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  1. Krlutin

    How much did you spend in this game?

    There's a saying in my people: A hundred men equals a hundred different characters (and a hundred women equals two hundred tiddies ) To each his own i guess, i myself poured more hours into sniping then im proud to admit in my very early noob days, with similar kills per hour. Got bored of it after a hundred or so hours thankfully...
  2. Krlutin

    How much did you spend in this game?

    You do you my dude, and play whatever you feel is fun, im just pulling your leg a little but all in good fun. HnG is not a competitive game anyway dont burden yourself with stats
  3. Krlutin

    How much did you spend in this game?

    Ah, joy of recon life Would love to hear what stats expert @d|ng has to say about them apples? 1600hrs and just 36k kills, daaayum boi
  4. Krlutin

    AntiTank infantry gameplay

    Well its a mixed response from my view. Also, what follows is based on how things were before armor 2.0, as i dont carry AT anymore, or only have it as a gimmick. I used to carry h3 on my main characters and AT nades on a couple of my secondaries as well back then. If tanks focus on each other then i would only hit them if they happen to be really close by, my main goal would be APCs. AT ramboing was something i only did way back in the day when 30 tigers for example would net me like 100k creds in a match, i grinded money for toys and Vet basically, altho im not proud of it. Also when some jackass overdid the whole HE-camp-from-a-hill thing, then i would make a point to teach him a lesson, along with any other tanker on the map that happens to be around. I avoided that playstyle tho, because it's jus boring af for me. These days i ignore them, no sense going after tanks when i need a dedicated soldier for it, i dont care about money and costs, its just a pain in the butt to haul a bunch of h3s and like a pistol at best. I'd much rather clench my teeth against HE scumbags and rush points instead. Oh also this, i've spent a lot of staged time in a tank, and HE'd a fair number of people, to be totally honest here, so i know both sides of the medal
  5. Krlutin

    Your favorite game OST's

    Nostalgia overload: More recently, this baby right here, great game with great music:
  6. Krlutin

    ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    Me and my brother played under Bayonetta with haseeb, khanlevski and some others, i personally played a few matches under McRoth, some more later when Mobster ran the clan, and a a few even later when TaviTeo took over. Didnt spend a lot of time alltogether under any leadership as the whole clan business isnt really my thing, but i can tell you one thing: Bayonetta back then was as lovely a person as he is showing us lately on the forums. I much prefered the later leadership of ORB, ones where there was much less ego trips and much more friendly good ol' fun to be had. Anyway, i wish you guys good luck on getting ORB back on track, you will sure need a lot of it in the current state of the game.
  7. Krlutin

    Welcome to German faction

    Same here lol, another recon/tanker complaining about lost battles, awesome
  8. Krlutin

    Addition of Battle Royale

    BR? In my HnG?! Instant uninstall.exe in my books. Just no.
  9. Krlutin

    Thanks for buffing tanks.

    Well the answer to that one is pretty obvious: At this point i wish they scrap the whole thing and just go back to hide and seek two-shot engagements. I mean at least it was fun, this system is just sh*t. Yesterday i killed a full health luchs from a wrecked, flaming t70 with like 3 red components, by just shooting the guy at the same place over and over again, he just couldnt make the killing shot the poor bastard. I felt so dirty after that
  10. Krlutin

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    Plane update - tanks get a hotfix Im not bitc*ing about it tho, just find it funny is all, tanks needed this fix badly. Now fix the maps please, Airfield and Hamlet are unplayable atm...
  11. Krlutin

    Why did you change Colmar Hamlet?

    My fukken God this map is ruined... The river side literally gets camped 8/10 times. WHAT THE F U C K IS WRONG WITH YOU RETO?!?!
  12. Krlutin

    Where is US? :O

  13. Krlutin

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Good stuff!