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  1. Aust1n46

    Broken guns with zero aims

    TTK is way lower in H&G than Battlefield 5. Takes like 8 shots to kill outside of point blank in BF... Multiple headshots with any weapon other than the bolt actions.
  2. Aust1n46

    Iron Fist too weak?

    But playing tanker is extremely easy. Requires no skill what so ever. And tanks cost almost nothing with low tiers that are just as good and strong as high tiers. Low tier tanks should be MUCH weaker. High tier AT should be super effective against low tier tanks. Low tier AT should be for taking down low tier tanks. Right now, low tier AT is worthless, and high tier AT still takes a boat load of shots to get anything done.
  3. Should be no conefire what so ever... just recoil, bullet drop, and damage dropoff. And a headshot should be an instant kill with any weapon regardless of damage or range. Rifles would still have a great advantage at long range. Offering much higher damage and a flatter shot because they have higher muzzle velocities.
  4. Aust1n46

    AT Rambos Poll

    I had no problem with cupola shots. It was the arcade game skill shot that allowed you to take down heavier tanks with frontal shots. Much better than wearing down frontal armor. And no tank even fully required cupola shots to kill anyways... Easiest shot on the Panther was the lower glacis plate. Easiest shot on the Tiger 1 was also lower glacis plate. And easiest shot on the Tiger 2 was the mantlet. The cupola was just an additional option.
  5. Aust1n46

    AT Rambos Poll

    The old tank system was better. It was fun. You could actually quickly destroy enemy tanks. You could destroy them at very long range with good aim. All tanks in the same class took the same number of shots to kill and it was predictable. You knew how many times you had to penetrate to get the kill. Now it's a crapshoot.
  6. Aust1n46

    AT Rambos Poll

    Tanker requires ZERO skill to play. So we counter this ZERO skill gameplay with AT. Besides tanks have major imbalance against each other. You have tanks like the Panther, Luchs, Chaffee, and more that are expensive, take forever to spawn, and die in a couple hits... Then you have tanks like the Stuart, M10, Hellcat, M4A1 Sherman, Panzer 4, and more that are super cheap, can instantly respawn, and take a crapload of hits to destroy...
  7. Aust1n46

    Demoralising Factor

    My message was simple so I thought. The only reason tons of assaults are unwinnable is because defending is so easy... It takes an overwhelming assault force and overwhelming attacker skill to win assaults. In a match of equal skill the defense will always win. Reto needs to make defense more difficult to balance out assaults.
  8. Aust1n46

    Demoralising Factor

    Or just make defending require actual skill for once... You have to be brain dead to lose pretty much any defense in this game. Especially with 0 skill tank spam and forever away spawns.
  9. Aust1n46

    Johnson M1941 Builds?

    Stock ammo, Sights, Light Spring, Chrome Barrel. Tight Grip or Deadeye make the gun much better because Reto nerfed it with a 50% Aim Penalty when ADS (versus 25% for pretty much every other weapon besides the Mg42 and M2 Carbine) However, Fast Reload is pretty much also required.
  10. Aust1n46

    MG13, is it OP?

    Funny thing no one seems to have mentioned is that the Mg13 has the same stamina as the Fg42 and Johnson, while the BAR has the same stamina of heavy LMG's... The Mg13 is simply amazing with its hard stats and clear iron sight.
  11. Aust1n46

    Mounted LMG - Badge to use?

    It determines negative debuffs to recoil and sway overtime as you fire. So the badges work to reduce these negative effects, however, they have no effect on the base stats of the weapon.
  12. Aust1n46

    Mounted LMG - Badge to use?

    Totally wrong representation of all those badges... All 3 of those badges reduce an internal variable 'Aim Penalty Per Shot' Pointer quickfire reduces that variable by 75% ONLY when hipfiring. Tightgrip reduces that variable by 75% ONLY when aiming down sights. Deadeye reduces that variable by 50% for BOTH hipfire and aiming down sights. None of these badges improve accuracy (which would be lowering the conefire statistic of the weapon). None of these badges reduce sway. And none of these badges reduce aim down sight time.
  13. Aust1n46

    Captured M1911 ... EH?

    The P38 is good with just Engel (which is it's captured bullet)
  14. Quite simple. HE shells should cost the same as AT rockets. 180 credits per shot. Use them wisely. So tired of trying to play and it's ZERO skill tank spam that you spend a fortune to destroy and they spend almost nothing. Spam HE if you want, but pay the price like everyone else.
  15. It's nonsense. It doesn't pull vehicles and troops from the same AT... It used to, but Reto added "resource pooling" And it's the soldier that earns the warfunds for the General.