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    Very low fps! How it's possible?

    Been gone (almost) 3 years because of the performance issues, went from solid fps and no drops to complete crap. Came back and tried again, still the same. BUT, I found if you tab out and minimize the character screen (you have to set it to windowed mode before firing up the game) then go back to the main game it helped immensely. It still ramps up my video card fan high and CPU fan runs at 100% , as it shouldn't with such moderate graphics. Much more demanding games don't cause half the stress but this worked pretty well for me. I had this realization when i noticed both windows remain open, in other situations where I have run multiple games at once, minimizing 1 decreases the load quite a bit. It's essentially making your PC render 2 game windows. Also, don't leave the war map up its highly draining as well.
  2. Haven't cared to log in since the murder of the only part of the game i could still put hours into - flying. I remember hearing there would be fixes/changes in the upcoming patch. Any information on when that might happen or what the long term plans are?
  3. Thank you for the response, hoping for the best )
  4. Why was my poll deleted asking for opinions on the changes to plane controls
  5. Kipu

    Ihlefeld Plane Changes

    As yet another experienced pilot with several hundred hours in the p38, I have to say I am sorely disappointed at the control changes. I ended up logging out after 1 or 2 matches just wondering if anyone had actually play tested these mechanics and controls before sending this update out. I spent the majority of my time fighting the apparent brick that was sitting on the plane's throttle cable, causing the plane to seek high speeds at all times except when in the new debug mode. Having a bit of throttle control there in the Debug was nice, but then the throttle starts automatically ramping up to near max setting as soon as you look around the battlefield in orbital view. ONE single throttle control would really make things seamless, being pulled back and forth between speeds and then forced into high speeds when in one view is really weird. Also as mentioned above, the mouse control while firing does so little now it's quite hard to use it at all. This also worked great before but is nearly unusable now. Honestly as others have said, the previous controls were just fine, great even I would say. The only changes needed were sharper control in Debug Mode and a higher maximum speed. Reverting to the previous controls but increasing the sharpness of controls when in debug mode would be the ideal way to make things fun and manageable again. I have no idea how the bombs drop now because plane control is so bad, and with the brick on the throttle cable i was never able to get to where i dropped one. As it stands pilot is basically unplayable, and since that's all I've been doing for months, that kind of kills the game for me at the moment. Here are the main issues IMO: 1 - Automatic speed control. It's highly annoying to be forced into high speeds when in Orbital view, then given control again when in the new debug mode. The back and forth between forced acceleration and then having control again is disorienting. One single throttle control that stays where you set it (just up and down is great) would allow seamless throttle control. On this, the previous control was also just fine besides not having throttle control while in Debug. 2 - Sluggish Mouse Control. Even with sensitivity cranked up high, it's near useless when cannon firing. As a side effect, with the high sensitivity you have to adjust it back down when on the ground. Then up again when you want to fire the plane cannon. The previous control on this worked really well. 3 - Speed Indicator. Please don't add things to the center of the screen, it kills the immersion and detracts the eye from seeing depth. In all my time in the sky, rarely have i wondered exactly what speed the plane was traveling. This function would be a lot better off on the side or bottom/top of the screen where it doesn't overlay the same area the pilot must focus closely on. When you are trying to gauge depth in a 3d area, it's quite annoying to have this bright white bar illuminating at the middle of the screen, pulling your eye back to it as if the air speed is the most important thing on the battlefield. It isn't. 4 - Official Joystick Support. I prefer the keyboard personally but this is a few years behind for a game that has airplanes. Really liked the controls before the update and found flying to be immensely fun and engaging. There was a learning curve but it wasn't actually 'hard,' you just had to get good at it. I think that's how games are supposed to work. The best way to fix this would be to revert to previous controls but increase the agility and maximum speed of the planes. One single static speed control would really make speed control fluid and fully controllable. At this point you have taken something wonderful and fun and pretty much murdered it, when only minor tweaks were needed to the existing mechanics. I mean i really find it disturbing and sad. And as other veteran pilots have said, you have destroyed my favorite activity and reason to play the game, R.I.P FLYING =(
  6. this problem happens to me since the last update, I already try that, but it continue happening almost 3/4 times that I try to play.
  7. Been a few weeks here, can't handle just playing the RTS game much longer, waiting an hour or more in between any action and then not being able to help your own AT's since the game won't load. From what i read you can't choose to play your own assault teams now anyway..
  8. No download issue here but still can't launch the action client even after this latest patch. Tried the fixes above, still nothing. Come on Reto
  9. So u can't load up game still [ Post made via Android ] The game itself starts up fine but crashes when a match tries to load
  10. Been through all of that as well but thanks for trying
  11. When the weapon relaxes you can hide in tighter spots inside buildings and behind trees without a gun poking out. Also the crosshair remains in the same when the weapon goes down and back up if i remember correctly. Don't see an issue.
  12. The only way i could see this working was if they put a limit on how many things can be spotted at once or within X amount of time. Otherwise it's way too much information.. Players will take the opportunity to spot constantly with this type of system, allowing everyone to know where the enemy vehicles / tanks / planes /soldiers are located majority of the time as well as what type of vehicle a player is in. Every person on the map should not have access to massive recon at all times. Do you want to feel like a soldier in a WW2 battle who can only see around himself or a cyborg soldier being uploaded constant intel, map updates and locations, vehicle types... Without limitations, this seems something more like an easymode mod or cheat overlay, just too much information being given away. Players would just exploit the #$*% out of it by spotting constantly and filling the map with specific locations and vehicle types, much more than a soldier in a battle in the 1940's would have had access to. Imagine the sheer joy of the tank hunters... a bit OP some tankers might say.. And besides, allow people to mark by threat type and there will be less communication overall, a bad thing generally speaking. Especially for those battles where only 3 people speak through the whole thing anyway.
  13. Fix bugs and refine the existing game please.
  14. I disagree, they can shift the focus and money away from new content. Reto can take the game in any direction they feel like.
  15. Your message contains too few characters.
  16. Are you trying to say we should be asking for more content? I disagree. Quality of game > quantity of gold sinks and extra crap is pretty much what I'm saying. Update the dinosaur aged graphics, optimize the engine so more people can play without frame lag, hot CPU's and video cards. Fix glitches and crashing issues. Better hack detection. Clean up action game UI and UI improvements for generals trying to move ATs. There are a hundred other things that should be addressed to improve game quality but no one's doing those things it seems. Oh look though, you can buy the gun from 'Inglorious Basterds' and other guns soon, so, there's that. There are people out there who can't even PLAY the game because the optimization is so bad. I imagine they might even be willing to buy things if they could play.....
  17. You should change the thread title to "Most of the things I think were implemented wrong"
  18. So i noticed my motorbike is really shiny now and also has a bunch of white paint that was not there before. Pretty much the opposite of camo, you have made it more visible than before. When it was brown/green it blended very well in shadowed areas. Now it sticks out like a sore thumb and is highly visible. Pretty much a nerf, and it looked so much better before also. This is also the case with the chaffee. You give a dark camo which exemplifies the huge white stars and also sticks out like a sore thumb. Meanwhile the soviet and nazi tanks use a lighter camo pattern more similar to the white and there are less of the markings. Whats up? How about some more of that flat brown/green spray paint?
  19. Right, just saying I am hoping they don't continue handing them out on holidays until there are enough of the paintjobs that people can use only custom skins if they want to. As the OP posted, that's the trend in many MMOs during holidays and it would be a downright shame if this game followed suite. At that point, I'd probably be looking for something more true as well. Historic war weapons should not be worn as colorful fashion accessories with little pictures on them. The more I think about it the more disappointed I am with what's already been altered. Really hope this does not continue.
  20. Are you talking about how you have to stand all the way up before you can crouch, exposing your head and giving away your location? Or how a soldier can become 'stuck' in a position where you can't look down your weapon sights or stand up? Or how you can't lay down on semi steep hills? These all seem like issues to me
  21. In real war i don't think i would mind if a guy in my unit wanted to paint up his gun and then wear the paint half off through use in combat. That's just a soldier being a soldier. Here though I do see your point and do agree. When trying to RE-create an era, the one skin isn't going to hurt anything but it would ruin things if there were more weird designs on weapons and everyone just had custom skin guns that don't LOOK ww2 themed. Granted the current selection of black/green etc isn't stock either but at least they are just solid colors and not skulls/lines etc. I would certainly vote for no more of them.
  22. yup there is a need for a guide book for this game after playing half a year i didnt even knew that squad window can be minimized by clicking the squad icon