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  1. a lot of the time you'll send [all of] [some of] [one of] your assault teams into a specific match and they'll end up walking directly into an ongoing match instead of "TRYING TO AVOID ANY BATTLES THAT THEY'D GET STUCK IN" or not even that, but not even be able to go down the simplest, easiest line to get to a battle, they screw that up. Here is the video, i had to record it. How is the movement system on the RTS side so bad they can't go to where you send them. Make it so when you send assault teams, you have multiple "pit stop Flags" that will give your assault teams a general directly to follow along a "true destination Flag" that'll guide the "pit stop flags" and make sure they don't walk the wrong way. and end up wasting your time and credits/gold. Video: https://youtu.be/5qmF9I_fSYg
  2. I noticed the war was about to finish, GE was about to capture Kiev, so multiple times i created skirmishes with few troops to stop them from winning quickly. I was lucky enough to have 1 AT on Kiev i sent just in time to block 6.7k infantry.
  3. US never has any resources, no tanks, no recon vehicles, no pleanes... EVER. Every other faction will have tanks in most battles, recon vehicles a little less, and sometimes recon planes. This entire war, i have not seen 1 friendly tank / 1 friendly plane / 1 friendly recon vehicle. US Generals are selfish. When i play other factions, i put my resources into battles that im not in, and i will random queue. Sometimes i'll queue on my stuff but not always. I allow players to use my Tanks/Recon planes/ Recon... Etc Assault Teams without having to be there. And many others do the same in SU and GE factions. The only AT i queue on for sure is my Medium Fighter Planes, * and RETO needs to add a feature to only send in a specific amount of your AT into battles, 4-6 planes are fine, we don't need all 24 * ^ and that's because they are expensive. All US battles are: Spam infantry || use 1-2 APC || nothing else because there are no resources || It's so boring, i hope Generals do a better job. -- Thanks for the future hate.
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    Can we do more events please? can you add a feature where, if you steal a vehicle/tank/plane it gets added to your stock pile. maybe if it doesn't blow up
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    where are the winners posted?
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    Prototype test: Hero control tweaks

    Its pretty nice, definitely and upgrade from what it was, laying down faster is nice. Would be nice if ya'll took the heavy set gold off of bots though so 4 LMG bullets actually kill them. I stop shooting them when i know they should be dead, then they aren't... then i die. Nerf the bots please. NO bots should have heavyset gold. They don't deserve it, or at least lower the number of them with it on.. when it takes 5 sniper shots to kill a bot for 1 ONE exp... talk about bullcrap
  7. Can we please get a beach / tropical style map? Where most of the action is on low-medium low water beach front. Different style maps would be sweet, even if they weren't perfect. **Is there anything new being added though? What the team is working on is never updated in the development overview.** Would be nice to know what is actually being added, even small things would be nice to know. Thanks. Btw, saying go to development overview won't help, its never updated, it still says "captured vehicles" and "armor plates" even though its been mentioned that they're both scrapped, so they shouldn't be on there. and most of the content on that page is very non-informative, or again outdated. Everything in the final development slot has already been finished and released (by the time im posting this, 3 weeks after) the holidays. Again, ANYTHING new would be nice, information wise at least. Thanks ❤️ Oh yeah, and the changelog is a month old... When there have been at least 4-10 server shutdowns within that time, but why no NOTE file for us to see what was updated?
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    Ultimate H&G Wins - Best Twitch Players.

    These are the best clips i could find of our H&G Twitch community. Please support and watch the streamers, it helps the community.
  9. Reto should add this ww2 gun, and make it moveable via jeep/tank. Possibly workable with two players. Wouldn't be too hard to add, would add some more fun and interesting game play.
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    New Weapon to add.

    It'd be really cool to have
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    Mounted LMG - Badge to use?

    When using an LMG and it's mounted, which badge would increase it's accuracy the most? Pointer Quick Fire - %75 + hip fire (mounted) Tight Grip - %50+ cone expansion reduction (mounted) or Dead Eye?
  12. Hi, i wasn't sure what happened here. I logged in, deployed one of my assault teams, then went to my main soldier and started to search for a match for the current soldier. I found a war match, it started to load, then crashed after about 10 seconds and a crashlog popped up that said this could help if posted. thank you, sorry if i posted in the wrong location.
  13. Well if not golden frame, then at least extra stats to put on there, and show the badges would be nice.
  14. I was curious if it was possible to add a golden frame to the in game character card for veterans with membership, this will be an incentive for non-members to get membership. It'd be nice as a non-member to be able to see who has membership while in game (see why they're doing well) and make people realize oh, i died because the guy has tight grip gold and dead-eye badges on.. no wonder.. -- it might look cool Also it would be nice to be able to see what badges people are using in the player card.. so lets say you get killed 10 times in a row by a sniper, you check their player card and it shows that have camo badge and the short spot time badge. -- or to be able to see how many people are using mechanic badge that are probably tank supporters. Either way it would honestly be refreshing to see the player cards be updated and semi personalized. Maybe even let the player choose which stat they have like "4,670 PMK kills" or something. ^^ This is just a rough photoshop of what you could do, but Reto could do a better job. Hope it gets added.
  15. If its a match where it is 16 players 12 bots |VS| 18 players 12 bots -- They should just balance the bots... Give 2 more bots to the team with less actual players until someone wants to join. ^^ They just need to actually balance the amount of bots to match evenly with the total number of players. Reto really needs to work on allowing players into matches. I've been in a war match where it was 4 vs 12 and people couldn't get into the match. There are times where there is a war match going on that is 13 |VS| 18 and im trying to join the team with 13 players on for more than 10-15 minutes and still not being allowed into the UNFAIR and UNBALANCED match.
  16. Yeah that was another idea behind it, if you die from the same guy 10 times in a row and you're pissed, you click on his player card to report, but you see the guy has heavy set gold and tight grip gold on his current solder selected with the m1919, and instead of reporting, be less mad when he sees that the guy is a veteran with good badges. -- I liked the idea also of being able to add another stat to your player card, like ; Biggest Kill Streak : 14 | or | Rank #08 Overall Repair | --- They could use the H&G website's leader board to find something like your overall repairing stats and use that as an in game descriptor in your player card. Would be nice to see it updated a bit, a newer fresh take on it, and make it actually useable other than people freaking out and going there to report.
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    Ai Bug in Assault.

    Well i figure the bots end up swimming TO o2 FROM o1, and on the way they end up swimming where the water meets the walls until the reach the ladders, at some point when they reach the dock (where the ladders are attached) they glitch through the wall/dock/ladder and end up underneath the map. It might just be them all being clustered slowly reaching the ladders around the same time, so 3-5 of them grab the ladder at the same time and they end up underneath the water? Or after the bots climb up the ladder onto the dock, the cluster of bots end up walking into the wooden fence there and glitch into it causing them to go under the map. Either way, the bots are hard bodies like our characters, so you can't walk through them, so im assuming however they end up under there, regular players can get down there as well.
  18. daniel131605

    Ai Bug in Assault.

    Somehow the Ai were ending up in the bottom of the water, not on point.
  19. Would it be possible to increase the armor on the tier 2 recon armor please? At least the Puma and the BA-11. A Stuart can 2 hit the GE Puma (and the Stuart reloads super fast) so you're almost instantly dead as soon as you're spotted, it takes 1 panzerfoust with a bronze infantry first badge to 1 hit either tier 2 armor as well. Can you at least make it a 3 hit to destroy the armor, or increase the armor so it can take the 1st hit, but the next 2 will finish you off? Just sick of 2m20s spawn time on it to be insta killed with it. The SDKFZ 222 can take 3-4 hits before it blows up. It takes at least 5-7 shots to kill the new US tier 2 recon armor, and that thing can drive through water. Just curious on you're guy's opinion. Would like to see them strengthened a little more. The power output is fine, just the incoming damage shouldn't kill the tier 2 armor faster than tier 1 armor. Thanks.
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    Soldier Specialization - What do you think?

    Kind of confused by it, but close quarters combat probably won't have the option to go (Knife only--Marathon man--Vehicle Theif/HeavySet) So it's what the devs think is an appropriate loadout? Even on my lower level characters I wouldn't try to use it, (is this supposed to be like an upgrade to the "Next Unlocks" when you click on different characters, so instead of seeing 3 things you see this big tab.
  21. ^^ These are the war statistics from the last 7 wars. According to this data: GE: Spent 182,022,534,464 WarFunds (182billion warfunds) MORE over these last 7 wars than the FACTIONS who spent the LEAST. Out of these last 7 wars: SU spent the LOWEST amount of warfunds ( 5/7 ) wars, SU spent the LOWEST WarFunds. SU: Won ( 6/7 ) Wars. GE: LOST MOST in every category EXCEPT ( 7 / 35 ) categories. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ If GE is going to spend 182 Billion more WarFunds over 7 wars than the rest of the Factions, why aren't we getting +%5-%15 EXP / Warfunds? -We are losing the most resources every war, give GE +%Stats. Instead of SU who wins every war and spends more than 100 Billion less warfunds -*Point B Newbies, Alt-Accounts, Randoms joining GE War mode: -I have seen 1-4 (Per-Match) AFK / Noobs playing for the first time / Randoms who don't know they're playing war with other peoples' resources / and Alt-Accounts MOSTLY on GE WAR MODE side who intentionally throw matches by spamming MG gunfire onto friendly tanks to show enemies where our tanks are, Blow up friendly APC Spawn points, and Team kill (going 2-35) in a WAR MODE MATCH. -- As far as this problem goes my suggestion would be to be some type of fee to get into war. People who want to actually participate and get their %+EXP drop will have to have previously earned at least, maybe (@1,250 Credits/(Day of war that goes by that "User" is active in) or maybe (@5,000 credits to join war) or maybe (@1,000 warfunds to join war at the start of the war -- if you don't have 1,000 warfunds you can only play war matches that are smaller than assault war matches) -- This will prevent Alt-accounts from getting into assault mode war matches and spawning planes/tanks/apc/recon and intentionally wasting them -- This will help prevent people from ****intentionally.... or unintentionally joining war matches and losing the match when you have no idea what is going on, by having a standard fee to join. --*Point C
  22. There is a bug that one of my squad mates just mentioned the match before about "Hearing whistles before them match loads" and I didn't think that was a thing, but i just tried to load into a war match, the match loaded to about %99 and i kept hearing about 6-7 whistles.. then the match stopped loading, and says: "Rejoin". If i hit rejoin the match won't load still. Also, the last 2 matches i played i didn't get any EXP, Credits, or Warfunds...Out of the last 2 days this is about the 8th time i have played a 30-70 minute match and got 0 exp... 0 credits... 0 warfunds... and to be stuck in the squad and no one can leave, or start new matches... then if you continue to try to play war, after you couldn't leave your squad, now you can, you'll get the same match you just spent an hour fighting for... only for it to not load again, or actually have to again.. spend another hour on a match you already won/lost... Also you have to foot the cost of the credits you burned while in that match, but don't get any credits from the kills you accumulated. Really stressing me out.
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    400mb file update only for weapon prices in store? Or did you add the bi pods but not make them available yet? Shouldn't be 400mb to change the store prices?
  24. Alright so i didn't just save up 57,000 credits to buy this SdKfz 250/3 for it NOT TO BE ABLE TO BE SPAWNED ONTO. The f*** seriously? The old apc you can't spawn on now... how does that make any sense.. if you can't spawn on that half-track spawn wagon then what the hell is the use of even having that thing... Legit pissed off right now i spent that money on something that ITS MAIN FUNCTION isn't usable. Only reason why anyone WOULD EVER use that is for spawning people. Explain why they took that function off from it? It shouldn't cost more than 34,000 credits if its going to still be this piece of s****.