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  1. Aust1n46

    Heavy planes

    That's great to hear. I would hope it's going to be 12 mediums and 12 heavy planes on each line. And not all the mediums on one attack line and all the heavies on the other. Can you confirm how the resources will be distributed?
  2. Aust1n46

    garand mod question

    Use the ammo. Makes the gun more accurate and gives you more range. Well worth it, especially with the scope.
  3. People seem to ignore that most battles have 50-150 tanks in them... Why should it be hard to destroy a tank when the enemy team has literally HUNDREDS of them...
  4. Aust1n46

    Heavy planes

    I played 6 months of consecutive wars as SU and now I'm biased for US? All I state is facts. If more players just played heavy fighters, it would be even more balanced than mediums because the planes themselves are more balanced. There's nothing wrong with the planes. I don't see how mediums can be more balanced when the US doesn't even have a plane with a cannon and therefore cannot destroy a tank or APC. SU has a worthless Mig-3 that is like an Me410 with no cannons and WAY worse maneuverability (yep, the Mig has WORSE maneuverability than the Me410) And GE has 2 planes that both have 20mm cannons AND large bombs. Every medium fighter is different and far from balanced. Just because more people play the class doesn't make it more balanced... If anything, that argument that more people play mediums and it's balanced supports my argument: That if more people simply played heavy fighters they would too be balanced. No change to any heavy fighter is needed. If anything, changes to medium fighters would make the game more balanced. Such as giving the US a plane with a 20mm cannon and giving both US and SU the option to mount a large bomb instead of small bombs. I just can't believe people actually think that they are entitled to win a 1 v 4 in the sky just because the queued up... 1 P38 v 4 Pe3's would result in the Pe3's dominating the P38. In that case, I should come to the forums and whine for Pe3 nerf!? Because that's basically what all these P38 whine threads boil down to. Nothing to do with plane stats and everything to do with the number of planes in the air.
  5. Aust1n46

    Plane MGs vs. Hellkitty armor

    That's not the reason at all... Back in the day, the Me109 and the P38 had FACT (stock ammo) for their MG's. When the Yak was added, it had 170 rounds of AP MG. People complained that the Yak only had 170 rounds, so Reto increased it to 850 (where it is now) and then gave both the Me109 and P38 AP MG as well. The performance of these guns is unlike any other. The P38's four 50 caliber machine guns all fire at the same rate as a single gun. Same for the two 7.92mm machine guns on the Me109. Reto made the Me109's machine guns perform similar to the Yak's single 50 caliber machine gun and the P38's four 50 caliber machine guns. That's why it has higher penetration than the Recon planes MG17 or the ground mounted MG34. TLDR: The Me109's MG's are basically performing like 50 caliber machine guns, which is why they have more penetration than the Recon plane.
  6. Aust1n46

    Heavy planes

    The P38 and Me410 (and all other planes) have the exact same health... 750 hit points. And I wouldn't try to cherry pick anything from real life, because the P38 was actually faster than the Me410 in real life... The P38 was the most successful heavy fighter of the war, while the Me410 was a failure, like most other heavy fighter planes.
  7. Aust1n46

    Heavy planes

    Heavies are by far the most balanced when it comes to plane stats. The P38 and Pe3 are almost identical and the Me410 is faster. If anything the Me410 is unbalanced by the fact that pretty much any time a premade squad flies it the enemy team is defenseless. All heavy fighters have nose 20mm cannons, 2 large bombs, and the same rearm speed. None of the tier 2 medium fighters have the same armament, or even bomb load. When it comes to players playing each class, medium fighters have more players by far. If more people played heavy fighters from GE and SU it would be "balanced"
  8. Aust1n46

    Soviet Tanks..

    You act as if I can't easily flank in the Panther... especially since the Panther is much faster. The Panther is better at long range, better at close range, better at any range, better against AT infantry, better against light tanks, better against heavy tanks, faster reload speed, better zoom, and many more advantages. The *ONLY* advantage the T34-85 has over the Panther is 50 extra points of damage allowing it a better 2 shot kill chance. Pretty much every other stat you can think of goes to the Panther.
  9. What it takes to win a simple assault against infantry with only minimal vehicles... Still lost 11 planes (I never died) to wasters too...
  10. Aust1n46

    Undeploy and repair costs.

    Right... GE wheeaboos think that it's not enough to absorb *ONLY* 6-7 hits from a T34 while they can penetrate the T34 on the first shot every single time... This update is going to be "everyone go play GE tanks update" all while they nerf AT so infantry can't even kill them.
  11. Aust1n46

    Heavy planes

    Go 1 v 4 against any plane and you'll die every time. The me410 is one of the best planes in the entire game to go 1 v 4 with anyways. Only plane that can run away from a fight. All you need is 1 wingman and you can easily go 2 v 4 and destroy random queue P38's... And lets not forget the matches US pilot have to deal with when it's 1 v 6 in medium fighters... The fact that the P40 can barely destroy a tank and can't even penetrate an APC. It's no surprise most US pilots are going to queue for heavy only. US doesn't even get a large bomb until heavy tier while every single German plane has a large bomb...
  12. Aust1n46

    But did i get his warfunds?

    Before I died. Total with 1 spawn from your AT. I only killed 38 infantry, 2 tanks, and a couple APC's with your spawn. @Reto.Millan So is this slated to be changed/fixed in the RTS update? I probably lost over 20,000 warfunds in profit, and still had to pay for the repairs on 1 plane... And this doesn't include the hundreds of infantry used up on D line and the Generals that also earned nothing for their troops...
  13. Aust1n46

    No warfunds awarded if line gets capped out

    No, I didn't die until long after the line was capped out. I don't see how the Reto quote could be true. I've played entire battles and never died and still earned warfunds. And I'll clarify that this isn't the first time this has happened. I knew I'd get nothing if D line was closed so I even focused all my attention on defending it while it was being capped out.
  14. It gets real old when you try and send para or planes to a battle and they land on some random line, usually where you don't want them to land. Why can we not pick which line these AT's travel down? It makes no sense that the most mobile units that come from the SKY go to an unpredictable line!!! @Reto.Circinus
  15. Ground pounding with APCR. Using AT's is fun stuff. More people should use theirs instead of camping them at London all war