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  1. CmpMean


    f to pay respect for infantry trying to play infantry assault.
  2. I was flying just now, and I could hear the sounds of grenades being thrown. It was really quiet, but still audible. It sounded as if I was next to an old freezer if that makes sense.
  3. CmpMean

    help i need to choose

    Depends if you're planning to play staged or war.
  4. CmpMean

    Class limitation bug?

    I've already talked with silverlik about it, and he said he forwarded it.
  5. CmpMean

    US forces today

    I picked it up instead of reloading and nearly got killed because of it
  6. CmpMean

    US forces today

    @donni- please for the love of god change your m1m2 mods
  7. CmpMean


    Bad trolling aside; scope, trigger and spring. Don't use bullet, don't use barrel.
  8. No. Clans will just kick out everyone until only their players are on. Will get abused. Stop sprinting so much.
  9. CmpMean

    Everyone thank Reto!

    Might not be, but as we are speaking of the situation as of these days with the LMG changes, my point still stands for the M1M2 being a good weapon these days.
  10. CmpMean

    Everyone thank Reto!

    M2 is good as it is. Can confirm after outperforming 18 man KGB with it today.
  11. CmpMean


    3 medium/heavy fighter planes per 10 minute production? So just for my 5 assault teams I have to wait nearly 7 hours, only for some randoms to crash them once I can send them into a battle? wtf?
  12. As if there was any more need to clarify how little you've been playing this game the last couple of months. "Just don't get killed 4Head" I'm clearly just a pleb. That has to be the only reason I get killed by 5 invulnerable stuarts HE spamming D4 bridge, E4 river or B3 Factory.
  13. There has not been a single drop in tank spam on other maps after the tank map was added.
  14. Ah yes, I love the part where you can't drive in Mountain Town and you spawn inside rocks and random unrealistic ditches in the ground. Yeah I love it when the terrain is unusable and tanks just sit camping roads with HE. Hell yeah, I love soundless grandes, broken footsteps and vehicle sounds never coming from the correct places. I also love the neverending para-vacuum cleaner sound. I've heard the opposite from several soviet players, and myself I often fail to get into battles I literally sit in queue for. I would make a sarcastic joke about this one as well, but this one actually ticked me off. This is a blatant lie, nothing else. The game is in a state where tanks are so overpowered any pleb will sit and HE spam every single battle without 95% of the playerbase being able to do anything about it. As geschlittert said, I would've hoped your post was sarcastic because it's so far from reality it shouldn't be considered as anything else.
  15. This is some high quality sarcasm