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  1. dbedit

    Is that allowed?

    Oh sh** I am wrong, notice the weird up-down twitching when he pulls out panzerwuffs and that time he looked straight down (probably ran out of mouse mat to look up). Report This Piece Of Sh**! Later on he could have bound mouse 1 to one of the thumb buttons to use nades. Captain_Dani good spot man, props to you (all I could give you is reputation).
  2. dbedit

    Is that allowed?

    I see this all the time in CS:GO. If the guy has 100+ hours with the STG44 its most likely legit. But the people who are really good are most likely not playing HnG
  3. dbedit

    Is that allowed?

    He could be really good and naturally compensating for recoil but that does look suspicious as f***. Especially since he's got the STG completely modded out for max recoil.
  4. dbedit

    Best USA Weapon??

    In you case I would go with the BAR (M1918). I feel you man if the Johnson or the M1919 had good sights I would switch to US in a heartbeat. You can always choose a different faction STG44 is decent and has the best sights in the game. The AVS is also decent, sights meh. By the way the M1G (Garand) is a really effective weapon in the right hands. The Thompson/M1G load out is a killer.
  5. Clearly you are a bit of a noob. Generals love finding 10k stacks. I have seen so many 10k stacks surrender. Getting surrounded or morale depleted by constant Guard spam and Para blocking. Trapping massive stacks is rule 1 of resource farming. I saw a 12k stack disappear just this afternoon. It is so much harder advancing when there is 1 or 2k in every town.
  6. I have used the BAR and the M1903 extensively but I have gone deaf after using the AVS.
  7. I am guessing you thought the exp that an AT gains was based on the performance in battle. And the answer to that is NO. Even if the AT is not used at all it will still gain a fixed amount of exp. The strat to leveling ATs is to always engage in battle that will be manual resolved and won. Never auto-resolve and don't get wiped out.
  8. Battle won +30 exp Battle won auto-resolve +0 exp Battle lost +5 exp Battle lost auto-resolve +0 exp Retreat +0 exp Battle lost and AT wiped out +0 exp Battle won and AT wiped out +0 exp All losses and retreats -20 morale, all wins -10 morale. Performance of AT in battle doesn't matter they always get a fixed amount of exp, even if they were not used in battle. I can understand no exp gain for auto-resolve loss (to discourage spamming 200 infantry armies to wear down opponent morale). But no exp gain for auto-resolve win is bulls***t. Something interesting I discovered recently. If AT looses and retreats into another battle regardless of loss or win +0 exp. Two of my ATs lost a manual resolve +5 exp, retreated into a defensive battle, won manual resolve and gained 0 exp.
  9. dbedit

    h3 bug

    Yep H3 now has lots of problems. For me 25% of H3s don't do anything. You run up to a tank or APC place the H3 and it disappears, still gets subtracted from inventory. Sometimes when placing H3 you can go inside the tank. I think it depends on where you place H3 if its on a flat surface it works, if on a corner... nope.
  10. PTRD stats state this: (there is a lot more wrong with the PTRD) Base Rate of fire: 29 rpm - Bulls***! its 12 rpm With Heavy Spring: 24 rpm - Bulls***! its 12 rpm With Hair Trigger: 37 rpm - Bulls***! its still 12 rpm -the trigger is a lie, it doesn't do anything Reload 4.8 seconds - Bulls***! its 5.1 seconds. Nagant M1895: Reload 5.5 seconds - close its 5.7 seconds I would test all the weapons, but I rage quit at this point. Why does the player have to find this s*** out when its so easy for the developer to test. Just had a thought: Maybe they did test it... maybe on an actual server the game runs slower than in a test environment? In which case the netcode is s*** (but we already knew that).
  11. dbedit

    AA guns dont move fast enough

    You are absolutely right, AA guns are now only useful for shooting down crop-dusters and para-planes. After the patch the fighters are too fast for the AAs.
  12. dbedit

    Survive two shots from max damage M1 Garand

    And the head still 4.0?
  13. dbedit

    Survive two shots from max damage M1 Garand

    How about the legs? Is it still 0.8?
  14. dbedit

    Survive two shots from max damage M1 Garand

    How do you know the M1G does 74 damage in that configuration? How do you know the multiplier for the arm is 0.4? Send me the link man.
  15. If an AT does not have enough morale to lose a battle can it be saved by retreating? Edit: Just realized that ATs cannot surrender if they lose a battle (unless surrounded). They break instantly if morale is below 25 (once battle is initiated). So my question becomes: Do ATs lose morale if they retreat? If yes, how much?