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  1. As in title, often, while loading, at about 80% of loading, the sound blocks for a while and stutters, then the loading and the sound continuos, though in the FPS side of the game there is no game sounds but only the YouTube music. I allready unistalled al kind of drivers, but occasionally this still happens.
  2. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    RETO (re)action to adjust the game is just too damn slow
  3. war at the moment

    I start to doubt if they actually care...
  4. war at the moment

    just now...
  5. ...sure, who are we kidding here... Dont get me wrong, I appreciate the effort you made to keep the hopes up, though all long-time-players (or at least the few left) were waiting for ages and have gotten tired of it. As you can see, even the Trello page has not not been updated anymore. Before H&G will get the long-needed updates, other WW2 games will drain away the last vets remained. Unfortunately, their development is just too slow to do even the simplest of things (same old bugs keep being in game) lets hope hope hope hope ...
  6. Infantry First Badge keeps showing as Silver, showing as if I haven't yet reached gold yet, Though I reached the gold badge ages ago; So it should show Gold level (and give me the +50% Damage buff)
  7. STG-44 Buff.

    it is clear, if you need a buff on your STG than it is a L2P issue, its a pure laser weapon, never misses the target
  8. yup, RTS is frustrating to play but then again also the FPS has gotten highly frustrating! No, I'm not deploying anymore and barely play the FPS with all those absurd arcade mechanisms and the for-2-long known never solved bugs. Actually, reconsidering it all, why do I still play this game…??? Well, because I'm still hoping to see some game-changing changes. I really liked the initial intention of this game and previously there was active development. Though updates and new content lack for countless months now (as one can see they stopped with the glasnost, they stopped the Q&A, and even the development page on Trello hasn't been updated anymore). I'm sad to say but I'm really waiting to see the other main 2 new WW2 games being released… already playing one closed-alpha and I cant wait to play also the other one and try it out!
  9. Headshots... headshots... more headshots.

    Guys, this game is a pure ARCADE game, nothing close to a real situation simulation. We have to live with it (or change to another ww2 shooter, a few nice alternatives are close on release)
  10. yeah, free game is a good thing to start with and then you end up like this, no huge interest from the devs to bring out new content. hey, even the devs streams and the Q&A vanished, the trello development page is frozen at April….(with a last update reported which is fairly insignificant) https://trello.com/b/Zcq44t2R/heroes-generals-development-overview I would pay for this game, many would, which also would create a more stable player-base, more dedicated. Sure, there will be a bit less players, we might lose those alt accounts and those 'one-day flies', but then again this is also happening now. With reto getting money for the game, they will have a reason to bring development further. as @sfscriv said, there are tons of opportunities to improve, to carve out market share and, you know what, it does not require tons of effort, it requires the willingness to do so, and starting doing it. The game is slowly dying, since dicembre 33% (!) less average players online http://steamcharts.com/app/227940#3m they are too slow to react to a changing and demanding market, a missed chance. very sad... But hey, for sure there will be other new WW2 games, less arcade and much more modern developed that will fill the gap, I guess we will see each other on those battlefields soon (without ™ )!
  11. the game engine is not an issue, the to-much-arcade is (and this would require much less effort to solve, if only they would want to solve it…)
  12. I could accept (part of) the proposal IF I could see, before joining the battle if I'll be in a noob against full organized clan battle where I can decide on forehand to not enter the battle. Further, once in game, I need to be able to choose the AUX seat I like to use, eg, I should not be forced by a noob leader to be a paratrooper when there are no resources available. If they should adopt your proposal, players will stay in game, camp until it is over (often in a few minutes), which also would not help. So, I suggest RETO, instead of punishing the players, to give some more freedom (first of all, get rid of this absurd/broken squad system, and second show in the MM battle loading window also the names and ranks of the squads you'll encounter in battle, the same you see when waiting the battle start in game, then one can choose to join or not).
  13. After last update

    You cant leave a game anymore, it just shows 'processing' for ages but it does not allow you to leave.
  14. Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    new update, new bugs. You cant leave a game anymore, it just shows processing for ages but it does not allow you to leave. I'll put it in the Bug sections (to increase the already long list of bugs..)
  15. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #14

    @[email protected]@Reto.JM So i feel that the initial big openness introduced with the arrival of the new CEO has faded away. Lately you have kept us 'busy' with; - some info about new map developments, and nothing happened - some RTS UI changes on the test server, and then nothing happened. - asked us to 'Help us shape the future of the DEVS streams', and... nothing happened - the far from unfinished vehicle update running on the test server now, which makes me feel that we will have to wait still a long-long time to see this in game. - lastly, even if appreciated, the vehicle sale discount, does not add something to the game, but kept us busy It seems that all these small 'interactions' between RETO and the game is to keep up the hope at the players that something will come out. RETO, please can we actually get a clear update on the next steps of development and actual release dates of new / updated content? please understand that your current strategy, which the Romans used 2000 years ago, does not work (keep us busy with nothing); soon the player base will drop at a further low as it is declining since 5 weeks in a row now (to be honest, also myself with 2k hours on this game, I'm bored now and I have reduced the play time in this game drastically, unfortunately) Thanks for giving an honest and clear answer to my question, many others will appreciate.