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  1. GTX 1080 for H&G

    and it depends on what resolution you play on your monitor, if high res, a good card is needed for good fps. (I run a GTX980ti at 2k res, mostly over 120 fps)
  2. AT per player limits

    Lately the stockpile was increased but unfortunately it now allows only the ones that queues first to get more AT's out (with the biggest impact of those whales that fill the queue instantly with one click). Now, as this RTS parts is nice if MANY can play it (Multiplayer), there should be an opportunity for ALL to play it (not only those with tons of AT that saturate the queue instantly) Here are 2 easy and quick fixes that RETO should implement directly (its just adding a few easy conditions in the code) AT deploy limit in the first 36 hours There should be a limit for the AT's that one can deploy within 36 hours from the moment the battle starts, to allow others to queue and deploy as well. I suggest to have a percentage of their available AT's over a base minimum limit. The rule in the code could be that one can deploy in the first 36 hours; up to 10 AT's + 50% of other various available AT's (this to avoid hurting those whales to much). After 36 hours, this rule will not be considered anymore and the remaining AT's can be deployed (added to the queue if present) Remove Unused AT's after 48 hours from deploy As many put their AT's in the queue hoping to be able to play, but when the moment arrives they are not able to play for RL issues, I suggest again to remove those unused / unmoved AT's that sit around for days without moving. I would consider the following conditions; IF - the AT has not moved during the last 48 hours - the AT was not involved in a battle the last 48 hours - the AT is not involved with a battle at the moment of the check of the condition - there is a queue fo the specific AT at the moment of checking the situation THEN > the deployed AT will un-deploy and return to the stockpile, the WF value of the AT's is returned to the owner, releasing AT's to an active player in the queue. This obviously will keep the battle field very dynamic as the deployed AT situation might change drastically after the first 48 hours of the start of the new war Though having more players playing and considering the that the un-deploy will only happen when there is a queue (there are active players) it should not impact the WAR itself to much Note, the removal could also be done by the system by having the AT moving to the nearest friendly town to un-deploy. In case the player is on line at that time, it can obviously still intervene and move them themselves, The only risk here is, knowing the rules used by the system, that your AT will run into the enemy (in case your AT's are further away from the spawn point) @[email protected]@Reto.RedBjarne Please can you follow-up on the above; currently the RTS is really unplayable (and last war again I had no chance to get my miserable 2 Para AT's and 2 plane AT's deployed, always in the queue... and this happened to a lot of our fellow soldiers...) Zoaron ps. there are many good suggestions by many other passionate players here on the forum which could help improve the RTS content quality. I can understand that some of those suggestions require important changes to the game (and big effort from your side). Though as the first important thing is to have a wide player-base, allow MANY to play the RTS part of the game, I strongly ask you to PLEASE DO NOT DISREGARD the above easy-fixes which are quick to implement and will have for sure a big positive impact (happiness and players that play the game) on the RTS side of the game! Thanks
  3. SU needs help

    After so many hours put in this game, this absurd situation where RETO is completely absent, in silence, I come to the conclusion it is time to move on to another game, very sad. (fortunately a few new FPS/RTS WW2 similar games are to be released in the next 2 months...)
  4. Damn, that means that my AT I deployed this morning after this night blitz battle will not be available this evening when I get home as the war is already over... again??? WTF, no use even trying to deploy anymore... (it was already terrible with the day long queues...) now it is completely unplayable... @Reto.JM please force someone to adjust something here (if your team has no clue what to do please look at the many good forum suggestions like those of @sfscriv....) Please....
  5. Update 1.10 'Colmar Hamlet' - Changelog

    Nice idea, though it does not work. As I work during the day, having the war ended with a new one started before I get home able to deploy my AT's puts me in another days long queue to be able to get some AT in the field (which probably deploy when I am at work again so no way to play them) Last war, after days, I did not even get my planes and paras out of the queue. I'm starting to doubt about their usefulness! (and then to see that there are player-whales with tons of planes AT's deployed...) Current situation AT QUEUE; Jeeps 422, motorcycles 2034 (!), Paras 1129... RETO, come on, why am I not allowed to play this part of the game? I cannot baby-sit this game during the day to be able to deploy my AT's after a new war starts. I could play the RTS during a few hours in the evening which is not possibile this way, please look (and consider quickly) to the many suggestions on this forum to improve this RTS situation and do something about it or others will give up this (part of the) game as I will. (you know no way to get my AT in the field... as you are not allow me to).
  6. @Reto.Desji Playing the map today, I found myself at the back of the house in A3 (the side facing A4) when I went towards the wall to protect myself I found myself stuck behind the small ledge/stairs that goes in the small outside room Jumping and moving did not let me get out of it and I got shot. This happened before and as it happend again I'd like to ask you to verify this gap, maybe move it away from the wall a bit in order to allow you to stand behind it. Thanks
  7. one shot headshot question

    I can only think this RNG headshot factor has been added to give newbies a chance against all the vets with fully modded, fully badged loadouts. Still I hate the hipfire headshots; I am aiming and shooting with my LMG and get killed by a hipfire one shot of the enemy I am shooting at... sure sounds reasonable... no. @Reto.RedBjarne, could you please explain the actual reason for this exaggerated RNG headshots in game? ps. an answer would be appreciated (thanks!)
  8. Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #10

    How about reducing XP given to infantry-snipers hiding far from the objective (not touching XP for recon). The further away from a cap point or staying in the same place away from a cap point should give much less XP/salaries. This will make players more active on playing the objective.
  9. Paratroopers need an overhaul

    I agree that the PARATROOPERS class needs an overhaul, especially to survive the nuisance of the OP fighter planes. Though also this should be considered; Further a PARA when it reaches the ground should make some sound as now they reach the ground without any noise at all which is not realistic.
  10. And again, the solution is to remove all deployed AT's that are not used in say 48 hours after deployment, sending them back to the stockpile (and giving WF back to the owner). This allows for actually active RTS players to use their AT's when online. Further it will give some certainty to the owner to not lose his AT's as he can not come online while the WAR is consuming them. Easy and quick fix (even for RETO)
  11. I am talking about the UI used to see and manage your soldiers, the screen you see managing your AT troops in then General tab. All the time after some clicks the crap freezes.
  12. Ok I start to say that I feel most weapons in game are kind of balanced in one way or the other, even the STG () What I do not understand RETO, is how come you allow pistols to shoot faster than a MG (click-macro) and, even worse, with a with a better precision and damage over 20 meter distance than a LMG/SMG! How about; 1. adjusting (increasing) the bullet damage drop-off over distance for these OP pistols. 2. adjust the max ROF of a pistol to a much lower value which will reduce the click-macro impact = cheats (to bring it back to an acceptable and realistic value) Thanks
  13. OT, I think the max clicks allowed is 100 before the User Interface locks up / crashes. Come on this damn crap UI locks up so damn often its a bloody pathetic shame to call it a "User Interface"! RETO, Start doing something about it (maybe changing software and or programmer...)
  14. Sigh, and almost another complete year passed by with no changes to this squads system while the whole community talks about the related issues for ages. Yes sure, the new Vehicle update (might change things)... but until then ("soon") it all will remain a frustration to play this evidently broken AUX seats system. Really, sometimes I think you at RETO do not play this game, or at least not at the extend you should do to understand the issues real players face every day as at least certain adjustments would be made a bit quicker.