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    you can also scroll the log in sync window to see if there are errors
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    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Can't weapons have two separate particle effects, one less intense for fps perspective and 'normal' one for the enemies? Sounds like more work but at least would be easier to 'balance'.
  3. b.j.blazkovitch

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Imo thompson is not a best choice for this test as it has fairly unobstructed view compared to other sights and rather low recoil, also your target doesn't move. Well, I have same problem with avs on other ranges so I'd argue that lowering gun smoke would help, there are frames in this clip where whole enemy is hidden in smoke like a ninja.. whichever reason you think it is, there's definitely too much smoke in here
  4. b.j.blazkovitch

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    People have been complaining (myself included) about game being too dark for years but I guess a lot depends on the monitor. On my previous one I had to max out the brightness, both in game and 'physical' and still got surprised by 'invisible' enemy pretty often. On my new one with bunch of options it's a lot better but still, it's not fair to people with not so great monitors! Obviously, worst visibility is in night and dusk matches, mind that I didn't play latest update but I assume more weather options just mean that more% of matches happens in non-brightest scenario. As for puffs of smoke from gun barrels, h&g is the only game I can think of that has this problem.. when you combine automatic weapon with a lot of recoil, peep sights and add a cloud of smoke between you and moving target it's really easy to lose track. Especially when target is brown on brown or black on black. Imo smoke should be reduced to minimum or removed entirely from the shooter perspective, smoke out of enemy's weapon is not really a problem and sometimes helps to locate the shooter from distance. I'm aware that you guys use the smoke blocking vision as balancing factor on ptrs and while there it's justified, imo it is not doing good for other weapons, just adds frustration.
  5. b.j.blazkovitch

    The grass is in fact greener on the other side this time

    seems so but have you checked gear upgrades in said game? armor plates, +20% weapon damage and rpm.. the chill might wear thin pretty fast.
  6. b.j.blazkovitch

    Effects when repairing

    You thought twisting that wrench in air repairs the tank? This is reto wrench that turns back time, the actual bug is that fx don't play in reverse.
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    The grass is in fact greener on the other side this time

    Nobody seems to mind bots in that other game while in h&g they were supposed to be the final straw on other hand, the human only mode increases chaos almost to battlefield™ levels.
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    Tiger I Gun Breech

    get rekt
  9. b.j.blazkovitch

    The grass is in fact greener on the other side this time

    Actually that other game has it way worse than h&g, after missing bunch of shots dead in the center I stopped wondering why they don't show players ping anywhere.
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    gta in your h&g

    I'm surprised this forum is so dead that nobody is talking about drive-by shootings being in early development
  11. b.j.blazkovitch

    Movement and Camera locking bug

    how to fix your internet or reto srevers? no
  12. b.j.blazkovitch

    Captured PTRS

    For me it's a fun troll stick, there are better weapons for every purpose ptrs is meant to be, except for shooting planes..
  13. b.j.blazkovitch

    This game is dying, so...

    maybe reto was aware that this was peak h&g experience in their outdated engine and stopped trying to finish it
  14. b.j.blazkovitch

    Captured PTRS

    or slower, depends on the distance
  15. b.j.blazkovitch

    Movement and Camera locking bug

    It's broken connection, your character keeps walking in the direction it did when connection was working.
  16. People will just have 2 tanks of each type, one with apcr and other with he, sames as pilots do now.
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    Yeah, the whole progression system including 8 different currencies (9? at least I've counted that many so far) looks like Edward Scissorhands of f2p reaching for my pocket. The +20%dmg on upgraded weapon sounds very balance-able 🙄
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    I'm gonna try it out but from what I've seen from streamers without millions of subscribers it's not that great.
  19. b.j.blazkovitch

    New Map & Building Concepts

    Good for you, dunno if you tried unreal engine but it has pretty good terrain editing tools, bunch of free assets in Quixel and markeplace to play with and job offering section on forums.
  20. b.j.blazkovitch


    Looks cool but makes me wonder if reto engine can handle this, already having massive fps drops when too much is going on. When thinking of new visuals like this one have to take into account that there are 36 players in game and engine should be able to handle 36 vehicles with lights on.
  21. b.j.blazkovitch

    Just wonder

    Imo after armor 2.0 fiasco they came to conclusion that it's better idea to start another project in modern engine.
  22. b.j.blazkovitch

    V-Sync doesn't work

    your gpu driver software might have option to limit fps, in h&g you have to fix bugs on your own
  23. I think the barrel damage just tilts the cannon downwards but if you use space to recalibrate on target it shoot straight again, not mortar style
  24. b.j.blazkovitch

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    If it doesn't at least they'll learn something in the process