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  1. A solution to differentiate Infantry from Recon is to limit scope magnification to 2.0 times for Infantry. Further increase the sway for infantry with a scope considering that now the infantry scoped weapon is much more stable than the recon weapon with scope (which is actually ridiculous).
  2. Well, kind of high spec I'd say; Asus Hero with i7-6700K @4.4 Ghz, 32Gig of ram, HD Samsung pro 950 m.2, Win 10 Home (up-to-date), GTX980Ti, Acer Predator at 2560x1440 144Hz G-Sync enabled (fps are always higher than 120.... - excluding town map -) Further I tend to close whatever application is running, including those in background. The game also tends to hang when I shift between Heroes and General screen, clicking on screen buttons; everything turns grey and only way to play again is to close and restart. This happens about one or two times in 3 hours between battles. I do clean the PC regularly, have antivirus installed and check in the H&G sync if the files are corrupted. Fortunately I have no similar issues with other games so I think it is something related to this game. I guess I have to live with it.
  3. Nice idea, +1 !
  4. Yes recon snipers are annoying though acceptable in game. Much more annoying are all those infantry with scoped weapons that from every angle camper the capture point making it impossible to get near to it. In a battle there should only be a few snipers, now infantry with scoped weapons makes often half the team a sniper team! ps. it is understandable that recon players prefer to play as infantry with a scoped weapon as the infantry weapon with scope (eg Garand) has much less sway then the recon weapon (eg. M1903) and it results being more accurate and actually easier to use.
  5. Thanks for the reply, in the end I restarted the computer and the crashes went down from the 10 in less than 40 min. to the average 2 crashes in an hour, so it got acceptable again. The moments in game; mostly when I enter the battle, I start moving for about 5 seconds and.... crash Further it happens when I am in action about to encounter the enemy; he is in front of me, I take the aim to kill.... crash About the txt file, dunno where to look for it. When the game crashes the bug/crash report dialog box is shown which getys information about the game and the system, there is also a flag to add a more detailed dump file (which I always include when I send the report)
  6. I liked the idea of having more accurate and more over clearer to understand stats. How about having repair costs information being shown also? Now you get the bill at the end of the game but it is not clear which of your weapons and mods did cost the most.
  7. And yes, every time a bug report is send.... Does someone at RETO reads those or are they there just for show? So damn annoying! And then, due to an issue caused by your side (instable game = crash), I result being killed / died! Well at least dont do that! Common, do something; SOLVE THE ISSUES, otherwise what are the bug reports for.....
  8. Is it normal having in War Matchmaker, one after the other, 9 similar attack battles where the opponent is full of resources, where we have compared; nothing, and hence lose them all even while all try hard? Sorry but when also the 10th battle proposed had the same situation, with us having just one spawn point in the d-line in town and the Russians had, well, everything with 7k infantry and all the other resources and we only 500 with only that, I called it a day. Thanks for this wonderful game experience tonight. no.
  9. Just finished and won the war battle of Vigevano. Looking on the war map though it shows as it is in battle (fire) while no battle is open, a new one will start in another 5 min. In this way how can I move my AT squads away to get morale up? Only way is to retreat which cost a lot. Is this 'working as intended' ?
  10. @Reto.Circinus this topic makes me understand that You have never actually played as a tanker more than one or two games. If you feel tankers get to much experience points during (some of) the games played, reduce the points a tanker can obtain in match. It is so absurd that a tank can be blown up in 1 second by H3 or stickies, even when the tank is driving full-speed... Is THIS gameplay? It is just god damn frustrating! As already light and medium tanks are at high risk, only noobs (or really good players) use Heavy Tanks as it is to risky and expensive as infantry can outrun them and blow them up instantly (please check if this is historically correct - I tell you ; NO it is not). Tanks need to be able to play and sustain the team, not hide miles away, scared about those coward players YOU are encouraging with these 5 'TIPS'! Further the change made to have infantry gain exp when being near to a tank does actually do no help to the tanker in game - it does not work (just check it youself) Yup, you -RETO- sure know how to motivate to keep your player base! Note that I have no issue having AT in game while playing tanker, though give the tanker a minimum chance to survival! Have at least a one second delay before a new sticky can be thrown, and make it that H3 can only be applied on a tank that stands still (or moves really slow)! Then one can enter with a tank in town supporting the team, now it is just plain suicide! and NO FUN.
  11. http://imgur.com/Swentgh /M 8717253850154114751 /P 6275090233864711544 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 9100239217100855245 /V 127016 /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=9100239217100855245::lo/m1qOEY2tpSbbtjhiC0VWqEPs" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" this happens often when Generals screen is open thanks
  12. Almost end of the game, winning, and guess what? http://imgur.com/a1G8lfF Network is trying to catch up.... The chat still works, and others had the same issue. I have a 70Mbit line, 5ms ping to main server and again this. RETO; This happens too often, please do something about it. Thanks
  13. Same here, did not have this until about one week ago. I also opened the ports as indicated on site, no change. Only way to get in is restart computer and hope that, for one or the other reason, the problem has gone. Very annoying.
  14. Steam is down, very down... http://downdetector.com/status/steam A pity that you can not play this game without Steam...