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  1. Completely spot on. Constructive Critisism, or the so called negative feedback, is always more important than positive feedback as it gives you the opportunity to improve. People that give these feedbacks have passion and do it because they would really like to see these improvements; those that do not give any feedback are useless as those people in general just dont care (and hence do not contribute to the improvements). And yes, the forum is the best place for these feedbacks, the discord is just to much volatile; when you write something there it will vanish in the infinite rows in no-time, killing the constructive feedback concept.
  2. Zoaron

    what is rank

    Rank 2 = Level 2;
  3. Zoaron

    Sleep my little Prince...

    This game concept is still awesome and particular, there is nothing else around similar to it, so even if it seems to you that they are a 'bunch of noobs making their first game' at least they try, Having learned (the hard way) from this game what to do and what really not should be done, actually something really good could come out of it (over time). Just give them the benefit of the doubt...
  4. Zoaron

    New technologies and gaming communities

    this says it all, someone tries to make a post about the game on the discord in the suggestion section.... and it is to long.... (actually it was only 17 lines with valid points) Valid game suggestions and feedback, which was possibile to write on the forums (and have follow up on it), is now dead.
  5. LATER I stopped reading right here...
  6. Zoaron

    Goodbye forum warriors

    very sad to hear that they will close the forum, I still like it better than the 'when you write it is alreaady obsolete' discord, but well....
  7. Zoaron

    Prototype server is open now

    So the test server is up and running, why is there no news about it on the forum?
  8. Zoaron

    New stupid players

    hmmm, what text editor are you using? my screen is not wide enough to read your comment...
  9. yup. also this has been reported weeks ago as well as c3 windows are now locked (you cant shoot through it) As usual you file a report, but no one is following up on it.
  10. Zoaron

    The end times are here!

    Innovation is needed to keep the customers interrested. If Apple would try to sell their first phone still now, do you think people will still buy it? RETO is not adding new content to this game since ages, a new map is years over due and changes to the RTS have never seen the light. it is very sad and disappointing seeing new players leave faster than they join, not strange though as they are welcomed by fully modded bullies that only can get some satisfaction in life by sealcubbing newbies, and RETO keeps allowing this to happen (which equals saying RETO is fine with it that the playerbase is declining) Action is needed and is needed now, some examples, - new players should have access to the health pack and wrench early in game, these should be available right away, - the game breaking Heavy Set badge should go, or better, it should work inversly towards the rank level, rank 0 has the gold level benefit, while progressing, the damage reduction benefit falls down of to zero at rank 8. - add a new map to this game and give an overhaul to the existing ones - add better explanation to how this game works, what actual gear values are and how they change when modded - some better RTS ergonomics and maybe some overhaul also Will it (ever) happen? seeing the lacking comunication I really doubt it, yeah very sad (I still like this game - concept)
  11. It is just plain bull shirt. period. I can understand that in a whatever battle, the AT grenades can be a viable weapon, but in a TANK vs TANK battle, and I repeat, TANK vs TANK battle, with NO infantry, seeing half of the team running arround with whatever AT grenade that do much more damage than any canon shot does is just so incredibly stupid wrong and game breaking! One way or the other, make it a Tank vs Tank battle only; 1. get rid of AT grenades in the Tank vs Tank battles 2. reduce the damage output by 75% of these grenades if point 1 is not feasible (everything in this game is always so hard to change...) 3. have a died tanker respawn in their tank-spawn point, not in the tank like as it is an APC... (also no sense) Make the tankers play as tankers, not as AT rambos note, there is no use to increment the credit costs of AT grenades; to many players have tons of credits laying around, and with the various daily bonuses this isn't really a deterrent to use these grenades.
  12. Zoaron

    bugs on maps

    Place : Factory Cap : C3 Issue : windows are bullet resistant now Place : Factory Cap : B3 Issue : you only spawn on roof now (not in building)
  13. Zoaron

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    Some HnG players have already started this development as they see that the development of this game has come to a stop. As a starting point they are using the awesome HnG concept of combined RTS & FPS ina WW2 environment. As these guys have played HnG for many hours (and most probably much more than any of the RETO team), they are involving members and are taking in consideration what is needed to be added to the game and what needs to be avoided, evaluating various observations made by players here in the Forum (like those indicated in my post) and Discord. Though it is sad that this game did not manage to evolve (any)more.
  14. hey @Reto.Hades, is it so hard to just give a simple reply?
  15. Actually some kind of this exists already as for example your AT guard can be modded to become a motorizzed guard and so on. But still yes, the RTS side of this game should be improved (to be honest, the whole RTS concept could use a complete overhaul, but this will never happen anymore, not in this game)