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  1. Weak spots of tanks?anything?
  2. Trump / Gaius syndrome

    Well to be more like that yellow haired buffoon you really need a horribly unstable two faced war mongering c*nt as your nemesis
  3. how to close flaps/windows of T-20 Komsomolets

    Cool trick, didnt know about that one
  4. Simple Solution to Scopes

    I support this by all means, one question if i may tho? What do binos have to do with scopes for everyone? People use scopes to get the edge in shootouts because the no-zoom-crappy-graphics-small-af ironsights are simply bad, not to spot people.
  5. Stug G can be stuck


    Oh look, improve RTS, remove adams, remove scopes for infy and bipods are in the lead, damn who would have thought eh Reto?
  7. how to close flaps/windows of T-20 Komsomolets

    You can close the front by holding ctrl, the sides stay open so everyone with half a brain can headshot you out, just like on the SU/US APC. Before you ask, they call it asymmetrical balance, or plain bad/lazy game design in normal people language.
  8. I find sights + trigger the best combo. Using it this way is cheap, but more importantly it offsets the 4hk by being high enough in the rpm department and accurate as fu*k, so the recoil is easy peasy because stock ammo, which makes all my bullets hit 90% of the time. This all stems from the fact that taking breaks from this broken game as often as i do makes re-learning to cope with the recoil a reaaal pain in the butt. Plus i've noticed in most matches, with the ping and all, it makes no big difference if its 3hk or 4hk anyway, if you saw the guy just a second early he's dead for sure.
  9. Reto moderators way too OP

    I miss Astro, you could count on him to put the smackdown on posters with too much salt and too much toxicity. While he did have a tendency to overmod sometimes, there still was some semblance of order around here. The forums turned into a sh*t flinging rampage with him gone for sure.
  10. World cup thread??!

    While im at it, here's another interesting World Cup related photo:
  11. World cup thread??!

    Cant find that specific one, so this will have to do
  12. World cup thread??!

    Goddamn that merkel-haired freak creeps the sh*t out of me.... He seems like the type that has a basement full of jars with fingers, all neatly sorted by gender, race, age and social status.
  13. hey

  14. hey