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  1. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    German Recon Camouflage...

    There is actually way more to know then considering Recon camo. 1.- Autumn Oakleaf: is best in old maps. It "breaks" form of Your soldier, looking at it from far away, and also works well in urban settings. 2.- Leibermuster: Use this camo in new maps. It is best camo for new maps. 3.- Green Pea: I really dislike this camo, as it is easy to spot from far, because from far away, it looks just like a simple gray camo. Works best only inside buildings/ urban settings. Regards Rudy
  2. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger


    There is another problem that should be noted. Failure to communicate normally with the community. Such a company's attitude leads only to destruction. Take companies like EA or VALVE. The latter was not able to explain, in twelve years, why one of the most promising franchises of all time died.Another, in the same way, destroyed the NFS series. This desire to show you know your "vision" as a company, and the voice of your community is completely irrelevant to you, only get you hate towards players, whole community. It can be said that RETO is a small company, and it's hard for them to compete finely with richer gaming companies. But let's take as an example "Runescape". This is a great example of how a small company, consistently taking into account players' desires, was able to make one of the most popular games in the world. After all, it was just a simple Jawa based game. Note how RETO always been trying to show how they are same big player in this industry. Early game release, "ringing" announcements, nicely done trailers, constantly changing homepage designs, and so on. All this was a house without foundation. After all, there are just a few things that would make the game awesome - talking to the community and recognizing, that "yes, we are small company, and we have great vision for this game, this path won't be easy to us, but with all Your help, we will build a game that we all want." Simple as that Regards Rudy
  3. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger


    Hi all, I want to speak for this situation too. Sorry for my English. You really do not need to be a rocket engineer to understand what's going on. No matter how much the game director tries to coax the situation. For some time now, I'm not playing this game. The whole time I joined and did not see any progress at all, I just thought in my mind - and what if, one day, I found news that the game closes. Here it is - this is the beginning of the end. Do not get me wrong, I love this game because it's one of the best games of the Second World War. However, if the game grows, it never leaves people, but just grows up to something. I guess the mistakes were made much earlier. Even with minimal resources, the game could become endlessly cool, as long as RETO had timely focused on the power of community suggestions on how to make the game better. As a result, they would only earn more money in this way. I do not know a single game company in the universe in which a team made of developers you can count on five fingers, can make something significant. This is not some s...ty indie game. This is one of the best free WW2 games - but it slowly becoming just like DAYZ. Lots of potential - but nothing more at the end of the day, till the day it dies completely. Regards Rudy
  4. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    @Akinaba sure thing. My painting skills sucks - but we can see the weak spots, ( ideal for camping, and spawn camping ) on the map. Regards Rudy
  5. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    Hello RETO, First of all, I really want to thank You for such a great map. By now, it is one of the best maps for me at the moment. Now let's get into my 2 cents: 1.- There are still lots of good camping spots, it should be fixed, add covers, trees, hills or something ( look at the photos ). 2.- The roof need to be somehow reworked. I could say it is perfect, but now Krepost has to many OP roof spots. You can camp the main inside area, and also the outside bridges with no problems. 3.- Spawn Camping could be serious issue with the map assets we have now. Some other things: *There should be no US APC wrecks in this map. Please replace them with destroyed SU vehicles. *3 Cap zones in one Encounter map is way to much. I think 2 with bigger zones, would be perfect. *In my opinion, there are too many "side buildings" around the Krepost. They serve no purpose at all, only attracts campers. Also, It is so nice that You listened to community and made bots, and also closed all other maps, leaving only Krepost. But it also would be nice, if there was like 10 minutes limit till the cap ( or some prevention ) , as battles still closing too soon. Photos: Sorry for my English Regards Rudy
  6. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Help test the Krepost Encounter map on prototype - round 2

    Than You again. Keep up the good work. Regards Rudy
  7. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Help test the Krepost Encounter map on prototype - round 2

    @Reto.Hr.Wille @Reto.muerteh Dear RETO, please make proto server open till the weekend. Lot of us have jobs, and family so it would be nice to test the new map, then we had much more PC time in those weekend days. I would really appreciate this. Thank You. Regards Rudy
  8. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Help test the Krepost Encounter map on prototype - round 2

    I see Reto actually made this. Thank You Reto, finally we can properly test the proto server, not waiting like 20, 30 minutes to actually get into the map, as of small actual player numbers. Regards Rudy
  9. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Any news on the sound fix?

    Better this than "working as intended" Regards Rudy
  10. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Any news on the sound fix?

    Hi RETO, I came back from some time to play over the weekend - just to notice that the sound discrepancy is still not fixed. I tested it. - simple example: I can hear jeep riding right in front of me - but actually it is like 20 meters away from me, I can hear soldier reloading like 2, 3 meters from me, - but I can't find him, because he much more further, and list goes on and on. Any response? Regards Rudy
  11. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Explosions over the obstacles:

    I really do not know if this is a bug or not ( cheat? ) really do not know, so I posting right over here. As You can see from the picture, I been killed by Faust over the wall. Please check this. Regards Rudy
  12. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger


    Thank You RETO, Any chance, for some H'ween themed skins :)? Regards Rudy
  13. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Self-Propelled Anti-Tank guns for Infantry

    Some close-up's I manage to find: Will try to dig up something more useful Regards Rudy
  14. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Self-Propelled Anti-Tank guns for Infantry

    Hello @Reto.Christiano First of all, I want to say, that lineup You suggested in the threads first post, is pretty much very good in my opinion. Nice job. Now, for the GE type vehicles, others here suggesting - I think there is no much difference, if we consider just the different guns mounted on them. That said - this could lead to new update after, to be able to mod your vehicle with different guns, armor, wheels ect. Now, here is my suggestion, regarding the question on Soviet faction self propelled gun: It is - КСП-76 (ГАЗ-68) The body is welded from armor plates and is open at the top. The steering and driver's seat on the machine are placed on the right front, the gunner-commander of the gun was placed on the left, and the loader in the rear part on the folding seat to the left of the gun. KSP ‑ 76 favorably differed low silhouette and high maneuverability. However, in the course of frontal tests, it turned out that the machine had insufficient maneuverability to perform the tasks assigned to it - the installation was created as a nomadic fire weapon. Made in - 1944 Developer - CB GAS Manufacturer - GAZ Manufacturing prototype Base - GAZ-bZ Combat weight, t 5.34-5.4 Length mm - with a cannon forward 6350 - chassis base 3300 Width, mm 2050 Height, mm 1550 Clearance, mm 273 Type of engine carburetor, GAZ ‑ 11 (GAZ ‑ 202) Maximum power, hp 85 Tank capacity, l 140 Power density, hp / t 15.9 Maxim, speed, km / h 62.5 (77) Power reserve, km 350-580 Overcoming obstacles: - rise, degree 30 - ford, m ... 0,6‑0,7 Reservations, mm - forehead / side / body feed 16.5 / 7/7 - roof / bottom 5/4 Crew, pers. 3 Artillery weapons: Type of gun 76-mm gun ZIS-Z Developer KB plant number 92 Ch. designer VGGrabin Manufacturer plant number 92 Shooting range, m: - maximum 13300 - direct shot 820-1000 Rate of fire, rds / min 15 Initial projectile speed, m / s: - armor-piercing 655-680 - podkalibernogo 965 Guidance angles, degrees: - horizontal 37 - vertical. from ‑3 to +15 Ammunition, shots 54 Sight ... panorama Hertz Photos: Regards Rudy
  15. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Add Vilnius on the map

    Dude - seriously shut the hell up ;). You really do not know shiet about how our small countries suffered from occupation. You can sit you big fat Finland butt out there with no problems... then we sadly geopolitically, geographically, and economically just dont stand a chane agains Soviets Russia in that time. So keep those links to Yourself, and think about how Russia today is trying to destabilize with propagandistic methods the whole EU. Regards Rudy