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  1. b.j.blazkovitch

    massive new tanker disadvantage

    can't afford to fix a bug? that badge is not meant to affect tank guns as it's not stated in description. moaning from vets won't be justified.
  2. b.j.blazkovitch

    massive new tanker disadvantage

    only from point blank range actually tank shell is most precise sniping weapon in h&g
  3. 90 minutes will kill clan vs clan matches? cmon, those already happening by accident only and this is just another rule, like sudden death or close all lines to win. After 90 minutes everyone is tired and bored anyways. from what I understood: currently for each match they have to allocate enough server resources to fit that 90+ min while in reality those matches happen to rarely to justify that.
  4. b.j.blazkovitch

    rocks and snow

    pretty sure it depends on the rock type, otherwise we'd all live in dirt flatland already
  5. b.j.blazkovitch


    the less gold you buy the faster game over will be
  6. b.j.blazkovitch

    Bipods for Snipers!!

    I want silenced smg for recons to make them useful and lols
  7. b.j.blazkovitch

    Tank combat

    on my 3rd tanker so throwables only wow, I wonder what's the purpose of adding them at all then, unless all AT weapons are gonna get nerfed..
  8. b.j.blazkovitch

    Tank combat

    stickies or demolition kit?
  9. b.j.blazkovitch

    Snow blindness

    you need expensive monitor with flashing leds and shirt or nvidia hacks to fix this game lighting
  10. Simply? Reto Button™ takes at least two years to implement in case you didn't notice yet.
  11. b.j.blazkovitch

    Mało fps pomimo dobrego pc

    no niestety reto nie jest mistrzem optymalizacji ani nie zapowiadają się tu jakieś duże ruchy, raczej więcej spadków fps w miarę dodawania nowych rzeczy. pozostaje upgrade klocucha
  12. b.j.blazkovitch

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    Does US need another small mag mg? imo not really, especially now that Johnson doesn't suck anymore. Maybe for SU it's more tempting.
  13. b.j.blazkovitch


    I don't know about Iron Fist but Infantry First does work on tanker. you could switch character career some time ago (still possible with old character but I'm not sure if it's possible to switch back)
  14. b.j.blazkovitch

    Hades Hyped Me

    hope new AT weapons also mean some tank gameplay updates