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  1. Yamato123

    Next round of weapon balancing

    gun smoke still big, can you reduce smoke more? when I Shoting the weapon , it just fell like It's just like gambling, hope you can Adopt opinions.
  2. Yamato123

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    I can accept the current balance But can gun smoke be reduced? Most players in the community care about this issue Many times I can’t see the target, and the enemy always kills me all at once with luck. No matter how good the balance is, it’s useless. When you can’t see the target, you can only pray to God to double your luck and kill the target. Reduce smoke guns, please
  3. Yamato123

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    Why do you have to keep modifying the data? I think it’s the best data before Armor 2.0 The previous data is the real balance. In addition, I suggest to reduce the gun smoke. I believe many old players will return.
  4. Yamato123

    Weapon balancing discussion

    Are you crazy reto? why nerf the rpm? That will be not a good Sense of shooting just set the Recoil and Range or damage
  5. can reto rework US weapon?????? I think that is not balance. ex: M1941: reduce 55% Recoil and improve some repair point. M2: reduce 55% Recoil and Nerf the full rpm to 900 rpm. 1919: reduce 35% Recoil. if reto do not anything,US faction weapon will be Weak a long time.