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  1. Best way to grind chauffeur with recon

    Use the skirmish maps + chauffeur booster......done. People there are happy when they get a ride.
  2. y

    OP is just salt because he spent money and got raped by 6 enemy planes...topic has nothing to do with "OP P38"...it is more a "ffs DO NOT FLY if you are a mediocre pilot and they are 6".
  3. How to always win at FPS.

    I gave you some rep *throws a little Anchovi to GaiusBalter*
  4. German Heavy Ploppers

    Same problem the TigerII/IS2/Pershing dude has, when he purchased his shiny new 300k tank and is queuing for heavy tank matches only. He is spawning 10 heavies that match...unwilling to play "something sense- and useful" andgets raped by planes/tanks/AT-rambos. ....and then coming to the forums complaining....butbutbut.....I payed 300k...impossible some H3 freak can blow me up in 3 seconds....unfair/op....meme
  5. Ribbon Increase Last Hotfix

    Was 180k the last time i bought it (2 or 3 months ago).
  6. German Heavy Ploppers

    Even with 5 US:1 GE the match itself (the goal is to cap/def objectives) is pretty fair. You have 4 more dudes on the ground and should be abled to win the game fast. The main problem is the "personal problem" a player has, that decided to play a special class (and only that) today. You decide to play heavy planes...but you are outnumbered often. Why not queue as infantry, choose pilot aux and fly, when you can win? Other players that do the same with other classes have the same problems (tanker - oh no...2x more mediums on the field + AT-rambos, Para - oh no...enemy planes shooting down our para plane, pilot - oh no....enemy tanks are shooting down my recon plane in 2 seconds) For all 18 players on each side the matchmaker is supposed to "make the match fun and balanced". A nearly impossible task in my opinion.
  7. unbalanced heavy highter playerbase

    Sorry but the only thing you are stating is, that others (that use the controlls efficiently) will kick your but. It has nothing to do with P38s...it is called skillgap.
  8. German Heavy Ploppers

    Thank you very much for making thread #113 about this topic. What do you expect Reto to do? Lower plane limit to 1 per side per match? Make AA do 2x damage when outnumbered? Force 3 of your tanking teammates into a heavy plane? The problem is mainly player generated. People usually do not fly when outnumbered or they quit the game. => not the best ideas if you want other teammates to fly too^^
  9. I will miss it

    A "I am finished with it the 4th time and here is the reason why" thread with the title "I will miss it"....nothing more to say
  10. People like you ...*speakes with the voice of an angry little girl* "oh no....2 P38 flying...and i am soo alone. I won't fly because I feel weak...no I better leave the game." make this (im)balance.
  11. unbalanced heavy highter playerbase

    Man...are you making a new topic every day about the topic you opened a thread for the day before? Are you talking about staged AND war again? In war you usually do not have this problem (of having the recources in the battle but noone using them). Only a few brainless officers send their heavy fighters into matches, if there are enemy medium/heavies. For staged....it is the same answer i gave you in your last thread 1.) More US-pilots have heavy (P38) because this plane was a medium fighter before the update. Yak & BF109 stayed medium. 2.) Because MORE US pilots with heavies are looking for matches (P38 was stronger then the heavies from GE/SU pre-patch). 3.) Average skilled people tend to act like angry little girls (and do not play their tank/plane) when they are outnumbered. 4.) Due to the fact there are some different recources in the same battle (infantry, snipers, tanks and planes e.g.) the matchmaker already has a hard job. And in my opinion its purpose is more to make fast matchmaking than the most balanced one. => or you would sit 30 minutes in a queue, get angry about, come to the forums and make the next qq-thread. Look at it in numbers...take a Friday 8 pm CET. You have 1700 GE online, 1000 US and 700 SU. 20% are afk....70% are in matches (war/staged) and the rest is looking for a game. Of this rest (170 GE, 100 US, 70 SU) 50% of the players are looking for a warmatch atm wich leaves you for staged (at this moment): 85 german => 20 of them queing as recon, 20 of them as tanker, 10 of them as para, 30 as infantry and 5 as pilots (light/medium/heavy activated) 50 allied => 10 of them queing as recon, 10 of them as tanker, 5 of them as para, 20 as infantry and 5 as pilots (light/heavy activated) 35 soviet players => 6 of them queing as recon, 5 of them as tanker, 5 of them as para, 26 as infantry and 3 as pilots (light/medium activated) How do expect the matchmaker to make 4 balanced matches from this shirt where in every game everyone is fine with the balance?^^
  12. TBH I have a slight clue Sure...the MM is a mile away from perfect....but a good 80% of of mismatches and imbalances are player generated^^
  13. The MATCHMAKER is stupid? ....rofl How about the stupid people that send their special ATs into battles before they are full? How about the stupid people queuing for war matches with special classes instead with infantry? ...but of cause it is way easier to say the MATCHMAKER is not working correctly^^
  14. German faction going MAD

    1.) Don't forget breathing while you try to shirt-talk to people wich do not share your opinion. 2.) "I want Reto to"...is the excuse of every new 20 mimi-qq-posts on both of the forums each day. Your last sentence reveals the reason of your qq.....you feel underpowered (wich makes the others overpowered of course). To "balance" in staged battles: Both factions have exact the same amount of recources to be used. What the players choose is up to them. The problem are usually the "spec squad queuers". We would not have problems, if everybody would queue as infantry + propper aux. But no...you want to play/level your tank....so you queue as tanker...now you get a battle that is for infantry, mediumtanks/TD and heavy planes. Instead of picking infantry + plane aux seats to play whatever is best for the match you stick to your tanks and get raped by planes. To the weapons: SA: M1-SVT-G43 => same league handlingwhise a matter of taste wich you would prefer SMGs: MP40-Thompson-PPS => same league handlingwhise a matter of taste wich you would prefer SMGs: DP28-MG34-BAR => same league handlingwhise a matter of taste wich you would prefer ( 1919 is stronger than MG42 atm...Russians have no T2 LMG) AR: STG-AVS-Johnson => Johnson is outstanding at the moment...AVS only theoretically a good gun So what exaxtly is the the reason you (erm...or your dudes) do not play war anymore? PTRDs? nerfed to the ground (like the MG42) M1/M2? nerfed to the ground (like the MG42) Enlighten me^^
  15. Is this game dead?

    1.) P2W = you can not achive ingame what you can achive with money....not true for H&G. 2.) H&G has "pay2skipgrind" ...try to skip grind (credits for weapon+ribbon xp) for an AVS/STG/Johnson and you see how much you would pay (100$+) 3.) If ANY BAD NEWBIE pays more than 100$ to do #2 they will still do bad (because they are nabs) and will still miss the relevant badges. And tbh. I am pretty sick of the freeloaders (ppl that would/do not pay money in H&G and are uber proud of this) that do not stop to complain about THE TIME they have to invest to break even with the guys wich spend a little to maintain (on veteran for example) the game. If you have everything after 5 hours and you do not pay a cent...why should ANYBODY pay and how should Reto maintain the game?