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  1. hammer_91

    Great game but too many snipers

    If the game had some more in depth mechanics preventing SPAMMING X <insert: planes/tanks/recons/whatever else comes to mind> then maybe something could be done about all problems, including "snipers". But currently for game as it is, Reto won't or neither can't touch a single thing in the game without crumbling this house of cards on themselves and killing it permanently on the spot (after all, still "a lot" ppl do play this game so for them everything is "fine & working as intended"). This is just part of a way bigger problem this game have. One would hope people would realize that because now they whine about snipers everywhere, while infantry got scopes in response to whining about the recon-spam earlier - so yeah. They whined about tanks, so we got tactical nukes and have to deal with at-rambo's everywhere too (strangely we whine about unkillable titanium-made flyingcancer and they do shirt about it). The list goes on. As for it is now, the game would have to undergo a total re-think from the ground up and become in turn more complex among all things. This would demand a lot of (good) thought from Reto (which let's be honest they either don't have capacity for or are too lazy to do it) and work to implement it. Something they won't gonna do because it's not going to pay for itself financially for them. At least that's what they do think about it (and honestly since most ppls mindset is to not wanting pay a single dime for the game - they're right thinking so). In other words - we just have to deal with it. On a less serious note. I don't have problem with them. Or rather - I have. I have so many problems with sniper(f*g's) that each game I'm hunting them with my characters sporting nimble gold badges and knifes. And it works marvelously. Just today I gave a few russian ones a vietnam syndrome so they hardly sniped at my team at some war match in mountain town at all. But that's different style of play than most like.
  2. hammer_91

    AXIS Overpopulation

    @GermanSoldier Exactly. I think you nailed it perfectly. Also don't take it wrong way, as I was a wehraboo myself (looks at my whole library and huge model collection totally made out of german ww2 stuff) but you sound like one. Totally defensive and nitpicking. Don't take it wrong way but I had to say it. Also superior army with superior tactics argument... American (or rather allied) artillery regiments were a great equalizer to that. Also I play RO2, try out playing the newest mod, Heroes of the West. And yes, it's effective up to 10 maybe 20m - further beyond it's all luck not skill. Besides how it compares to hng where MG42 was a best sniper weapon? I've seen it accurately mowing snipers on 200m. That's how not long ago it was in this game. So? "Hipfiring in RO2 is effective [on short distance but that's a minor detail] argument" for buffing it back up or what? You cling too much to guns really. #USOP and multitude of consipracy theories how every each gun of allies outperforms and each german gun was supposedly nerfed to the ground conspiracies were another reason WHY I PERSONALLY changed factions. "Make KT's go like little race car's cuz of at rambo's!" and alike in concern to german vehicles while the gameplay here is broken for everyone and recent nerf showed that the ones that still have AT shirts on every soldier are germans... We could go on. The point was that in this game there's no limits for anything, so as I said before. You get guns that are of legendary status themselves spawned by half of the team which proceeds then to steamroll the opposition with them. This makes them win more, and this also appeals to the new people so they stick to germany as support group for the vets that carry the matches way more than on other factions. I think many people dont play SU because of Russians, not Stalin. But yeah, and US propaganda forgeries (like Malmedy, it wasn't a straight out massacre like propaganda made everyone believe and later the movies). It wasn't clean war, nobody says it. But yeah, if people scoff on US propaganda and talk about US war crimes... while playing germany and dancing around in a ss-camo... It's kind of ironic... Really really ironic...
  3. On the other hand everyone should check how Kubelwagen behaves while fording rivers (E4 point Town map for example). Gaz'es and Jeep's stop instantly... Kubelwaagen flieeeeeeeeeeeeeees thru. So +1 Boldin. Check it. You'll be surprised. Also it offers best protection of titanium metal sheets for ultimate spawnraping roadkilling device. Besides, none of the amphibian cars is armed. So why Schwimmwagen should be? You wanna arm the schwimm, while I wanna .50 cal on a jeep. Or these things:
  4. hammer_91

    AXIS Overpopulation

    Don't hang on scopes and other nitpicking like wrong gun models (if we had to be, what's with folded stock on MP-40? with it folded the gun should fly all over the place yet it's known as one of the most accurate and lazerish smg's) instead on overabundance of top tier weapons where STG's and Mg-42's dominate and fuel the german superiority myth combined with the most numerous (and thus by simple math also most skilled) playerbase. It's not RO1/2 or any other game where you got classes and more advanced mechanics - where hipfiring M1919 or MG42 is pointless and both have to be setup. Where STG is deadly if you know how to use it as it's not just as straight up "pick & use" like in HnG either. And I would like tripods and other gear. But hey, Reto says that "they aren't fun"
  5. hammer_91

    AXIS Overpopulation

    That's pretty subjective. I'm ex-german (first year I was joining axis only) and what finally made me switch to the US was the elitist attitude and bitching of quite many german players that were even going as far as to teamkilling their own people (or me) when the team (or me) disagreed with them - on US side I had never been teamkilled for having a different oppinion. Plus the old meta of OMG-42 with scoped kar on hoarder badge. Sorry, but that was game breaking, not to mention all games played as germans were easy for me. 70% win ratio easily without me having to do anything. So, I switched, basically, because I enjoy challange. And it stuck, cuz I'm not willing to play SU at all, but I still play germany in staged quite often. It is true tho that germans are more prone to drive the BUS instead of F1 forumla and that they use apc's more and more intelligently. This can't be denied, especially when on early minutes I'm often making huge kills via panzerfausting the rushing kubelwagens - you won't have same results playing vs USA or SU xDDD Edit: And that was my subjective take on it as well. I'm sure that there are also gonna be ex USA players that were being teamkilled and shunned for nothing by vets and they switched to german to find a world of nice people that will always pick em up. It's all subjective Anyway... This is especially true in this game because there's no limits or historical balancing. Teams aren't forced to stick with unscoped k98k's like they should be if it was going to be at least historical, instead we're having OMG-42 rambos (some still with scoped kars around but pretty rare at last) and hoardes of STG's. The situation is further emphasized and misleading to the "german superiority" via that germans get G43 as starter rifle (my point is that IRL they weren't more common than k98k's only). And on top of that they got arguably "best" infantry scopes. Who doesn't wanna play a stormtrooper with full kit and scoped gun in era where optics were rare? Huh? Even I do. Since it's doubtful that there'll be ever any "class" limits in this game, the situation wont change cuz germans will most often end up with full team of experienced players with top gimped weapons and just steamroll. Edit2: And that all aside from the fact I cannot stand ss/totenkopfs/other nazi stuff that's happening not often but often enough to irk me a lot.
  6. hammer_91

    Promoting your soldier

    Like Mobster01 said. Also, if you got recon on your main, and your friend uses soldier... Why you didn't simply bought new soldier for 46k credits on the same account you have your recon on?
  7. hammer_91

    Recon's Weapon

    As far as I'm aware you're getting stock bolt action with the weakest 2,2x scope and no other upgrades. If you wanna buy recon u need to really have quite a drive for it and be good at long range shooting. If you want to shoot 250- then a normal infantry with scoped 1903 specced for max damage and rof will be far better for you than using a recon (not long ago I was dunking enemy #diehardinfantrysnipers with their superior 4x scopes up to 300m even, with just 2,2x). But if you know how and are good at long range shooting while keeping awareness of your surroundings? Sure go for it and buy a recon. Take in mind I have 3 and I rarely use them really. I only bring them out when Im with friends in squad and in the mood - so I can setup at distance and provide lots of valuable intel (like that enemy brought apc and point allies towards it) beside shooting. The other I bring out when armored cars are possible to spawn in battle and there's no enemy armor. TBH today I would say that new ppl should buy a recon for that armored car resource and get them an smg and wrench, but aside from that USA that's shafted in terms of scopes - other factions have more than good infantry scopes for sniping already. So take that in mind and learn to stay not on "arms length" but "two arm's lengths" with the recon on US side. Otherwise the recon will be a waste of credits for u. Edit: Also sorry for little offtop
  8. hammer_91

    StG44 Nerfed

    Pssst - 4x scope. (8x lol) Still, I think you nailed it. Yet they gonna cry and whine. battles Germany wins 3/4 of staged and consistently wins the most war battles. And yet you guys just jump on every bandwagon how germans are being mistreated. Laughable.
  9. New challenge: use tractor to flip a tank!
  10. hammer_91

    sooo.... todays patch

    Still over 20 mb. Could be anything.
  11. hammer_91

    IS-2 Model 1944

    Bollocks. Yes, they could had but the acceleration wasn't at all that great and it took them long time to reach that speed. Not to mention they weren't really pushing it up because KT's weren't all that realibale. When german fans will stop with this nonsense of making KT"s F1 bolids? They weren't. In contrary to all of u, I have seen the surviving King Tiger being taken through it's paces. They're already having too fast acceleration in game as it is. But all of u will say "but oh, AT Rambos!". Yeah, AT RAMBOS. More speed doesn't fix this issue, only direct tweaks and changes to at weaponry. Not more speed for 70t behemoths. Besides why more speed for german tanks (most common request) when pretty much all of the tanks have innacurate speeds and non existing reverse speeds? Like M24 Chaffe could go around 25kph backwards on a whim. In game? Non existent. And this touches a lot of tanks. Including King Tiger when it comes to reverse.
  12. While I would prefer that instead of badges, special classes for AT etc etc , that devs would finally get real and address the problem by touching on the AT itself. Cuz I'm sorry, even if you got "that badge" - it won't save you. It simply wont. As long as freaking AT nades are thrown with the speed of a machinegun, and as long as H3's attach one after another instantly even in mid-air or on some fenders aiming in nothing and still doing damage - you're dead. You're. Simply. Dead. No shirt badge like that will help u. It would be just like the recent money patch (which made ramboism not profitable). Masking the problem but not solving it at all.
  13. hammer_91

    Devstream #87 - New planes and controls incoming!

    While I'm waiting for the time when relations ground-air will be finally fixed. Cuz sorry, but fighter planes act like they were made out of titanium and with new controls they'll return fully to their status of flying cancer. I'm happy of the new controls. But fixing the damage models would make me happier.
  14. hammer_91

    P-40 Warhawk - New Plane

    Americans didn't had singe engine fighters with cannons in mass use like for example the british had. Furthermore, P40N is an later war model where BF 109 Emil is an early war model of plane. Granted, both constructions originated in same time pretty much, thus they gonna fit together rather nicely, but you gonna bet there's gonna be words of american bias again soon. Cuz 6x0.50cal's should be great. They were IRL, we'll of course see soon will they be too in game. if they'll be good, they'll be crying of american bias again knowing the wehraboos. Still, P40 fits nice as T1 medium fighter. Throwing a P-47 or P-51 versus Emil's would be totally bonkers and either it would be completely OP or they would have been nerfed to the ground to keep them in line as T1 fighters. Also I don't know are u ignorant or sarcastic with 30mm. I'll go with sarcastic for your sake.
  15. ? NO. Edit: This solves nothing. Vote & kick system for dealing with alts in war matches would be far better.