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  1. Fight? Look at SU faction: dirty rags instead of uniforms, land lease gear, one LMG and shabby SMGs. Nobody wants to play them for a reason and if someone deserves new toys it's them.
  2. Overpopulated faction should have new stuff added last
  3. b.j.blazkovitch

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    Left hand animation glitch when trying to pick up ammo from box on ground with new bazooka full.
  4. Reto is not interested in our opinions about game direction if you didn't notice yet. Ever seen them asking what we want to be fixed or added next?
  5. b.j.blazkovitch

    Projekt Subfrakcji Polskiej w SU

    Nie ekscytuj się tak towarzyszu, reto nie raz i nie dwa oznajmiało że nie przyjmie żadnego darmowego kontentu od fanów bo nie pozwala na to duńskie prawo pracy.
  6. b.j.blazkovitch

    Forums dead too?

    By deleting it?
  7. b.j.blazkovitch

    Headshots & Generals

    "but since we don't know where exactly you are looking at, we spread them a little"
  8. b.j.blazkovitch

    Komsomolet seat switching bug

    Didn't see it yet, does it happen only when your soldier makes the switch or does it also show on others?
  9. b.j.blazkovitch

    Was this scrapped?

    Do we need another peephole gun on the field though?
  10. b.j.blazkovitch

    Congratulations Reto!

    Pretty sure it's result of H&G being in the steam news pop up window.
  11. After years of playing it's annoying af that now infantry soldier will spawn using last selected vehicle instead on foot. I had 3 cars parked next to each other last match. It doesn't make sense for other classes but please introduce an option to spawn on foot by default for inf soldiers. Prob this would take at least 3 years to add so maybe I'll get use to it.
  12. b.j.blazkovitch


    I'm under impression it felt better on the test server Maybe it's more smoke or something, still can't see much when shooting m1/m2 or m3 but on mg1919 difference is quite noticeable.
  13. b.j.blazkovitch


    I hope so.
  14. b.j.blazkovitch

    5th tank class and MM problems

    4 vehicle slots when more and more tanks are added is bit of oversight imo. Or intentional so we can grind forever.