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  1. Is the server still up? I downloaded the prototype game but is says
  2. I'm getting balanced so often that I started getting used to it!! Especially awkward when I empty my M1919 on the guy running at me at about 25m distance, he shoots, without even pointing the weapon and kills me with one single shot: head shot...(sigh, it happens more frequent than I would expect...) I still need to understand how to do that!
  3. So I am in middle of a battle, high tension, we are doing fine capturing, then a noob AT Rambo kills me in 1 millisecond and RESOURCES DEPLETED and I'm kicked out of the battle WHAT THE HELL At least let me join as a Infantry or let me chose one of the other resources still available!! Just because other team members waste all of our tank resources should I be punished being kicked out in this way? Come one, give me a chance to finish the battle!
  4. Very annoying, it happens quite often actually, lets hope they give it some attention.
  5. Town map, C3 capture zone http://imgur.com/GEW4pAt Actually there was an enemy behind that window but I could not see him... Even if this is no bug, it has to be dealt with (happens often in various maps)
  6. +1 Austin Waiting to see the RETO's "airplanes are so beautiful" wave to pass and see some dedication to the tanker situation in this game. The extra credits for having infantry sustaining a tank was a nice idea though resulted being a completely useless implementation (does not work) A good thing was to nerf the credits gained for killing tanks, reducing the AT Rambo cowards, though too many infantry keep going only for tank hunting to have their super easy kills (they are are all over the place). I really would like to use my Pershing more but with H3 killing me while driving at full speed (!!!) and laser precise bazookas killing you from 500+ meters distance in a few seconds, it is not an option.
  7. Not using planes, did not see much change. Though I liked it to get into my tank after repair, push 'W' and while the engine started up, having the tank starting to move right away, now it does not happen anymore. So this was a "fix" that was not needed, it was working just fine! Further now all ex AT rambos seems to have moved to pilots... That's ok, but just reduce the score/credits they get, its really too high (pilots are always on top of the score list, even without doing very much)
  8. LIKE This is FPS as it should be The FPS integration with RTS Big MAPS The variety of soldier, vehicle types and different opponents Variable duration of battles due to the RTS side  DISLIKE AT Rambos - H3 Stickies (at least add a 2 sec delay before the 2nd one can be thrown) Scopes for infantry makes the recon class useless (and hurts the game play) Useless Heavy Tanks (infantry can outrun them) Squad system; To be able to continue finish the battle as infantry if your tank resources have depleted In game team communication Further Squad System; lower level should never be the squad leader Graphics quality (improve anti aliasing) and in game colors dull Experience points balancing; more to recon and much less to pilots (they always triple top the non pilots) Sell function of useless gear Repair information (credits per use should be known) Driving physics awkward; Tanks stuck on rail road, bicycles, cars, small trees. Capture points icon obstructing sights RETO's way to listen to the community and interpreting the needs Unstable game, often crashes or game hanging
  9. In case I make a post and want to add an image, cut and paste does not seem to work. When I use cut/paste, the image shows in the message that I am composing and a message pops up; "You have pasted content with formatting. Remove formatting" If you do remove formatting, the whole image disappears from the message, so I'm not doing that. Now once submitted the image does not show. For bigger images and issues I can put a link to imgur or so, though i'd like to know how a small image can be added to the message here without using a link. Someone can clarify the way how to get the image in the post? Thanks!
  10. New game, I am level 15, the other is level 1. He has no aux seats, He cant give orders, But HE is the leader? WHY???? THIS MUST BE BROKEN!!! edit: and how to have an image shown in the forum message? I put one in but does not appear.
  11. I think you are just unfortunate. I joined as a US tanker all the time tonight and the queue was never longer than 3 min. I have all tanks but heavy selected and filters for war, assault (without factory map) and village skirmish on. I managed to win about the half of these battles so more or less it was balanced. Maybe you will have more luck tomorrow. ps. if enemy has more tanks it does not mean you cant win, just keep flanking, never stay parked in a place more that 5 sec. stay as much as possible in the shadows, and hope team mates will spot those enemy tanks!
  12. In the H&G sync, there used to be the possibility to check your files installed, this has disappeared. is this intentional? I had title sound issues which tend to reset at a certain moment, as happened last week in the test server with new maps. Now after a 3rd restart it seems it has disappeared(?) Further issue, did not happen until yesterday, the main screen loads images extremely slow (it needs more than 4 minutes). Note I got a ping of 25ms and a bandwidth of 75Mb and nothing else is running.
  13. Tonight I got killed 3 times by my own easy 8 as I got killed during repair and he stole it from me. Yup I did not like it at all, though it is part of the game and tbh I can live with it.
  14. @Reto.Circinus As we are talking about camo's how can you compare that to vanity items / esthetics? Camo's do their job. Saying that it does not make a difference is, well, outer bl shirt. Try to hide as a standard us infantry with the nice clear green shirt and much different brown pants. Camos are made to break straight lines into smaller facets. Nothing to do with esthetics! (why do you think all armies in the world uses them?) Camo's sure make a difference and should be available for all, for all factions, for all tanks, all vehicles, and not only the weapon (curious to know how many actually use those on the weapon) And: the prices for all factions should be the same; you already differentiate prices as income changes in war mode with the under dog bonus for some factions.