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  1. German Para Camo

    Hi mate, Here is an answer. For GE Para You should buy 3 types of camo. Because, practically there is no "all-rounder" camo in Para arsenal, like Infantry has ( Pea-dot ). So for this reason there are only 3 best choices: 1.- For Woods, vegetation type of maps - use "Leibermuster" 2.- For Urban - use "Mountain Splinter" 3.- And for most of the parts - "Fall Splinter" - but do not use this camo in shadows ect. Regards Rudy
  2. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Thank You RETO - my rookie PARA got some brand new "Leibermuster". He is very happy, Regards Rudy
  3. Best HnG Players?

    I've noticed that I have six friend requests - am I in into ezpens competition :D? Regards Rudy
  4. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    How can we even test something: Regards Rudy
  5. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    So far the proto server is unplayable due to constant crashes all over the place. Wierd bugs and so on. I was able to deploy with tanker only once, but handling and new animations ( mud rocks going from the tracks seems nice ). New sounds, also not bad. You could update all sounds including weapons. And for the mother of god, can You please make some bots, as it is impossible to test something if there is no players at all. Like how many times it was asked to introduce bots or some infinity recourses to try out all possible scenarios in the prototype server. Token system? To hard for me to understand yet. Seems confusing at the first glance. Regards Rudy
  6. Vehicle Gameplay Update test on Prototype

    Ok. Seems like a "real" update this time. Get back later for feedback, after some game session ( put up sleeve ). Regards Rudy
  7. Letter from the CEO #4

    Same as previous times. No "Illuminati" this time Regards Rudy
  8. Spawn campers

    Git Gud ( joke ) <----- JOKE Far more worse is Para plane farmers then spawn campers ( well kinda equal ) hate them too. Regards Rudy
  9. Letter from the CEO #4

    I don't know why, but I enjoy reading this "CEO letters". The thing going lately with proto servers is NEAT! It is great idea to unlock proto server as much as needed to all players - result faster development. Sure it can be even faster going this way, You just need to trust Your player-base a lot more, with all those super great suggestions. We want to contribute in the whole development. Regards Rudy
  10. so i just got the panther

    Interesting. Dude from SU makes himself a GE tanker, just to come here in GE forum section, and to put some salt. Reason? Regards Rudy
  11. The true reason GE Is Hated by US/SU players

    I like how this propaganda threads come up once in a while :). But explanation to all this lie is this: no matter which faction You choose, You will always encounter those type of players no matter nothing. GE, US, SU there is no difference. Well As a die hard GE player I can say that stupid "sh..t" about other factions, how garand noobs run with whistle to steal my full moded STG, or how, SU PTRD campers whistle then they spawn camp You then You ride to the point. But I will not. ( well I did a bit ). Just do not become one of them, as those trolls will win if You do that. Play Your faction and be happy. Regards Rudy
  12. Updated Development Overview

    Hello RETO team, Everything is much or less as promised. Very please to read all this news. Here is suggestion: instead of - Uniform: Masks moved to ON HOLD - please make PARA helmet covers for GE, and US. It's been about time now for this small skin update. Also - Can we at least know the reason why tank vs tank maps are on hold? Regards Rudy
  13. Another boring Para plane Thread:

    That moment, then Your para plane is shoot down by the pilot, and then You jump of the dying plane, You are killed in air by the same pilot. Working as intended? Regards Rudy
  14. Hi mate, I can say for sure, that RETO just ignores this kind of suggestions. Do not waste Your time. This goes from the "old days" asymmetrical balance politics they implemented. Logic is this: US inf got Johnny but GE got STG with super mega scope ( not ), this means ( RETO logic ) that STG is fine in capable counter both Inf, and Para of US as its like 2 in 1. Same they did with Soviets - like: Ge got throwing AT nades, but we gave Soviets PTRD. - then Soviets has 3 tiers SMG's - other factions got only 2 but with more dmg and rof and list goes on and on . This is just plain stupid IMO. And weapons should be totally reworked in this game. Regards Rudy
  15. Another boring Para plane Thread:

    Who's saying about nerfing planes? We talking about the need of buffing para planes. What You really suggesting , is try to adapt to broken system. Sorry - no. Para plane need just simple MG mounted on the top ( please look at period photos for identification if You are not familiar with WW2 real examples ) - and this small update would worked perfectly. Maybe more psychologically for attacking pilots, as they will know that para planes can and will counter attack them. We just need to stop this Para plane killing fest, that we have now. And if You try to say something like - " but look, Para planes become OP", then look at KW or GE motorbike, and think again. Regards Rudy