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  1. When a barrel is broken, it seems that shell speed drops to around 1/4th of their original speed, maybe even 1/5th. (hard to put an exact value on it) IS-2 HEAT shell has already a very low velocity of 550m/s Tiger II 40/43 ammo has 1130m/s Using an estimate of 1/4th speed . That means the TgII is firing at 282.5m/s (Tiger II with broken barrel also has to aim higher than normal situations) IS-2 HEAT would only fire at 137m/s, noticeably lower velocity, noticeably harder to get on target. The lower a shell's velocity is, the larger the angle you need to aim up is. For example, on Su-100, It's also easy to compensate for a broken barrel due to having 1130m/s on the APCR ammo. On Hellcat it's equally hard to compensate for broken barrel with the APCR ammo as it has only 588m/s. Issue on IS-2 would be less if you'd be using the standard AP ammo. It has 800m/s so a broken barrel will have less influence.
  2. Correction: stock M1919A6: 41 damage (200ms TTK), 34 against HSG (200ms TTK) max rpm (usable) -> 173ms TTK | 173ms TTK HSG stock MG42: 34 damage (120ms TTK), 28 against HSG (180ms TTK) max rpm (harder to use)-> 104ms TTK | 156ms TTK HSG When using just the heavy spring to increase stability of the mg42 132ms TTK | 198ms TTK HSG Chrome lined on mg42 won't make it 3HK on any level of heavy set badge. I honestly think the mg42 would've been better off with lower rpm again to get it to be more balanced with 1919 and MT. Damage reduction has been chosen however so the new situation will be: stock M1919A6: 39 damage (200ms TTK), 34 against HSG (300ms TTK) chrome lined M1919A6: 42 damage (200ms TTK), 35 against HSG (200ms TTK) max rpm + chrome lined (usable) -> 173ms TTK | 173ms TTK HSG stock MG42: 28/29 damage (180ms TTK), 24 against HSG (240ms TTK) - even 29.99 damage wouldn't be enough to make it 4HK against HSG due to the rounding system. chrome lined mg42: 30 damage (180ms TTK), 25 HSG (180ms TTK) max rpm + chrome lined (harder to use)-> 156ms TTK | 156ms TTK HSG Difference is much smaller with the change. You'd be able to run max rpm, chrome lined 1919 and beat chrome lined stock mg42 in TTK. max rpm mg42 would still have lower TTK, but I doubt it'll be as controllable as a max rpm MT/M1919. Hipfire in CQC of all 3 the LMGs will be worse due to the higher swaystand value. And hipfire is very RNG prone.
  3. You'd need at least 40 damage (all modifiers applied) on a weapon to be able to 3HK HSG. 39.x is rounded down to 39. Then heavy set multiplier lowers it, and that value is rounded down too. It turns 39.x into 33 HSG damage, and 40.x becomes 34 HSG. Mp34, with 34 base damage, has the same issue/non-issue where the max damage ammo can't 3HK HSG because it only gets to 39 damage. (Honestly not a problem as t1 is cheap to get and is not meant to be a good weapon). It might even be intentional that it's only 39 damage with AMF ammo: this way the t1 can't 3HK HSG (like mp34 right now). The t1 SMGs aren't meant to be too good after all.
  4. Iron_1

    DE spawning vehicles problem

    when you go up to a vehicle, start the steal sequence and stop stealing, the despawn timer resets back to 30s. So if you want to kill a vehicle when the owner died, deal damage, go and 'steal' it for a millisecond, get back, deal damage again, repeat. Not always gonna be an opportunity to do that though. I'd say that dealing damage (to an enemy vehicle) should trigger the despawn timer to refresh, like how stealing does it. Friendlies shouldn't really be able to do it because they could fire a single coaxial mg bullet and keep their buddies tank from despawning like that.
  5. Iron_1

    Hoarder Not Working With M1/M2

    It is working though. So I'm suspecting that you've got a loadout where 2 primaries are in it and that hoarder only applies to one of them. Hoarder only applies to 2 different primary weapons when both weapons are from a separate class (Semi-automatic Rifle for M1/M2) AND they both have a different amount of base equipment points. So Thompson M1A1 (5base SMG) and M1/M2 (5base SA) won't work because their base points are the same. M1G (4base SA) and M1/M2 (5base SA) won't work because their classes are the same. When one of the 2 rules are broken, it selects one of the two to give the hoarder effect, and it ignores the other.
  6. Are anti-tank weapon changes also postponed then? Or will they still make it into the rebalance patch. We haven't got any info on what weapons are considered to be changed in terms of AT gear so far.
  7. They're bringing the other two to the same level
  8. Iron_1

    We demand transparency

    Got it from TheUnknown
  9. Issue is that there's no big differences in stats of the bolt-actions. They're almost identical. The 20% performance difference can only be explained due to skill level of users. For the ARs, there's quite big differences so a higher performance usually means that it's better. And while capped AVS' are part of the stock weapon stats, they won't be influencing stats that much. Especially on AVS because the mods don't increase performance too much, that means that SU players will be more likely to use AVS stock, reducing the impact of capped versions on stock stats.
  10. players and vehicles do have damage differences. Ammo has a damageFar and damageNear (against players) and armorDamageMax combined with armorDamageMin against vehicles (all of them, including the bicycle) Currently the PzB would be 2HK armshot at long range (on heavy set bronze) as it has 100 damage only. RangeFar is 500m though, so good luck hitting those shots. But that suggestion to nerf damage on players is a good one. It Could also be possible that the ammo types that increase damage against vehicles have decreased damage against players
  11. Any list of the potential changes on AT weapons, @Reto.Hades? That way we could supply feedback on what is missing in the plans, or what could use changing. I supplied intel over the AT rifles and t1 launchers, but those changes might've already been planned for example.
  12. For AT rifles: fix the discrepancy between Leonov Monstr ammo and Panzergeschoss: ArmorDamage Conemodifier Pen(mm) Remark BS-41: 375-437.5 1 30-50 stock L.B. MAX: 400-462.5 1.2 45-55 best PEN, better DMG, worse ACC L. Monstr: 437.5-587.5 1 40-55 better PEN, huge DMG boost, same ACC P. 318 SmK: 350-412.5 1 35-45 stock (damage lower = fair due to higher bullet velocity) P. 318 SmK.H.: 337.5-400 1 45-50 best PEN, worse DMG?!?, same ACC P.318 PanzerG.: 375-437.5 1.2 40-50 better PEN, better DMG (highest but still lower than 2nd 14.5mm ammo, much lower than Monstr), worse ACC Balancing changes needed: - swap 1.2 conemod of MAX with Monstr, or swap 1.2 Panzergeschoss cone with SmK.Hart. (highest damage with lowest accuracy seems the fairest) - damage buff for SmK.H. - big damage buff for Panzergeschoss. The buffed damages will still be lower than SU counterparts to compensate the higher bullet velocity (14.5mm@1114m/s and 7.92x94@1210m/s) Stock difference is about 95% of 14.5mm damage. This would end up with SmK.H @ 380-439.5 damage and Panzergeschoss @ 415.5-558 damage Current setup means that Monstr is the absolute best choice for 14.5mm, but neither SmKH or Panzergeschoss are really worth it. The 1.2 conefire adjustment added the max damage ammo (like on PzB right now) also makes planes harder to hit with the high damage ones.
  13. For AT gear: - GrB and M1A1 armorDamage swap (GrB@700-1000 vs M1A1@800-1100)? They're currently eachothers unlock equivalent, but M1A1 has better damage and shorter reload time. Even with the swap, M1A1 would still have higher DPS. -Faster unlock for Panzerschreck? It unlocks really late, ribbon 11 is a mountain of tank wrecks needed, and the grind is 8.5x longer than grind to M9A1 on US, and 3x longer than grind to ampulomet on SU. Unlock can be changed to end of ribbon level 8 (nothing there atm). M9A1 at ribbon 10 can be changed to 11 (where PzSchreck currently sits). With the new captured prices, this would result in 41K M1A1 at 9, 200K ampulo at 10, 478K M9A1 at 11 and 936K M18RR at 12. The grind would be the same as for the ampulomet. And the ribbon becomes more equally spread out. S.T. No74 / GrB /M1A1 price reduction planned for this update or a later one?
  14. The mg42 does get good with the tight grip badge indeed, but the other 2 tier 3s don't need the badge to be effective. As the 1919 has mainly visual recoil, the badge almost doesn't do anything. The MT is also perfectly usable without the badge. The mg42 requires the badge to become usable, when the other 2 don't need it and that allows them to equip heavy set or fast reload for example. Most people only have access to 1 badge. And even VM people only have 2. Don't underestimate the effect of needing a badge in the balancing equation