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  1. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Self-Propelled Anti-Tank guns for Infantry

    Hello @Reto.Christiano First of all, I want to say, that lineup You suggested in the threads first post, is pretty much very good in my opinion. Nice job. Now, for the GE type vehicles, others here suggesting - I think there is no much difference, if we consider just the different guns mounted on them. That said - this could lead to new update after, to be able to mod your vehicle with different guns, armor, wheels ect. Now, here is my suggestion, regarding the question on Soviet faction self propelled gun: It is - КСП-76 (ГАЗ-68) The body is welded from armor plates and is open at the top. The steering and driver's seat on the machine are placed on the right front, the gunner-commander of the gun was placed on the left, and the loader in the rear part on the folding seat to the left of the gun. KSP ‑ 76 favorably differed low silhouette and high maneuverability. However, in the course of frontal tests, it turned out that the machine had insufficient maneuverability to perform the tasks assigned to it - the installation was created as a nomadic fire weapon. Made in - 1944 Developer - CB GAS Manufacturer - GAZ Manufacturing prototype Base - GAZ-bZ Combat weight, t 5.34-5.4 Length mm - with a cannon forward 6350 - chassis base 3300 Width, mm 2050 Height, mm 1550 Clearance, mm 273 Type of engine carburetor, GAZ ‑ 11 (GAZ ‑ 202) Maximum power, hp 85 Tank capacity, l 140 Power density, hp / t 15.9 Maxim, speed, km / h 62.5 (77) Power reserve, km 350-580 Overcoming obstacles: - rise, degree 30 - ford, m ... 0,6‑0,7 Reservations, mm - forehead / side / body feed 16.5 / 7/7 - roof / bottom 5/4 Crew, pers. 3 Artillery weapons: Type of gun 76-mm gun ZIS-Z Developer KB plant number 92 Ch. designer VGGrabin Manufacturer plant number 92 Shooting range, m: - maximum 13300 - direct shot 820-1000 Rate of fire, rds / min 15 Initial projectile speed, m / s: - armor-piercing 655-680 - podkalibernogo 965 Guidance angles, degrees: - horizontal 37 - vertical. from ‑3 to +15 Ammunition, shots 54 Sight ... panorama Hertz Photos: Regards Rudy
  2. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Add Vilnius on the map

    Dude - seriously shut the hell up ;). You really do not know shiet about how our small countries suffered from occupation. You can sit you big fat Finland butt out there with no problems... then we sadly geopolitically, geographically, and economically just dont stand a chane agains Soviets Russia in that time. So keep those links to Yourself, and think about how Russia today is trying to destabilize with propagandistic methods the whole EU. Regards Rudy
  3. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Add Vilnius on the map

    How ironic, - this guy talks about "someone", for whom they lost even twice, and are kinda okay, that 11% of they territory was occupied Regards Rudy
  4. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Add Vilnius on the map

    Wow, You downloaded some pdf books from internet to get that info ;)? Regards Rudy
  5. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Add Vilnius on the map

    Bičiuliai, neužspaminkime temos. Pamasčiau, kad gal būtų vertą "off-topic" sekcijoje atsidaryti atskirą, tik lietuvių žaidėjams skirtą tema :)? Kur galėtume suburti H&G lietuvių community. Ps. - koks jūsų teamspeak kodas? Klanas? Stage ar War? Regards Rudy
  6. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Add Vilnius on the map

    @WermisIgnoruok jo pasisakymus. Matomai žmogus nėra labai išsilavinęs Btw @BrandonSolo10 thanks for showing to all how you are not educated at all. Calling Lithuanian to be Soviet or "Russian" whatsoever, is the biggest insult in our country. Why? Do some research, simple wiki at first. My respect to you ( thought little one ) has gone forever. Regards Rudy
  7. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Add Vilnius on the map

    Sveikas, Gerą temą pasiūliai. Palaikau visu 100 -tu procentų :). ( just saying hi to my fello Lithuanians ) Regards Rudy
  8. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Update 1.12 - Sound feedback

    It is sad there is no RETO response in case of this. I can't play even with surround sound 7.1. There was numerous reports then proto server was live, but apparently nothing has been done. Regards Rudy
  9. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Test Release Candidate 2 of update 1.12 NOW and win prizes!

    Sounds are broken atm. Cant really tell where they coming from. Then You shoot someone from the distance they do not make that "ughh" hit sound ( do not know if this was intended ) . Para plane sounds are so annoying please change them. When you change your gear - the change sound echoing ( like two same sounds at the same time ). Regards Rudy
  10. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Submachinegun Tiers

    I see, the idea of Mp-3008 is not new in our forums: The credit goes to Paton1995 for his concept work of this and lot of good ideas, check it: Regards Rudy
  11. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Submachinegun Tiers

    Well as You can see, the discussion involved into consideration for more GE tone weapons to fill the gap in the tier line. This is what I was pointing out in the first place, wanted to summon a discussion for those guns be part of the game, and I think it is really possible ( VG for assault rifle tree, and for Mp-3008 for Smg tree ). I know that is kinda easy to fill the line with weapons adopted by Wehrmacht. But it is more interesting to think of something possible like guns I mentioned. Regards Rudy
  12. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Submachinegun Tiers

    Where is Your constructive suggestions? Putting salt here and there, just does not go anywhere ... Regards Rudy
  13. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Submachinegun Tiers

    Mate, You have a very weak argument here. Basically we have to remove half of GE arsenal adopted or made in the last stages of the war from the game by this logic. MP-3008 it is literally copied STEN gun just made by Germans. Performance wise it is practically identical. Last-ditch or not, it is not a fact to not consider this gun Regards Rudy
  14. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    How about

    Hes talking about broken matchmaking problems this game has - not about the"way of playing". And I must agree with him. Regards Rudy
  15. Rudolf-rudy-Zetsberger

    Submachinegun Tiers

    If the weapon was not designed by the Germans but only adapted to the needs of the Wehrmacht, then this is a big difference if we want to remain unique to all three factions. If no - then we could fill SU faction with bunch of Lend-lease stuff with no problems, Would it be wise? But ok ok, I have the last good card to play, here it is: MP-3008 Caliber cartridge9x19 Luger / Parabellum Action typemanual Trigger typesa Overall length, mm794 Barrel length, mm200 Weight empty, kg2.95 Magazine capacity, rounds32 Cyclic rate of fire, rounds/min50 Regards Rudy