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  1. @Reto.Circinus and again, at least 3 times this evening...the whole screen hangs... Common I can not believe that you did not see this happen your self do you, if you play this game also You will notice! very, very annoying (it is not the back end, its the front end that has issues...)
  2. Soldier Filter Suggestion

    Its a suggestion as a feedback to the new filter they placed in the UI today And yeah that could fit better, though that was a bit to much work considering my paint skills, so I placed a red dot. Though you get the point what my intention is; I like ergonomics and efficiency ("lean" = beautiful), in the end its one less click to get to where you want.
  3. Hi Team, How about a soldier filter system like; Just click on the image and the filter is applied, the red dot indicates what has been selected, the last icon deselects the filter and shows all soldiers...
  4. Squad 2.0 broken

    It's so broken it is frustrating! And it would require so few effort by RETO to make it work just a bit better; Just put an IF THEN ELSE statement in the code to allow only someone with actually an AUX seat in the team as a leader, IF no one has AUX seats then the highest rank is the squad leader. Further I agree with as it is so annoying that when you play as a (for example) a good tanker where the others waste all tanks and you find yourself kicked out of the battle when you die as no tanks are available anymore. => at least give the opportunity to spawn and fight as infantry!
  5. Can you shoot down planes with AT?

    for the records, RETO thanks for treating me (Infantry) so fair versus those ... poor pilots...
  6. Boycott Any Games with Heavy Fighter

    And I would add, the radar vision ability given to pilots by RETO, to see from above where vehicles are, helping pilots even more to easy find the enemies; no place is safe for tanks, jeeps etc... really, really fair play. Just quit the game with (heavy) fighter planes, that's the only right thing to do.
  7. Score of pilots

    Thank you sir @Reto.Hades, Im glad to hear at least someone at RETO agrees about this absurd imbalance. ^^^ THIS which leads to and ^^^ THIS, is what I do also most of the times (you know, I like to have some fun / play opportunity, which currently with all these OP planes is basically impossible) Well mr. Hades, now we will wait (and I hope not as long as new maps to see the light ) to see the needed, decent and fair credits adjustments.
  8. As a feedback, I face regular crashes, not in-game but at the main screen and RTS side. You click... and the whole game hangs... it goes from full screen to full window and shows ("H&G does not respond...") and the mouse pointer keeps rotating... Today about 4 times...
  9. Heroes & Generals HUD

    OT; Please no. It is not a fight in 2017 with augmented reality in your glasses, it is in WW2, when you looked around you just needed to remember your surroundings. With all the possibile additional information this game would be even more an Arcade, please leave it as it is (only hide the capture markers better, or earlier when looking at it as they obstruct the view)
  10. So I just played a WAR battle in FPS where I also send my AT Infantry. We won. Now on the RTS map, I'd like to move my AT back as their morale is getting low, though the game says that the same town is already/again in battle, so I can not do nothing.... This means I'll lose my AT team. SO good this RTS side of the game...
  11. Could not agree more. And you know what? the most of these long lingering issues could have been solved fairly easy and quick. But to get from RETO whatever improvement (to wrong changes they made) takes always ages... (or are minimized or laughed away in the dev streams) Until now, they can stay relatively calm, not really considering the players observations, though this will last just until the new WW2 games will come out, then their players will migrate, it is inevitable.
  12. Leaderboard suggestions

    must be sarcasm...
  13. Boycott Any Games with Heavy Fighter

    Looking at the way questions are answered in the streams, I can only agree with this. Many players HOPE that their questions will get a honest and clear answer, most of the time it is very foggy, it seems that they do not even play their game... I feel that after the arrival of the new CEO, which acknowledged the need of more communication, the RETO existing team was 'suggested' to set up these shows, 'to keep the big group quiet'. But this is just joking around with the players, and as no actual (very needed) changes will occur, only talks, there will be less and less interest in these streams, and, even worse, less and less players.
  14. Meet the new CEO – Reto.JM

    Just for the records, the more or less active players over the week should be about 65.000, that's the number of gifted free-warbonds issued a few weeks ago. Some of those will be alt accounts I guess. This is still an interesting number of players I'd say. Obviously having more active players will make the game only better!
  15. Boycott Any Games with Heavy Fighter

    This question was posed by me also during the second DEV Q&A, and Redbjarn replied that they might review the XP and credits given to pilots Obviously it could be a quick thing to do, though it is in RETO hands so I guess it will take a year or two... btw, I also quit battles with fighters and heavy fighters, no use to even try, it is a pure troll, its harassment by planes against, well everything else. Yes so broken, so many unbalanced issues its absurd!;