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  1. The best casual response for OP- Unfun gameplay.

    Yeah i have to agree with you on carrying or trying to carry team, It's no fun. Example i had a game yesterday think it'd hilltop. there was 7 germans and 5 Allies. German side was 3 tankers 3 recon 1 inf. Our side was 3 inf 2 tankers. I got the 1st cap point, Rushed to middles cap. Got it held it off for 5 fire fights, All the time im shouting in chat for help to defend. No one came not one person. We lost 1st cap then lost cap B also. Game ended 2 mins later.To be honest these days when the game goes tits up. i just go rogue and try to farm flank kills lol.
  2. The best casual response for OP- Unfun gameplay.

    I don't mean to be rude here, But you are saying that when the game isn't going your way you just quit? How on earth do you ever expect to get better at the game. if you just quit when it's not going your way? No wonder with this type of mentality people call for nerf this nerf that. They don't try hard to get better at the game. I've joined games where tanks/Snipers are already set up. I then go 0-8 but i stayed and kept trying and norm end up 20-20 or even 30-18. Of course you should play for fun and not get stressed out, But the only way to not get stressed out is to play through the bad games, Because they make you a better player in the long run. I'm not a great player but i can get scores of 70-2, Only because i played those bad matches and tried to get better, Counter there snipers/tanks/MG campers.
  3. OHK rifles

    I don't get the hate with Snipers, They are easy kills just got tree fairy hunting. The only reason they can be a problem is because no one does anything about them. If you get sniped make it a point to flank them, and kill them easy. The amount of times iv watched my own team run in front of where a sniper is aiming, Get killed then go run right back in front of him. Do any of them think hey lets kill that guy.... Nope they just go back to running in a straight line in the open to the cap point. Yep in front of the sniper.
  4. New hacking habit?

    This is why Cheaters take so long to get caught, Because people like you report honest players for no reason. Anybody can instant head shot someone if they have a bit of skill/luck. Stop wasting Dev's Time with false reports. You should only report cheating/hacking if you have real good proof.
  5. Just gameplay of m1 garand sniper headshots.
  6. Sorry, BattlEye is not enough.

    Unless you have video proof of someone flying around the map with a rapid fire BA Rifle, Taking tank HE Rounds and still being alive, Then gtfo of here with calling Really good players cheats. Because you are worse than cheaters, Out of say 100 games there might be 1 cheater, Then get banned but you people who constant accuse others of cheating, When in fact its your own poor gaming and lack of skill or what ever. You are the ones that make online Shooter games cancer. You make is so a good player feels like not playing. That is the same thing cheaters do it for. So yeah there is things to stop cheaters and they work. But just a shame there isnt somthing to stop you salty poor playing cry babies to. I feel sorry for the really good players out there, that get constant grief for doing what they like to do.
  7. My eyes burn :(

    If you are going to snipe, You should at least know one of the 1st rules of being a sniper. Always Snipe with the sun at your back never in front. You should have moved to a diff place to snipe.
  8. This isnt only the Garand, you can do it with SU & German SA rifle also. Because when you do 1 hit kill someone unless it's a headshot, They have taken damage be it from noob in car in there spawn hitting them in rush to get out, or noob blowing up there car for "FUN". Any other time outside of spawn point, They HAVE taken damage, Be it from jumping over a wall and losing a few bars, being hit with a lucky shot from Smg ect taking away a few bars. Trust me i know full well people can take upto 3 shots from a Garand. Iv even had to headshot a guy twice. Also don't forget if you get a lag spike, You may fire 2 shots at once but only hear one.
  9. Headshots... headshots... more headshots.

    Here would you guys a like a glass. to go with that Wine. The problem isnt headshots its random headshots by noob using MG users. I use and only use the starter rifle M1 Garand, I get a lot of headshots. Not because im holding a MG42 spray n pray headshot gun, But because i aim for headshots. You tell me that it's not skill to aim - track a moving target 100mts away and headshot them. I mean come on the Garand is a good gun. But if you take away being able to headshot someone. It becomes alomost useless. How about this if you really want headshots to be taken away, Then do it for all smg's Lmg's and leave headshots only for Bolt action & SA rifles. That would make it fair up close MG/Smg Users have advantage - Distance Rifle users have advantage. Right now People with Smg's/Lmg's Can just hold down fire and still headshot me from 100mts away with no scope. Thats not skill or fair play. Im Fine with the way things are now, But if you really cant live with headshots killing you in 1, As they should then take them away from LMG's/SMG's only.
  10. Played 2 games early on, After match got a message saying i was hacking, Well this is video of gameplay from both games. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Im off to play another game or whatever...

    Play a few games WITHOUT nades. Dont even equip them then see how much more you make. Just kill players cap points and if you can destroy tanks, With free zookers. Don't play encounter at all. That map is for fun not making credits. I can play a long match say hour long and make anything from 20k to 50k. That is with 2 fully mod guns. Oh an Don't DIE to much. Try to aim for at least 2-1 kd