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    Was Changing Faction is possible?

    Yes, play a little bit as german and soon you will "unlock" other 2 factions. Unless you meant choosing war faction, then you have to wait until the war ends.
  2. Yes, basically "trophian stg44". It means that it was captured from the enemy.
  3. r2gy

    74th Panzer Grenadier Division Clan

    accepted, join our discord
  4. Make fg42 moddable in balance it with its counterparts...
  5. We are going to reach such a milestone - war 1000(!) - very soon (987 at the moment), what a historic moment. If my memory is not wrong some people (dead by now as far as I know) were organizing some sort of event for war 500 and missing war 1000 would be such a misstake since war 2000 is not guaranteed to happen. Since RETO nearly completely ignores community/game, expecially RTS, we have to make our own fun, any ideas or plans how we could mark this accomplishment? Maybe soviets could lift their protest for that war? Other players/groups staying on their "home" faction so we would have an actual fight? With current activity and communication we probably won't be able to create an event like in the past, but at least something. Wars are ending pretty fast and we will reach 1000th very soon, so if we are going to do something it would be about time to think and talk about it.
  6. Maybe you finally are going to make fg42 moddable so it and its counterparts could be properly balanced?
  7. you were saved and yet you find problems
  8. r2gy

    Does Reto pay attention to we're they place rocks?

    Why do you think like that? Such negativity, must be a toxic GE veteran...What makes you think that that stone is not supposed to be there? huh, it was intended to be there and it would be a misstake if it was not there.
  9. r2gy

    avs imba.need Nerf.

    no no no in RS brains it doesn't work like that, u see RS is smart, not like all of us. u should look at these guys as an example and learn something. ffs. toxic german random.
  10. Guys, time is relative, they say that 3 months pass while Redbjarne finishes 1 beer. In RETO office time moves at different speed compared to ours - this all makes sense and explains everything! Why updates take so long, why some issues haven't been fixed (cause they are yet to occur in RETO world (!)) etc
  11. r2gy

    Color of Badge (Free Fall)

    Because opening an image in paint, painting it in gold and then putting it into the game is beyond current RETO skill while why they didn't do it in the past is a good question. Probably were too busy releasing new skins what is ironic.
  12. r2gy

    RETO - HADES, SU can't keep up

    They have said dozen of times that they won't merge US and SU, not because they don't want to but because they can't. THe problem is not the idea of "how to do it" but they just don't have people who are capable, you see any change ingame requires a change in code and if you can't change the code you can't change the game. How I understood from millions of topics "merge Su and SU" that the biggest problem is making so taht US/SU can't attack each others cities and what happens if SU AT crosses US city etc. Unless I missunderstood you and you meant that Su/US should be kinda deleted but equipment stays and it goes under new faction called "Allies". In my eyes they could be capable of doing that but there would be a huge headache of equipment transfer. Unless they changed the code by a lot but they are not capable of doing that. So either way merge is not happening. Sad times.
  13. r2gy


    New major update will be released in the end of agust, usually I believe they release updates on wednesdays, you can expect prototype to be open like week before the update. But for past few updates I believe there were no prototype servers because there was nothing to test since nearly nothing was released. RETO said that flamethrowers probably won't make it to august update so again nothing to test. Sometimes they start testing bigger stuff (armor 1.12) few months earlier before actual release but I doubt that we will see anything that big in H&G any time soon.
  14. r2gy


    When the devs want players to think that they are testing something
  15. r2gy

    WHY we need more WHALES

    Yeah sounds sad but desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes we need to put our personal preferences aside, even if they used to be right, just for higher purpose. Many things lately have been happening which shouldn't have but without them game probably would be dead-dead by now. Now probably best thing to do is to let changes like this to happen, maybe H&G will live another day and just maybe someday it will return in old style which we have to give up now. Of course this automatically means probably complete extinction of veterans, but by now our fight is already over.
  16. r2gy

    Interesting Mountains

    Fly over them lower and you'll sink into invisible water
  17. r2gy

    knock out

    Knock out "other items" like what? Walls? Trees? Doors? Do we even have doors in H&G?
  18. r2gy

    New planes?

    me262 confirmed
  19. r2gy


    Facts and "slandering" are two different things, but I guess you don't know it and it is beyond your understanding, not to mention you were the first one to call me out, r-----. Oh, and it is against forum rules to speak about your protest but you are doing it again and again. So am I trolling or slandering? You should do some research lul
  20. r2gy


    okay, random TheSpanishInquisition.
  21. r2gy


    I wonder what you mean by random, random.
  22. r2gy

    Give WF bonus for generals

    Indeed, you are stuck as general forever, but you can equip any assault team + extra command points for general ranks (as infantry you stop getting them on rank 17)
  23. r2gy


    Again RS and alts, more like an inventor and his creations. Absolute majority of alt problems point to RS, different GE clan groups all are mad on RS cause of alts, even when we made contact with asian clan groups very first thing what they said was that they were pissed of RS alts, also from time to time read about US complaining again about RS using alts. There hasn't ever in this game been a moment when specifically 1 group would get blamed this much by literally everyone, by even people from your own faction. I think that you are the problem here. Of course +rep for pushing for a fix which would remove you from the game.
  24. r2gy

    Post-New Year Running Of H&G Due To Flash

    Or nothing will happen like other guy explained or we know the death date.
  25. r2gy

    My new clan - [Hunyadi]

    Hello there, I have decided to create a clan where everyone would be welcome and we could together enjoy H&G in its prime. Clan is named after John Hunyadi, we play all factions (mostly GE) and only on GE front. There aren't many requirements, both veteran and new players are welcome. Our minecrap server IP is mc.hunyadi:1956, for communication we use discord (https://discord.gg/Y6T4d9f), we can't afford ts3 and since it is a place for toxic veterans we say no to that. We speak hungarian, russian and english but with a help of google translator we can do miracles and communicate in nearly all languages. By choosing [Hunyadi] you are choosing a path less taken, you are choosing to gain priceless experience, you are choosing to work as a team for better tommorow and to grow as a person. Clan is also meant to be a shelter for bullied randoms and trolls, for players seeking to be understood and cared for. From you as a member we expect: respect, unquestionable loyalty, determination to work for better tommorow and seek for good for the clan and H&G. We have good reputation, a lot of experience and whopping amount of members (1). Every 60 seconds in our clan a minute passes - time flies. We can make a killing machine out of you, no troll or toxic veteran will get pass you. In our clan we don't practice hierarchy or anything like that, we believe that every person is unique and equal. This is the way, all life forms are accepted. Respectfully Yours, r2gy