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  1. b.j.blazkovitch

    Gun sounds

    Kar98 and mg42 have good sound, especially kar has the nice punch to it. Bar obviously too since it's using same sound as kar. Rest of firearms is pretty flat and unimpressive. Guns with duplicate sounds should take priority over boring ones tho.
  2. b.j.blazkovitch

    Let's admit it: Armor 2.0 feels bad

    truck or car doesn't have to explode, would be enough if it just stops. explode only when hit in some specific area like headshot for soldier. as for tanking, I pretty much stopped well before armor 2.0 which made rambos even more annoying, before at least it was possible to play mouse and cat with them (tank being mouse). at same time you don't win anymore by flanking tiger and shooting it in the butt with sherman, you just team up and shoot the spotted red dot. imo either 'realistic' 2.0 tank should be more rambo proof and have cap on match tank slots or keep tanking simpler and arcadey.
  3. b.j.blazkovitch

    are the servers working ok?

    your mouse is broken then? change log says mg is bound to right mouse btn now.
  4. b.j.blazkovitch

    Emblematy na czołgach

    Nie ma takiej opcji, można co najwyżej wybrać kamuflaż z paru dostępnych.
  5. b.j.blazkovitch

    US armies with MG42

    I have it and I like it but only solution seems to be mg42 nerf
  6. And yet, one line assaults without apcs or even cars are pretty common, ofc in rando matches. You mean 5-7 min assault matches are too long and apcs need a buff?
  7. b.j.blazkovitch

    Sounds in 1.20

    More like everyone made already 10 threads about same sound problems not being fixed and got tired. Footsteps can be heard only on some rare occasions, from behind completely inaudible, same with car engines. That is top 1 for me. Ominous knife and soviet smg reload sounds. Recent addition is flamethrower sound continuing for the rest of the match. Repaired tanks explode again, and that was before Tenet.
  8. b.j.blazkovitch

    Is H&G being left in the dust?

    Didn't see much of Enlisted but doesn't it have bots everywhere? I don't see how that goes well with all the h&g bot haters.
  9. b.j.blazkovitch

    Reduce headshot multiplier (round 2)

    I voted for the extreme assuming it's gonna be the average of them
  10. b.j.blazkovitch

    LG4JWNBJM5FHFOKBWX code limited to 1000 users!?

    Ever heard of cigarettes?
  11. b.j.blazkovitch

    More Maps

    There is a lot of small bugs or half butt solutions (small rocks to block vehicles instead of proper cliff) but they come from shortcomings of reto engine and lack of art assets. The map layout is pretty good and mostly well thought imo. Even factory is playable now after few iterations and before it was insta quit for me.
  12. b.j.blazkovitch

    More Maps

    They are supposedly working on new project, reto linkedin page states they still have 21 ppl hired
  13. b.j.blazkovitch

    HnG service not installed properly, please reinstall

    why? still it's just another level of 3rd party software complications being added
  14. b.j.blazkovitch

    THX 1138

    welp, just saying that humans are not very good nor imaginative in predicting future. imo no mind controlling pills are necessary, just plain old lies are still enough and will be for ages to come as evolution is pretty slow compared to science advances.
  15. b.j.blazkovitch

    THX 1138

    We don't have flying cars, nor androids running wild on streets. All we got are 'smart phones', facebooks and rise of stupid.