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  1. Ritterick

    potentiel 30 vs 30

    How about we work on 20v20 first, and implement reasonable class limits back in from that, first?
  2. Honestly, the only thing these scopes need is the same sort of treatment that iron Sights got- just pull the scopes closer to the screen, giving larger view space, but no additional Magnification. Please don't overdo them again.
  3. Ritterick

    Quality of US players

    The only problem I have with this idea of statistic based guidance is the lack of adjustment for numerical advantage. For a quick example- If 150 people use a Johnson, and get on average 3 kills each, 2 close, and 1 midrange, you get 300 close kills and 150 at midrange... 100 people use the AVS, getting on average 4 kills, each, 2 close and 2 midrange, making for 200, and 200... But 300 people use the STG, getting 2 kills on average, 1 close, and 1 midrange, resulting in 300 close and 300 midrange. But without adjusting for the quantity of use- which it looked like, then, that RETO had, and still cares not for, any metric rendering for it's actual usage... looking at just the number of kills, the STG looks like the best weapon out of the bunch, when it actually ends up simply being the most used. And, frankly, from the state of weapons back then, and the constant GE overpopulation, I expect that this is what actually bears out to higher German weapon stats, on that chart.
  4. I don't take the solutions presented to me either, I just want those solutions moved to where I am, instead. Because doing anything is hard.
  5. Ritterick

    Quality of US players

    You're not going to "fix" people who just don't want to play factions other than Germany. On the other hand, the people who aren't satisfied with the US/SU experience can be addressed. For that, the solution is not nerfs, but slight alterations. Start moving the M2 from a SMG like role, more towards Midrange. Improve the Quality of Life for Soviet SMGs, make them just the slightest bit more manageable. Improvements to the general feel of control over your actions will leave the players feeling more as if they screwed up, rather than feeling like they got screwed over.
  6. I'd get behind this idea- it'd put a more obvious emphasis on the US/SU v GE RTS focus, and probably help the two of them have their Alliance back.
  7. You managed to miss the point entirely, well done. Again, bad individual matches, and even streaks of losses happen. It's part and parcel in playing semi-competitively against human opponents.
  8. To be fair; movement penalties are better on the MP40, RoF is better on the MP40, Damage is very comparable as well, though the STG does have the slightest advantage. I do see your point, but it's still the closest comparison I can draw for the Carbine. Sure.
  9. Never had FPS losses? Did you play in 2015, with the MG-42 nerfs? 2016 with the M2 Koreabine? 2017, with the Johnson and M1919? 2018 when the Soviets finally started realizing how good the AVS actually is? As to no unenjoyable matches, I'm pretty sure that I played half of my 2000 hours in 2017 literally just walking between points, because of GEs under motorized infantry in war. Or days where there was nothing but HE camping spawns with the armor that we never had... it's a constant of H&G. It happens to every side.
  10. Ritterick

    When will the STG equipment points be reverted back

    On this, you and I are very much so agreed.
  11. Wait, did you just have a revelation? Huh. I'm proud of you- you went from "let us have GE weapons" to "having something doesn't instantly fix things". It only took... however long.
  12. Yeah. But you have them. Which is literally what you just asked for.
  13. Or, perhaps, maybe possibly, he's got more soldiers, and equipment on the GE side, and losing access to his stuff because someone else is throwing a temper tantrum over weapon differences seems a little bit ridiculous.
  14. Ritterick

    Quality of US players

    This × 100. Seriously guys, as a GE main, playing with others was how I "got gud". Wouldn't say I'm anywhere near the very best... but still, the same can be achieved by every other faction. The folks I played with made it fun... don't worry about winning 100% of battles, just 1% more than you did the previous day. Even if that means literally just getting one win with them, for a little while. Because improvement for us wasn't instant- why would you expect it to be for them?