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  1. A question

  2. snipers deez nuts

    Who the fu*k is this Faze character anyway?
  3. The new "you're vet if" thread

    Oh God almost spit my coffee
  4. Teach me how to tank

    Oh come on Austin, dont give us this 19/0 screenies, wtf dude? Give us some proper hyper awesome crazy stuff like 78/3 with 41 tank kills or something, not this nickel and dime sh*t.
  5. Video issue since last update (low game speed)

    No prob, glad to help
  6. Video issue since last update (low game speed)

    Switch over from dx12 to dx11, it helped a lot of people so far.
  7. Scheisse :D

    That was nice + rep
  8. New Update cause fps drops ?

    Yeah, typical HnG stuff pretty much
  9. New Update cause fps drops ?

    Im guessing you're settings are on dx12, go ahead and switch it back to dx11, see if it helps, that helped most people so far.
  10. How to balance problem weapons

    Oh, got it, you are 100% right on that
  11. How to balance problem weapons

    Damn, you better be trolling broseph Especially love your 1919 balance proposal, much wow
  12. Update 1.10 'Colmar Hamlet' - Changelog

    Could be direct x related, my brother had issues with fps drops, he switched back from dx12 to dx11 and it works normal now. Try fiddling with the settings a little see if it helps.
  13. (Mountain) Factory

    Wow the new factory, two words: SPAWNCAMPERS PARADISE
  14. [Forum Game] Ban the User Above You

    Banned for posting in a banned user's thread