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  1. I have found the same issue on other ATs. Planes are full but wont deploy. Previous war I had Moto Infantry that were full but would not deploy.
  2. Deadsapper

    US East Coast Server Crashing?

    Actually looks like multiple server bugs. Games ending but staying locked on War map, no battle report given, servers starting and then crashing both teams.
  3. Seems like the US East coast server is crashing and not starting games.....again
  4. Since the implementation of the 1 hour battle timer, I find it hard to be a casual gamer even though I spend about 4 hours playing each day after work. Using my ATs and getting skirmished eats up a lot of this time. Therefor I suggest that the skirmishes be set back to the old 30 minute timer. Towns are fine at 1 hour but I feel since a skirmish is supposed to be a quicker fight between towns and generally do not even last the 30 minute timer if played, they should have a shorter auto resolve timer. Deadsapper
  5. Deadsapper

    SU Pilot loadout

    How about, DONT GET SHOT DOWN! Then you dont need a ground load out
  6. Weapon upgrades do not switch with the weapons to the depot. The ppsh-41 I assume was purchased back when you could buy the SU weapons for all the factions when they introduced the SU faction to the game. Those weapons are limited to the SU faction ONLY now so it can not be switched. I also assume you just promoted a "Legacy" soldier to General which in and of itself was foolish.
  7. Deadsapper

    Bugged Server

    Seems to be fixed after Mondays patch, havent had this happen again so far.
  8. Deadsapper

    Bugged Server

    I've done the same thing to avoid getting thrown back into that map.
  9. Deadsapper

    Bugged Server

    Yep. And it always seems to be a US server with ping of 44 for me
  10. @Sunleader, none of this was the case. If you had read my follow ups, you would have seen this. No weapons were changed or needed refilling due to capacity changes. No refills or auto repairs were needed, as I explained already. I have about 23 soldiers on this GE account and did not switch any gear. If fact I used a soldier that has very little equipment. As stated, I think RETO did a hot fix and changed it the same night it happened as it seems to be back to normal
  11. It seems like when I connect to 1 particular server, that I assume is US based by the ping, the battle never starts and is stuck in limbo. It is only this server as I have no problem connecting to other servers with different pings. It has been happening for a few weeks now and I think RETO needs to check in on it.
  12. I never shot my weapon, all my weapons are on auto repair, they always have been. I am not a broke noob and have $3M credits. Been playing for 3 years and never had that happen. It does seem to be fixed now tho, they did a hot fix and looks to be back to normal. Why doesn't Hitler supply me with my ammo and vehicles anyway? I never once paid for my ammo in the real Military LOL. A Military Vet knows the term "Use it or lose it".... Where we waste ammo and explosives by playing with them just to rid the surplus.
  13. I just played a match and only spawned once, used a ground AA to shoot down para planes and nothing else. I used no vehicle and only spawned my soldier. After the match it said my repair cost was $5,124 and I earned $3,737! Since when am I having to pay for stationary AA gun repairs?
  14. Deadsapper

    What happened to Ctrl + T?

    cool. can't wait
  15. I am so tired of not being able to see targets that are in line with a capture point because of the "marker". Years ago we used to have the option of hitting Ctrl + T to drop the "target" designator. Why can't we have this simple option back?