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    @Reto.RedBjarne I can not immagine that THIS was your intention, there are players with MILLIONS of warefunds now Isn't it time to stop this madness? ps. besides the exaggerated warefunds issue, there is no use playing the RTS side of the game, it was not optimal before, now its unplayable!
  2. The real reason people play for Germany

    omg always this whining over the STG...
  3. Is there even a reason to continue ?

    To OP, so true unfortunately. Yesterday I played 7+ staged battles as US, all lost. Today I played 10, we won one. The game is completely screwed at this time. There are a million of generals trying to get their AT (for free) in WAR but before the AT will be deployed the WAR is already over. So, many, instead of playing WAR battles using their AT's, they move to Staged (mostly GE faction). It seems that all new players (eg noobs) start at the US faction, once they understand they get owned all the time, or they leave the game or move to GE or SU faction. RETO should make it much more interesting to play WAR battles. I feel the RTS world is not big enough for the amount of Generals / deployable AT's available; or increase WAR map size (e.g extend to Africa, or set a limit for each player of deployable AT's)
  4. I am impressed! /bow to you
  5. Is there even a point to playing War at the moment?

    To OT, if you do not play WAR, is there a reason to play Staged as US??? It is getting worse and worse to win a battle; US all newbies, GE & SU al try-hards. This evening I played 7 games, 7 losses And I do contribute (I'm nothing special but try to do my best...) I actually do not know what to play anymore as we get crushed all the time everywhere.
  6. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    I tried it with not so many players, its not a bad map, I'll need to verify how the game play wil be with many players though. As a personal opinion, i feel that with this and the other upcoming very small maps this game is moving more and more to a DoI or COD infantry game play. It would be nice to see another brand-new huge map (though I'm scared to put my hopes on it as I see how long it took to get this one small map out to the test server) As the game basically revolves around playing on maps, I'd expect much more focus from the RETO team on this part of the game development (I'm really annoyed with the current maps, I know every square meter of them by now...)
  7. > Forward Airfield > B3 capture point > Inside of barn > Behind Haystack near the opening towards B2 If you get there it is almost impossible to get out of there, your basically stuck. RETO, please check and maybe move the haystack just a little to allow player movement to be able to get out of there! Thanks!
  8. Wrong bage icon

    Unfortunately even with next update this issue wil not be solved.
  9. Soviet Teams

    I just played as SU on the test server. ALL can have it all, the best gear, the best badges, etc. Though can you belief that all camped, to afraid to attack capture points, and this even on the freekin test server??? And yes, even as it is useless to say, we lost...
  10. Soviet Teams

    The SU is not all bad, it has some better other features, big magazines for PPD PPSH, DP28, the best stock camos (though not for paras), best almost invisible AP mines PMK40... (how often I got surprised by this), a very good SVT40, the AVS36, a PTRD... (tanks wise, I agree that they mostly suck) And playing moreover as US I can say you are not alone losing many battles, I lose 8 out of 10, against mostly full modded, high ranked and clanned GE with their considered UP STG44 ..(yeah sure..., Its one of the best weapons in game but they will never admit)
  11. to OP @Suihkuunkusija I couldn't agree more! There is absolutely no balance between Fighter planes and ground forces, exaggerated credits given for shooting defenseless para planes and empty jeeps while being virtually untouchable. And if this was not enough, RETO gave the radar vision to planes to be able to see through the clouds where tanks and jeeps are. It is utterly disgusting (and an offence to all other classes that play with actual effort to win the game by capping)
  12. Today

    I do not see actual cheaters in game, most are just extremely good. What is annoying is the cheats provided in game by RETO! - planes being able to see through clouds where the tanks and cars are ("radar vision") - the possibility given to see enemy vehicle movement while in the deploy screen yup. This is much more annoying!
  13. Can you Change your name?

    That is not possible right now, as when they started to develop this game they did not consider this as a possible request and used the player names as ID in their game databases. Unfortunately, as I know some that (should) would like to change their player name! For RETO it would be an opportunity to make money, like Blizzard does in WOW, you pay for a name change if you want one.
  14. 1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    @Gerrit. This is what I mean, I do not understand all those capping at the speed of light as their lives depended from it, on the freakin test server! I'd like to better understand the C line in forward airfield as it has changed quite a bit, though this is fairly impossible due to the continuous steam roll... Well I guess we will see it in game and then we will try to convince RETO to make adjustments if needed...
  15. 1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    Dear RETO It is a nice idea to test new content /changes coming out, though doing a STAGED battle as 8 against 22, well, does not allow you to do much as no real battle can be fought (1 against 3 is no match) For a next test environment, I suggest to level out this imbalance as it is no fun for each side (and I can only hope that this high imbalance between factions in game will not be present in the Live environment after releasing the update)