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  1. Zoaron

    Why the repair is so expensive!?

    the more you mod your weapon, the more it costs, use less mods or use fully modded weapons only on a high ranked soldier and its kind of affordable
  2. Zoaron

    Your Easter present has been delivered!

    NICE NEW CAMOS!!! but the game still keeps crashing ….. RETO is it really to difficult to solve this years long, very annoying, issue? I guess you never play your own game for more than 50 min., otherwise you would have noticed by now... very disappointing
  3. Zoaron


    Nothing new, that's why GE continues losing, they avoid the SU like it is a disease, preferring to fight the US. (and I can understand, playing against the SU is annoying and often they seem to be to good to be true)
  4. Zoaron


    BUMP come one... do something about these frequent crashes! Edit: the game crashed 3 times in less than 3 hours, I guess it makes sense …. (no)
  5. Zoaron

    Flatening / Smoothing maps

    After the last terrain updates and armor update, the times I find my self with my jeep blocked in invisible terrain ditches or finding myself in the jeep top down, is countless. It is beyond ridiculous what they did to the light vehicle movement. I guess it's their way to drain the player resources/credits (and have us frustrated/pissed off)
  6. Zoaron

    Deploy half/ mini ATs

    I completely agree. I like the idea of having players pay a part of the resources they use to the General (it would be similar to the repair cost you have in the FPS) Further to avoid the WF waste by noob players, I'd like to see a WAR access barrier; one can only enter WAR if he has at least one AT and has it deployed at least once. This will make players understand that playing as a General does cost WF and will make them be more careful using other resources in WAR battles.
  7. Zoaron


    Nice one Reto, after the last hotfix, the game crashes even more frequent. When will you actually do something about the absolute basics of game programming; getting this game stable??? @Reto.Hades @Reto.JM
  8. Zoaron

    Missing Title

    yes, it is like that since some time, I guess that people hardly notice (for sure Reto didn't! )
  9. Zoaron


    @Reto.Hades how about dedicating some time to solving these annoying game crashing issues. This happens at least once every hour if you play the RTS side, even with all other applications turned off on the computer and using standard Windows drivers for the audio. I do not need balance, other additions to the game, first it needs to run stable, really it seems that this game is still in Beta! come on... please...
  10. Zoaron

    Your decision

    Well off topic, I have worked for 4 years with a big US company and came to the conclusion that it is impossible that they have ever set foot on the moon. They are good in making films and that's what happened that time (you all have seen the film Capricorn One?) How can one possibly belief that what is still complex to be done today, would have been possible 50(!) years ago! The only real reason why they want to go there now is that they have to! To actually go plant a flag and put some footsteps down before the Chinese will go there (can you imagine what happens if they will find nothing there??)
  11. Zoaron

    I Hate the Progression Tab

    Well, it seems that logic ends where Retos development starts... 😶
  12. Zoaron

    Medical boxes got buried?

    Town map has no health crates anymore, the only one remained is on the 01-D4 spawn, I guess Reto forgot to take this away too.... (sarcasm off) Omg, what are they doing....
  13. Zoaron

    Annoying Progression Tab

    Like the last patch of today; bringing nuisance to the playerbase is the new devs meta.... (Instead of working on solving bugs and long lasting issues)... Omg where are they bringing this (could have been an awesome) game to...
  14. Zoaron

    Please fix your engine

    When you run this game, be sure to kill all whatsoever other programs (and unneeded backend services) on your PC. Especially running the game with browsers open, and Google stuff, is a recipe for disaster (do not try to listen to YouTube music as HnG doesn't like that!)
  15. Zoaron


    Hmmm, what did you hear? (as I've put a high number of hours in this game, I'd like to see it survive!)