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    Damn I was restarted back then.
  2. Xero722


    how much will swing the game at about the speed of 100 kb/s?
  3. Xero722

    Reduce sway across the board

    +1 Sway should be reduced on SMGs, and as a balancing factor they could decrease the accuracy by a bit.
  4. Romania - Vehicles keep glitching around, just like the rest of the people said.
  5. Xero722

    Using Enemy/Frendly weapons

    if you pick someone else's gun , they do not pay anything. However if you die and pick up your own weapon, you still pay the repair costs for using it.
  6. Xero722

    Second bipod test!

    Nice, a straight buff to the LMGs, with no stat change to balance them. The MG42 and M1919 are straight up OVERPOWERED now since they can nullify the sway and help with the recoil. I am totally shocked by Reto's total knowledge of their game and their ideas of "balancing" by buffing further already good weapons. In my opinion they should increase the sway and nerf the accuracy (both standing and with bipod deployed) and make people unable to aim downsights while holding the LMGs in hand. Edit: I just realised , nothing has changed in the 3 months since they first released bipods on the prototype server, they only made PzB and PTRS able to deploy bipods. 3 months waiting for a sign of life for nothing
  7. When are the sales taking place? Also, when are the xmas skins coming back? Last year they appeared on 1st of December
  8. Honestly I don't mind this because of the pilots that crash on purpose to not give the kill to someone
  9. Xero722

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    Age: 17 Country: Romania Reason for Joining: Looking for teamwork , having fun and meeting new people Time-Zone: EET In-game UN: Xero722 (I suppose you want the nickname) Mic?: No Do you have Assault teams? Yes If so how many and what type are they? 2 infantry , 1 light armor and 1 recon (currently using only 1 infantry , as I'm leveling my other classes up.
  10. Xero722

    Prices Spreadsheet

    Anyone got a new prices spreadsheet? The old one seems to have been locked and I can't use it.
  11. Xero722

    Prices Spreadsheet

    Update: Spreadsheet is working again for me, so I thank you all for your effort.
  12. Xero722

    Prices Spreadsheet

    Someone should've made a perfect copy of the original one , just in case someone thought to f.. it up
  13. Got home too late.. By any chance , do you have any more spare tickets for us , the people not in germany?
  14. Xero722

    crashed download

    hi,i bad know english and a faced with problem, i download launcher of game.heroesandgenerals.com and i install in my duck, then begins auto update and it begin 5-8 hours and not result.help me please i don't know what is a problem!!!!!!!! :oops: