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  1. Lycrist_Katkiller

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    ok but since when is crying the forum linked to ingame performance?
  2. Lycrist_Katkiller

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    crying about OP Slugger/Jackson starts in 3...
  3. Lycrist_Katkiller

    Anyone sick of the M18 Hellcat Spam??

    one hit into the tracks (any side) and "the running around [...] with no possible way to even catch it" is no more plus you can do pretty much the same thing in a panther or a tiger II
  4. Lycrist_Katkiller

    ARMOR 3.0

    amor 3.0: 14th Feb 2019
  5. Lycrist_Katkiller

    FG42 and career switching

    probably, but of course you wouldn't reach any objectives because you got sniped by g43 with 4x
  6. i stop to read here... why would anyone care about your feelings?
  7. Lycrist_Katkiller

    FG42 and career switching

    because everyone would be playing GE weapons and GE crybabies can't handle that truth
  8. Lycrist_Katkiller

    Anyone sick of the M18 Hellcat Spam??

    nope. I was sick of Tiger II spam since it's armor and healthpool and also it's speed made it unkillable, but i stopped playing tanks and returned to play infantry, no i am sick of all the tankspam
  9. Lycrist_Katkiller

    WF's battles

    @_Finnish_Gamemaster_ and @SK1M3R my guessing-algorithm suggested the same, but the question is not what do we think it is but what does OP means...
  10. Lycrist_Katkiller

    Hellcat is the God now

    even the civilian truck is faster. And also I assume you talking about driving in open terrain and not road where the weasel should be faster as well... The hellcats speed is awesome but it's no real advantage - there is no flanking in H&G
  11. Lycrist_Katkiller

    Non WF abttles

    is that a question or are you guessing? I guessed staged as well...
  12. Lycrist_Katkiller

    Non WF abttles

    what's a non WF battle?
  13. Lycrist_Katkiller

    WF's battles

    what's a WF battle?
  14. Lycrist_Katkiller

    No Experience for Assault Teams

    did you try turning it off and on again?