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  1. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    will RETO ever do something about traitors in war?

    This behavior is probably now best described by the state of this game . Sad but true.
  2. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    Youthful maximalism. Glad there are still people like that, but the OP takes me back some 5 years ago when exactly the same things was offered by community, but not done to this day. Make your own conclusions I guess.
  3. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    This was done (captured weapons) simply because (in my deep conviction) that GE is an overpopulated faction at this stage (and long before as well). I think it was just an attempt to at least somewhat equalize the distribution of people in the factions, because I guess nothing really more serious was invented than what could be implemented without breaking the game. As for the other statement, in my opinion, again, apart from RETO looking at the core mechanics of all three factions, in terms of the balance of the arms, it was simply a matter of taking it easier. And, as you mentioned, this will allow RETO to earn some more money, as the cunning move was made not only with captured weapons, but also with their unrealistic prices (Ppsh nearly 1 million credits) to potentially create a desire to buy a weapon for gold sooner. (in other words, real money). I think it’s just more of a marketing company’s move.
  4. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    New update not cool

    I think the problem lies elsewhere. I remember very well the times when the RETO team didn’t even get into discussions about some “unrealistic facilitations” (mods, new toys ect.). In other words, there was a real impression that they wanted to take the game to a more difficult level, according to the technical possibilities of the game engine. (for comparison let’s say something like Hell let loose), where the action in the game is coordinated, everyone listens to the team leader, each faction has its own distinctions, as a result, each faction has to be played tactically and so on. Lately, I’ve been seeing just swimming downstream without any major effort. The team I think has lost some vision of the game at some point, and now, wants to become just another free ww2 style shooter to attract as many new generations of players as possible to just shoot each other without any deeper mastery of the game. And that’s great. For someone, such a policy will be very acceptable, and perhaps RETO will earn one dollar more in the process, and that's fine. But for me (and I think for many players aswell), the game that initially had the potential to become the best online ww2 shooter has become a huge disappointment. And, I’ll just look for something deeper in the market. Simple as that.
  5. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Uniform updates...

    Still waiting for GE para camo helmet covers ...
  6. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Devolution of a once great game

    In my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes RETO made was refusing more communication with its players. That happened around the end when they officially announced that the team was shrinking. Remember all those dev streams? Question and answer streams? Greater communication in forums? RETO reference regiment? Pre update streams? Insider program? All this is gone. And the connection was broken, which was supposed to show a vision for the future of this game. The impression is that the desire is only to keep the game alive, that there is no longer any motivation and desire from the developers themselves. I miss it the most.
  7. I would love to see all of these community suggestions and submissions in more detail. Just where and who offered what. Because the community is, in fact, offering completely different things.
  8. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Snow blindness

    The funniest thing is that these are not "snow maps" that have been asked God only know how many years ago, but just white skin put on the same existing maps that I understand still carry a lot of fps problems because of that
  9. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Bipods for Snipers!!

    Bipods for shovels please!
  10. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Grease gun is shirt now.

    Was it ever any good?
  11. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Remove bots from Assault!

    The funny thing is that a lot of people have asked for bots in battles because the larger maps don’t bring people together, so it takes an infinitely long time to get into the desired battle with your desired soldier (say Para). Rhetorical reflection what should RETO do?
  12. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    I want to share my bad experience with HG staff

    Bot farming in stage? RETO - "working as intended"
  13. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Hypothetical: The possibility of H@G being run by the community

    Surprisingly, this thread has not yet been deleted or locked. Lately, very such opinions are not desirable here.
  14. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Be careful, RETO rubs off unpopular opinions.

    Yesterday I created topic about how RETO uses totalitarian symbols in the merch shop, such as for me, whose country was occupied by the Soviet Union after the war, when mass deportations to Siberia began and thousands of people died under the sign of a sickle and hammer - they sell T-shirts and pots with that sign. there is some insult. You can delete such opinions as much as you want. This is the fastest way to lose players.
  15. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger


    Yes. It can be treated that way. In a word, I don’t think it’s some sort of fundamental problem, but the current system is very “rewarding” for a player who uses a picked-up weapon from the ground. I think the bonuses are too high.