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  1. quinnspear

    US armies with MG42

    Captured weapons now, captured vehicles later, then its just going to be a shirty call of duty game.
  2. Maybe try going up the one of the 2 square towers at the front of church? Might also jsut be a bike launch
  3. quinnspear

    Interior decorations

    theres a table in church )))))))))
  4. quinnspear

    More Maps

    I dont think anyone left at RETO knows how to make new maps
  5. quinnspear

    Best weapon after Update 1.2

    I love my mini mg42
  6. quinnspear

    MG42 Rebalance. What's your opinion?

    So you should jsut be able to use the MG42 like a SMG running and gunning shooting around corners clearing a room by its self? Being able to shoot machineguns in this game like their smgs is pretty stupid
  7. quinnspear

    Describe me like one of your German equipment

    Clearly you know very little about how the nations of ww2 handled the deployment of front line troops. The only reason germany had the most aces in almost every aspect was becuase they were loosing and had a lack of manpower. Almost every other nation rotated their soldiers from front line to going back home on a regular basis, germany however because they were loosing and had manpower shortages just kept their servicemen in combat until they died basically. Another point to this is, it is a lot easier to to rack up kills when your on the defence and your surrounded by enemys. US airmen rarely saw german fighters in the later stages of the war so they didnt have much to kill, the germans however everytime they sent a squadron of bf109s up they would ecnounter dozens of enemy bombers and fighters to shoot at.
  8. quinnspear

    MG42 Rebalance. What's your opinion?

    I hate the MG42 so im fine with the recoil being increased. But I think RETO should just make all MGs not shoulder fireable. you cna hipfire and use on bipod that should be it.
  9. quinnspear


    You're tripping hard right now
  10. If you think about it, those "bugs" were kind of realistic. for example the ball mounted hull machine on almost every tank in the second world was a weak spot because a hole was punched thorugh the armor to put something there. The commanders cupola is also realistically one of the weakest armored points on a tank, same for the roof. Also the lower glacis of tanks would ussually be weaker because it housed the transmission so the armor couldnt be as angled.
  11. quinnspear

    IS2 DSHK 12.7mm machine gun

    This is for the IS2 bbtw
  12. IS2 NEED MACHINE GUN bRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR We need machine gun cause I want to shoot people and I want other peopel to shoot people for me while I shoot other people pls ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ its pretty cool add pls
  13. quinnspear

    Sherman vs Panther part 2 ...

    Its obvious youre a wehraboo so theres no point really in explaining how those videos prove nothing and how theres ALOT more that maeks a good tank than its paper statistics but here we are. True the panther had superior mobility in every aspect aspect to almost every tank in the war but lets remember the fact that a panthers engine can literally catch fire from going up hill. It cant turn its turret while on an angle because of engine rpm reliant turret traverse, risk of going catching fire from going into high gears, risk of the transmission breaking from using its neutral steering capabilities, the overall complexity of the design with no thought what so ever to making field repairs conveniant (general inaccessibility). Also in that 1st video they are comparing a VC firefly to a panther. Not even an M4 with HVSS suspension so its kind of redundant. I could go on and on about why the panther sucked and the M4A3E8 was the best tank every produced during ww2 but im retarted and gay because I play H&G so I might if you ask
  14. quinnspear


    Hey yall fellow german friends, when are you guys going to get bored of the STG? call of duty level recoil cant be that fun for so long can it?
  15. quinnspear

    Captured PTRS?

    Yeha wel you could always pick up another weapon in game. That makes sense, buying another nations gun that you are at war with and being abpe to maintian it and supply it loving dumb