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  1. Conserved

    Game Crashes When Joining Battle

    March 3 I guess
  2. Increase support gunner xp, the top fragger was using my sdkfz 222's guns and I drove him around and earned barely anything.
  3. Conserved

    Game Crashes When Joining Battle

    this is a issue with the latest driver. Uninstall your gpu driver and install an older version. These are the tools I used : For uninstalling drivers : For reinstalling older driver :
  4. Conserved

    Nerf bots

    play war
  5. Conserved


    Can I buy the merch instead
  6. I'd rather be able to have options to select what I want to repair
  7. Whenever you spawn, there is this brief moment where your camera slowly changes from the spawn menu to your character's pov, and during this period of time you are unable to exit a vehicle. Please reduce that time or only spawn us after the camera is ready as sometimes when I spawn in a vehicle, I get shot out before my camera view has finished changing.
  8. Conserved


  9. Conserved

    Fallen H&G Friends

  10. Conserved

    Add JAPAN faction in H&G plz

    idk probably another one of them lame jokes by reto
  11. Conserved

    Add JAPAN faction in H&G plz

    It was from an old devstream
  12. Conserved

    New game engine

    then y'all better get to work straight away ;D
  13. Conserved

    CHANGELOG 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    How much beer did you guys drink before coming up with the prices?