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  1. stop planes, limit their presence in game to max 2, planes are cancer to this game
  2. Mostly the RETO focus on fighter planes ruined the game. I do not understand why for RETO this is the most important class. Almost untouchable, they gain tons of easy credits being mostly invulnerable as mostly only other planes can kill them, with their tons of bombs and laser guns. furthermore newcomer's that would like to learn to fly cant, as those with a bit of experience will finish them off in seconds. ^ This In addition; AUX seats management, - the commander should ALWAYS have at least one aux seat. In case of a mixed level squad (as usual), the highest level will be the commander. Further, in game, give the opportunity to change the squad leader to another player! regarding the special classes limit, where RETO says that the wait queues will be high, why not make specific class battles (planes against planes, tanks against tanks) without aux seats? I suggest, when waiting for MM (and why not WAR), to have a list of all those starting and ongoing battles, showing also the ping, in a way that I can 'sign-up' for a specific battle of my interest.
  3. Sure you are busy RETO but a (also brief) statement would be appreciated...
  4. I can only hope that RETO understands that all observations made by so many players indicates a certain level of frustration of dedicated people that are very passionate to this game and would only like to see a few important improvements to keep playing with fun (and most could be implemented without major effort). Sorry but you are way off my friend There is no excuse saying RETO is a small team. Instead of doing a lot of things so-so, they should do a few things and get it right (first time), and share it with the players. e.g. (considering community observations); Adjustment of INF scopes - due August 2017 Improved AUX system - due September 2017 Bug fixed, capture icon and RTS update - due October 2017 2 New MAPs - due November 2017 Amor 2.0 - due December 2017 etc. They should just be clear about commitments and target dates. Then instead of having players complain, they will cheer!!! Yes, it is a F2P game so what are we all complaining about? It is about survival. This game will exist if there are players. They need to keep / increment the player base to survive (the game and hence themselves as employee). If certain considerations would be taken in consideration then much more players would invest in the game, it is easy like that.
  5. Not that much is needed to improve this game drastically; But there is only a very loud silence from their side to all proposals...
  6. Para planes are in a bad situation, similar as tanks, now it will be worse as RETO gave XP back to those easy XP grind pilots (as if they have a need for it) It is clear that their interest to classes is very different; Big 1st!!! - in love with pilots and fighter planes - untouchable, easy Tank and INF killers 2nd - infantry - mixed feelings (with those scopes and RNG headshots) 3rd - recons - disinterested (that parkingson sway, even if crouched) far behind 4th - paras - no feelings, or better, who cares, paras are pilots easy XP grind food 5th - tanks - cares even less, tanks are the best pilots AND Infantry easy XP grind food! Yup they show very well how they 'care' for the various classes (and they have a good laugh at those players that still try to be a para or a tanker...) Yes, the paras (planes) and tanks are in this game mainly to give easy credits to pilots, most useless for the rest. The best you can do when you get in a game with fighter planes; leave! (That's what I usually do as I'm not gonna hand easy XP credits to pilots anymore)
  7. It is nice to see confirmation that I'm not the only one with these feelings. Really, there is not much needed to improve this game, most has to do with some value adjustments in the calculations made by the game. e.g. - bring infantry scopes magnification back to only 2x AND increase the sway a bit - make tanks sustain at least twice the damage taken as they do now, it could help against the OP fighter planes and also tank battles will benefit from it - add a 3 sec delay between a H3/Sticky etc AT grenade throw - give tanks actual inertia to not be stopped by wooden fences, bicycles, cars or health crates... - reduce the randomnes of headshots - adjust the values in order to have a rifle shoot better than a pistol/revolver at 100m (often a pistol does better) - avoid planes to see through the clouds and trees (xray vision) - give recons again a viability in game by reducing the sway a bit - avoid having cars/motorcycles explode on light contact and reduce the drifting these vehicles - and this, it has not to do with values; though avoid giving AUX seat to a leader that has no aux seats defined (sounds obvious? it pisses off a lot of players and still nothing has been done) RETO; there are many, many dedicated and skilled players that propose valid changes and enhancements that could improve this game tremendously (in particular thumbs-up to you @RadicalEdward2 with the impressive effort and passion you put in to it!) RETO you should consider these members as they are your treasure! TOGETHER, your team and the community members can improve this game tremendously and make it fun again for all (and then players will stick around again) in the mean while I'm playing Day of Infamy...
  8. Dear @reto.kensolo @Reto.RedBjarne @Reto.Lord @Reto.Windshield So, after many hours of playing this game (1200+), having geared up many soldiers in different factions and classes, I'm now tired with this unbalanced gameplay between soldier classes. I'm not referring to US vs SU or GE weapon balance, I'm talking about the absolutely terrible game experience with - scoped infantry against un-scoped infantry which try to capture bases - para planes terrible -predictable- AI to be as 'sitting ducks' to whatever plane (and now you are even gonna give XP back for shooting them down!? common...) - medium-tank/TD tanker (not to talk about heavy tanks which are completely useless in this game) In particular for the tank game play, to the still very present, super-easy AT rambos, you added the almost untouchable fighter planes to which a (slow) medium-tank/TD tanker do not stand a chance (even if it is night and you are hiding in the woods and you do not shoot or move...they find and easy kill you). Yes, it is useless going over this again, there are hundreds of posts in this forum about his, but you continue doing nothing about it. I liked (and still like) the concept of this game, I never had issues with the grind, it is long, but doable (everybody wants to have all right-away nowadays...), though the game experience has just gotten frustrating. I can only think that many of the current players here, with similar feelings, are just waiting how new games will evolve like Day of Infamy (downloading this at the moment), Traction Wars (to be released) and most of all Call of Duty - WW2 (I WILL buy that game, I can only expect that the game experience will be better than H&G as I have to pay for it) Looking at the on-line players graphs ( you can see the tendency of this game; there are less and less players, this is a plain indication that something in your development strategy is not aligned with the market expectations, did someone of you considered this? RETO, for your (and your team) jobs-sake, you need to really consider your customers observations (in particular those that left or are leaving) otherwise this game will have little future left as you will have no customers anymore. The only KPI you need to measure, to understand if your game dev strategy has worked, is the one that shows your player base. That number has to go up, if it isn't then something has to be done (quickly) to improve (use the PDCA cycle for it).
  9. This, Probably they will add submarines first before something will be done with this pathetic tank situation. would be nice, today i got stuck on a motorbike with my 60ton tank... and in another moment, while moving at full speed with my panther some rambo managed to reduce my health to 5%, just running after me.....yeah sure...
  10. Hell yes! awesome idea, this would for sure add versatility to the game!
  11. I agree, this should not happen. I drop out of those heavy red ping battles to find myself again assigned to the same battle. This mechanics is bugged, if not then it is just stupid.
  12. or easy mode fighter planes with x-ray sights and laser aim
  13. Nice try but this is a useless topic. RETO does not remove anything and will not adjust values, even if it is evident that it (persist in) ruining the game play for players, read Tank play (it was bad with only AT Rambo infantry, now we have also untouchable AT fighter planes...). The only class that is considered by RETO are pilots, tanks are just easy pilots/infantry food. Period.
  14. just get rid of planes, or keep only recons
  15. Nice one! I really struggle to understand how RETO.MOTO manages to survive. The playerbase is constantly shrinking and I doubt a lot of players pay to get gold, or at least an amount that is enough to sustain the development and the game. I joined last August when I saw a publicity on Steam of the game; FPS with RTS,WW2 based, Awesome I thought and gave it a try. At that time the player base was about 20k (September), now, in peak moments, it is only getting to 8,5 - 9k players. (though I am still here) I agree they (RETO) should do some more to obtain more players and, more important, keep players engaged, eg - more publicity of this game in various occasions and places - merchandise wear items, poster, gifts etc, (like in LOL or in WOW) - this is publicity after all - listen more to the community and then show that they understand what drives the players to come back playing the game and consider the information to improve the gam - people like to improve themselves, comparing themselves with others. I feel that winning is nice. Though if I lose, then whatever, it is not an issue, as no overall game overview exists to understand how I am doing. there should be some kind of major game goal to reach to keep wanting to win. For example in WOW players obtain specific titles based on specific quests completed There should be some kind of classification of players of each faction showing the ones with the most battles won (statistics), with the possibility to see their detailed stats, their gear, mods and badges used... Players are not stupid and like to understand the game, more information needs to be available as repair cost details, weapon stats with actual numbers etc H&G is a nice game though I am afraid it will not last for long if nothing is done to keep the player base.