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  1. Pretty much every match where one side has a bunch of planes equals EZ win for the opposite team. The average pilot is terrible and shoots at empty jeeps. Not even the slightest threat. And it's not an EZ win, it's a massive WF loss inflicted on the enemy as they crash 20+ 1000 WF planes to kill some 40 WF infantry and jeeps. Infantry only players try to balance flying around the best pilots in the game. Most pilots are like I said, terrible, and if planes were nerfed in anyway, would be as easy to kill as tanks currently are. I shoot down bad pilots ALL the time in war battles.
  2. Everyone is all happy for the "impenetrable turret" on the T34... the Panther has an impenetrable turret AND frontal armor.............. With better magnification and a better sight reticle and much better speed. As OP and easy mode as it gets. SU and US tier 1 heavy tanks cannot penetrate the front or turret of the Panther. Would need a captured Tiger 1 for that, or a tier 2 heavy tank.
  3. It's still better than SU tanks. Can destroy the T34-85 tier 3 medium tank with 4 shots right to the front. Can destroy the easy 8 if you shoot the mudflaps. I'd say panzer 3 versus SU tanks is just as good if not better than easy 8 versus EZ mode Panther.
  4. A knife-wielding attacker can cover around 20 feet in the time it takes a shooter to fire a shot from a holstered handgun. Weapon switch delay is way too low in H&G.
  5. Use MG42 as AA

    Ammo mods don't make weapons deal more damage, just FYI. It's 15-20 damage. 50% more with Infantry First Gold. I shoot down planes with LMG's all the time, it's quite OP when done by more than one person. All planes have the exact same health, heavy fighters are the easiest to kill because they are much bigger. That's why I only use Yak assault teams. The pe3 is too easy to kill.
  6. Best equipments for tankers?

    Works for SU tanker as well.
  7. Anti Tank Infantry

    Tank killing is so easy I have like 4 pilots and tankers with high enough tank destruction ribbon to buy the PTRD (if they were SU infantry)
  8. Anti Tank Infantry

    Infantry are straight up better than tanks. 1 level 5 infantryman running around with a bazooka can easily destroy an entire assault team of tanks.
  9. The power of matchmaker on weekends

    Did 1 OP Tiger kill all 19 tanks?
  10. Ramming should simply deal your current health to the enemy plane. If you're smoking you won't be able to kill the enemy plane. Possibly add in a multiplier for heavier plane tiers (so a heavy fighter can't be rammed to death by a recon plane)
  11. Reduce cost of alternative infantry vehicles!

    The kettlekorn is good to use on a rambo with a faust crate because the german motorcycle sucks and it's the only faction that can equip a faust crate for rambos. It's also useful for recon to have extra ammo or medcrates.
  12. About Rocket launchers and APC's

    Tanks cost 8-10 times more warfunds than infantry. They aren't even half as good. You can try and engage halfway across the map, but good luck surviving against my AT equipment. I can get on my bike and camp the tank spawns easily. Instantly killing tanks with my panzerfausts and rocket launchers. I can lay mines around the tank spawns too if I want. You can't mine my infantry spawn, infantry are way more mobile than tanks. I can ride around with my panzershreck and kill more tanks than any tanker could.
  13. About Rocket launchers and APC's

    Rocket launchers are indeed OP. They are straight up better than tanks. If the enemy has tanks I'm not spawning a tank, I'm using my rocket launcher. Because Infantry > Tanks.
  14. Even if they stopped that you could do bazooka + panzershreck. But raising the equipment points to be the same as the PTRD would make that an impossible loadout.
  15. If you're a skilled tank player you can avoid AT grenades easily. An m18 hellcat cannot avoid a fast reload gold panzershreck. You're comparing a fully geared anti-infantry loadout against a utility loadout. Of course you will do better against purely infantry with it. Argument is moot. The only current downside in using a rocket launcher is not being able to equip other perks... The medkit is a perk you can equip. It's not something you start with by default and now you have to remove it to carry the rocket launcher. You don't have to unequip any default equipment to use a rocket launcher. It would only be balanced if you had to unequip your rifle and only be able to use a pistol or other small weapon. Pfft tankers perspective. I don't even play tanker anymore. Infantry > tanks. Blame your garbage german "generals" that camp 500000 troops at Rome the whole war for mismanaging your resources. I see tanks within reach of most battles. The reason you don't have tanks is because you don't need tanks. Infantry > tanks. Clans don't use tanks because they don't need tanks. Infantry > tanks. If the enemy has lots of tankers and a general does send in tanks, in the current game meta, I will still use my panzershreck. Because once again, Infantry > tanks.