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  1. So with the new graphic cards capable of running 4k resolution (3840x2160), the question is if this game can handle this resolution.
  2. @Reto.Hades Please who are you kidding.... TTK matters and the MG42, basically without recoil, laser precise with stock 1000rpm is just overkill compared to the SU / US variants that also jump much more when you shoot. Is it not evident from the stats that so many US and SU players run around with this MG while GE is never using a M1919 or a DT29? Or they are mad or matbe there is another reason.... Come on....
  3. Zoaron

    nostalgia thread !!!

    Well, look also at this, Heroes & Generals - Beta Videolog 1 - YouTube Heroes & Generals - Beta Videolog 2: Bradley - YouTube This game (concept) is still awesome, a lot has been done these years by the devs, I really hope there will be more developement, in other words, a future for this game.
  4. Zoaron

    Bots need fixing

    Thats what I mean, it should be at least a bit more 'challenging'. Now it is just to easy to shoot the bots, they never hit you.
  5. Zoaron

    Bots need fixing

    well, in the past they where to precise, now its just like shooting elephants, its really to easy. There needs to be done some tweaking to stay in between the two extremes.
  6. Zoaron

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    https://www.virginradio.it/sezioni/1184/virgin-radio-on-air Rock forever!
  7. Zoaron

    Bots need fixing

    Bots, especially in the infantry first encounter maps, need a brain buff, they need more accuracy as when they shoot, 99% of their shots miss and thats why all go camp in the bot spawn area.
  8. Pistols can already fire faster than SMG, as you know, macro users. Therefore increasing this value is not good. Hip fire accuracy needs a big nerf, it makes no sense getting those random headshots, even at distance, by not even pointed weapons while aimed ADS misses the shots. ADS shoud have a bigger chance of hitting the objective than hip fire. this, its still a laser gun
  9. Zoaron

    DE spawning vehicles problem

    I know it is annoying to have the tank despawn befor you can finish it off completely though vehicles need to despawn, otherwise in 10 min of game play you would have a pile of various vehicles blocking the already cluthered lanes.
  10. Zoaron

    thread to evacuate your anger against randoms

    Go try play staged as US or SU with your new bought soldier, go up against the GE 'tryhards' (yeah sure) these battles are also over very fast. and oh, yeah there is then always one or two recons that like to mow down players in their SdKfz 222... what are they good!... (no) So where is the fun in staged when you get sealclubbed by these bullies? Its also these morons that make new players leave, its just what we need. Yeah, you can say it is not their fault, we need this, RETO should; Maybe in 2021?
  11. Zoaron

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    The addition of captured weapons was just an admission of not being able to balance the game, then lately weapon balancing was done and the situation now is much more equal for each faction. Still I think that these captured weapons should never have made it into the game and I hope that they will never add mods; if that would happen then many US players (are forced) will grind and pay a lot of credits/gold to get the usual high ROF MG42 and laser STG, which does not make sense. Next we will get captured camos and outfits so we can all be the same? Come on, it is getting more and more arcade this game, taking away the uniqueness of the factions. sad.
  12. Zoaron

    rocks and snow

    As there is no real game necessity to have rocks EVERYWHERE, the only reason I can think of; credit sink. As you flip, or get stuck; abbandon vehicle, press f11, spawn another one, you pay. Yes, the presence of rocks should be halved, at least.
  13. Zoaron

    Superior Russian Tactics

    I can understand the frustration. It is pathetic that some players need to go to the opposite side to give away the position of APCs or just destroy these resources to be able to win. Sending a ticket is the only thing you can do even if I highly doubt that RETO will take action against these cheaters.
  14. Zoaron

    snowfall update

    I have changed the mouse settings in the system, to get a red pointer on the fps screen to find it, it doesnt work, it turns white again.
  15. and this is the sad part of it all, after all these years, in the key bindings section, there is still written; Note: it is currently not possible to change key bindings Even the most elementary games allow you to change key bindings, but in this game this is still ''currently'' not available. and then they force the useless snowball in the weapon rotation, probably it is Their considering of a good game design and understanding of player needs (it must be otherwise we would not have this now).