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  1. Pretty much same would apply for lmg
  2. Black screen with only 1 button

    Probably you need admin to install battle eye correctly.
  3. M1/M2 - Shocking Bad!

    Long time ago it was a decent weapon and many German tears were shed on the forums thus Reto nerfed whole Carbine family to current state. Best put it on shelve and use something else, maybe usage statistic will inspire Reto to fix it in few years.
  4. Also don't forget to take away all the ammo as it was carried by second soldier.
  5. Black Screen cant play

    Happens sometimes when I press shutdown on pc case with H&G still running
  6. I get this Crash Report ... please help

    Your drivers up to date? Looks like it crashes when trying to go full screen.
  7. Niemcy "przeszli" H&G

    Swoją drogą to faktycznie jest strajk czy się poprostu wszyscy zmęczyli tak jak ja?
  8. capture the flag

    I'm sure we'll have new game mode within 6 years
  9. Revive the WAR in the game.

    Around %30 chances of success when surprising enemy in 3 meter distance.
  10. battle eyes anti cheat system is not working!

    You know nothing, US/SU is not playing war anymore because battle eye banned us all
  11. Revive the WAR in the game.

    Nothing changes
  12. Offtopowe pogawędki

    Przez realistyczne miałem na myśli kolory gameplay to będzie jak w bf1
  13. Battlefield V possible threat to H&G?

    Everyone and their mother runs around with 600-1000 rpm weapon and jumps over walls like an acrobat. Let's not forget weapon prototypes that never hit production and holo sights. Very WW1!1! Not that I rly care
  14. Revive the WAR in the game.

    Or just block joining war on faction that already has some % more players than others? Probably would sent little adolfs on a forum rage trip tho
  15. Offtopowe pogawędki

    Może trochę, i tak bardziej realistyczne niż w 50 odcieniach brązowego H&G