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  1. Belgwyn

    Stop the cheating

    Damn, just wait till they find out about the peoples with eyes ^^
  2. Belgwyn

    Lower powered/alternative scopes

    @Reto.Christiano On behalf of all of us here if you had holidays, happy holidays I hope you could rest and recuperate well. Now that RB told the community that you are currently working on low power scopes I would be very interested if you have chosen any and could give us a little chart like we had for the recon vehicles and such? Also which rifles will receive which scopes and all that. Cheers Belgwyn
  3. https://archive.org/stream/TacticalAndTechnicalTrendsNos31-40#page/n265/mode/2up it seems to have some decent information on both German and Japanese Operations from around 43' Cheers
  4. Belgwyn

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    This would work if we had scaleable anti air, in the meaning that heavier anti air guns that can doubble as anti tank guns would be in the center of the town, and lighter anti air guns would be farther out? it could go from maxim mg, dual mg42, 50cal>> to 20-25mm guns>> quad mounts or dual 25mm for su>> 88mm, 85 mm, and whatever the US has as a high calibre aa gun, probably 90mm or 75mm.
  5. Obviously this is all in my Opinion and i'm sure some of you disagree. here is a rough mock up of how I understand some of the tanking and some of the Issues with it and many misconceptions from Reto about how to Balance this so called beast. My wish would be that this game would have tank health be as we have known it for a long time between 2-4 shots to kill with very very adrenaline rushed Gameplay if you were alone or fighting multiple enemies, where Armour mattered, tank maneuvering and placement mattered. All of those wishes do not apply to tanking in the current state. Currently it takes to long to kill tanks, this at least reto is aware of and trying to change. Here is how I understand the way you kill a tank and how you could best reduce the shots to kill. 1. There is a check if the shell penetrates or does not, regardless the Armor gets degraded, (good imo) 2. If the shell penetrates and the Armor is not degraded, half the damage is absorbed by the Armor. (stupid 100%) 3. If a critical component is destroyed that does extra damage to the tank, if it hits empty space damage is applied to the "structure" (Fine IMO) 4. Once Armor is degraded a tank does the full damage after penetration, essentially 2x or full damage (Also stupid) the limit is as low as 25% Armor value if im not mistaken 5. Once enough damage has been done to the base structure the tank dies, at the moment this takes around 10 shots +/- 2 (fine but shots to kill is to high.) Once we take into consideration that damage values have not been realigned, giving the US an advantage in the medium and tank destroyer department. This is a wholly flawed system. Explanations I would like, or even just Theories is HOW CAN ARMOUR ABSORB DAMAGE. Most shells have fuses, meaning that the shells themselves don't even explode until they are in the tank.... It is a good mechanic when you look at a tank like the Panther that the t 34-85 and other mediums barely can not penetrate and 10% degradation even would be enough so that a group of T-34-85 can beat a panther from the front with Braindead shelling. But it is not a good mechanic to increase the life of tanks. If we look at the vulnerable side Armor of most tanks it is about 40mm for mediums and around 80-100mm for heavy tanks In this case the only role that the extremely high Armor degradation plays is to enable machine gun tanks to bully the heaviest of tanks. Again favoring the US since they have the strongest machine gun armed tank. To fix the Armour system I would first establish how many hits a tank should take only to the base structure. 2-6 or 2-8 seems balanced by me. (disregarding auto cannons and machine guns) Secondly I would look at where tank damage is getting lost or wasted. Hint Hint, It's the Armor degradation/Absorption. Get rid of it. Armour does not absorb damage, it either prevents it or fails at doing so (penetration) The best possible first patch would reverse the high armor degradation and remove armor absorption. Thirdly. If the first patch is not sufficient we go down the thought chart on how to kill a tank and decrease the base health of tanks. If it is only a minimal change that is needed we increase the effect of ammunition and fuel compartments. Cheers Belgwyn I would be grateful for game related feedback as long as we don't derail to the point of armor spalling
  6. Belgwyn

    Operation Surgeon

    I think we simply need more classes to define and limit certain roles. Engineers/Pioneers weapons: Smgs and Pistols equipment: AT and AP mines, handheld AT weapons, wrenches, bundled grenades. Rifleman weapons: Rifles, pistols equipment: medic equipment, wrenches, binoculars, ammunition, NO scopes, panzerfaust 60 Tank Hunter weapons: pistols and carbines (semi auto only) AT rifles equipment: launchers, smoke grenades Assault Infantry weapons: smgs, assault rifles, pistols, carbines equipment: single bandage, grenades (only one) Support Infantry weapons: Pistols and LMGs equipment: Bandages, medic equipment What should really be cracked down is double primaries and the excessive use of grenades. Build wise I currently think the US has an advantage because they simply have more option with the low eq, carbines and johnson. This isn't really game breaking but it is annoying not being able to spec into for example a full cqc with a m2 carbine, full medpack as well as AP mines or grenades. I mean it's kinda hard to say how much of an impact this would have but baseline we need a reworked concept of range damage and performance of each gun. For instance I would welcome higher damage on smgs and pistols for close range. That with ammo they could maybe 3hk for 15-25 meters, the carbines would do the same but for longer ranges without dedicated ammo. Lmgs would need to be tied to bipod systems and rifles would reign supreme on most ranges but obviously could be more easily suppresed by the threat of auto guns. Weapons like the AVS, BAR should be mainly semi auto guns with the ability to go auto if the need to at shorter ranges.
  7. Belgwyn

    Operation Surgeon

    Some of these can be implemented in stages, for example seperating the tank driver and gunner seat as we have in the recon vehicles, that doesn't put in hard limits. But it does encourage a different playstyle. Introducing more classes is also a way of limiting things.
  8. Operation Surgeon It's a new year and I have decided to lay down my Expectation and Suggestion to Reto for the new year based on my Experience in the following games Red Orchestra 2 (RO2), Post Scriptum (PS), Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (R6S), Rising Storm: Vietnam (RS V), Verdun, Company of Heroes 2 (COH2) I would say that these games are not as casual as the Call of Duty or Battlefield, Fortnite style of game and to me that is a massive virtue. The only reason that I used to and sometimes still enjoy Heroes & Generals is that it is not completely casual and skill can be attained to a degree. These games are all to some degree successful especially R6S, and they all have aspects that they excel at to a degree that Heroes & Generals should strive to learn from. I will shortly outline with examples and later possibly videos: How this Game is relevant to H&G What can be learned from the Game How this can be applied to H&G Backup with video and image footage. (Please, I am interested in other opinions so if you have games in mind that H&G should learn from those would be good replies) constructive criticism is welcome Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Initially I did not actually enjoy this game until private friends and others I have met through H&G. Only through their guidance and very enjoyable moments and the reward for learning a difficult game have I become a average player that can have a good time playing solo with randoms in casual matches and usually not be a weight on the team but help carry some of the other players. This is my current go to game and apparently many other Gamers agree to some degree. The game is relevant because: It is simply said very popular and successful, the devs are doing everything right to maintain this game as popular for 4 years now. It is a Healthy and still growing game. What can be Learned: What a successful and healthy development Road-map looks like, the team of RS know far in advance what they want to do, how long it will take them and what a good balance of "New content" to "Maintenance" ratio looks like. Simply said there are Four seasons per year with distinct focuses, each Season brings 2 pieces of hallmark content, the first season features an event, the second a New map, the third a map rework and the last season a new map yet again. This system works there are many functioning maps in a pool that is always growing and slowly being improved The game is built on a solid system of game mechanics There is a steady roll out of content. And there is a good amount of time to fix what needs fixing. How this can be Applied to H&G Well simply said we already have a rough Road-map but it lacks a time frame. Granted for a small company time frames can be restrictive and not good if you don't meet them time and time again, but clear goals make working together as developer with developer and especially developer with community easier. If the community knows what will come to pass they can give active feedback. I think Glasnost was not a failure but it needs to be kept up. Personally we had the broad statements of "The year of Maps", multiple tank v tank maps or air engagements. I think these goals are to large. Most players I believe would be happy if we only get 2-4 maps a year skirmish or assault, and spend a good portion fixing the maps we already have. Maps are important because they directly relate to the replay-ability of a game and how long a player will stick. The more maps, the more diversity, the more fun can be had whilst grinding, the less of a pain the grind is. These are the four Seasons/Operations/Quarter Goals I set to Reto. 1. Operation Surgeon Release the AT Weapons for all factions (New Content) Rework the gun-balance from the ground up. (Patches and Steady Improvement) Release Squad Linking (Patching) 2. Operation Scout Release the Recon Vehicles (New Content) Release either One assault map, One Specialist Map tank v Tank (New Map, better replay ability) Have the Armour system fixed by the end of summer 2019 (Patching) 3. Operation Overwatch Release Tier 3 Fighters (New Content) Fix the Mountain town map/release major map patches reworks (Game Health) Invest in new Map assets (New Content) 4. Operation Firestorm Introduce Light artillery or Rifle grenades for ex (New content) Introduce New Skirmishes or a New assault map (New content) Fix whatever needs desperate fixing (Game Health) Ideally there will be multiple major updates per season 2 for instance, and the Updates will reflect what the game should be. 1 season, focus on Infantry, Paratrooper, and Recons content 2 season focus on Armour and Mechanized content 3 season focus on Aerial content 4 season focus again on Infantry Paratrooper and Recon support content. and the focuses can be shuffled, but this is what healthy game development can look like and does work. It leaves enough freedom in each season but the goals are clear, there is a clear time frame and the players know what to focus on, what will come and can look forward to prototype testing. Verdun I enjoyed this game from the start though many of my friends didn't play it that much I have found enough now that I can play it once again. The game is intense, it is completely Team dependent looks decent enough and has very good Map design. The game is relevant because The Gunplay works The map design works The squad play works There can be enough diversity within limitations What can be Learned For most of this game what I think can be learned is that Less is often more. Bolt actions are powerful but they are also alot more slow and most are unscoped (maximum 25%) Melee specialists carry a maximum of 4 grenades, the default should be 2 per player unless they decide to specialize in cqc or each grenade should equal 1 EQ, make it deadly by skill not spamm Machine guns need bi pods if they were supposed to be used that way, firing on the move is ok but shouldn't be the default Limiting the amount of MG's and sniper rifles makes a game better not worse Most importantly Micro map elevation is the difference between long interesting infantry engagements where bolt action rifles can be usefull in closer engagements against more powerfull automatic weapons. Heroes and generals needs less concealment but more cover, this makes it easier to engage a point for attacking infantry whilst drawing the main battle from the capture points (camping with semi autos and bolt actions) to around the capture points. Pictures of good Visibility but strong cover Clearly trenches, vehicles can be used to limit a defenders view angles, trees and cover can then give the attacker enough cover and force a defender to have to watch many approaches at once (which side of the boulder will the enemy appear, what if there a multiple large obstacles, will he simply charge over the high part of the trench?) Post Scriptum The game is relevant because: It is a combined arms ww2 game with good immersion, visuals and a great vehicle system. What can be Learned: Again limitations are not necesarily bad if you make the options good enough, a player will chose to play with a rifle if he can be the medic, a player will choose to play as light anit tank even if he has to carry a rifle. I don't think Heroes & Generals needs to emulate these more realistic games but as a Company Reto Moto should learn from these good World War titles. How this can be Applied to H&G Games need a good balance between "from above" balancing and limits and player freedom, almost every game does this with a class system along the lines of, recon, assault, support etc. this is achieved by tying stronger weapon systems to limitations, and enticing more difficult ones through options. Examples are: only players using semi automatic, or bolt action rifles that are not scoped can additionally equip: large medic pouches, Panzerfaust 60, and ammunition this makes more aggressive classes classes rely on team players or badges for more healing. this means that snipers need to move to medic crates more often. Vehicles. In Post scriptum a vehicle requires a minimum crew of 2 and has a maximum of 4 depending on the type. Ironically Heroes and generals already forced 2 crew playstyles on Recon vehicles but not tanks. I would suggest that every tank need two players to operate well, one gunner, and one commander/driver. The gunner would obviously control the main gun while the commander/driver can move the vehicle, keep infantry at bay with coaxial machine guns and use periscopes to safely spot enemy vehicles and infantry. I would also advocate more realistic tanks in that turret traverse should be lowered, tank reload speed should be lowered, but instead tank and vehicle machine guns should be more accurate and HE have a larger effective blast. Slower reload gives infantry more time to react to a tank. Also tracer rounds should be implemented to make tank and airplane fire more visible (green) tank crews are some of the most enjoyable classes to play and a great way to play with a friend if it is manageable with 2 players, periscopes limit the vision and attention of the tank but keep the crew more protected and reliant on infantry, but also susceptible to smoke grenades while limiting the amount of AT infantry and Tankers brings balance to the game. This is a more proactive solution Issue: There are to many tanks in games Solution: 2 crew tanks reduce the amount of tanks, encourages team play and formation of player friendships. Issue: Tanks Spamm HE too much because of AT Rambo Solution: More realistic Reload times reduce the effectiveness of HE spamming, 2 crew tanks reduce the amount of tanks, infantry has more freedom AT infantry can be limited, tanks can be limited. Issue: Tanks have too low visibity Solution: Higher crew increases awareness, introduction of periscopes and hatches gives more options but limit a tanks focus. This encourages co operation between tanks and infatry through callouts. Good Features of PS for Infatry Relevant to H&G Panzerfaust 60 for infatry Smoke grenades Rally and spotting orders by infatry Limting Automatic Weapons Limiting specialized equipment to unscoped low rate of fire rifles Limiting AT infantry Voice comms for Infantry squads Good Urban and suburban map design Good Features of PS for Armour Relevant to H&G Multi Crew Tanks (2 or more) Limiting the amount of tanks Realistic Turret Traverse and reload speeds WASD Gunner controll Persicopes, hatches and overall visibility. Commander cupola Voice Comms for Tanks Tracer MG fire Post scriptum tank Gameplay Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm: Vietnam The game is relevant because: Less Realistic gunplay than PS, more realistic gunplay that H&G, many similar guns. Heavier Teamplay focus. What can be Learned: Ranging, class liminting and weapon balancing. Good Teamplay systems, Map design How this can be Applied to H&G Matching good ratios of smoke grenades, MG's automatic weapons and rifles. The game shows just as in PS how voice comms are helpful to most players but not necessary. How to implement ranging, supression and balancing between automatic weapons. Marking of infantry through abilities (Recon class) building interesting urban maps Company of Heroes 2 The game is relevant because: Ability combined arms game, battle progression, map design. What can be Learned: flanking and map design, abilities relevant to the game, balancing of artillery and map abilities. How this can be Applied to H&G Introduction of light artillery pieces, range, damage, accuracy. Relevance of spotting and how to balance range damage etc. of weapons. Cheers if you made it this far feedback and support is appreciated. one thing many of these games also have in common is a lack of vaulting.
  9. Belgwyn

    NEw gamemode : Trench war

    trenches would be fine in the no mans land (away from objectives, probably between them) or part of a large objective where you can't controll everyting from that trench. I would like trench and sandbag h&q points to be the spawnpoints, maybe 100 meters away from the objective where you can either A stay in the spawn point and try to controll the area around the objective with a rifle (not all ofc) or move up to defend the objective. when the objective is taken this reinforced spawn point, would be a strong point that the attackers might have to clear to get to the next objective or risk players hiding there to counter attack. there obviously should be plenty of cover between the spawn and objective so spawn camping isn't too extreme.
  10. Belgwyn

    Tank Damage? (Reload speed?)

    I mean it's really hard to say anything definitively, and maybe it's also paranoia. It just hapens so often that you get the jump on some tanks pump 3-4 shots into the vitals they turn and some buddies utterly destroy you. Maybe it's because German guns have lower calibre in general, but guns are the only thing german tanks are good at except the panther, tiger 2, and jgdpanther now. So if the guns are weak the tanks overall will have trouble performing. And this armour degradation is too excessive, it' doesn't add much to gameplay aside the fact that it means a good individual player can't in any way beat a group of other players unless the group decides to ignore him. Personally that takes the excitement out of tanking since your performance is more or less irrelevant. Also what are the biggest and most important components. I usually shoot gunbarrel/breach>engine>ammo>transmission>fuel unless I flank then i shoot tracks>engine since in my gameplay i rarely can one shot the engine in hetzer and panther.
  11. So I don't know wether this is the correct thread, but it is the correct people to ask. Did gun damage change? It happens to me alot that my engine gets oneshot by hellcat and m10's as a hetzer, but I always require at least 2 shots.(I really only play germans, I know- bias, but i don't have the time to grind out the other factions nor willpower.) If possible could we get stats on tank damage because it makes me wonder wether the tank damages really got changed, it just seems to me that the german guns are doing the least amount of damage the way it used to be. This could be valid with the soviet tanks, but not really the americans. And in any regard is unreasonable since we don't have realistic reload values for most tanks, which is a shame. Cheers if anyone can help.
  12. Belgwyn

    Self-Propelled Anti-Tank guns for Infantry

    What I think would be a good thing we should try and solve is whether we want wheeled, or tracked vehicles, perosnally i woul much prefer the sdkfz 234/4, unless we are defining wheeled vehicles as reserved for the recon in which case that would be fine. Though all this said, the Damage element of the Armour system needs to be fixed before we can really consider theses vehicles?
  13. Belgwyn

    Helicopters and autogyros

    Personally for aviation anything above 1-5 isn't really a prototype anymore, so if you look at production numbers in the 20's especially late war it must have been usefull enough to be considered to be produced, personally i would give them to recon.
  14. I mean aside from the fact that the stg was a direct response to soviets msg doctrine and this is probably the single aspect where the stg perfroms as it did historically. Sure the soviets smgs should be better and more iconic but the soviets do have the dp28 and avs as iconic weapons in this game. the one benefit of the avs is that you can bend it to your purpose and mod it the way you need it which is good.
  15. and the T20 is as much of a tank as the US AA gun, or the German half track are. light tank as in it's supposed to kill infantry which it is very good at, There is a reason only light tanks get armour combat badges for killing infantry. well it's the best tier 1 by a good margin arguably better in some situations then the johnson which means only the mg42 an m1919 are alot better making it a tier 1.5 really all the weapons germany was making at the mometn, stg 44 mp40s etc etc