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  1. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #6

    Do you plan to differentiate the different branches of the various militaries? The US Army and the US Marine used completely different equipment, weapons, and uniforms for example.
  2. Because the medic kits are just bandages, and any infantryman can apply a bandage.
  3. Things reto were working on.

    Personally I'd like for them to keep it in the theme of WW2. Rising Storm 2 has fantastic customization options based on rank: The furthest extreme I'd like to see would be ethnicity and gender options.
  4. Things reto were working on.

    As featured in dev stream 66, in depth character customization: Unfortunately they've said nothing more of it, which is a shame because it would be a favorite feature of mine.
  5. Does Camo Stay Equitable Switching Classes?

    Camo is per character.
  6. HTML Code in Squad Name

    Minor complaint, but very unsightly. Squad names with special characters in them show up with the HTML code instead of just the character. This became an issue about one or two patches ago. At least the "&" character is effected. In game: After-Action Report: Minor text issue, I know, but rather annoying to look at.
  7. Aid for players to catch cheaters.

    Without spectator features, it will be impossible to record and report actual cheaters. Sometimes its blatant, but other times it can definitely be the game crapping on you. I know I've made kills that made me feel dirty.
  8. Uniforms [Rank based Uniform Unlocks]

    Whatever happened to the assets the devs showed off showing a customization helmet cover and face mask? They said they were working on more customization but all I have seen so far is more patterns. Anyway, Rising Storm 2 has exactly what this thread is about. Customizable, faction and era appropriate clothing and gear options and they get more diverse as you increase in rank. This has been one of the most appreciate features of the game. Pretty much every free to play game has some sort of character customization that exceeds camo patterns. I think Reto would be foolish not to prioritize that, especially when there can be so much money made off of cosmetics.