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  1. CmpMean

    Farming XP is a reportable offense?

    I mean the main bulk of the playerbase has <1% hit accuracy anyways
  2. CmpMean

    Para plane xp bug

    Although it was a great source of XP, it was for the better that they removed it. I do think it should have still given XP in war, just not in staged. But I'm guessing Reto can't put it like this with the current coding/dev stuff.
  3. I've noticed that a few times when one my assault teams, like a Recon Plane AT, is used in a won battle the AT gets no XP. Not 5 nor 30. Happens both when it was in the battle from before start as well as when it joins mid-battle. No difference between its resources being used or unused. Seems random. This is making it a bit frustrating to rank them up at times.
  4. CmpMean

    Just want your thoughts

    Post Scriptum was a huge flop.. so no. If it had a battle royale mode, probably.
  5. CmpMean

    Soldier EXP from Assault Teams

    And those XP values from players is what I was supposed to ask for but was poorly worded by me. I have gotten 100k from a single AT, just trying to figure out if there are any numbers translating the individual player XP to the total AT XP reward pool. Example: like pretending 1 plane destroyed = 1k XP, or 700 score a player gets = 700 AT XP pool reward.
  6. Does anyone have a clue how much EXP a soldier owning an assault team is awarded from the amount of stuff the players using the assault team do? Like a player killing tanks, and how much the general owning the assault team gets from that. If anyone has any info, I'll gladly take it tyvm
  7. CmpMean

    параБуса стратегия

    "Impossible for 216 foot US troops to be able to beat full SU resources" Considering the soviets only have one, rather unskilled, active clan left; defeating soviets on the battlefield with a solid 4 man squad isn't much of a challenge -even if we lack the resources to tank spam like our opponents.
  8. CmpMean

    Low Usage on both GPU and CPU.

    The game is poorly optimized. You can use third party programs to make your GPU run at much higher percentages, as I have tried. However, the FPS in this game is usually killed by CPU and not GPU. I could play on a 7 year old GPU and at times only get 10-20 frames fewer than players with 1080 TIs. As other players have told me, it's just down to how the game uses CPU efficiency. Tanks, planes n other stuff are too much to handle even for a 6th gen i7. Without tanks/planes I've been able to hit 180fps in max 1080p settings, but as of today I even dropped to 61 fps at one point in an awful battle.
  9. CmpMean

    No more EP for damaging Paraplanes?

    I feel like it could be bugged. One paraplane randomly gave me XP for firing at it when I was pilot last night. But only one out of 7 planes did so.
  10. >When you HE spam literally every infantry you see, believing every enemy is a tank rambo even if they spawned 1 second ago.
  11. CmpMean

    Ingame cash

    All these guides I've found are actually rather unefficient tbh. If you really want credits (playing as infantry), just equip a shovel and pick up weapons dropped by other players. Easy 15k per battle, no repair cost.
  12. @FTG_Bayonetta If you're going to block everybody who disagrees with you, you'll have to block in your router.
  13. "Scum tactics" Oh, so just camping like a b***ch in a tank, killing infantry out of their spawns is not a scum tactic?
  14. CmpMean

    Shovel or Knife & wrench squad with Gaius.

    Already running with only a knife each battle.