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  1. There have been numerous threads in bug hunters about the terrain issue, with screenshots and all, and nothing was done about it for months now. So screw that, why waste time and energy when they've shown already that they wont do anything about it. With normal devs, bug fixing is priority number one after a new patch, but not for Reto. Leaving issues as big as sound not working, maps having holes in them etc. for months now, means only one thing - they just dont give a f*ck. So thanks again redbjarne, but you can go find your own bugs.
  2. Krlutin

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    I personally never paid a dime to Reto, im actually asking for a cousin who i drew into this mess of a game that paid actual money for stuff. We were sharing a laugh about the state of this once great game and this subject popped up, hence my question. Not defending that sh*tty crutch badge no-way no-how, as i made numerous threads for its removal back on the old forums, merely asking as a matter of principle, how the hell is it ok to radically change or remove stuff that people paid money for, that's all.
  3. Krlutin

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Let me ask right now: What the fu*k is Reto planning to do about a significant number of players who used gold/real money to buy Heavy Set Gold, and to buy those fat stacks of Assault Teams, now that both are being changed/removed? Are people getting their money back or what? Also this, so much this:
  4. Krlutin

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    I feel it is merely a sign of the end times coming at us all sooner rather then later. Like i've said, we've seen Reto do this type of publicity stunts for too many times now, there is zero reason to believe anything will change this time around. But hey, im still like one-eighth optimist about HnG, so if it turns around and they actually make a meaningful stream i'll be the first to commend them for it
  5. Krlutin

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Calling it now, dont get your hopes up too much bois, you've all been around, you know how it will all end...
  6. Krlutin


  7. Krlutin


    1.have no life 2.tryhard depot/hamlet (HSG+full mod SA) all day long 3.??? 4.profit
  8. You'd be surprised even more by the number of people who blame obvious netcode misses on the blatantly *re*tar*ded* conefire bullsh*t, even on close range dead-on misses. Myself included Actually the more i think about it the more i realize how convinient the whole conefire gimmick really is for Reto 🤔
  9. 1. Spawn locations 2. Spawn timers 3. Conefire
  10. Basically - we need Arma3 style of weapon mounting is what you're saying. Could be quite tricky with Retox engine as it is.
  11. Krlutin

    Opinions about the suppressed SMGs?

    This photo is from 1945 i believe, almost at the end of the ww2. Might as well add the SKS, the IS-3, the zielgerät 1229 IR scope for StG, and so on and so forth, a whole bunch of other late ww2 toys then. Maybe add Flecktarn, or even better MultiCam camo patterns for GE and US, just so we are on the same page of non-historical sci-fi nothing-to-do-with-ww2 setting.
  12. Krlutin

    Opinions about the suppressed SMGs?

    I'd really love to see where they came up with a suppressed ppsh. Or a suppressed Mp40 with actual combat use for that matter. But after 80s camo patterns anything goes i guess... Add the SKS and the AK next why dontcha
  13. Krlutin


    Suppressed smg's? REALLY NOW!?
  14. Krlutin

    Higher your credits the less you earn

    Bro, you've been told already it doesnt work that way. I have 1.4 mil and i still have the same earnings as ever. Work hard on your xp and try to spend less on high tier stuff, thats it.