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  1. i couldnt have said it better. well said
  2. for the time and resources they have this is what we get? some red overlayed on an already designed paint job? you realise within the past 5 years we have only got a couple of maps right? snow maps are something that was already implemented but removed and forgotten. and when did i say a russian camo on a fw190? 3hrs of work inc research is a very doable time frame to create a realistic and appealing paint job. \ by necessaryy parts are you referring to the things already made? for example the base of the plane has already been created, all thats needed is to add the overlay like what they did with the red pain job. look at all the camos on every vehicle and person. Notice anything? the only difference is the overlay (camo, numbers etc) the base pattern and detail is all the exact same. what price? mate they release a red skin camo that looked like shirt for 700k and people bought it. personally id grind for a camo worth more if it actually looked good. Take green pea for example. RETO has stated that the price of green pea is so high because it is the most popular. It also looks the best. Dont give me that revenue BS because you have literally no facts and numbers to back that up.
  3. The red skin added is nothing but putting a red overlay on what already was a base map. In other words that would have taken a couple of minutes max. After playing this game for over 5 years and only getting skins/camos that were already in the game files I would like to see more of an attempt to design better camos. Every year they release the same “special” limited time Christmas camo on the SMGs. The last thing to do with camos that was actually very well done and good was the helmet camos. Apart from that everything released has already been made years ago and is just sitting In The game files to be tested before release. Youre honeslty that far up RETOs butt you can’t see that appealing camos would give the vets and new comers something to get and achieve. Like oHhHhH wow a red skin that looks like utter garbage.. get over yourself
  4. Like how they did that with the red skin camos aye? It is not hard to make a skin for base maps. Going into detail with oil stains/streaks burn marks etc that’s difficult but not impossible. If I was to hire somebody to create camos and skins for my game I would expect them to be able to design something that is aesthetically pleasing as well as somewhat historically accurate. After all it’s an arcade game not a sim. bringing squadrons into this is assuming that the game is going in that path, which I can assure you will not. I’m certain the majority of the player base will be more than happy to have a camo/skin that is from the ww2 era not specific to the location that reto has based the majority of their maps and scenery (Which is all over the place anyways). Whether it be a camo/skin from only one specific vehicle/plane or multiple from a single squadron or even just random ones from unspecified vehicles. Either way. More effort should be put into the visuals of this game.
  5. It’s literally the easiest thing 😂 I mean look at csgo for example. Skins are made for weapons like you said with the same base maps and look how amazing they turn out. I wouldn’t mind getting my hand on the base maps for heroes and generals. Maybe I can make some camos worth buying 😂
  6. TAKEN from one of the lads from my clan; The red focke wolf existed. it's actually historic. Stupid, i know... but historic. That red p51 too.. that existed as well. The americans captured some focke wolf 190's and gave them a red colour scheme and added american decals. The germans also had a red colour scheme of their own. this was only red on the underside of the plane. original photos of this are hard to come by now and i've forgotten it's exact designated name. The americans had a flight regiment for black men. they were given new P51 D (i think it was the D) variants and they painted parts of their planes red and called themselves 'red tails' The only reason the redtails are so significant in military history is because they were one of the first to encounter the ME262 and win. That is why that p51 skin exists. The yak however.. i know they did exist but the pictures are also rare Fw190 (above) p51 (below) there is a reason for the red camo. The red was the best colour for red sky dusk/dawns Other planes have used the colours
  7. They actually are after research lmao. Still the worst of the bunch though
  8. Give them time? It’s been years mate. Even if they can’t do something as simple as plane camos. Why not let the community make them.. I agree with you 100%
  9. ok so honest opinion. the paint jobs for planes look like complete S**T! what were you guys thinking with the red sample camos 680k? its as if the designer just used a paint bucket in windows paint and clicked on different parts of the plane. its a complete joke. why cant we get more detailed planes Please put more effort into detail. It adds to the game i spent about 1hr in photoshop making this it isnt that hard
  10. so sick of having to basically stall my plane to land because i have to be a certain altitude going a certain speed. Please add a bind for the landing gear
  11. so sick of having to basically stall my plane to land because i have to be a certain altitude going a certain speed. Please add a bind for the landing gear
  12. As seen below the bar is full
  13. The above images show that the xp bar is full even though i still need xp to rank up
  14. "has full mods on g43, stg, mp40" If you want accuracy learn how to mod your weapons correctly lmao. if you want accuracy for g43 use Anschusspatrone s.S. ammo, scope and barrel Or even just Anschusspatrone s.S and scope. Dont go using every mod for most damage and complain about accuracy.