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  1. People will just have 2 tanks of each type, one with apcr and other with he, sames as pilots do now.
  2. b.j.blazkovitch


    Yeah, the whole progression system including 8 different currencies (9? at least I've counted that many so far) looks like Edward Scissorhands of f2p reaching for my pocket. The +20%dmg on upgraded weapon sounds very balance-able 🙄
  3. b.j.blazkovitch


    I'm gonna try it out but from what I've seen from streamers without millions of subscribers it's not that great.
  4. b.j.blazkovitch

    New Map & Building Concepts

    Good for you, dunno if you tried unreal engine but it has pretty good terrain editing tools, bunch of free assets in Quixel and markeplace to play with and job offering section on forums.
  5. b.j.blazkovitch


    Looks cool but makes me wonder if reto engine can handle this, already having massive fps drops when too much is going on. When thinking of new visuals like this one have to take into account that there are 36 players in game and engine should be able to handle 36 vehicles with lights on.
  6. b.j.blazkovitch

    Just wonder

    Imo after armor 2.0 fiasco they came to conclusion that it's better idea to start another project in modern engine.
  7. b.j.blazkovitch

    V-Sync doesn't work

    your gpu driver software might have option to limit fps, in h&g you have to fix bugs on your own
  8. I think the barrel damage just tilts the cannon downwards but if you use space to recalibrate on target it shoot straight again, not mortar style
  9. b.j.blazkovitch

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    If it doesn't at least they'll learn something in the process
  10. line of sight between spawns would fix it to some extent, or just a lot bigger spawn area
  11. b.j.blazkovitch

    Ping is getting worse...

    Nope, they have a number of 'bare metal' servers which are exclusive for their use and if booked capacity is exceeded then extra servers are launched on 'standard' virtual machines, meaning that performance relies on overall cloud workload (worse at prime time). So yeah, it can result in worse ping but there's no extra 'middle man' between you and game server.
  12. b.j.blazkovitch

    Ping is getting worse...

    easier than checking it with trace route, eh?
  13. b.j.blazkovitch


    Hades was the only active reto employee on this forum for a while, and now he's gone. Gee, I wonder why.
  14. b.j.blazkovitch

    Has RETO Considered Volunteers?

    and yet, we can play without paying 😜 law needs updating