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  1. come on reto it has the best armament and best handling max speed is close to P51 (flew from one side of the map to other and he easily kept up) either lower cannon ammo and remove bomb or make it handle like 410 there's no other way to balance it as P51 has 50. cal's which cant kill apc and LA has ONLY cannon and I've heard it handles like a brick (havent flown myself so i'll refrain from commenting further on LA7) just give US cannons before heavy fighter oh also I guess reto plans were to make P51 so bad people had to spam it out as its FM time is lower than P40... let that sink in Or balance the planes via AT cost so make US mediums at least 50% cheaper wf wise GE can have their god like planes at the cost of WF
  2. Juggernaut9631

    Badge changes

    bazooka 1 shotting jeeps was fine for years why is it wrong now? also fix the broken damage system i hit a jeep with rocket and it says "left skirt armor damaged" BRUH
  3. Juggernaut9631

    Player numbers dwindling

  4. Juggernaut9631

    Bring STG rpm back

    m2 is already insane
  5. Juggernaut9631

    When are you going to balance the US devs?

    make johnson and 1919 4kh
  6. Juggernaut9631

    Add the ability to lean throguh corners

    plz no
  7. Juggernaut9631

    Iron Sight Zoom

    because playing maxed out assault rifles and "hp hack badge" is crime against humanity what do you play with then? stock SA.... and first blood for true immersive experience?
  8. Juggernaut9631

    Iron Sight Zoom

    shirt sucks butt now, give me an option to increase my fov to back how it was before or even higher dude just leave and go play csgo if you want skill based game 1 shot ba's arent skillful as much as you like to dream they are
  9. Juggernaut9631

    The issue of Nazi related names in Chinese.

    Waffen SS is banned but KGB isnt
  10. Juggernaut9631

    The issue of Nazi related names in Chinese.

    no censorship is the way to go if you cant handle words on the internet grow up
  11. Juggernaut9631

    sort it out reto

    even some vets i wish reto would perma ban them the excuses some would come up with LOL
  12. Juggernaut9631

    RTS + Assault Teams changes

    just make specialists 3-5 times more expensive (except planes) and spam is solved
  13. Juggernaut9631

    how to close this

    up your resolution but seeing how you have 30 fps already thats not possible, get better pc
  14. Juggernaut9631


    if you want challange play axis how often does ge win wars? Allies for the challanage pfft
  15. Juggernaut9631

    US weapons

    1919 wasnt OP for years was it? neither was johnson and still is well i guess nothing is OP if your aim equals to dying fish flopping around true true i never really played US much bcus guns are too OP imo always prefered the hard mode (GE) its fun to pretend to be US player tho
  16. Juggernaut9631

    US weapons

    you could give US players 1hk no recoil infinite ammo with god mode they still would complain in nutshell
  17. Juggernaut9631

    US weapons

    4hk 741rpm mg13 is OP 3hk 741 rpm johnson isnt LOL git gud
  18. Juggernaut9631

    Bring back running battle list

    they did... it would take up too many server resources to update it was their bs excuse
  19. Juggernaut9631

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    yeah they nerf GE weapons not bcus theyre OP but bcus the players using them are good
  20. Juggernaut9631

    linux support when?

    im tired of using NSA spyware to play this game
  21. Juggernaut9631

    Prototype test: Weapon balance

    at this point why even bother just let them kill this game.... they still show us theyre not smart enough to develop a game, let them do whatever they want and then blame toxic vets for their dying game and problems if they dont understand why we want our guns to shoot straight and not have musket smoke blocking vision then they wont understand how to improve rts once refactor is done
  22. Juggernaut9631

    Prototype test: Weapon balance

    @Reto have you maybe considered that the guns are overperforming bcus 99% of your playerbase is lobotomized apes and that 1% can go 70/4 with closed eyes? you already ruined supply crates bcus players are too stupid now you will ruin all guns? https://clips.twitch.tv/DifferentGleamingWalletCeilingCat
  23. Juggernaut9631

    Prototype test: Weapon balance

    git gud mg13 is fine
  24. Juggernaut9631

    Prototype test: Weapon balance

    dont be reta*ded and dont implemt this shite, leave guns be and rework m2 it isnt so hard
  25. Juggernaut9631

    Easter Eggs

    servers are overheating trying to run this POS game so the eggs get fried mid air i bet you can fry an egg on your pc case too once hng is running!