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  1. I mean aside from the fact that the stg was a direct response to soviets msg doctrine and this is probably the single aspect where the stg perfroms as it did historically. Sure the soviets smgs should be better and more iconic but the soviets do have the dp28 and avs as iconic weapons in this game. the one benefit of the avs is that you can bend it to your purpose and mod it the way you need it which is good.
  2. and the T20 is as much of a tank as the US AA gun, or the German half track are. light tank as in it's supposed to kill infantry which it is very good at, There is a reason only light tanks get armour combat badges for killing infantry. well it's the best tier 1 by a good margin arguably better in some situations then the johnson which means only the mg42 an m1919 are alot better making it a tier 1.5 really all the weapons germany was making at the mometn, stg 44 mp40s etc etc
  3. ok sure but this also a bit one sided, the germans had alot of k98s but they also had alot of mgs, mp40's and late war even stgs, also realistically a 122 gun would have around 25 seconds reload speed, do you want that kind of realism too? Most players realise that this isn't supposed to be some mil sim and the soviet arsenal is not sub par. For a long time you had the only infantry light tank the t20 and a ptrd to camp vehicles with decent scopes to make attacking a nightmare, the avs is a very decent gun, the ppd got a buff resently and is ok, the dp28 is not the best but far from a bad lmg. and at the end of the war germany didn't have issues finding weapons to give their soldiers, they had issues finding soldiers for the weapons just chill the faction bias the game is ok to play and in the end if you get beat by the other team it's because your team is worse, they are defending or you are just playing bad.
  4. Belgwyn

    R.I.P PTRD 2015-2018?

    boo hooo i can't go to the enemy and make their life difficult with a weapon only one faction has, cry me a river. But no in all seriousness, till the other factions have counterparts the ptrd is much to high of an advantage and it's an anti material rifle shooting a jeep shouldn't kill the four guys in it, The ptrd isn't supposed to be some wonder wand for killing anyone that chooses to use an infantry vehicle.
  5. Belgwyn

    Realism = More damage.

    you can also apply it to infantry heat weapons, I think if they would do alot of area damage then you could place them to take out more components and that could go a long way to making at Infantry more skill based.
  6. Belgwyn

    Realism = More damage.

    the way it works i believe is that a tank has a maximum amount of hitpoints distributed amongst all the components, destroying the majority of the components disables and destroys the tank, fuel and ammunition multiply the damage done by a shot. when a component that is destroyed is hit the damage gets put to the base health. The issue is that the components are the tanks base health really. What needs to be done is that components have less health and are say 1 shot by 50mm and up, and that the base health is reduced by alot so that if you shoot any tank 8 times with a 30mm gun or higher it will be dead 100% of the time regardless if you killed components or not. Then there is the question of internal area damage. Most heat weapons and tank shells have explosives inside so they detonate in the tank, APCR ammunition does not have this charachter, IMO base shells, or new APHE shells should do area damage in the tank so that they can damage multiple components. This would mean that APCR shells are better for destroying internals individualy but APHE can kill multiple internals at once if aimed well. It's really just some tweaking of numbers and that will take it's time but the armour system is a base for a better vehicle gameplay.
  7. Belgwyn

    Tank Spam

    The devs usually try to patch that, I think it has to do with how many hits it takes to kill a tank an all the xp you can get that way, when tank v tank combat is more deadly then it will be better again.
  8. Belgwyn

    No balance at tanks!

    well yeah i actually remembered a sweet spot on the shermans, you also need to remember the turret though because there is the transmission gun breach and ammo sometimes.
  9. Belgwyn

    No balance at tanks!

    just out of curiosity why not front? that's where the transmission is at least you can just put them down and shoot them
  10. no it is a patch that happened a while ago, hoarder only affects your primary weapon.
  11. Belgwyn

    Sneak Peek: M9A1 Bazooka

    all they are saying is that work is moving forward on the new at weapons and i like that because it means reto is now focusing more on infantry and their gameplay.
  12. Belgwyn

    Our community to blame for 1.12

    but it is a long road to 50k
  13. Belgwyn

    Our community to blame for 1.12

    WEll i was fairly good at school so i could get away with alot of gaming, and i played alot of H&G i kinda enjoy the grind and figuring out what to do next.