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    They never listened to begin with. People forget how many suggestion threads got buried in the old forums, how many bug reports got unanswered by the devs, even if the forum bug-report staff got on it pronto.
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    Update 1.18 - UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

    We doing 50 euro DLC's now?
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    B L A S P H E M Y !
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    I don't like bots

    No, i used to play all out, both fps and rts, but with the game turning into what it is today i simply decided that i dont want to dedicate that much of my free time into it. I'd jump in when i feel the itch for an hour or two of fps action, but even that, sadly, is no longer an option. With rts being broken for who knows how long, War matchmaker almost always working the way i described above, Staged was the last refuge for some casual shootouts in my most hours played game on Steam. Nowdays, that hour or two of fps becomes "a battle, but definetly not two" real fukken fast. I can deal with full geared squads of bullies, broken maps, horrible spawnpoints, i can even deal with servers acting up, missed shots that hit, teleporting players etc etc. But adding bots this broken to an already, well lets say problematic game, is the last fukken straw. Only possible way i could maybe enjoy a battle or two would be to have the old pick battle list, where i could safely avoid MT foot assaults and get into a somewhat normal match and not a frustration filled nightmare. And no, i wont click every single battle on that laggy mess of a map either. Just my 2 cents.
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    I don't like bots

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    I don't like bots

    If they brought back the active battles list like we had back in the day so we can see what resources are in and what map and so on, so we can choose where to fight people would get into War much more. But playing 12 Mountain Town's attacks in a row with only foot AT's gets old reaaaly fukken fast.
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    Helmets available for all soldiers

    Wait what, thought it was a gorilla?!
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    I know bro, im just joking around, i couldnt care less about stuff like that And thanks, thats not something i hear very often online, much love my dude ❤️
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    I know But i've played SU-only for around 2 years straight, endured the mg42 in its prime and all that "teamwork and coordination" business, that alone has to count for something right? Can i be accepted into your True Vets Society? Please? Pretty please?
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    Guess its time to log back in for a day or two, check out what the game is like after a long break... 2015 gang represent yo
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    Where that Kotton bOi at?

    Our homeboy at 40k viewers right now, well deserved indeed. I still watch his stuff both on twitch and youtube, he is as funny and chilled out to the max as he's always been, while dishing out some serious skills. Also, i've just had a major HnG nostalgia moment watching Kotton, @OldManSmithers shows up and donates a bunch of cash to him and im like daaaaamn dude, i know that name, i learned how to fly in HnG from his videos, wtf?!
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    My grandfather's infantry unit

    I can share a story, but a bit different then what was writen above, its long and has some not-so-nice details, so be warned before you start reading. I will put it in a spoiler as it is quite long. Edit: formatting
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    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    Are the sales gold only or will we be able to spend our credits as well?
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    Dear Reto.Moto

    Ugh, you know what, you are both of course right, and i just realized i really am not the best at analyzing f2p games sustainability at all I completely forgot about the above mentioned games because i let my personal taste take the better of my judgement - since i wouldnt touch any of the above with a ten feet pole, thru a chain-fenced hole in bulletproff glass, by remote robot hand. I humbly and silently withdraw from the disscussion at hand.
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    Dear Reto.Moto

    Only goes to show that the whole free-to-play thing is a disaster in the long run. If HnG thought me anything - it's to stay the F away from f2p games. That whole business model can not survive without going into full-restart cash-grab mode, pure and simple.
  16. Now don't get me wrong here, its a most impressive collection right there, but one question instantly comes to my mind when i see stuff like this: How much rl money did you blow on all this?
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    Compensation for the „Accuracy-Bug“

    Same reason why all the sales are gold only.
  18. Krlutin

    About Turkey Forum

    Because you act all high and mighty and throw ridiculous claims, numbers and percentages about like you know what you're talking about, all the while being so clueless that there is nothing else to do but make fun of you, maybe feel sorry a bit, im not even sure myself. And to top it off you have the audacity to talk about and even demand respect Maybe set your google translate to non-douchebag un-condescending mode, then think about if what you're asking is making any sense, then come and ask for respect.
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    About Turkey Forum

    *accordion plays in the distance*
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    Compensation for the „Accuracy-Bug“

    Well, they did offer a sale** just now, so that's something i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ **gold only tho lol
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    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

  22. Krlutin

    New way to farm the experience?

    Its doable with recon. As pointed out above, long range sniping awards good xp, wounding a guy is enough for 50-ish xp. Question is, could you land a 100 or so shots from long range in a single match?