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  1. STG-44 and M1918 BAR

    BAR also has more turn penalty so tracking targets is problematic, paired with small mag and slow reload it's a cumbersome auto rifle, just as it was designed.
  2. Nvidia Inspector - Is this legal?

    They can make a screenshot and look at it..
  3. Nvidia Inspector - Is this legal?

    To put it in other words: in h&g there's no setting for disabling all textures, is legal to do it with third party software?
  4. And when every game is like Fortnite what will you play when you don't like it?
  5. Copyright Protection 101

    Here you go: you are wrong.
  6. Unpleasent gun names?

    I could count actually funny gun names I've encountered on one hand while in every other match there is "die 8itch" or some natzi boy with "deratizer"
  7. Bf1 has a button for spotting and it is bad mechanic imo, you just spam the key to highlight everyone in front of you, seen or not. From that video it looks like h&g has better spotting system than bf1 and bf5..
  8. Unpleasent gun names?

    So why exactly we can see gun names at all? Game is missing sprayable dicks on top of that imo
  9. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling

    After driving tank into water engine sound died but I've managed to reverse and steer back to dry land. Engine sound resumed but I guess it should be turned off when tank is unrecoverable, not before.
  10. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Deploy menu obscures c1 spawn icon
  11. Poll for other carbines than the M1a1

    What role would they fill? Existing carbines are oversized pistols and this game doesn't need anymore broken weapons.
  12. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling

    Riding on bicycle again I've noticed that off road you can walk with same speed and sprint faster. I think biggest problem with those tests, both handling and deploy is that we don't have normal battle environment on test server. Just few guys fooling around. Doesn't show how new spawn mechanic/cost and vehicle rehaul really impacts the game.
  13. White screen on Win10 MacBook Air

    I doubt action game runs properly even if launcher will.
  14. Ticket system: Making battles a revolving door?

    On foot no, but you can spawn in someone's tank and get out.
  15. Ticket system: Making battles a revolving door?

    You should try it yourself, new spawn system needs lot of tweaking but has potential. As for alt+f4 when your tank get's blown up and you don't have enough tokens to spawn another heavy you can just switch to inf for a minute or spawn as support gunner on teammate's tank. Soldiers and machines have separate bars. It doesn't take long to refill the vehicle bar and you can now "undeploy" with f11 rather than suicide. Imo this is better than previous spawn system. Supposingly you can even switch to unequiped tank which was not possible before, didnt' actually try it yet.