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  1. Honestly the walking-guard speed should be greatly increased. I get that they are without vehicles but the super slow speed just seems unnecessarily slow for a game with a dwindling playerbase. Coming back after some weeks of break, RTS feels like the most pointless thing to waste time on now. Veterans and clans becoming less and less diverse and few in numbers; it's less rewarding and entertaining to take part in. At the same time, I have to babysit a guard AT as it takes an hour to move from one place to another... (EDIT: If you increase guard speeds, spamming instablocks becomes cheaper, yes, but the same people willing to spam-block guards already do it with moto guards so you'd still have to counter them with paras either way. Nothing changes.)
  2. CmpMean

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    Which of the 2 is more depressing? -Players asking for a spread-buff on a weapon that already requires no aim or mouse movement as it already is with its wide spread. or -The fact that the opinion above being taken into consideration because the KD per spawn of a gimmicky weapon is low, because it has a delayed TTK resulting in the flamethrower user always dying first, but the enemy target dying typically dying after, resulting in an expected KD of below 1 at the least. Then there's the obvious range limit on top of that. What makes it depressing is the yet again lack of any further thoughts behind the cause and affects of WHY a weapon's KD performs as it does on paper. The flamethrower isn't supposed to be a competitive weapon, it's a gimmick. So stop trying to find ways for it to become a bullsh1t broken weapon that you can pre-spray around every corner with an even bigger spread. You're just asking for backlash.
  3. CmpMean

    What happened to the game?

    The integrated/dedicated GPU rendering device problem is so insanely common. It ticks me off so much when I hear sometimes read multiple new players a week complain about their laptops with 2070s etc be unable to play the game due to low fps; -because I know they are all suffering from the same issue which Reto has never even bothered to ackowledge as a game-breaking issue. Their game will by default try to use the integrated graphics in the CPU as a rendering device. And what is even more depressing is that for all of the few players that actually go to the forums/discord to talk about their problem there are most likely hundreds of laptop users, even desktop users, with the exact same rendering device problem that makes the game run like garbage. This game has enough problems Reto ignores as it is; but there isn't a limit to insults I would use towards any of the nutheads sitting with directional control over Reto/H&G that have yet to acknowledge that a fat portion of their players can't even play the game because they have to manually change render device ID and go lock H&G files in Windows to get acceptable FPS. What do new players get instead? A pop-up notification that they get a 24h gold sale when they first play the game. Reto's priorities make me sick.
  4. CmpMean

    German tanker war problem

    The longer queue times for tankers in war, the better. If you purely want to grind tanker go staged and kill other tanks.
  5. CmpMean

    Any plans to fix the rocks?

    No, the rocks are not getting reduced. Rather than admit it was a mistake, Reto.Hades has defended the ridiculousness in public under two arguments; 1. Realistic cuz they are """mountain/hilly maps""" 2. To prevent tanks flanking. Reality is that it did nothing to prevent tanks from flanking. It only made the game less enjoyable for literally every single player; tankers, pilots and infantry alike. But you're arguing against Reto so juse give up before it gets to you. Their company which, you can soon count on one hand, holds a monopoly on knowledge and experience on what is objectively better for the game.
  6. CmpMean


    I've 1 shot tanks some weeks ago. I know for a fact none them took damage as I was spawnkilling them alone. I've also seen a screenshot in the discord where a guy got insane component xp from 1 tapping a tank. Lastly, there's this.
  7. CmpMean

    RTS and Capitals.

    They aren't alt accounts, all 3 have active kills. It's just his 2 buddies
  8. Your video is neither scientific, nor does it prove anything other than the fact that you are incapable of timing the SVT shots to maximize the fire rate. Edit cuz I feel bad for attacking unexperienced players: When trying to fire as fast as possible in H&G, spamming left click as fast as you can is NOT how you fire a gun fast. Anybody will fire faster than you do by clicking slower, because it lets the shots through. It's about timing each shot, which a lot players can't grasp their head around beyond "he shoot fast, he cheating"
  9. CmpMean

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    Oh no, what a daring move. You stopped spending money on a free to play game as a "protest" because everybody is against you when you make threads crying about dying in a tank.
  10. >tfw sits on forums 24/7 but still doesn't understand how over exaggerated language is used to emphasise a point.
  11. I was laughing my sides off when I first heard the k98 was """"overperforming"""" over the other bolt action rifles, while Hades keeps persisting to act as ignorant to other cactors as possible rather than try dive deeper into the reasons why statistics show the numbers they do, and how those numbers should be reflected in hindsight in the full picture of the game. Currently, the data is going through the basic process of "KD high = nerf - KD low=buff, not my game anyways". By Reto's current thought process you could let a toddler do it. There isn't anything more to it than an doing an endless loop of "buff this too much and nerf this too much until maybe we one day find an equilibrium".
  12. CmpMean


    >claiming that second guy is cheating, not even a good player Lol
  13. Ah yes, the "silent majority" as in the same group of people on the forums that spend more time spamming every suggestion that comes to their mind than actually playing the game. Like the same group of people with loud voices that keep asking for ghillie camouflages so they can camp even harder in bushes and make the game more stale than ever before. The only comfort I find in all of this rat nonsense is that even when the players unable to control recoil what so ever have Reto babysit them with a "0% recoil" button, they still can't compete. Not that it comes off as a surprise when some in this thread 100% stopped using LMGs long ago, while others have 20 LMG kills or less past 30 days.