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  1. Not to belittle Gun Jesus himself, but he does seem kinda... small framed shall we say?
  2. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    I smell another month of 'free deploy + vet time' coming
  3. Battlefield V possible threat to H&G?

    Oh God, why oh why did i google that I keep getting reminded why i never played anything other then the original one...
  4. bocaz back on his "GE-is-full-of-nazis-and-everyone-who-disagrees-is-a-nazi"crusade again oh mang, time to pop some corn i guess, dis gon b gud
  5. Battlefield V possible threat to H&G?

    The way i see it, Reto's inability to provide much desired fixes in a reasonable time-frame is currently the only threat to HnG. This game has a great base idea, but is severely held back by the slowness of its dev team. Battlefield has a different audience i reckon, so it coming out shouldnt have that much of an effect.
  6. new reporting for the forum pages

    Sure is General Development Feedback in here Slamming that report number 3 button like a mofo boiii
  7. Bumping as this is still relevant, the spawn locations are still the main issue. Please oh please Reto, bring back on-point spawns, this spawn 2.0 abomination is horrible!
  8. Yeah i've also noticed that lately even the forums became oversaturated with alts, this community is such a toxic shitshow, if it wasnt so damn funny it would be pretty sad
  9. defending nerf

    You arw right, i may have jumped the gun there. I understood disabled as in greyed out but still cappable, if it means completely disabled (until activated by an rts attack) then yeah, nevermind my brain-fart comment
  10. defending nerf

    That would probably lead to a part of the defending force going out to cap empty lines, please reconsider this!
  11. Pilots Cheating?

    Well there you have it, at least now you know how you keep getting wasted by guys who are like twelve bushes away, not a lot of skill is involved that's for sure... These bugs probably happen more often then is known/reported. Cibi was honest enough to report it, so respect for that, lot of guys would keep exploiting that thing for sure.
  12. Pilots Cheating?

    See-through bushes are nothing new: