and zoomed in the scope, the framerate dropped to 5-20 FPS. Since HG isn't the best-polished game in terms of performance (thanks to a self-made potato engine), it's pretty much infeasible to solve it the correct way.
  13. FPSUsername

    Armor 2.0 is really bad

    Here's my SU take. 2 hit SA rifle or PPS43 3x H3 3x RPG 43 Iron fist (I have silver, so 15% extra damage) I can bring down light and medium tanks if the RPG's hit well, but most importantly is to first use the H3 (and keep a watch if there are enemies around or if the tanker leaves his tank). If only we would get more XP for damaging tanks, because in war, one tank will give you roughly 400-600 XP if you destroy it or get an assist. If you don't, but just damage it, it's under 100 XP. This makes grinding for the PRTS (or the M18 recoilless rifle, or any other high tier weapon from the tank destruction badge) really difficult.
  14. Kind of a bump here for @reto to see. So far it only happens with an 8x scope when you crouch
  15. FPSUsername

    Make scopes high powered again

    No. 1.9x scope is amazing on the assault rifles and pretty good on the SA rifles as well. The scope is indeed quite small, but that's only to increase the gap between an infantry with an OHK rifle and a sniper. There wasn't really a point in getting a sniper for GE, since the infantry could have a 4x scoped OHK rifle in combination with the MP40 (very OP setup). The US faction had the worst of em all with the 2.2x scope, however, the SU faction had the best balance at 3.4x. I still don't understand why people ran around with a 4x scope on the STG44. It was impossible to handle.