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  1. Really good players

    I'd throw my computer out the window if I had to play tanker or infantry against myself flying
  2. @SovengardianStill not getting anything fun to use after much trial and error. By "fixed" camera I don't mean fixed around the plane. I mean fixed in general so I can pan around while I maneuver. All the camera types in WT move with the plane. So if I'm trying to track a plane behind me while maneuvering, I really can't, while I easily can in HG.
  3. Medium Fighter Ratings

    I fly the P40 all the time, unless every single enemy pilot is better when I play US, the P40 is worse even in a dogfight. I always do better with a Yak. The Yak is more accurate at range, and has better DPS up close, better in a headon, more likely to kill the pilot, etc
  4. Short match on US after much SU. Gotta teach em how to ground pound Hide those painted panthers!
  5. Medium Fighter Ratings

    Like I've said 1000 times before, if you have random queue noobs flying around (aka 99% of pilots in H&G) the me109 is the best fighter. Easy for them to bomb and get kills. If you have pros flying, then the Yak is better, but that's few and far between. Never do I see random queue nooblets lasering down tanks with the Yak. But I do see random queue nooblets bombing the shirt out spawns with the me109.
  6. broken up to date

    How is heavy set a crutch...? I think EZ mode 0 skill scoped 1 shot kill rifles are the crutch here.
  7. Medium Fighter Ratings

    The D-1 is slow, I can just out run it whenever I want to. The me109 is certainly the easiest plane the fly. Less skill required to drop large bombs. No ammo conversation required with the short rearm timer. And wing guns aim for you when you just spray and pray. Can't believe you'd say the P40 is OP Still can barely kill a light tank, and not in a single pass. While I 1 burst heavy tanks with the Yak and 109. P40 also has the worst dive recovery and brick like handling. Unless I'm flying it with HE, you can basically ignore the P40 when playing infantry. They will kill themselves more than they kill you. And even then, Yak HE is more powerful and accurate than the P40's.
  8. Sherman Jumbo, front armor.

    I've earned my say. Pretty sure you've lost more Panthers to my Chaffee than total tanks of mine you have ever killed But don't worry, I got fistfuls of AT nades and shrecks to spawn camp GE tanks. The higher the level the more fun it is. Anti seal clubbing. Gotta get those PTRD's somehow
  9. Sherman Jumbo, front armor.

    That 0 substance argument doesn't even work on me... I'm much better than both of you and pretty much every other forum warrior when it comes to tanking
  10. Sherman Jumbo, front armor.

    The only solution US and SU have to counter the EZ mode OP Tigers are sticky bombs and planes. The IS-2 and Pershing are a waste of credits and just as weak to AT. Why pay 1200 credits to spawn a slower than King Tiger IS-2 that also has no armor, and can only penetrate a tiny hatch when I can just spend 500 credits for H3? Give the EZ mode Tiger 2 the same weakspots as the other heavy tanks, and maybe we will use less stickies. Or give SU a nice IS-3 for our own tier 3 heavy. And give GE some garbage tank and call it a tier 1. Give them "captured KV-85 "
  11. Sherman Jumbo, front armor.

    That has nothing to do with why Germany loses wars. You got 75% of your EZ mode faction as staged warriors, and a bunch of afk generals guarding Rome 24/7. If you want muh realism, then US and SU should have a massive stockpile of tanks against a tiny group of Panthers. Toss in thousands of bazookas and ptrds as well. All Germany loves to do is whine. That's why I left the faction. Crying about the Dumbo Sherman? When you have EZ mode tigers? You got a tier 2 heavy that costs 300 credits... (Tiger 1) The Dumbo can barely even pen the front of a Panther or Stug, while your EZ Tiger 1 can pen the front of pretty much everything, forget about the tier 3 Tiger 2, that's even more OP.
  12. Should badges have negative effects?

    The negative of using other badges is not having heavyset and getting cheesed by 0 skill crutch rifles.
  13. Teach me how to tank

    19 and 0 with a stolen hellcat driven by my german tanker destroying soviet tanks :3 Was pretty awesome for me. Tense match.
  14. Teach me how to tank

    First rule of tanking, never let Aust1n46 steal your tank. After losing OP panther to SU and panza wolf mining 2 tanks, we biked all the way to the US lines and acquired a free hellcat! Took her for quite a ride