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  1. paratrooper landing xp

    You got 4x as much back in the day.
  2. US tanker questions.

    Tiger 2 will get their faster than an IS-2 or KV-85. It's the 3rd fastest heavy tank. Jumbo is the fastest then the Pershing, then the Tiger 2.
  3. Update 1.11 ‘Skirmish at Khutor’ is here!

    All the matches I've played on the new map end in 4 minutes to GE seal clubbers. I think my SU team got a total of 3 kills in the entire match and never even captured a point. Unlike all the other skirmish maps, you don't even get a free capture at the start, so your bound to lose even faster when the teams are unbalanced (like they always are against GE)
  4. As long as Reto allows maxed out Germans to play in staged against low level US and SU players, it will never be enjoyable. Even in matches with so called "OP" equipment the US still loses more than 50% of the time, usually in under 15 minutes. If you want to play assault matches on SU and US, it's easier to do so in war most of the time. The extra XP is just an added bonus.
  5. US tanker questions.

    Jumbo is feed for my Tiger 2. Almost a 0% chance you will ever even damage me let alone kill me. Avoid at all costs. Stuart is good cheapo tank. I'd just run chaffee on a main tanker though. Hellcat is great of course. M10 is also good, but for a backup tanker not a main. Pershing is good, especially in war against mediums. Only shot US has to kill Tigers frontally other than sticky rambo. Fun when played well, aux seat when doing poorly to avoid high repair. Easy 8 is mediocre. Has nothing on the Panther but can easily dispatch the even worse SU tanks with ease. Nickel and diming on repair costs is no reason to buy a cheaper tank. Just factor in the price of said cheaper tank and you could spawn 400 of the better more expensive tank. Skip all the low tiers and only buy top tier. If you want low tier as a backup tanker, do that later. @W34p0NThe m2a2 can frontally penetrate every light tank frontally except the T70 if you know where to aim. And using spawn cost to determine killing efficiency is detrimental when playing war or in a staged match where you're tight on resources. Just keep that in mind when you're spawning 16 cheapo tanks a match and running down the resource pool.
  6. Heroes & Generals Pilot Community Discord Server.

    What's with this wide spread liberal mentality where if someone says something you don't agree with you attempt to define it as "negativity". I'll say whatever the hell I want. This isn't your safe space. And PS, nothing I said was even negative. It's simply the truth.
  7. H&G has extremely inefficient packet handling and netcode. Just press F6 in game to see your real push latency. Mine is often much higher than the listed ping, yet every other game and online application is butter smooth.
  8. Newbies in War

    Easiest thing to do is not allow queuing for staged and war at the same time. These people just check the war box and go on their way. That's what happens. Make it so you have to choose between war and staged, and the nooby tankers and specialist spammers will stay in staged. They aren't going to waste time queuing for war.
  9. Vehicles in encounters

    Just remove vehicle AT's from staged encounter. Change it to just foot guard teams.
  10. Give to SU paratrooper LIGHT MACHINEGUN

    Reto refuses to add a weapon for SU para. No wonder no one players SU para in staged. You got 10 GE para every match and 0 SU para.
  11. Staged(Elite)

    While that is entirely true, it's also either play as Germany or lose every match.
  12. Staged(Elite)

    Reto's attempt at new player matchmaking groups was a fail as expected. I remember when I started the game and when you hit rank 6 you would be dumped into "tier 2" matches. That lasted plenty of time and was fun. The new system is dreadful. Long waits for a match just to be filled with the cheaters and team killers, and then boom you get dumped into gold match making with 0 credits. Too specific and complex. Just do it based on relative level of highest level character of the chosen class queued as. So if you queue as staged infantry and you're highest level infantry is level 15, there should be 1 level 15 on the other team to "counter you". Could people still abuse this? Of course, but it would hopefully cut down on the number of maxed out German team versus red ranked soviets.
  13. H3 iron fist + grenadier.

    Fast reload gold is still a better badge even if that did work. Trust me when I say I've tested all these combinations. Iron Fist Gold and Fast Reload Gold for panzershreck is the best you can do.

    1 shot probably failed to register. It made the smoke and the particles but never actually said penetrated armor due to lag on the server.

    Iron Fist doesn't work on cargo trucks or anything with less than 20mm of armor.