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  1. CmpMean

    Advice on dealing with German aircraft

    Drain their speed by making them turn more than 180 degrees, then fly straight up while trying to dodge their APCR, make the FW190 stall and hit it on the way down as you will stall after the FW190 does. Congratulations, you're now a pilot main and qualified to make youtube compilations of flying a p51 and la7 with a co-pilot farming randoms. You may have to fly with classics controls, if you aren't doing so already.
  2. CmpMean

    Antichit will go out for a walk

    I've gotten more kills than that in one battle.
  3. CmpMean

    Antichit will go out for a walk

    I watched the entire video and there isn't even anything going on in it. He had an aim circle thing in the middle of the screen but like, even my monitor has those built in if I want to enable them. He's not even good at killing bots, fairly bad player. In fact, the purpose of his video isn't to showcase a cheat, as he isn't actually using any, it's to bait people like yourself that think it's a cheat so they buy his fake cheat for money. Easiest way to scam low IQ plebs off their money, or even to give them a virus/malware.
  4. CmpMean

    many esp and radar hacks

    No it doesn't. I play a stupid amount of hours of this game each year and haven't seen any. Get. Good.
  5. CmpMean

    Heroes & Generals: The Sad End

    BR servers still exist and are played on a daily basis in war now. I see some BR battles in war every day.
  6. CmpMean

    many esp and radar hacks

    this thread: >trash players clapped yet again >refuse to come to term that you suck >seek other trash players to reassert yourself you don't suck by blaming it on something else rather than work on improvement >remain trash >repeat cycle
  7. CmpMean

    Twitter is a Hack??

    Just sounds like a normal battleye crash, unrelated to Twitter. Happened to me once some months ago as well. It was just a random battleye crash for no reason and it told me I got kicked by battleye. Didn't even open anything or tab out of game.
  8. CmpMean

    Promoting soldiers from another faction

    Not captured weapons, only weapons unlockable by badges like tank destruction and explosives. PTRS, rifles, smgs and lmgs can only be given to their respective faction (to make sure players have to re-buy them with more gold if they want to promote to general.)
  9. CmpMean

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    I really wonder the same when 3 people from this list has even told me to stop cheating. Although it would make for an epic match, but not for the reason he intended.
  10. CmpMean

    remove AT from tankers

    You should have seen me placing anti tank mines in the enemy spawn area in tank v tank. It's beautiful
  11. CmpMean

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    I read your posts, but I couldn't spot the hints of irony trying to show me you were joking when you said what you did.
  12. CmpMean

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    Hi, welcome to H&G newcomer. I'll be your guide. As an introduction, let me tell you about heavy set first. The shots to kill against no-heavy set are irrelevant, as most people run the badge silver minimum. Arguments about a weapon's damage is based on it's hits-to-kill against heavy set gold and silver, usually gold. Not against no heavy set. When it comes to heavy set silver and gold, neither AVS, STG nor M2 will 3hk stock bullet. The only one of them that can 3hk heavy set silver and gold is the AVS with a bullet mod, which gives a lot more recoil than a bullet mod on the STG/M2. Most people don't run bullet on their avs. Meaning, all of the ARs will in most cases be the same amount of hits to kill apart from bullet-AVS. This is completely wrong in every single way. Straight up lie you came up with on the spot. In cqc, it is irrelevant whether either the M2 or STG has a bullet mod; they will be the same hits-to-kill against heavy set silver and gold. What it then comes down to is the rate of fire (ROF); where as the M2 has the same rate of fire stock as the STG and AVS has with both a trigger and spring. That makes the M2 the cheapest one of the 3 to use in CQC. If you decide to put the trigger and spring on the M2, it will heavily outperform both the STG and AVS (granted no AVS bullet) in CQC for the same repair cost as the other two. Any skilled player knows this is the case, and that is why skilled players don't argue against the M2 being the strongest; everybody knows it is the strongest CQC. They argue that it isn't as viable on range. Listen, I'm not trying to pick at you personally. There just comes a day for every new player when they need to be put in their right spot about weapon statistics.
  13. CmpMean

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    deeply tained brown tongue I at least wish the list didn't have so many bad players on it
  14. I don't mind the skin, it's alright. But the new firing sound is rather unpleasant when you use the M2 yourself. It has what sounds like an unfiltered high pitch noise.
  15. CmpMean

    Which is the worst point in map.

    I don't really think there is anything to challenge E4.
  16. Hold on, let me just borrow a friends phone so I can verify my brother's H&G account playing home with me. Obvious flaw-joke aside, there are many other decisive reasons why phone verification isn't used for just about any game and is generally a really, really bad idea. 1. The SMS service setup is far from free. 2. Alt abuse is relatively speaking rare. 3. The few people already willing to alt abuse will most likely work around it. It's not hard. 4. Wouldn't wager that Reto would even notice the difference in gold purchases. 5. Poor decision to shift the issue away from the fact that tickets are not taken seriously enough, nor are bans given out with consistent punishment. If you see other people get away with it, why should anyone be afraid to do it? and maybe my favorite reason 6. You'd have to enforce the existing playerbase to enable phone verification overnight just to play the game. You're delusional if you think that will go without objection. I'm certainly not going to sink as low as to hand in my private phone number just so I can play a video game to "prevent some few players from whining about it". Not that I think the same people will stop whining because of my 3rd point.
  17. CmpMean

    Suspicious kill

    Hasn't been very long since he sent some angry PMs to my teammate when we fought his squad.
  18. Honestly the walking-guard speed should be greatly increased. I get that they are without vehicles but the super slow speed just seems unnecessarily slow for a game with a dwindling playerbase. Coming back after some weeks of break, RTS feels like the most pointless thing to waste time on now. Veterans and clans becoming less and less diverse and few in numbers; it's less rewarding and entertaining to take part in. At the same time, I have to babysit a guard AT as it takes an hour to move from one place to another... (EDIT: If you increase guard speeds, spamming instablocks becomes cheaper, yes, but the same people willing to spam-block guards already do it with moto guards so you'd still have to counter them with paras either way. Nothing changes.)
  19. CmpMean

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    Which of the 2 is more depressing? -Players asking for a spread-buff on a weapon that already requires no aim or mouse movement as it already is with its wide spread. or -The fact that the opinion above being taken into consideration because the KD per spawn of a gimmicky weapon is low, because it has a delayed TTK resulting in the flamethrower user always dying first, but the enemy target dying typically dying after, resulting in an expected KD of below 1 at the least. Then there's the obvious range limit on top of that. What makes it depressing is the yet again lack of any further thoughts behind the cause and affects of WHY a weapon's KD performs as it does on paper. The flamethrower isn't supposed to be a competitive weapon, it's a gimmick. So stop trying to find ways for it to become a bullsh1t broken weapon that you can pre-spray around every corner with an even bigger spread. You're just asking for backlash.
  20. CmpMean

    What happened to the game?

    The integrated/dedicated GPU rendering device problem is so insanely common. It ticks me off so much when I hear sometimes read multiple new players a week complain about their laptops with 2070s etc be unable to play the game due to low fps; -because I know they are all suffering from the same issue which Reto has never even bothered to ackowledge as a game-breaking issue. Their game will by default try to use the integrated graphics in the CPU as a rendering device. And what is even more depressing is that for all of the few players that actually go to the forums/discord to talk about their problem there are most likely hundreds of laptop users, even desktop users, with the exact same rendering device problem that makes the game run like garbage. This game has enough problems Reto ignores as it is; but there isn't a limit to insults I would use towards any of the nutheads sitting with directional control over Reto/H&G that have yet to acknowledge that a fat portion of their players can't even play the game because they have to manually change render device ID and go lock H&G files in Windows to get acceptable FPS. What do new players get instead? A pop-up notification that they get a 24h gold sale when they first play the game. Reto's priorities make me sick.
  21. CmpMean

    German tanker war problem

    The longer queue times for tankers in war, the better. If you purely want to grind tanker go staged and kill other tanks.
  22. CmpMean

    Any plans to fix the rocks?

    No, the rocks are not getting reduced. Rather than admit it was a mistake, Reto.Hades has defended the ridiculousness in public under two arguments; 1. Realistic cuz they are """mountain/hilly maps""" 2. To prevent tanks flanking. Reality is that it did nothing to prevent tanks from flanking. It only made the game less enjoyable for literally every single player; tankers, pilots and infantry alike. But you're arguing against Reto so juse give up before it gets to you. Their company which, you can soon count on one hand, holds a monopoly on knowledge and experience on what is objectively better for the game.
  23. CmpMean


    I've 1 shot tanks some weeks ago. I know for a fact none them took damage as I was spawnkilling them alone. I've also seen a screenshot in the discord where a guy got insane component xp from 1 tapping a tank. Lastly, there's this. https://www.twitch.tv/ditzu2174/clip/BlitheClumsyWoodpeckerTwitchRaid
  24. CmpMean

    RTS and Capitals.

    They aren't alt accounts, all 3 have active kills. It's just his 2 buddies
  25. Your video is neither scientific, nor does it prove anything other than the fact that you are incapable of timing the SVT shots to maximize the fire rate. Edit cuz I feel bad for attacking unexperienced players: When trying to fire as fast as possible in H&G, spamming left click as fast as you can is NOT how you fire a gun fast. Anybody will fire faster than you do by clicking slower, because it lets the shots through. It's about timing each shot, which a lot players can't grasp their head around beyond "he shoot fast, he cheating"