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  1. Re-Add Career Options

    It was way cheaper to grind up new soldiers and more well rounded because everyone had to at least experience infantry from time to time leveling new soldiers. I only have like 4 legacy characters and I really wish I knew about the change before it happened. Would have bought way more soldiers. My German tanker has all sorts of stuff new tankers probably will never get. Sure, not all of it is super useful, but still fun. Such as an mp40 obtained legitimately (not from farming XP at the ammo crate). P38 pistol also obtained legitimately. Camo badge from G43 sniper. Heavyset gold from playing infantry. And a few other cool things. My US tanker has SMG's and pistols all from the Gauis Grinding Guide (only way possible now). I see people do all sorts of ridiculous grinding now on specialists because they can't switch to infantry... could all be avoided if we could simply swap to infantry at any time.
  2. I have never once, 500+ hours of tanking ever found that useful. Those hill camper tanks are worthless wastes of space on your team. Worse than even Recon.
  3. They both have plenty of cannon depression, yet the Panther can hit planes and the easy 8 cannot with its 500m/s lobs. Panther has impenetrable frontal armor that is way larger than the lower plate on the easy 8 Panther has impenetrable mantlet and front turret, easy 8 front turret and cheeks is a weak spot even to light tanks Panther is still faster than the easy 8 2 Mg's for the gunner is useless, the Panther has a better gunner seat 3rd person location, less exposed to snipers Both tanks deal the same 700-900 damage per shot. Only the T34-85 deals more at 750-950.
  4. Should have used HVAP shells just like they did on the Pershing. I already made a whole thread on it. The APCR round we have in game isn't even a composite round if I recall correctly. The Panther is OP on all fronts versus the easy 8. Better speed Better frontal armor Better side armor Fewer weak spots for light tanks to penetrate (Easy 8 suffers from critical mudflap failure even against the Luchs) Better shell velocity and cannon Better sight reticle (subjective but I think it's more precise than a + sign that covers half the target at long range) Cheaper to spawn Less engine smoke Which is why I rarely ever use the easy 8, unless it's a war battle and the enemy has light tanks. The hellcat is better in pretty much every other scenario and staged battle.
  5. Heavy Planes speed, not equal!!!

    Every single match I fly with the me410 ends up like this. Noobs don't know to fly the me410, not my problem. Only takes 2 pilots in the me410 to crush 4 enemy pilots. The bait and kill technique is pretty much uncounterable.
  6. Classes Poll

    The p40 can only penetrate a select few tanks when fired directly straight down on them. I can penetrate and destroy tanks in a single pass with the 20mm without being directly on top of them. The only tank I have to fly straight down on with the 20mm is the King Tiger and it's 40mm top armor. The P40 is absolute garbage compared to 20mm planes when it comes to ground support. The pe3 is better than the p38 at everything except maybe total size. Equal turning Significantly better diving and climbing More cannon ammo No queue in war
  7. LeadBoards is FAIL

    Staged recon skirmish farmer has less long range rifle kills than my level 4 US recon that I've played like 10 times Probably using a silverbuster to kill noobs that don't even have heavyset.
  8. are there any big axis clans?

    I'd say that lots of people just don't want to play the soviet faction. That's why it's still underpopulated. I've only played over there to fly the Yak in war battles with my AT's because they have no queues. I dislike the fact that most of the faction chat over there isn't even English and there are only a few English clans on the TS. The game honestly did seem like it was better with just 2 factions.
  9. Classes Poll

    Who has 40 heavy fighter AT's and actually deploys and uses them? Soviets spam Yak's like they are nothing with just a 24 hour queue. Germany can spam mediums as well with their like 10 hour queue. US has a 7 DAY queue for our lackluster medium fighter that can't even kill a tank with the main guns and a 3 day queue for heavy fighters on top of a long grind to get the AT. I rarely ever see P38's in a match other than the matches where I use my own. US has the complete shaft on planes right now in war. The yak is the best overall plane. -It can kill tanks almost at the efficiency of a heavy fighter -It can kill infantry with nose-mounted HE just like a heavy fighter -It is the all-around best dogfighter in the game -It is easy to get the assault team -It has a low queue time to deploy the assault team -It is 300 warfunds cheaper PER PLANE than a heavy fighter The only downside of the Yak is the bombs, but if you want 2 large bombs, use the Pe3, those have no queue at all and are just as deadly as a P38. I'd say the soviets are in the best shape for planes in war. They have the best medium fighter hands down, and arguably the best heavy fighter as well, and on top of that, low to no queues. I got 4 medium fighter AT's for SU in like 2 days and was using them the next day. It took me at least a month of careful and planned out grinding to get my 3 heavy fighter AT's on the US side, and I have to be more careful when I use them too. I used to play SU wars where I played every single match as pilot in a war and I could easily do that with just 3-4 fighter AT's.
  10. Playing against Germany after Vehicle 2.0

    Germany always has the tank spam. Panthers spammed up against M3 lee's and M4 shermans that don't stand a chance. Until I roll up with my panzershreck to level the playing field. But if they nerf that in armor 2.0 GG US tankers.
  11. You obviously don't have or use plane assault teams regularly if you think just waiting for the match to fill solves anything Most squads do have pilot aux seats and the matchmaker will actively seek to place noob fighter squads into a full match. 1 person quitting is all it takes for noob fighter squad to join. They are the absolute highest matchmaking priority. If a newer pilot is searching for a battle, they click STAGED!!!!!! Not war!!!!! I'm not suggesting limiting any queuing possibilities. I want to be able to lock down my specialist assault teams so that only I and my trusted friends can use them. You can queue as pilot in war all you want, you just won't be using my planes. So you're telling me the noobs that spawn panzer 1 in war and go 0 and 16 depleting the entire tank assault team make the battle better? I don't know a single clan member or veteran player that actively wants those players in the war. Everyone I know wants more infantry players, and my proposal is a simple and effective way to promote more infantry gameplay while protecting assault teams.
  12. War - Para ressources

    There is no stockpile of para, that is correct. Every faction starts with 0. It's like this to avoid/limit para block encirclement at the start of the war.
  13. PTRD Changes

    I've never seen anyone use a PTRD for anything other than BS anti-air since the nerf. It's absolutely useless against vehicles, you won't hit them unless it's point blank. Maybe go watch Oldmansmither's AA guide and learn how to use an AA gun and accept a nice buff for the PTRD. The PTRD uses to be pretty good against tanks and vehicles, especially fired at range and in cover. It cannot even hit a tank at 50 meters now. I would love to be able to fire it prone at the same ranges it used to be able to hit.
  14. When they buy their own specialist assault teams and or find a General that is willing to let them use their troops. Promote some teamplay to get on the General's good side and use their troops. There are thousands of tanks deployed every war, I'm sure there are plenty of Generals willing to let anyone use their tanks, but they should all have the option to lock them down if they want to. They are the General after all. I wanted to fly, so I joined up with some clans and they supplied me planes, and of course I did well, so they kept supplying me, and now I have my own assault teams to use. Pretty logical progression there. Build up some trust -> get supplied by clans/Generals -> eventually buy your own troops. Why should someone that just bought a pilot yesterday be able to fly and crash my fighter planes that I worked a long time to get and deploy? They can progress with the same steps I followed.
  15. Yes, I do want new players to enter war battles, BUT they should be playing INFANTRY!!! Not pilot wasting my planes! Not tanker wasting my tanks! Not recon camping in a bush! They should be playing INFANTRY! All we are asking for is a way to lock down specialists, pilot, tanker, and recon. NOT infantry. Anyone will be able to play infantry.