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  1. This new Class has access to all the Anti tank mines and Ranged Anit tank weapons + hand held Anit tank weapons. SMG's + Pistols New Class also gets a NEW Aussalt Team. So generals have to put them in a Battle for the new class to be able to be used. NO Demolition Aussalt team in the battle..... NO access to the Demolition Class.... Would make Generals have to move AT's for Anit tank to be used on the map and restricted FPS players to be able to wast enemy tanks so easy Introduction to the NEW Anit Taker/Demolition Class... RETO should let any INF have a once off chance to change to the class. + let us have a Once off chance to change any Guard class AT to (Anit Tanker/Demolition) Assulat Team. REMOVE ALL ANTI TANK wepons from INF. NOW Generals have to send the Aussault Team IN for ANIT tankers
  2. Khadmon

    Knife and Shovel Camos

    has this anything to do with the RTS?
  3. Khadmon

    New Combat Badge System

    RETO still this would be cool
  4. @Reto.RedBjarne and @Reto.Hades Open up the combat Badge to 4 slots. Show all levels of any badge you have unlocked. Make Badges have Badge points Bronze = 1 point Silver = 2 points Gold = 3 points You get 5 Badge points on your character 8 with Vet membership Now you can Custom your character. Say you have Vet membership and you have 8 points you could have 2 gold and 2 Bronze Badges or 4 Silver Badges or 1 Gold 2 Silver and a Bronze. Non Vet could have 1 Gold and a Silver Badge or 2 Silver and a Bronze or 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Players can set up their Badges how they like. + we need a lot more other types of Badges so we can have even more customisation Oh you can not put 2 of the same Badge on . So no Heavy set Gold and Heavy set Silver ect.
  5. Khadmon


    What ingredients do you have on your favorite Pizza? I like Tomato Sauce, Chicken, Bacon, Green Capsicum (Bell Pepper) & Pineapple. Cheese on top and the base.
  6. Khadmon


    Tomato on base then Cheese, Chicken, Bacon, Green and Red Capsicum (Bell Pepper) , Pineapple, Avocado + Cheese on top.
  7. Project Argone..................................................................... AR's are Gone Battles Played In Order of them being initiated 1. With a Battle Ticket Number Every Battle and Skirmish will get played in order of them being made. With the new CLAN SYSTEM ( 1st ITERATION ) coming with Project Argone Only Clans can Queue from the War Map Clans must first queue with a squad of 5-6 Then other Clans or Players from that Faction can Queue as single players or squads on that Battle. If a Clan has queued on a battle, the enemy faction CANNOT queue as single players but must have a clan squad of 5-6 in order to oppose it. Then others can join as single players. Match Maker should not filter you by ping but just take the next 18 players who queued with Match Maker and fill the next battle in order of the Battle ticket. This way even if your on a low population server you will still get into battles quick. If no clan queues on the Battle the ping is given to the defenders based from the majority of the Defenders who have the same ping If 2 clans queue on the same battle ping is given to the defenders. From the majority of the Defenders who have the same ping ( Even if opposing Clans Queue on the same Battle it will NOT start until it has the Battle Ticket No.1. THIS is to stop any reason to use ALT's to quick pop battles ) Only when a clan queues first on a battle and the other side fills with MM players with no opposing Clan the attackers will get ping THIS GIVES a reason to join a clan so you can try to get your ping ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now lets see how this would play out from this chart...................... Yaremche GE vs US Battle Number 1 The first battle to be played, no clans queue so Match Maker fills the Battle. Ping is Given to the The majority of the Defenders who have the same ping. In this case lets say EUR Ping Now The battle of Yaremche is filled it would be removed from this list and Battle No. 2 would become next in line. Bolhrad SU vs GE Battle Number 2 SU is on the Defence as GE Attacks. The GE Clan known as the 'Iron Cross' Queues on this Battle First. Most of the players in the 5 man clan squad have US west coast Ping. If no other clan Queues on this Battle and it fills with MM Players THE Attackers will GET PING Dijon GE vs SU Battle Numbe 5 Just before Battle No 5 has made its way to being Battle number 2. The SU Clan known as 'You Just See Red' Queues on the Battle hopping to set ping. Seeing this The Grey Coats Queue on it aswell. And as The Grey Coats are defending they win the ping back and locks EUR Ping for that battle. With this system the Meta Game of setting the ping will come down to how CLANs Queue on Battles... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. CLAN Tab is added 2. Assault Teams Sort Icon with a drop down list to sort your AT's From.... AT Names, Towns your AT's are in from A-Z, Lowest Moral, Type of AT's, Need to Reinforce, AT's that have reinforced tickets still not joined with the AT's etc..... Maybe a moving to town name a-z would be good too. 3. Icon to minimize AT list like we had before... This Idea would :- Remove Auto Resolves Know your AT's WILL get played. Let players from low pop servers get battles quicker Have a Reason to join a CLAN So you can get ping This would still allow BATTLE BEING PREPARED & NEW RETREAT MECHANICS So what do you guys think?
  8. Khadmon


    i did not say that.... I said... If a Clan has queued on a battle, the enemy faction CANNOT queue as single players but must have a clan squad of 5-6 in order to oppose it. Then others can join as single players This would help to stop ALT'ing and encourage clan vs clan play. Yes your reading it wrong THIS would help non clan players who queue with match maker to get battles quicker especially if your from a low populated servers. what are you even talking about?
  9. Khadmon


    RETO please have another look at this idear
  10. i dont know what your saying... YES as a general I can move my AT's but NOT other players should be able to move my AT's or any one else's AT's PLAY your own game its NOT hard to get 30 LT's on 1 account do that 10 times and you have 300 CP's for easy qucik deploy to move all from 1 account THIS SHOULD NOT be in game JUST play your own AT's
  11. As i have said letting other move /play your AT's would LET a PLAYER have many ALT accounts with say 100 AT each and use 1 account to move them all... this would let you deploy quick from all ALT accounts because each ALT account wound be in queue for the deploy and only need 1 master account to still move them
  12. Agree but still dont think players should be able to move others AT's..... I like the idear you can see were you clan members AT's are on the map but NOT see what they can as in you still need you use you own recons on the map. being able to see were you clan memebers AT's are would let you protect them wile they are off line and know where the clan is pushing with out having to ask all the time
  13. @Reto.Hades It's the 3rd Year anniversary for this post. PLEASE RETO ADD THIS
  14. This is not about when a Battle ends and the AT's fall back. THIS is about how as a General we have no control over our AT's when we give them a direct order to retreat. Its not fun for any one when you have to retreat and they go forward into a skirmish or bounce back and forth into other battle that are playing. HOW IS THAT RETREATING? REMOVE the retreat button and just let us move our AT's to where we tell them to go. If we move them out of a battle that has started we still take a moral and troop loss. But we should have control on where they retreat to.. Please RETO Fix this. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have Add the word WITHDRAW to the title of the POST as of 27.03.19 read this post for more info on WITHDRAW WITHDRAW = ( Pulling your assault team out of a Battle NOT being played ) Should work the same. BUT you would not take a moral or troop loss. REMOVE the Retreat/Withdraw Button and Let us just select and move our AT's like we would normally do.... If the battle is playing the pop up says DO you want to RETREAT ( you will lose moral and tickets ) And if the Battle is not Being played you get this pop up in Pic 1. BUT they SHOULD go where we tell them to GO....... PIC. 1 If you are attacking then to select them Just click the stack on the line you want and you can still RETREAT or WITHDRAW...
  15. i agree with all you say but not this quote..... I do NOT support the ability to move others AT's on the map. IF RETO adds that I WILL make a clan with 50 Alt accounts and deploy quick and use 1 account to move them all
  16. @RETO.HADES How dose this work? When I try to deploy say... Motorized infantry and i was 13113 in ( YOUR QUEUE NO. ) what dose that meen? Because I see we have stokpile sitting there... How do we have a stockpile of inf and jeeps if that many players are trying to deploy? And im not seeing the deploy NO. go down? When is RETO going to make a queue for each AT type ?
  17. Well if its HnG 2.0 and they dont transfer our accounts to the new Game then good bye RETO no more money from me
  18. Khadmon

    COMMAND Badgers

    So @Reto.Hades When you make changers to the Badges are you going to let all classes be able to get ALL the Command Badgers? Or do tankers and Pilots still need to drive a civ truck to get Logistics expert, And run the risk of a band for farming that badge? Or you could just let us change professions again like the old days.
  19. Charismatic Leader is fine as is..... BUT for.. Tankers Logistics Expert should be move to Tank Driver Ribbon................ ( or let us get it from a secondary gunner / and inf who sit on yout tank for a ride ) + Pilot Logistics expert should be moved to Dog Fight Ribbon.............. ( or let us get it from recon planes with a secondary gunner ) Battlefield Commander should be moved to Ground Support Ribbon NOW as a Tanker or Pilot if you wish to turn them into a general you can still get all the COMMAND Badgers IF you can RETO please make this change.... We should not have to drive around in a Civ Truck as a tanker to get Logistics Badge and run the risk of a band because we farmed that badge before we become a general Same gose for Pilots ALL Class's should be able to become a General and get ALL the Command Badgers\ Please like if you think this would be a good change. And let RETO know......
  20. Khadmon

    US armies with MG42

    What? How? YOU GE players can NOW get you hands on the so called OP m2 carbine and win every war... or are you saying because US can play the OP MG42 its not fair and only GE should have such an OP gun?
  21. panzerfäust crate at every cap point.
  22. You DON"T need a vehicle you can swim. its like saying want a jeep free because i dont want to walk because the maps are to big.... hahahaha
  23. @RETO.HADES say.... https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/105494-next-round-of-weapon-rebalancing/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-1473740 SO.... WHO covers the war fund cost... When an FPS player spawns in war? A link to the original post... https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/105494-next-round-of-weapon-rebalancing/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-1473703 RETO.... I LOVE THIS GAME...... but NO love to the RTS is killing it....... Why should Generals deploy for FPS players if we get NO LOVE? Hades says Generals are NOT paying for the FPS players.... BUT WE DO..... With War Funds and Time pushing the Aussalt Teams on the Map. So players (FPS players (free loaders )) Can wast out AT's? Generals should GET MORE FOR OUR TIME Free naming on Aussalt Teams for start... Especially since RETO changed the way deploying works... HOW many FPS players would wast YOUR aussalt teams if they HAD to cover 1/2 the cost of that Ticket from the AT? Yes I think INF Generals should cover... BUT every thing else FPS players should help cover the cost.... IF you want to wast some pore Generals AT's then COVER SOME OF THE COST..... Why do FPS players make war funds at the cost of a general going broke? Like this POST...... if you think FPS players should be accountable for what they wast/use... AND would like the RTS to GET some much needed LOVE.....