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  1. Zoaron

    bugs on maps

    Place : Factory Cap : C3 Issue : windows are bullet resistant now Place : Factory Cap : B3 Issue : you only spawn on roof now (not in building)
  2. Zoaron

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    Some HnG players have already started this development as they see that the development of this game has come to a stop. As a starting point they are using the awesome HnG concept of combined RTS & FPS ina WW2 environment. As these guys have played HnG for many hours (and most probably much more than any of the RETO team), they are involving members and are taking in consideration what is needed to be added to the game and what needs to be avoided, evaluating various observations made by players here in the Forum (like those indicated in my post) and Discord. Though it is sad that this game did not manage to evolve (any)more.
  3. hey @Reto.Hades, is it so hard to just give a simple reply?
  4. Actually some kind of this exists already as for example your AT guard can be modded to become a motorizzed guard and so on. But still yes, the RTS side of this game should be improved (to be honest, the whole RTS concept could use a complete overhaul, but this will never happen anymore, not in this game)
  5. sorry mate, but K/D ratio doesnt say anything. Only way to win the game is by capping / holding points. To do this you have to run and risk, and doing so will often get you killed more than someone camped at a distance who just shoots those trying to cap (e.g. tankers, recons, pilots) The infantry (paras) are the real heroes in this game, the players that go try to cap. The others classes, well yes, are a support, but by not going to the cap (to not hurt their k/d ratio) are just less useful.
  6. First of all, most of the hit-n-run (new) players join the discord as it is just a place to blow-off quickly. Further it probably is because there is almost no one left in the RETO team to follow-up on players suggestions (no dev team left). It's a free game and they just does not make enough income to keep supporting it, unfortunately.
  7. Stopped reading right here. As you can see on the configuration screen this is 'currently' not possible ( this 'currently' last for 8? years now. Whatever self respecting game has the possibility to change keybind, but this one doesn't. Unfortunately
  8. Basically the reto team does not come here anymore, the few times they want to say something they stick to discord.
  9. Zoaron

    RTS negative queue?

    Negative infantry queue???
  10. Ergonomics is a word that RETO game developers never understood. And whenever there is a feature that makes life easier it will be removed in a next patch....😣 It seems that the main goal is to have players waste time instead having them active in a battle...
  11. In case you still look at these issues; After about 20 min in battle without any issues we all get; ''Network trying to catch up'' But it just doesnt, it does not catch up, as it never does actually I tried to leave the battle... but is does not work, now I am (and I guess all other players of the same battle) are stuck in processing /M 4468765257458513876 /P 412387919604775825 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 8363523575599586711 /V 167100 /x LaunchedByHngSync /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=8363523575599586711::7OS5G8bTDKXFP3vp0Sz5PwUJSXY" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" Acknowledged hng.exe pid 7192
  12. Zoaron


    Even if you use a QWERTY keyboard, it should be possible to reassign keybinds. It seems that this was part of the game development years ago but in the end they never implemented it. As so many years passed by I doubt they will ever implement it, sadly. Try look at this site, which explains how to switch your keyboard from AZERTY to QWERTY; How to change keyboard from AZERTY to QWERTY ? - Computer tips & tricks (computer-tricks.com) gl
  13. When will you finally get rid of this bad game design, at least for infantry, get rid of the deploy delay timer as it is just game breaking, helping the team that already is doing better (which does not make any sense). @Reto.Hades an answer (if you still logon to this forum) would be appreciated
  14. Zoaron

    Tier 2 Heavy Tank Balance

    My same thoughts The KT2 might be powerfull but than on the battlefield you only should be able to counter one, not more. Though as there is no limit, you can find a horde of them and yes, with your Pershing you stand no chance. The best to do when you see a KT2 is to change to AT rambo as it is easier to kill a tank as infantry than as a tankerer (yes, also this does not make any sense but hey, its the RETO way of balancing)
  15. Zoaron

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    Hell yeah, this game has also so many issues to address! 🤔 For me its also behind comprehension to be honest. I can only think that or the code is terribly complex to comprehend and change or the programmers are just mainly working at another project. I think the latter is the case as even changing parameters (as Hades is doing) took months to get implemented.