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  1. gamer1701

    Gun names!

    could be haha. Yeah i got the name from Fallout: New Vegas. The NCR (basically the faction thats the closest to a true Nation and Government) has an Elite Sniper Unit that has "The Last thing you'll never see" as their slogan.
  2. gamer1701

    Gun names!

    My Johnson LMG is named "FG 42s big brother" and my 1 OHK rifle is called "Last thing you never saw"
  3. gamer1701

    thoughts on Rambo Recon?

    I dont prone for longer range shots, i actually mostly just either crouch or even stay stood up. Its good to hear im not the only one using this strat and you having sucess with it furthers proves that it can be definetly viable in the right hands. I usually quickscope enemies, so far the 8x scope pretty much never gave me problems (althought sometimes you have to retreat to a corner to let the enemy get close enough for you to hipfire) What i also like about having the 8x scope is that if you are defending a point and know that enemies will rush it at any time you can pick off a few from range and then bunker up in the cap to finish off the rest. Held a cap *on my own* like that against like 3 rushes of several enemies until i was finally killed.
  4. gamer1701

    thoughts on Rambo Recon?

    i dont switch to sidearm often. I get in 2 shots before they even hit me enough to make me lose health that i cant fully regenerate. What i do is when, for example, defending is that i hide aound corners and when they start capping i peek around the corner to either A: Kill em or (with heavy set gold) B: get in the first shot so i can take em out once they peek me or vice versa. The thing is, every time i tried it i had a good K/D and multiple captures (including, as said before, war) And i know they could be wallet warriors but when i repeatedly manage to kill people with modded STGs and expensive camos then i must be doing atleast something right. I admit i havent tried it for too long, only a couple of matches. but so far the results have been surprisingly good. Even managed to consistently hip-fire more than enough enemies at a decent distance. About the max distance youd have in a building in a Cap point. Ill def do some more macthes with my strategy. Maybe ill even make a video as proof of its viability.
  5. gamer1701

    thoughts on Rambo Recon?

    well, all my good result were in war. I just now tried it in staged for the first time. K: 50 D : 16 and most of those kills were players not bots and about 70% of those were close quarters Edit: and 5 captures
  6. gamer1701

    thoughts on Rambo Recon?

    Ive been trying out "Rambo Recon" a bit. Basically 1HKO Rifle but charging points and one shooting most people. I get that u can basically do that as inf but the added 8x scope also makes it possible to kill enemies before going anywhere near the point once you captured it or are going to it. Before you say that Heavy Set Gold counters easily: Ive killed more heavy set gold close quarters with my rifle than they me. Its all about charging em and being able to pop 2 shots into em before they can kill you. So far its been very successful. My best moment so far was killing 5 enemies within like 20 secs and taking the point. I think if used correctly Rambo recon doesnt seem too bad. Even managed to get quite a few credits out of that.
  7. gamer1701

    Is recon viable in War?

    I played staged and it was a huge waste of time and credits as Recon. Due to the huge amount of bots in staged you basically if not literally lose credits when you kill a bot with a 1HKO rifle. even if i got 30 kills (most bots of course since it feels like theres a ratio of 3:1 bots/players) and 2 deaths i still lost thousands of credits. I did play a few war matches and did pretty good and even got some nice credits. But now i have the question: Is a recon even useful in War? They definetly dont get as many kills as Inf and dont capture but as long as i manage to kill a few tankers peeking out and have some enemies hunt me down (keeping them from playing the objective) i feel like im a valuable asset to the team.
  8. Well, even if people will come back, It definetly will not help when you hemmorage players cuz of a stupid map filter removal that takes literally a few hours to reimplement if not even less
  9. Ever since the start of 2019 the playerbase has dipped to an all-time low. Its sad to see the game slowly die like that, whole Reto seems to ignore feedback completely. We still have no map filters and it looks like Reto won`t be readding them in the near Future. Its getting bad, Last time the playerbase was this low was in December 2014 (!) Heroes and Generals lost around 38% of its average concurrent players in 2019, a minus of over 1.2k Players Now i know it tends to fluctiate in any Game, but the clear majority of red numbers isn`t something to ignore. I dont know what Reto is doing here, but it isn`t good. Please wake up Reto, it won`t go well
  10. gamer1701

    Pistol mods

    Pistol Mods are not THAT important.....its mostly Secondary but if you use it like on Pilot or such go for Accuracy and enough Damage to take people down in less than 4 shots
  11. gamer1701

    assault team problem

    Wow i would like to help you but i cant understand what you mean........anyways you get Warfunds for everything people do with your Assault Team basically
  12. gamer1701

    Medic Character

    Dont give Reto the idea for Skins or Soldier Packs
  13. gamer1701

    Soldier Branch switch cost.

  14. gamer1701

    Joining time?

    Start with enabling Every gamemode you have avaible and toggle all maps. I dont know if there is less traffix in some Leagues since when the Update for Leagues came out i already had so many points that i was instantly Top Tier League