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  1. Khadmon


    RETO please have another look at this idear
  2. i dont know what your saying... YES as a general I can move my AT's but NOT other players should be able to move my AT's or any one else's AT's PLAY your own game its NOT hard to get 30 LT's on 1 account do that 10 times and you have 300 CP's for easy qucik deploy to move all from 1 account THIS SHOULD NOT be in game JUST play your own AT's
  3. As i have said letting other move /play your AT's would LET a PLAYER have many ALT accounts with say 100 AT each and use 1 account to move them all... this would let you deploy quick from all ALT accounts because each ALT account wound be in queue for the deploy and only need 1 master account to still move them
  4. Agree but still dont think players should be able to move others AT's..... I like the idear you can see were you clan members AT's are on the map but NOT see what they can as in you still need you use you own recons on the map. being able to see were you clan memebers AT's are would let you protect them wile they are off line and know where the clan is pushing with out having to ask all the time
  5. @Reto.Hades It's the 3rd Year anniversary for this post. PLEASE RETO ADD THIS
  6. i agree with all you say but not this quote..... I do NOT support the ability to move others AT's on the map. IF RETO adds that I WILL make a clan with 50 Alt accounts and deploy quick and use 1 account to move them all
  7. @RETO.HADES How dose this work? When I try to deploy say... Motorized infantry and i was 13113 in ( YOUR QUEUE NO. ) what dose that meen? Because I see we have stokpile sitting there... How do we have a stockpile of inf and jeeps if that many players are trying to deploy? And im not seeing the deploy NO. go down? When is RETO going to make a queue for each AT type ?
  8. Well if its HnG 2.0 and they dont transfer our accounts to the new Game then good bye RETO no more money from me
  9. Khadmon

    COMMAND Badgers

    So @Reto.Hades When you make changers to the Badges are you going to let all classes be able to get ALL the Command Badgers? Or do tankers and Pilots still need to drive a civ truck to get Logistics expert, And run the risk of a band for farming that badge? Or you could just let us change professions again like the old days.
  10. Khadmon

    US armies with MG42

    What? How? YOU GE players can NOW get you hands on the so called OP m2 carbine and win every war... or are you saying because US can play the OP MG42 its not fair and only GE should have such an OP gun?
  11. panzerfäust crate at every cap point.
  12. You DON"T need a vehicle you can swim. its like saying want a jeep free because i dont want to walk because the maps are to big.... hahahaha
  13. MORE BROKEN RTS That will never get fixed I was able to push out a block but when i tryed to make it fun.... The 6 moto guards would not send out onto the line....... NO Mater how many time i tryed... Oh but look at GE side.... they were able to send out WTF? ( I know this happens to all fatcions ) I had the moto guards ready to make fun but when i tryed to send out they could not push out.... RETO if you want players to play your game..... FIX the RTS.