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  1. Zoaron

    SOVIET need buff

    This would be a good addition, when in battle, when you give a certain command in chat, it will be automatically translated to the language the receiving player is using (and why not, with an Google type instant translation) Another way could be to have standard commands tied to some keys, which in this case do not need instant translation as the translation is already hardcoded in game.
  2. Zoaron

    SOVIET need buff

    I think you lost my point. SU players compared to other faction players are in a minority, and those using the cyrillic language are even less but all tend to play for the SU faction. The few players that do not understand that language that join the faction are feeling excluded and not understood in game which will make them leave the faction fairly quickly. And this does not help that faction in any way.
  3. It's not even fun anymore to play as US in these lightening fast wars. It's just sad that after all this time the Devs still haven't found or dedicate their time to address the RTS issues in this game. Will they ever wake up before there is no game left anymore???
  4. Zoaron

    War Victory badge

    I appreciate that there is some trophy for winning the war, I also agree with the OP, that the winning side will be stronger and stronger by getting points to the WAR victory badge while other factions have less and less opportunity to win (and gain extra CP). It is all part of this broken RTS, issues, even smaller ones, linger for years an nothing is done about it which has brought us to the current completely out of balanced situation. Actually I admire the poor sods that still have the hopes to have a chance and still deploy on the SU and GE faction, they only help the US getting stronger (I guess its costing them also a lot of WFs). It is taking the fun away, also at the US faction, as it is just to easy to win atm.
  5. The issue is the match maker with WAR battles; if there are toys in the battle, MM will first fill the list with toy users (tankers, recons, pilots) and in the end fill it with a few Infantry. They just should adjust the MM that you can only enter the WAR battle as infantry, only after entering you can change soldier class, at the expense to have deploy delay.
  6. It seems a WAR battle but this is staged; we start with almost no resources. Is this new to Staged or is this a Bug? /M 2944757382422273289 /P 7170620976700510758 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 3856766917762256772 /V 156382 /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=3856766917762256772::FtgXQWJqBi2Kkafc6AUHLXvjgnk" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=1" hng.exe shut down with exitcode: 0, returncode 0
  7. Zoaron

    Your Free Gift for Warlentine’s Day

    Gifts are more than welcome, always! Thanks for that. Thought please note that the best gift would be (main points); fix the RTS (as by the uncountable suggestions in the forum) let ALL deploy some ATs (even if they log in 5 min after the new WAR started) fix the AR abuse issues (kill it or improve it) fix the broken lines on the RTS map; fix the frequent game crashes (I have only this game running, all is deactivated and still at least every hour the game hangs, mostly when playing the RTS) Add a new Mountain Map as the one we have now has gotten annoying (it seems 80% of all battles are Mountain battles), PLEASE
  8. Zoaron

    War in the motherland! Krepost encounter (1.13)

    So I play this map a lot in staged, mainly to level my characters of other factions, as this is a map with quick and continuous action. My only observation is that it is only really fun to play if there are APCs If there are no APCs then the team which is just slightly better will win in a very short time, making it a camp fest (which is very annoying for both sides)
  9. another one Moving from NIEUWKOOP to GOUDA is not working, ATs move to Leiden @Reto.Hades
  10. Zoaron

    spawn wait time - thx RETO

    Ehhh yeah, that's what I started to do already as there is no reason (bonus) to get to the end of the battle. For example why be locked in a 30 min battle in the usual town e-line attack with no resources against an enemy full of resources, no possibility and no fun at all. Then the quick decision is "feel free enemy you can have it all" as I will just leave the battle and look for another one. (Battles are fun when both sides fight in a fairly balanced way, otherwise it will just lead to frustration which does not make sense playing a game)
  11. Zoaron

    Gameplay Changes Poll pt.2

    Well, talking about tanks, they should be able to destroy an enemy tank much quicker as they do now, its absurd that AT weapons do much more damage than tank shells. Also shooting with a tank on a infantry vehicle like jeep or apc, should do way much more damage than they do now. Here also it makes no sense you gave to shoot at least 3 rounds to have a chance to get the jeep on fire.
  12. Zoaron


    K/D ratio is killing the gameplay. It turns players into campers, pilots, tankers or recons, not playing the objective.
  13. Keep the AR timing around 60 minutes, but add a 20 min RNG window on it, to avoid the usual last min. abuse. In other words, the AR can happen, randomly, between 60 to 80 min.
  14. Zoaron

    Rear-view mirrors, lights and 3rd person

    ^THIS This is highly abused in the game and gives certain classes a huge advantage. Driving a bicycle or jeep (and planes), you should only be able to see what is in front / side of you, and not be able to see 360 degs around you and look behind obstacles, as yes it is bullshirt. (leave the lights on/off out of the game, it is adding complexity which this game is uncapable to handle)
  15. Zoaron

    New fortress map confirm (what did you expect ?)

    I'm so tired of playing the same old Mountain map, it seems that 80% of all WAR battles are fought on that map. Yup before getting other encounter/skirmish maps, please add a bigger map to the game that can substitute 50% of the similar maps in the RTS.