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  1. CmpMean

    Completely remove the tanks !

    I feel as if this can be somewhat misleading for two reasons; 1. You can say 60% amount of x complains about y for quite a lot of things in this game. There tends to be a similar generalised percentage of players complaining about something at any given moment. Whether that is for tankers, pilots, recons or even in a scenario outside of H&G and video games. I wouldn't tie any of it to balance. 2. There are way more infantry players per tank than the other way around. A full assault can be stopped by 3 tankers HE clicking a 18 man infantry team. If you now apply the 60% logic, you can look at 2 tankers complaining about getting killed easily while there are 12 infantry players complaining about tanks, that is 6 players per tank -which honestly says way more about the state of battles. After all, the goal for Reto is to have as many players as possible, and the majority does point in a clear direction. There shouldn't really even be a 60% - 60% to consider it a good balance, when you literally have over half the main bulk of the game, infantry, complain compared to 60% of a much smaller portion.
  2. CmpMean

    Ticket Support

    Depends on what mood Gargamel is typically in. I made a ticket some weeks ago showing a clan have a guy in their Teamspeak on the enemy team and grief multiple times but my ticket remains unchecked. However tickets I made only days prior to that were closed and resolved right away. I wouldn't expect to get anything back if I were you.
  3. CmpMean

    Why doesn't reto make a new game?

    RedBjarne did actually register a new game-named company(or whatever the term would be) called Kalinin Front right after half the staff got cut.
  4. CmpMean

    China and war

    It is, if it wasn't obvious enough that I see 6 NA players in one of the pics by itself. No.. but what I was going after in your first claim about this reply to Vengeice. You are saying "unless he's western european" as if he would get higher ping to West-NA by living closer to the server, which is completely false.
  5. CmpMean

    China and war

    Not sure what your logic is supposed to be here. Western europe = Lower ping to NA West coast, Eastern Europe = higher. Rajan is polish from what I can tell, and I live closer to west coast NA than him and get 170. For instance his screenshot of Spiekeroog with 197 ping is most likely NA due to the fact that I see NA players in there. The near 300 ping battles for him are Tokyo. Also, I get max 180~ ping to Singapore, and I live further away from that server than Rajan does. But then on the other hand, given that he also gets higher ping than me to Tokyo which he should also get lower than me might indicate that he has a really poor internet connection.
  6. CmpMean

    Chinese players on US

    We've already seen one US Asian clan sit in queue with a GE guy helping them pop battles and teamkill PMKs while he sits in their Teamspeak call. I made a ticket of it a week ago, screenshots from 10 battles and a video recording of him. Sadly my ticket still has not been checked. But I guess that's how US-Mains need to win these days when there is a single decent player left. That or have GE/SU vets come over to win the war for them, while some few US vets come back temporarily to get ez carried.
  7. CmpMean

    Chinese players on US

    As if Reto would ban the majority of the remaining active veteran playerbase.
  8. CmpMean

    hud removed

    One of the reasons why it was disabled was related to tankers disabling HUD inside tanks.
  9. CmpMean


    Hold on guys, let me just go beat the life out of a bunch of GE randoms to prove everything is balanced.
  10. CmpMean

    Lets dig the numbers.

    That is what the vast majority of players do, yes.
  11. CmpMean

    Lets dig the numbers.

    Accounts. It will not go up by deploying more ATs into the queue. Although the account queue number is irrelevant if you're deploying infantry, where the production moves a lot quicker than per say for medium fighters; where the account queue number is on par with when you will get your assault team out.
  12. CmpMean

    Your TOP 5 guns

  13. CmpMean

    More realistic nights

    Are you going to stop me from increasing the brightness in my monitor settings?
  14. I mean this is normal. H&G was never a major mainstream game to begin with. BF2 was always huge in comparison.