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  1. Strange poll, if you blow your horn, obviously your faction can hear it (it is a horn) and also other faction members can hear it. Just as in real life. Sound travels about everywhere.
  2. "working as intended" I guess... The love of planes by RETO
  3. I completely agree, absurd and frustrating And if you consider also the Para planes being spawn-killed, when you spawn in a plane you hardly hit the jump spot. This is basically free CP credits for pilots.
  4. Positive + The RTS/FPS mix that brings to living WAR battles + BIG and many Maps + Game variety having different classes + Frequent development additions as Medkits, the new render as well as upcoming tutorial + FPS part of the game with limited hud is making it more a real game than other FPS games - like! Improvable - Often too frequent repetitive highly unbalanced (unwinnable) War battles generated by the MatchMaker - Infantry scopes - reduce magnification to max 2 times (make Recons viable again) - Para Planes keeps being spawn killed as IA is very bad (para plane = pilots XP credit cow) - Still too many AT rambos killing tanks in a second, H3 and stickies act to quick (need 2 sec delay per throw) - Bad XP for defending a just captured base, when the rest of the team assaults the next point
  5. These planes are really moving in a strange way, most of the time they go to the place you do not want to go. If you do not want to lose play time, when you spawn in the plane (mostly you spawn in the plane directly on top of as jump spot) and you jump, well,... you are mostly completely in the wrong place! Though if you first want to see where you are then you are already over the jump spot and you have to wait for another pass, sometimes also 20-30 seconds (while laser precise planes or ground AA shoot at your plane for easy xp as you are like as a slow moving duck) RETO, now you developed bots for the new tutorial, please give some more 'intelligence' alto to these currently to stupid Para planes. thanks
  6. ...and again, another evening with only losses, GE and SU full of all kind of resources where the US has, well mostly only infantry. these matches are lost before starting them there are no US Generals providing resources, it seems there are no Generals at all! Probably they all migrated to the GE or SU faction? For sure, keep losing and worse not being able to get away from the starting base is frustrating at the least. RETO, adjust the Match Maker, it is absurd that this keeps repeating, battle after battle. Sometimes let it be hard also for the other faction!
  7. If you buy the game and keep paying for each patch/DLC then you can get rid of repair costs. No, not going to happen, it is a free game, so how do you think RETO is making money out of this? If you want sustainable repair cost, grind a lot or buy gold (it is a pay-to-win game) and get yourself a veteran membership. Further the less you use grenades (AT stuff), use unmodded weapons and avoid unnecessary vehicle spam, repair cost will be low
  8. First of all RETO should eliminate the XP the pilots get shooting Para planes. Para planes are like sitting ducks, far to easy to take down, they always fly the same kind of route, highly predictable for the pilots The Para plane mechanic is broken and definitely there is something to work on, the worse is the spawn killing but also; you cant jump out of plane even if you want to, when the plane comes from out of the map, to get to the first capture point (example Airfield map, when you jump you are already past the point) the route the planes take is often the one you dont want, meaning you have to stay longer in the plane with the risk to jump in a wrong place as someone is shooting you down most of the time, when you spawn, you are right precisely on top of a capture point so you should jump, though you do not know where you are and if you jump then most of the time you have one of these; you are already over the capture point you are jumping a place which you cant cap anymore you are jumping in the other capture spot than the one you were focusing on If you jump you have the risk that the chute doesn't open or you land on something odd and yes you are dead. AS a result, Reto gives you a Deploy Delay, very nice... Yup Para playing is an adventure...
  9. just dont use H3
  10. As you are adjusting your tank, you inevitably will be attached to it. Therefore I do not find it realistic to be on one meter distance to repair the tank. For me it is "working as intended" (at least this one). for the Icon idea, nice, but you should be able to deactivate it. I see already people shouting °hey you XYZ with the wrench come repair me!" Oh yes, this is an annoying bug happening since a long time, RETO please fix it.
  11. So I joined a staged ongoing battle as a Para and found that most on our side are low level and worse, the opponent side has 5 (!!!) planes, grinding (para planes) As Staged should be kind of balanced, 1 plane against 5 should not happen, First new players will soon get discouraged and leave about this situation, second you create clear spawn camping opportunity as Para's cant event spawn or they are already dead. Last but not least, you are handing basically free XP to planes for just shooting undefended para planes. Please address this issue.
  12. Even if I have to wait 180 secs to get out of my squad, I'm not gonna waste my time doing the same useless town attack from E & D lines. As (too) often happens, we got only Infantry while the opponent has, well, everything. It has shown being a fail rate for the attacker of about 90% with most camping in the woods as all attacks results in being killed. Please make some change to the map to allow E & D line attackers some increased river crossing opportunity. Thanks
  13. ^Truly absurd I agree, @RETO; you should just cancel the Heavy Tanks, no way to play them in this game for longer than 2 min. However, the saddest thing is not that they (RETO.MOTO) actually do nothing about this long lasting pathetic tank situation, even worse is that they just do not respond to the many requests as you can find in the forum. so @RETO.MOTO, is this your concept of communication? silence? Well, some news for you, communication is always going 2 ways, one listens to the other and then provide feed-back, than the other talks and you listen, and you try to understand the other. You just do transmissions, one way. You make belief you are listening though you do whatever you like to do saying that it is what the community asked for.... Please demonstrate that I am wrong and inform (in a few days) what you really will do about the tank situation and when, it WILL be appreciated!
  14. So RETO you fell in love with planes. I understand. But now please reply; WHEN are you gonna do something about the poor situation where Tank players are in? First infantry AT Rambos with tons of easy kill AT weapons to ruin your play Now you added fast planes with tons of bombs and laser precise aims to blow the hell out of you as you still try to do a little bit of tanking. As a tanker you need to hide even more than before with the AT Rambo hype! RETO, common, do something to adjust this, to improve the tanker situation, too much time has already passed! Some suggestions Increase the armor of the tanks, to have them last a bit longer against the infinite plane bombs, the AT Rambos as well as other tanks Put a delay between the use of each H3 and AT throw grenades Add an AA tank, to be able to respond to the planes that now have become more annoying than bugs (the AA truck is useless, it does no damage and it gets killed quicker than you can spawn it) @RETO Your reply and more over, actions are highly appreciated!