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  1. Zoaron

    Devstream format suggestions

    ^This, There is and have been enough talk. There are tons of suggestions in the forum for the devs to work on for the next years to improve the game. It's time to see some (quick) actions and implemented changes (especially solving bugs)
  2. Zoaron

    The Multi Organ failure of Heroes and Generals

    Hmmm, I smell a harbinger of doom here. If there is life, there is hope! (even for HnG) What is needed is action and that action is needed now. The list of bugs is huge, the devs just need to make a list of priorities considering effort per benefit; start solving the issues that require less time to solve that will keep the players happy. Ok, the dev team is not huge, though we are talking about an existing game, not a game still in basic development, so it should be possible to solve issues faster than adding new stuff. The only real addition needed is a skill based match maker system to avoid having new players leave due to seal clubbing. Btw, it seems to me that the devs team of HnG is bigger than that of the HLL team, though the latter reacts much faster to their customers observations, updating the game, than RETO does. I can only think this is happening due to the use of outdated technology which requires much more effort than one would like to dedicate.
  3. Zoaron

    Forum bait levels are extremely high

    ^This This forum has basically demonstrated that you can propose, complain, suggest whatever you like, in the end, if you do not see any reaction from those that can make a difference, the Devs, its no use to continue with it. As a result less and less players use the forum (you can see it by looking at the post timings of the various posts, often there are hours if not days to see a reply to a post)
  4. Zoaron

    RTS map, bugged line

    The connection on the RTS map, between the towns Meiri and Mažeikiai is bugged.
  5. Zoaron


    So for you it was a cry post? eh, ok. if you want to ignore facts. No worries, even after the so called 'memorable update' of 1.15, that nerfed the US faction bad, it still manages to wins the war. Maybe more GE Vets should get out of staged and go play war battles instead of seal clubbing in staged, It could help the GE win from time to time... and avoid having newbies uninstalling the game fairly quickly due to the negative staged experience....
  6. Zoaron

    Staged is a mess

    Sure, even after the last "memorable update", which nerfed the US bad, weapon wise, with now the STG and AVS being the best in game (US now has just a poor and expensive M1/M2 Carabine), what else is needed to give GE a hand to win? Note that during the last war, the AT queues where incredible long also for the US, not only for the GE so there is something else wrong; probably with all the players that fancy playing the GE, there are only a few (too few) good players? and the others end up in staged? Planes, fighter planes, are the biggest annoyance in game, OP as fck, harassing, and not only noob players, from high in the sky. It is so damn annoying; no way to counter them from the ground, so to avoid frustration (the game should be fun?) I just leave battles with those heavy fighter planes (this is for sure the intention of RETO as they do not provide decent counter measures)
  7. Zoaron

    Staged is a mess

    and still we are waiting for a skill-based matchmaking system to avoid these issues (in the meanwhile, new players will get tired soon of getting seal clubbed constantly by vets and as a result they just leave the game) then think about players retention...
  8. Actually you already have to wait when your ATs are wiped away; the (extreme long) deploy queue; that even outclasses the time you indicated! I also suggested to remove unused ATs from the map, though in some cases it could have a negative affect; if you have spread your ATs on the map in order to slow the enemy advance, if the timer kicks in then this could benefit the attacker. A rule could be that all ATs that are within, say, 3 connections to the front, would be excluded from the AT removal when the timer kicks in. However, something should be done to improve the RTS situation.
  9. Zoaron


    I also thought that the hotfix fixed the issue, though probably due to the fact that I played the RTS less and only went FPS. Using the main UI and the RTS this crash issue rises very frequent, at least once an hour and in some cases more frequent. To consider that to run this game, I killed all unnecessary background services, whatever other application and have always updated all drivers to the last version. As an indication, if you log out of the game without closing it completely, after the log-in, the game will crash within the first 5 min. (using the RTS / main UI) Once RETO tried to help and understand the issue and after some back-and-forth, he said that he couldn't do more and a solution would be released within this year. Lets hope so (then again, what else we have then hope 😶)
  10. Zoaron


    ok, so nothing about them solving the persistent game crashes.
  11. @Mastah my friend, you contradict yourself a bit that the game has so much explanatory stuff while you also say; Then again, this is what I mean, every game that respects itself has at least a rookie map where one can try out the various weapons before going into battles to encounter real players (and that first encounter map was kind of fun to get a first glimps at the game). But this game has more to offer, regarding the RTS, there is no explanation about how this works and how it is related to the FPS. And yes, the year old bugs persist, probably it requires a lot of effort to solve them as the tecnologie used is a bit outdated. The various updates with some additions is an attempt to bring new stuff to the game hoping new players will come to the game and old time players will come back, which should be appreciated, unfortunately often these additions bring further issues and bugs. I still hope in some reply from Hades...
  12. I read the report also, due to the loss in last year (about 2,5m Euros) they had to lay off team members to be able to focus the recovery; Management’s Review Development in the year The loss realized for the year is related to low sales due to a declining user base as a result of a necessary focus and significant investments in further developing the company’s technology. This tight focus removed our ability to deliver new content and features for our users for a longer portion of the year than expected. As a consequence, the company had to lay off a significant portion of its staff to allow for the company to have a longer runway into recovery. Management is focused on increasing the user base, as well as further developing the game and increase its platform and geographic footprint. It is the expectation of the management that the company is capable to increase user engagement and retention through further development to the game which will bring more revenue per user over the year. This is achievable by increasing the userbase through new partnerships and increased visibility in additional geographies and through new platforms. I have to admit that, after all these hours of playing this game, as it has an awesome concept (RTS/FPS) and quality wise (e.g. soldier movements) its done quite good, I can only hope they will be able to proceed with the development and survive in order to continue playing. Though for this it is crucial to actually not drive away new players; today whoever gets in the game has a steep learning curve with virtually no explanation of how it all works, getting regularly slaughtered in staged matches ore WAR battles, driving them away. A way to avoid losing new players is to add game mechanics explanations and add a skill-based match making system. Further its necessary to clean-up the long persisting bugs and absurdities that kills the game experience. And Merchandise, why is there still no H&G shop on the RETO.Moto site where people can purchase items related to the game? like T-shirts, mugs, posters, soldier and vehicle models etc.? And, publish the game more, also on Steam (sure you want to do that when the previously mentioned issues have been addressed) Last but not least, to better understand your customers, why not create a questionnaire to be send to the players via E-Mail, where you try to understand what drives players to / away from the game? Customers = Players; you need to focus their expectations. @Reto.Hades what is your viewpoint on this?
  13. Zoaron


    Still waiting to see the 'UI stability update', as this current stuff ( no words for it) crashes so damn often if you want to play the RTS.... This game crashes even faster if you do a log-out and a re-log without exiting the game; in the next 5 min, if you get so far, bam, the game hangs. its so damn annoying (especially when you are in one of those half hours long queues to get in a battle and then you have to restart it over from scratch due to the crash, or when you want to accept a friends invite to a team and when you click to accept, bam, this […] hangs again....)
  14. ^ This could already help a lot Even better would be to add the Skill Based Match Making to get equally strong sides, this will make games last longer and provide more fun for the player on each side. btw, get rid of Heavy Set badges (including the absurd Flak Jacket badge); progressing players already get better gear with mods, no need to give them an extra bonus with these game breaking badges.
  15. Zoaron

    Balance this game.

    There is still no skill based match making and therefore fully modded vets go against newbies in staged. I feel sad for these (bully) players as this is the only way for them to consider themselves 'good'. Though the major fault is RETOs as they allow this to happen and actually its them that drives new players away from this / their game, which is kind of absurd (hurting your own business).