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  1. Forums never seem to disappoint me.
  2. Within 10m, or I will already get that headshot with the ROF. Beyond 100m, or my shots still land. What's funny either way, is that the majority of the duels happen between that 15-75m range anyways, so effectively the 7n1 proves to be less practical than firing without it. Still keeping the arm/leg shots = 4shot to kill anyways, unless people want to claim that they confidently hit only the torso more than 50% of the time at 50m range.
  3. I only had heavy set in my footage. Controlling the recoil is easy as easy gets. With tight grip gold it's even more accurate. Literally all you have to do is practice to move your aim down at the right tempo for full rpm, since with these mods you only get vertical recoil. As shown in the video, both the garbage mods 7n1 and especially urah add horizontal recoil, which is what makes you actually miss your shots.
  4. CmpMean

    MSI Afterburner closed :(

    MSI Afterburner may indeed get closed once a battle loads; but you are able to just relaunch it once the battle started. It happened to me for a few days last month, but it resolved itself eventually and H&G stopped closing MSI Afterburner.
  5. CmpMean

    Where to buy gold? Steam/Discord/Client

    Gold prices are 30% cheaper on discord for me, compared to any other method.
  6. My average fps has dropped by 10, but that's not the worst part. Even if I'm at 100fps, I have so many "dropped frames" that it feels like 30. Sometimes after tanks are destroyed the game stutters as well.
  7. CmpMean

    AT's disappear after losing battle, not retreating.

    This happened to me as well. Possibly a bugged 1-way line or something which makes them surrender. Can't believe bugged lines still exist.
  8. I tested it just now in first encounter, and the full ROF is far more stable. The bullet pattern you get with 7n1 and Urah is unpredictable and far off target. With full ROF, it's predictable. It has far less random bullet patterns, rather just a stronger incline in vertical recoil which is far easier to control at it's predictable. Bullet and Urah kick like a unpredictable mule. Most of the time 2 kills for me, 3 very often as well, if not in every battle.
  9. If your first shot doesn't land, or any of the bullets between impacts miss during full auto; which is a common scenario, then it's not just about the ttk from first bullet. Or even when spraying down multiple players in one magazine. In most situations it's not just a total of 3 perfectly hit first bullets in the torso that matters. Anything other than that, and the setup is worse than the other options.
  10. Actually, I just did the proper math and TTK 4 bullets with max ROF is faster than no ROF + Urah 3 hits. So not only did you fail to see the point of the importance with 4 hits, but, you also have straight up incorrect TTK facts. X-axis is number of bullets fired. Y-axis is number of seconds. Point A is from the graph with stock bullet, max 694 ROF without Urah. It takes 0.35 seconds to fire 4 bullets with the 4 hit kill mod. Point B is from the graph with 7n1, no spring, no trigger, but with Urah barrel. It takes 0.36 seconds to fire 3 bullets with the 3hit kill mod. On top of max ROF having a faster TTK, the fact that you still usually need 4 bullets from the 3-hit kill mod just make that combination even worse, with 0.48 seconds to fire 4 bullets. (not to forget that 7n1 + urah still makes the recoil garbage compared to max ROF with tick jumps with spastic sideways recoil which is far worse than having ROF mods for a straight-vertical recoil only.)
  11. Absolutely not. Higher ROF means more drag-recoil, not jumping around. The ROF recoil is smooth, just slightly stronger to counter. Bullet mods mean more kicking-recoil, which is what jumping around is. Barrel mod from my testings mean more sideways jumping. Same incorrect statement. The bullet is what gives jumpy recoil, not the ROF. Will show this in a video later today. Again missed/didn't read what I even wrote. The TTK with bullet is only better granted you land your shots on the torso/head. If you need 4 bullets with max dmg mods, the full ROF is superior for TTK as you will only ever need 4 bullets without bullet mods. So point is, ROF is a far more reliable option for TTK since you are absolutely not going to hit the torso every single bullet, and you end up needing 4 rounds to kill anyways.
  12. Not even comparably. Granted you don't hit arms/legs, which happen all of the time. Then your 3hit become a nerf from the 4hit higher RPM TTK. Overall shittiest jumpy loudout. It's terrible, and people are so easily baited by "hehe high DMG = better". Like the people who put bullet mods on their 1919s, or make 1918 2hit kill simply because it in theory has faster TTK. In fact, don't even bring the TTK up because it's so irrelevant.
  13. CmpMean

    Did i miss something ?

    Semi Autos can 2-hit kill heavy set gold with the Scout 2 barrel + bullet mods granted they hit the torso.
  14. The fact people use this unironically make me want to uninstall.
  15. Don't put the trash barrel mods, and don't put the trash bullet mods. Any other combination is better.