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  1. pedro4life

    Copenhagen Battle Bugged - War 761

    The Germans won the match twice against the Soviets an hour or so ago and the war hasn't ended. This was their last city to capture.
  2. pedro4life

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    The war that just ended today I had 95% of the total resources in 2 matches , objective went back and forth several times in ownership and we ultimately won both of them. At the end of the matches, I made 0 (ZERO) warfunds for each one and a total repair cost of 20,000 warfunds for the 2 matches. The game mechanic is still bugged. This WILL BE MY LAST WAR I AM DEPLOYING IN. I will play war some, but will not be fueling the war just to get hosed even after promises that the problem is fixed. After 6 months of reporting the issue to no avail and losing approximately 1.6 million warfunds over this time period, I'M OUT."Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me". Peace.
  3. I appreciate the discussion of the other important days, but arguing that D-Day was not as significant as other days in the War was not the intent of this post. The intent was to ask for RETO to recognize significant days in WW2 and ask RETO to offer more marketing events on these days. They put out a calendar every year to educate the player base of the significant events of WW2, but don't seem to be thinking of what a great marketing opportunity this would be to get players online on those days to login and play and maybe get a small freebie here and there or even the chance for the company to make actual money from sales on those days. Just a thought and that was my intent for this post. Grab their attention, see that others feel the same way as me and maybe get some changes made in their marketing department.
  4. Yeah after year, there is no recognition of the Allieds effort on D-Day, the allied invasion day that changed the trajectory of WWII. I wish RETO would do a recognition of the day and the sacrifices of the 160,000 that stormed the beaches of Normandy that day and the thousands that lost their lives. I wish this would be a day accompanied by boosters or a sale. I think it would be a simple and nice gesture towards educating and rewarding players for playing on this day. Maybe we could also have other mini sales or boosters on other important WWII days. Please start recognizing D-Day RETO. Thank you.
  5. pedro4life

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Yes, this has been an issue for at least 2-3 months. Though I am glad it is FINALLY being looked at, hundreds of us have no doubt been complaining for this long. The problem is that now by this point, many of us have lost at least 1-10 million warfunds that have been siphoned from us. And taking away the individual soldier's battle win bonus to a shared xp system has been greatly decimating our credits & warfunds earnings too. I beg you to bring back the win bonus for EACH soldier as this will help restore some compensation for earnings being reduced by 90% in many cases. The compensation for the warfunds issue should also be grossly substantial to this amount of warfunds lost in my beliefs. This is why the current war situation is going on. Many US, Soviet and German generals have banded together through meetings on Teamspeak and Discord and decided to protest deploying for the war, thus why Germany is steamrolling everyone. Sure it's great for the Germans because they have finally been able to run up their war victory badges much like the soviets were able to do back in November during the free deploy month and the americans and soviets have enjoyed the 100-200% underdog bonuses from these rapid fire wars, but to be able to determine just how much you have really lost in the RTS is incalculable and depressing. And no doubt many have begun to buy gold just to keep their AT's going for the love of the game. Thank you, but please consider my words and think on what amount of payback would be more than fair. Because at this point, a pittance offer would only agitate the player base remaining loyal to this game many of us still enjoy to play and show that you really don't care what happens to your coding on the backend nor seek to repair it in a timely manner, especially when SO MANY have sent support tickets on this issue and been given false replies that "there is no issue with the warfunds and you are making warfunds". We know our accounts and keep up with them. We know what is really going on and to receive arrogant or indignant replies to our tickets is just even more aggravating. Two to 3 months of having to continually report this issue is TOO LONG. Thanks Retos. PLEASE GET ON THIS ASAP. - A fan and a veteran, PEDRO
  6. pedro4life

    Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    I would like to see a couple improvements on the town battle screen where it shows how long it has been active, starting, running, etc... Can you make it so that on that screen you see how much time is left for the battle if it is in active status but not running. Same for when the match is running. It would be nice to see how much time is left in the battle (assuming the attacking team doesn't possess one of the objectives) rather than simply how long it has been active so it will teach new players how long the timers run for the RTS side (5 minutes prep, 5 more minutes for enemy teams to make the battle "fun", the overall match timer 1 hr, 5 minutes, 30 seconds,etc...) and give the experienced players an easier calculation of the time left in a match, rather than having to do the math in their head. EXAMPLES OF WHAT CAN BE STATED ON THE SCREEN: If match IS playing and assaulting team does not hold an objective: {BATTLE ACTIVE for 00:04:46.Time Remaining In Match: 00:25:14} If match is NOT playing: {BATTLE STARTING. Battle Active for 1:00:30. Time Left Until Autoresolve: 00:04:30} If match IS playing, the assaulting team has one of the objectives, but time has run out: {BATTLE ACTIVE. Time is expired. (Sudden Death/Overtime) Waiting for One team to capture both objectives.}
  7. pedro4life

    Symbol to show Veteran players in-game

    Here you guys are all arguing what the definition of a "veteran" is and I'm just over here wishing they would only let people with veteran membership play WAR. LOL. Guess that makes me an "elitist". Ha ha. I just want people in a war match who know what to do in a match (cap/defend) besides being farmers, campers and chickens running around like they've had their head lopped off. He he. But I digress.
  8. QUESTION: I know you are looking into reworking combat badges. Will you consider turning SOME of the combat badges that could be considered real-life skills into actual achievements each soldier can unlock and use rather than being limited to 1-2 combat badges? (Ex. You don't lose the ability in real life to reload faster, run farther, repair a vehicle faster, walk quieter, etc... simply because you turned off an ability. You have simply learned it. REASON: It will make the game more fun by showing new players (or even ones that are simply not considered "GOOD" players) that they are working towards something and encourage them to stick with the game and not give up playing because they are going up against more developed players. It could really balance the playing field in a match because you never know how experienced that enemy soldier is you are about to engage and what various abilities he has achieved in game. Read more about my reason in brief detail: Thank you.
  9. Hi everyone. I've enjoyed playing this game for the past few years and thankfully there are only a few things that irritate me from time to time. I'd like to discuss my idea of helping RETO solve the Combat Badges that they have shared a desire to rework. I'll try & be brief. BACKGROUND INFO In a lot of other games, you unlock abilities that you earn by doing certain tasks. In H&G you can equip 1 or 2 combat badges based on whether or not you have a veteran membership. I would like to suggest the ability to convert some of the current combat badges that you earn into actual achievements that each one of your soldiers can possess as you unlock them without being limited to only having 1-2 abilities that give you a lift in battle. The reason for this is in real life you learn a variety of skills depending on how you apply yourself. A hardened, experienced soldier will learn a lot of different skills in his enlistment. Reto often shows their desire to present many aspects of the game based on their actual historic attributes and I know they have switched our legacy characters into ones locked into a career because they wanted to enhance what at the time they called in a devstream last year the "player's journey". They said they wanted us to feel better connected to each one of our soldiers. I know it was also a programming nightmare to keep up with rampant class switching, so that was another reason, but we'll ignore that. So if that is true that they wanted us to create multiple soldiers with specific skill sets, then that would lend to an experience based on what we as humans would actually be like if we were actually in the game. We'd run to cover more, but we'd also not be pegged into little holes with only 1-2 abilities. We'd be able to do a lot of things! WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE? I believe that a soldier simply doesn't lose an ability simply because he didn't equip it. You don't suddenly lose your ability to sprint farther, walk quieter, repair or steal a vehicle faster, reload faster, open your parachute at will, etc... simply because you turned off the ability. In real life you'd be able to do all of those things! I would like to see players be able to earn abilities and use them in combat, not have to pick and choose. But of course certain badges in H&G are not based on what we would consider realistic life skills or abilities. BADGES THAT SHOULD PROBABLY STAY COMBAT BADGES YOU SELECT FROM (for fairness & other common sense reasons): -HEAVY SET - (You can't take more bullets than someone else in normal circumstances. We all die from being shot in the heart or head) -CAMOUFLAGED -GHILLIE -HOARDER -DYNAMITE LOVER -HAND OF GOD -BOMBS AWAY -FLAK JACKET *SEVERAL MORE COULD ALSO GO EITHER WAY, STAY AS EQUIPPABLE BADGES OR BECOME ACHIEVEMENTS. RETO COULD ALSO ADD MORE COMBAT BADGES TO GIVE YOU MORE TO SELECT FROM. WHY DO THIS? As a new player, I spent weeks being frustrated because guys had abilities and weapons I did not. It seemed incredibly unfair and cruel for the grind to be so long. I gave up playing this game for several months for this reason. After only a couple days of trying to play. I truly believe if new players knew they would start unlocking abilities right away, they might be encouraged to keep at it because they knew they were building something within themselves (their individual soldier). You can also say that this would create hordes of players who seem like "Super Soldiers" and would thus further intimidate new players, but this could simply be communicated in basic training (The task objectives currently being used). As a matter of fact, I believe RETO could really expand this training even farther and explain what things you want to do in a battle and why (like the importance of defending your objectives as defender). In RPG games we keep playing and leveling our characters because we know we are improving them. This really should be the same goal in H&G, also a video game. Make it more realistic. Give a noob a chance to develop certain abilities so he can defend himself better and make more kills and even help his team better! Don't punish him by letting him only equip 1 or 2 badges. It's just kind of a downer and something I really wish we had. Perhaps I wouldn't suck so bad, LOL! If I could simply reload faster, sprint faster, and do any other number of things without worrying about my available slots, I really think myself and many others would enjoy this game more and learn to play more strategically, because we would know any given enemy soldier could also be multifaceted and this would in turn make us be more careful in our decision making to run and gun, or hide and sneak. Thank you for your time. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
  10. pedro4life

    Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #1

    Thank you for acknowledging my question Reto. I look forward to the opportunity to voice my desire to see us be able to switch classes at will again to further round out our soldier's badges and perhaps even one day see combat badges move into achievements you automatically possess for the life of your soldier, rather than have to equip just ONE of TWO "abilities". I enjpy this game very much and look forward to the future of what's to come.
  11. Question: Why can't we do away with combat badge slots for most achievements? Where once the character obtains an ability, he keeps it for life. Reason for question: For example, a well-conditioned soldier simply stays in shape so thus he doesn't need to equip a badge to run farther. He simply doesn't get out of shape, forget how to repair engines, reload faster, duck behind cover, steal cars faster, heal quicker, etc... just because you turned a badge off. He has obtained the knowledge and skill so naturally a human would retain it. It would make the game much more enjoyable for players who have invested time in their individual soldiers and feel like they have actually grown as characters. It would also reward those who keep playing the game as the years progress. It would also buff the soldier's overall stats making him more likely to survive and fight well for his team. You can still keep certain perks as combat badges like "Camouflage" and "Ghillie". But most of his achievements would be moved into his "STATS" column.
  12. 1) Why can't we go back to the old system where soldiers could change classes at will? I really miss that option with my new recruits & would like MORE soldiers who are also well-balanced characters. Thank you.
  13. pedro4life

    ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    In-Game name: pedro4life Age: 39 Country: USA Reason for Joining: I would love to work with a team and have fun playing the game with people better than me who can teach me more than I have learned alone in almost 2 years of playing alone and maybe make new friends along the way. Do you have a PPSh/PPS/AVS/Dp28 on an infantry character?: Yes, I have two guys with PPSH, para with PPS and infantry with AVS. Do you have Assault Teams?: Yes If so, How many and Type?: 5. Three infantry, One para, 1 light tank I have 11 soviets total. I have 5 infantry, 3 paras, 1 tanker, & 2 pilots. My top legacy infantry will be converted to recon and given AT's in the future. Half of my guys are captains or majors.
  14. I am noticing that when I am sending a private message to a player that the chat window keeps taking over and my text starts appearing in a chat window. It seems to happen randomly, but also when punctuation is used or clicking the shift key to make letters uppercase. This has begun since the most recent update where chat was revamped along with the UI updates on April 21st, I believe. Anyone else having this problem? It's very annoying.