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  1. Dictonary

    Combating "Tryhardism"

    So then, what is the alternative? Having fun. 1. Being yourself and doing what you do best is better than trying to force yourself to do it. 2. You are in a state of mind where stats like kills, deaths, etc don't matter. Meaning, you don't just focus on one aspect of the game but rather as its whole. Playing the objective basically. 3. You are not afraid of losing. It is part of the fun. You may win the next match but don't rage about it. 4. Sometimes...Scratch that most of the time, OP is an opinion. We usually play forth the evidence that supports us and don't other points of views. We have to know what to do if something really is OP. Decrease damage, less accurate gunfire, etc. Being in a calm state helps. 5. Always remember, at the end of the day, video games are meant for having a fun time, not to be macho man. Having fun is logical. Some may Yolo and fail and some will succeed. Regardless, have a laugh.
  2. Dictonary

    Combating "Tryhardism"

    There is an easy solution to "try-hardism". 1. Stay calm with them. Getting angry will only serve to both's disadvantage. Aka: Don't become one. 2. Non-challantly kill them; preferably with a melee weapon like a shovel. It may seem counterintuitive but they will eventually get the point. Aka: Play the game and don't rage just because of a player. 3. Remember this, most may think "tryhardism" is a benefit to them but prove them wrong. Being angry and salty only ruins the fun for all. And bragging, adds even more salt and inspire even more of this. And if something goes wrong... Yep. 4. Consider every point. If you are a try hard and you see what some will call an OP weapon, figure out how to counter it. Complaining on being how good you are and asking for a nerf degrades the game. If you stay calm and think logically, you can beat it. In addition, when it comes to game balance, don't just say nerf or buff but include how to. What to buff and what to nerf. 5. Most importantly, know your limits. If you are trying so hard to be a sniper and you can't, don't be a sniper and try something else. Other players should also suggest tactics and roles.
  3. Dictonary

    British Commonwealth

    Oh boy. Is there a bomb shelter nearby then?
  4. Dictonary

    Anti-Tank Infantry Rambos

    At least it would be cool if a King Tiger could actually run over a tiny tree. The trees are overated; we want realism.
  5. Dictonary

    Binoculars ? Use ?

    In addition if you don't have a scope, they can be a make shoft scope and not adding the cost if you had a scope. However, you do have to switch back to the gun and then shoot. Besides that, there really isn't a use unless you want to spot stuff before they spot you.
  6. When you have a bunch of assualt teams. Your ears will break.
  7. Sorry but I fon't get what you are saying. Can you explain further?
  8. Dictonary

    AA guns dont move fast enough

    They will... Eventually.
  9. There is another version of the game on their website. I have heard that the Steam version has a lot of issues.
  10. I remember the days when you could fear Soviet SMGs. Nope.
  11. Until an entire army of AT Rambo invades or Panzerlied plays on the world's largest speakers.
  12. Dictonary


    You got me. But oh well... I prefer to add more tactics to simple mechanic instead of a mechanic to is too easy to exploit.
  13. Dictonary

    Jagdpanther hype thread.

    "Hype for Jackson"
  14. Dictonary

    MG42 Recoil Discussion

    Didn't see that coming. Just make hip fire extremely inaccurate.
  15. Useful. Especially for the nub. Maybe he will stop an AT rambo.