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  1. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    Please reduce the 'funny' comments that makes you look as you do not have a clue about what is happening in game. The players that submitted the questions and all of those that have chosen the question to be answered understood the content very well, therefore I cannot understand (and it shows a lack of respect) why the persons involved in the Q&A, involved with the development of the game do not understand the content of the question.
  2. I agree that the movements could be better (but to be honest, comparing to other games, i feel that the overall movement of infantry is quite good). There are though 2 annoying issues that I feel need improvement; 1. teletransport - when one exits a vehicle, he gets tele transported from the seat away from the vehicle 2. jumping on crates, for example trying to enter the church building in town map, a4 side, jumping on the crates is very uncomfortable; you push jump and move forward but you need to be lucky to enter the building further i agree that the velocity between weapon usage is to high, an infantry that can throw 2 AT grenades or place 2 H3 in less than a second is absurd.
  3. See picture (mountain map, E3); I wanted to see if i could steal/use the motorcycle and i found myself on top of it. No way to get off again. I had to use F11... note this kind of issues happen quite often.
  4. Please go take a look and give your feedback...
  5. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    First rule in improvements, NEVER lose important information from an old version to a new one. Therefore I can only agree with the former post that @Vudu_guy @Xeator made. Further I really appreciate the intent to make improvements in the UI and really hope it fixes also the frequent crashes. Observations 1. How about adding a function that shows the number of resources selected when you want to move more than one (it sums the AT's resources selected and shows it on the screen); 2. How about a function to filter the AT's list on the right to only those AT's interested (to avoid to scroll a long list to find similar AT's); By just clicking the relative icon in the red ovale, you will reduce the shown AT's in the list below to just that type of AT's (the icon most on the right is to clear the filter) 3. now changed, my selected AT's are on the right side of the list, not anymore shown as previously, directly from the left; 4. as only a few understand this is on the prototype server, could you put it on the main screen (now you have the Q&A and Why #14 shown), more might actually try the prototype server Thanks for your effort

    IF ONLY..... ... THEY really listened and then actually did something about it within a decent human time span instead of saying it will be 'solved' soon.... It is sad to see the galactic timing that RETO requires to do a whatever, even minor, adjustment to this game (I hope computers will still exist when they finally will release the update...)
  7. Hey Gaius, RETO does listen! After reading the proposals they must be falling of the chair laughing ! (and then they go on minding their own business...)
  8. Battles, AT's and warfunds

    same here, i had a WF bill of 20k after the long lasting battle, I lost all my AT's and gained.... nothing... bad deal
  9. Watch Q&A & Why #14 Twitch-stream

    Sorry but you post your issue in the wrong place. Please submit a ticket if you feel something went wrong with your account; https://heroesandgenerals.com/categories/general/
  10. Watch Q&A & Why #14 Twitch-stream

    @RadicalEdward2 @Vudu_guy So, reading your former posts about devs leaving (not a real good sign) and what happened the last 16 mths where the various releases of content is slowing down every month, I can only feel worried. Even smaller issues as the mentioned above, e.g., the wrong badge shown in the UI, seems an incredible high mountain to climb by RETO to be able to solve it. Q&A, a nice idea, is getting a drag... same questions all over again, but worse, with mostly evasive answers (and really often it seems they do not understand what the community is asking and this makes me doubt if they actually do play the same game as we do...). I guess that only time will tell (as RETO does not) if things will be exciting again in this game whilst hoping that not all have left H&G in the meanwhile to play other similar but more modern developed WW2 games (as known, two new ones to be released in the next weeks). Well, hope is the last to die, isn't it?
  11. Watch Q&A & Why #14 Twitch-stream

    I did not manage to see the todays stream. I also do not see any comments about it! Anyone that saw it has something interesting to tell about the content?
  12. Best way to level up melee?

    if they would ban someone that tries to play with a knife/shovel only, as this would be considered as not playing to win, then they should ban half of the players that are always sitting camped far, far away from the objective without even trying to cap. But i do not see this happening. (it would be strange to ban them considering that RETO provided scopes for all, which is basically asking to have campers in game that are not playing the objective...)
  13. ^ this I like very much as I also tend to retreat my AT's due to the morale loss due to unplayed - AR - battles; for sure I'm not gonna leave my AT's sitting around for 16+ hours while I have no chance to micro-manage them! This solution described above will eventually bring the AR to a stop, forcing to play the battle or it will be hard to advance. As a second suggestion, as AR probably will not be turned off, it could be an idea to extend the time from the 66 minutes today to auto-resolve the battle, to say about 12 hours, allowing many of us to come back in time to manage their AT's if the battle has not get played. For sure I'm getting tired of seeing some players push their AT's when the number of players online is very low (ab)using the AR'r function, to find when i relog on that the big part of the map won yesterday by actual played battle has been completely lost (and yes, to find that the SU is at the point to 'win' again...) @Reto.Hades could you consider this for the Devs? Further do you have any updates about the next steps about the AR issue? Thanks for following up on this.
  14. make them pay!

    And if a friendly shoot your mines you should be averted as if someone did hit you, permitting a F1 to report him. After a while sure they will understand that its better not to destroy them!
  15. well, I hope that by reporting they at least put it on the to-do list; to update the map (i really can not belief that this is a difficult issue to solve tbh)