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  1. Krlutin

    1.13.1 UPDATE - New Anti Tank Weapons!

    Sooo, still not worth it to come back to HnG?
  2. Krlutin

    I'm BACK!

    That was a long one lol How much they give you, a year or so?
  3. Krlutin

    You did it, Reto! Thank you!

    Working as intended®
  4. Krlutin

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    Reto.Balance at its finest
  5. Krlutin

    Forums dead too?

    Dead game = dead forums Frankly we should've seen it coming, with baskerville and the rest of the Off Topic crew dissapearing, it was as clear sign of the end times as you can get...
  6. Krlutin

    Reto does not deserve anything.

    If i had a time machine first i'd go back and slap my r-tard self for wasting a thousand hours into this trainwreck of a game thinking it will change for the better. Then i would slap myself again for wasting all that off-time at work to browse these forums, instead of being productive - on some different, not-a-steaming-pile-of-dung-game's forums.
  7. Krlutin

    Free Afonso from Gulag

    The day Afonso got the shoe was the day i stopped actively reading these forums, pls retro by all that is holy:
  8. Krlutin


    The bearded one is still around yet Vashu is gone? mfw
  9. Absolutely, just like they did with every update in the past, oh i dont know, two and a half years?
  10. Krlutin

    Which HnG player got the most reports so far?

    Pfff GE side has to many to pick from, at least in the old days. From my humble experience i'd say As1n, steptronik and brunoski got called out the most in chat, especially when teamed-up.
  11. Those staircases, with those large A and B letters and yellow arrow signs, look more fitting to a Black Mesa style underground military facility then a ww1 themed fortress.
  12. Krlutin

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Sooo, im guessing the big long awaited update flopped? Jee, who would've thought that could happen Oh well, they'll get it to somewhat playable state throughout 2019, no worries guys! See you on the battlefield around that time, that is, if there's anyone else left by then.