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  1. Everything wrong with this game as a new player.

    Interesting. Guy plays only 2 weeks - comes to forum for seeking advice from long run Veterans - ends up giving his advice to them how to play. Regards Rudy
  2. Map Suggestion: Encounter - Riverside

    I want to agree with @Xeator. This map could better worked out as a skirmish map. But it would need lot of work. I made yellow spots, explaining some major problems. First, we don't have "only foot soldiers" map. Even such small map as Depot has vehicles, and I really doubt that RETO would ever consider this concept, as Encounter maps, are basically made for new players, and they need to lvl up driving ribbon. Do not forget generated civilian trucks too. Now look at the map. Spawn points do not need such a huge amount or random buildings, as spawn points are protected, there is no point to make such buildings in them. Then goes other problem - spawn is to much near the control point, and it makes perfect spawn camping from the buildings in both sides. Then we have absolutely useless yellow lines - which makes also perfect spots for camping in both sides. Regards Rudy
  3. See you

  4. Map Suggestion: Encounter - Riverside

    You see, there is couple of problems here. First - the vehicle limited moving around the map. And second - to much spots to make easy camp spots for snipers. The map ( we see now in concept ) is already a bit crowded with lot of buildings, and if the give additional spots with all those trees, the whole battle between two factions can end up very messy. But, hey, map design is really promising. Please keep the good work, and update it :). Regards Rudy
  5. Dynamic Matchmaking, Missions for balance

    Yes. Exactly. Here is the thing. We could scrap Stage concept whatsoever, and merge all battles ( no matter the map ) into the whole war mode ( just like You said ). I have a feeling, that RTS generals, like Yourself, could even expand various tactics involving small maps and fast victories. The end result, would be very interesting ( The end of war ). Again, I will always defend my opinion on fast game-play and skirmish type of game modes. Regards Rudy
  6. Dynamic Matchmaking, Missions for balance

    Need to say - these ideas could really worked out. As a stage player, I support. Regards Rudy
  7. Map Suggestion: Encounter - Riverside

    Little less vegetation - and count me into supporters list :). Really nice work. Regards Rudy
  8. STG44

    Personally, I never had real problems with "Stg-44". The only "buff" it needs is - damage buff, and make it real to life rof. Regards Rudy
  9. MP40 mods

    Personally this is my main "Mp-40" build. But at the moment I testing this gun with other bullet options. Looking for more damage build, but still reasonable control. Regards Rudy
  10. New encounter map is terrible

    @RadicalEdward2, kinda not surprised of this answer. I'am sorry if I triggered Your ego. It is just funny to me, how You try to act of how Your ideas are so "important" to RETO. Then in reality, it looks like You are "abit to serious" of whole thing You are doing. And last but not least, You end up, "correcting my grammar" , telling me to contribute or leave, ( then I already contributing ), it is kinda lame on Your side to judge my English skills, - will all respect I still give to You. Oh thanks for the "candy" you give to me ( up vote ), - i will do the same, maybe then we be even. Regards Rudy
  11. New encounter map is terrible

    @RadicalEdward2, just a honest question to You mate ... - Do You really truly think, that Your ideas somehow influences RETO ? Just do not bother ( and please, make a well sleep this time! ), as clearly RETO always had they own vision of the game. They are not that type of company, that can get they hands to do something, if someone posted tons of drawings to them. Sure they give You respect, but thats it, as I bet they already have work plans for 2018, and sadly, Your work will just get even more dust on the shelf - just like other tons of nice suggestions from the whole of community. Just let it go Regards Rudy
  12. New encounter map is terrible

    @zaerius, I feel truly sorry for You mate. But here is the thing - You just answered, whats been in the air on this thread. - Till RETO will fix the War mode, or better yet, divide it into different maps, to play, where skirmish type of maps, gets they part in War - good luck getting me into the War mode. Plus, I see clearly, that I am different type of player, than You. The whole RTS thing it is just not for me. Personally I pointing out towards the problems that consists of "Action" part of the game. And like I said - war can be a lot more fun, if RETO could find a key, to make it where all we ( stage , war players ) could get fun and benefit in our own way, in the War mode. Edit: - how about merge stage battles - to have at least some minor impact into the whole war? Regards Rudy
  13. New encounter map is terrible

    @zaerius, I see You understand, what others don't. - But here is what I need to say. Lot of players know, that I play only stage, because of very simple reasons me about to explain: I think, that Skirmish battle mode it is just perfect mode for game like "H&G". Fast phased battles is what gets most fun. Fast intense and fun game-play is core factor for any online shooter. Just tell me the last time, You played skirmish battle in War mode? It is so simple, that it do not need many words to describe - War mode is just plain BORING. It is just to long, and to repetitive, because Assault maps, are very broken. Why we have so big maps, then in reality only like 30% of any Assault type map is played? Like cut it in half, and You have the same Skirmish map. This is one reason. What I really losing not playing war? Tell me any real argument? Xp, credits? - I can buy gold whatever time I want. I really can support any game with my real money, if I feel that I get any enjoyment of it. It is not a problem. Vets vs Vets? - In every single stage battle, all the time I face those ultra gear players. What else? Clans? - I face them in stage also. Ummmm - is there anything? Any real thing for me play war? Is this some goal I need to have? Is this a tool for me to show "skill" or something? War is part of RTS. this is something that RETO did. Some like it, some just ignore it. Like me. - War is just an option in this game, not some necessity. Please do not just mix things up, and make some false statements. Regards Rudy
  14. Is there any difference between recon and infantry sniper?

    Do not forget, in this case we talked about SA rifle with T-post, not a BA with T-Post. Regards Rudy
  15. Is there any difference between recon and infantry sniper?

    If You really serious about getting INF. sniper, then replace T-post as soon as possible to GE#1 ( I'am talking about BA ofcrs ). Regards Rudy