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  1. yeah and you know what???? They even give credits to pilots for shooting down those stupid predictable flying coffins.... basically free xp giveaway to pilots!! it IS incredible, you would not believe it if they told you so!!
  2. it is 'working as intended' (...) in other words, this; unfortunately nothing is done, and most probably nothing will be done about it... sad... yes.
  3. When you spawn in your vehicle and want to give a ride to others, often it does not allow you to. Only when you get out of the greyed spawn and the vehicle gets visible, the other can sit in your car. Same thing happens if I try to jump on some ones manned vehicle in the spawn, it did not let me until he came out of the grey area and became visible.
  4. +1, this is a good idea (i would use G instead of the proposed F to heal/replenish from a crate)
  5. This game balance is so broken, evidence everywhere.... though RETO is awol, absent, or.. in the very few times of 'contact' they just justify their bad decisions instead of doing something what is needed to be done to permit some fun for everyone... Yup, I'm waiting for the "Hell Let Loose" game to come out next year...
  6. Para plane is in the same pathetic situation as tanks, they only exist to be farmed by super easy credit farm planes, especially (Heavy) Fighter Planes, absurdly OP. RETO is in love with pilots and planes, all the rest is in the game, well, only to provide tons of credits to pilots. Yup, a very sad situation. I suggest you just leave the battle when there are fighter planes, I do so all the time as I'm not gonna give my credits to pilots while ending up frustrated by this stupid and very poor game mechanic.
  7. I'd add; - Traction Wars (though their development is very slow, after years no release date yet) https://www.tractionwars.com/content.html - Crowded Hour http://www.crowded-hour.com/home.html To be honest, Hell Let Loose seems very promising to me, I loved to play Company Of Heroes and see that RTS concept implemented with FPS, with those graphics... well WOW!!! ps. I love the H&G game concept, but the way how RETO responds to common bugs and known issues is taken the fun away... probably I keep playing this until HLL comes out... (sad though)
  8. I completely agree, you cant see shirt... Another kind of battles I quit when I find myself in it (like those with [H]Fighter Planes)
  9. there are CHILDS.... and there are step-childs... RETO's kids are the (heavy) fighter planes, all the rest exists only to give easy and much XP and Credits and the fun to pilots. You'd say imbalanced, yeah just a slightly bit... example here... The way RETO is not addressing this is absurd as least. I now just leave those battles with (H)Fighter planes as it is just annoying and frustrating (not to mention that continuous buzzing sound....)
  10. I had this yesterday in a game where in a kubelwagen I was on the weapon and the driver got the car tuck on a rock (mountain town map) All of us could not leave, the only way to get out was a 'F11'
  11. Well, it would be good already to have the game still alive in 5 years, seeing the player base drop week by week.... I can not understand how a company like RETO can live, survive, paying all wages to their team, when there are not enough paying players (that actually buy gold) A rough calculation, if there are 5.000 stable players, that buy gold, once a year, for say 100 euros, then they make 500.000 euro a year, that's about 41k a month. Their staff is currently 31 members, that makes for each of them only 1.350 euro of a salary.... (if they all get equal).... If only they implemented the easy improvements to those annoying issues that makes most players flee would help retain the player-base (and many are solvable in just a few minutes, they are just parameter changes...)
  12. Who knows why this happened to you, for sure there is much, yes, way to much RNG in this game. There are days that I enter in battles and I end up killing everything (high K/D ratio, top of the list) Then the next battle I cant kill shirt, even when I shoot the enemy from behind, on the head, without him seeing me, emptying a compete magazine on him... though he turns and... I'm dead - headshot (and I get a K/D ratio of a newbie) * It seems to me that the game has some additional RNG to help you win some battles and, well, help win the others in a next battle. ps. * same ping battles
  13. Thx @kutaymeric, I'll consider your observations. See you in battle
  14. I have not seen any info about this in the changelog, so anyone knows since when did they change it?
  15. Yes, Soviets always had the best camos, the standard ones blends perfectly in the game and are hard to see (excluding their banana color para suits...). They dont need other camos than that. With this darker nights they are now completely invisible.