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  1. r2gy

    101st AB 1st Brigade "Bastogne" ♣

    i want i want
  2. r2gy

    Your Easter present has been delivered!

    20%? Thats still a robbery to buy camos
  3. r2gy

    Credit making

    other game
  4. r2gy

    STG Underpowered

    just learn to play....
  5. r2gy

    STG Underpowered

    next time please add more salt on my hamburger, thank you
  6. r2gy

    Victory on War 767

  7. r2gy

    Fun para battles

    you guys are obsess3d
  8. r2gy

    Dead game or dead two factions

    idk why u r crying about clans. just join one by yourself
  9. r2gy

    Reto, please respond

    No.(soon in RETO language)
  10. r2gy

    War Victory Ribbon - How it works

    prosto pizdiec
  11. r2gy

    War Victory Ribbon - How it works

    hmm what's if I spawn 3 ATs, get them into battle and after the ATs are gone I equip my soldier with other ATs, will this make him get even more xp on ze ribbon??
  12. r2gy

    Most Kills in a bot match

    I wish i would get put in ze bot team so i could farm people like u
  13. r2gy

    Swiss faction

    Ok bois the party is over
  14. Swiss faction aniversary, huh?