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  1. Tr4nch4r

    Fullscreen Crash and Low FPS

    Never Ever . They are Busy working on things that the community never wants ahah
  2. Tr4nch4r

    i have problem

    This has happened to me, but when its says verifying your damaged files i say it will automatically download the files after some times you dont have to reinstall the game or do anything else. Idk if it works for you but for me it verified and automatically redownloaded all the damaged files
  3. Tr4nch4r


    Just reto things LUL they are thug living
  4. Tr4nch4r

    Frame drops from planes?

    Welcome to hng
  5. Tr4nch4r

    NVIDIA GTX1060 VS AMD RX580 ???

  6. Tr4nch4r

    holy jesus christ mother of GOD

    Reto wont help you they are busy Kappa
  7. Tr4nch4r

    (UPDATE) fix found for high cpu/low gpu utilization?

    I tried to change the values using read only function but when the action game pops up it changes the values back to default even though the read only function is used. Idk how you managed to do it so can you put some screenshots of the settings and how you managed to change the values.
  8. Tr4nch4r

    (UPDATE) fix found for high cpu/low gpu utilization?

    It does not matter if you change the vendor and render id in localsettings when you start the game and play it will automatically change the id back to its original form
  9. the new update is promising but cant handle the fps drops and stutter in game. Sometimes the games drop from 90 to 40 and stutter ,its almost unplayable so we appreciate if you guys fix these issues asap.
  10. Tr4nch4r

    Changelog for new update?

    Just heard some new updated was dropped into hng but cant find any changelogs regarding the new update.
  11. Tr4nch4r

    New aircraft?

    They are working on new planes(check trello), but no one knows when they are going to be released.
  12. Tr4nch4r


    Their toaster got fried
  13. Tr4nch4r

    FPS problems

  14. Tr4nch4r

    Ingame voice system?

    SOON eta 50 years Kappa