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  1. TBH I have a slight clue Sure...the MM is a mile away from perfect....but a good 80% of of mismatches and imbalances are player generated^^
  2. The MATCHMAKER is stupid? ....rofl How about the stupid people that send their special ATs into battles before they are full? How about the stupid people queuing for war matches with special classes instead with infantry? ...but of cause it is way easier to say the MATCHMAKER is not working correctly^^
  3. 1.) Don't forget breathing while you try to shirt-talk to people wich do not share your opinion. 2.) "I want Reto to"...is the excuse of every new 20 mimi-qq-posts on both of the forums each day. Your last sentence reveals the reason of your qq.....you feel underpowered (wich makes the others overpowered of course). To "balance" in staged battles: Both factions have exact the same amount of recources to be used. What the players choose is up to them. The problem are usually the "spec squad queuers". We would not have problems, if everybody would queue as infantry + propper aux. But no...you want to play/level your tank....so you queue as tanker...now you get a battle that is for infantry, mediumtanks/TD and heavy planes. Instead of picking infantry + plane aux seats to play whatever is best for the match you stick to your tanks and get raped by planes. To the weapons: SA: M1-SVT-G43 => same league handlingwhise a matter of taste wich you would prefer SMGs: MP40-Thompson-PPS => same league handlingwhise a matter of taste wich you would prefer SMGs: DP28-MG34-BAR => same league handlingwhise a matter of taste wich you would prefer ( 1919 is stronger than MG42 atm...Russians have no T2 LMG) AR: STG-AVS-Johnson => Johnson is outstanding at the moment...AVS only theoretically a good gun So what exaxtly is the the reason you (erm...or your dudes) do not play war anymore? PTRDs? nerfed to the ground (like the MG42) M1/M2? nerfed to the ground (like the MG42) Enlighten me^^
  4. 1.) P2W = you can not achive ingame what you can achive with money....not true for H&G. 2.) H&G has "pay2skipgrind" ...try to skip grind (credits for weapon+ribbon xp) for an AVS/STG/Johnson and you see how much you would pay (100$+) 3.) If ANY BAD NEWBIE pays more than 100$ to do #2 they will still do bad (because they are nabs) and will still miss the relevant badges. And tbh. I am pretty sick of the freeloaders (ppl that would/do not pay money in H&G and are uber proud of this) that do not stop to complain about THE TIME they have to invest to break even with the guys wich spend a little to maintain (on veteran for example) the game. If you have everything after 5 hours and you do not pay a cent...why should ANYBODY pay and how should Reto maintain the game?
  5. The overpopulation 2-side-problem (and I know...because of this reason i changed from Axis to SU long time ago) is following imho: 1.) The good people do not deploy their ATs in war anymore? Why? a.) It takes days to spawn them because of the deplay queue. (the disadvantage of fix stock/production combined with overpopulation) b.) They get wasted very fast, if you send em to non-clan-battles. (thx to all the nabs that queue as Recons/Tankers/Pilots) c.) If battles are won they are usually overstacked...leading to low profits and useless moral hits on the troops d.) They are not propper reinforcable because of deploy queue. (3 days to reinforce motorized guards is just too much) e.) Megachunks of afk-ATs get incircled somwhere...recources go to enemy and the owners press the "deploy" butto again (more queue pressure) => the only senseful thing Reto could do here is to undeploy afk-ATs (unused for 2+ days) with full wf-recharge to the owner ...this way germany could get rid of the giant queue they have in every war 2.) When ppl do not deploy in war they tend not to play war. Just a fact...but only you guys can change it.
  6. What can RETO do against human failure?^^ 1.) Ppl not playing war...only you guys can change it...what has Reto to do with it? 2.) No heavy fighters. Heavies are tweaked now...P38 OP-ness is still in the heads. Only you guys can change it^^ 3.) Rat-Kids..."whistling" is the only way of "t-bagging" in the game...guys of all 3 factions tend to do it. If you can't stand a whistle...do not play FPS. 4.) Full gear/bagde/camo snipers in the bushes instead capping/defending. If your team is constantly camping...what should Reto do about it? (look point #1) 5.) aviable recources => a lot of specialised squads are logging in a.) what is "annoying" in staged matches is even deadlier in a warmatch...if you get 6 tankers or pilots in your team it is an nearly instand loss of the match. b.) again...in war it is the human failure...if you do not want noob tankers/pilots in masses wasting your ATs, then ONLY BRING THEM IN, after battle is full!!! c.) 5 tankers on the hill can be annoying....but the usual result are blown up tanks (AT-rambo meme incoming ) and a match result like written in #a
  7. True...but sometimes it can be useful (even for random matches) as distraction, when you only send a guard (walking or with vehicles) in.
  8. "Using" a display bug with multiple squads to disguise player names = exploit/bug use by definition man.
  9. Usually newer players hit a "skillwall" when entering war matches. After beeing raped they complain about other factions op weaopns or cheaters. Even I (38 years old....average KDR of 1,8) get outclassed a lot of times, when i play against some 20 year old clanboys with quick reactions and aim.
  10. The only "worthy" infantry sniper setup seems to be paired with a smg (hoarder badge needed).
  11. But i fear this would not stop the meme
  12. hmmmm....dunno why it should be antisemitic...i guess the name "phoenix" was already taken and user solved it like an average mmo player: Legolas is already taken...player names his char: Legolaaaaaas, Legolars, xxxLegolasxxx, <<<Legolas>>> But another problem occurs with this display bug (wich I have seen several clan abusing/exploiting in war matches): Their squad names contain symbols wich display as this $%&&//$§"§$&&§$!""§!$$ wich overlays even the char name. Result is, that 10 players are practicabily not identifyable anymore in the match.
  13. 1.) It is free to play...wich means there is "a bit of" grind for a new player. 2.) It takes a new player around 8-10 hours to have starter rifle (wich are good weapons) modded to 2-HK. 3.) Nobody is "kicking" out veterans. They just get tired after 1000+ hrs. or hate around because a game mechanic they are used to gets changed.
  14. Depot is a map for new players and (outside of war) usually not played by more experienced dudes. This is why you wait longer for staged encounter match to pop.
  15. Stop this "game is dyding meme" for christs sake. Tons of freeloaders wich have 1000+ hours on the ticker keep complaining (haters gonna hate) and scare willing players / customers away wich may fund H & G the next month / years. I am just sick of this.... If you do not like the game (in wich your spent hundered of hours while having fun)...quit it...and just walk away without meme.