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  1. hummer108

    Major and Medic Classes (For the Developers)

    I vote for a healing gun like a flamethrower but green
  2. hummer108

    Ping from Brazil.

    De vez enquando pego uma partida lotada de brasileiro, mas é só
  3. hummer108

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Sorry, I meant to say just as separate cosmetics, and not readily available for everyone. Maybe costing way higher and being unavailable for the free change.
  4. hummer108

    equipment points

    Airborne anti-tank rambos? No thanks.
  5. hummer108

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Historical accuracy to the extent of skin color and sex is good, I like it too and think it should definitely be protected. That's why I like seeing Arabs and Indians fighting WW2 too, as special units, separate from the normal. Things like that should be only kept as rare, unlockable costumes with a super hard unlock quest, so that only people who have some real kind of tie to them will unlock them. That way proper historical scenery can be more or less maintained. BFV was just stupid. And the BF theme of conversation covers another error that RETO is borring from them: erasing the line between factions equipments. But that's not the point here. Absolutely. And the way they did it, it looks more like arab or something in-between, but it would be awesome to have proper indians too. As a Brazilian I would love to see our WW2 patches, paintjobs and the characteristic racemixery that made US soldiers find us weird.
  6. hummer108


    It's disconnecting here too. On multiple matches the game started lagging and stopped being playable but the chat didn't stop working, and the whole team was suffering this too. No walking, no turning and no respawning. Closing the game and trying to rejoin did not work, as rejoining is impossible. Trying too much makes the "rejoin" button turn into the "To battle!" button. On one occasion the game said BattlEye got me, and people on the chat reported it happened with them too.
  7. hummer108

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    It looks more like indian. Actually it makes, some indians and arabs fought for Germany in WW2.
  8. hummer108

    buff german pls

    I came up with the perfect quickfix for GE. Cap the german war population at (US+SU)/2, make everything cheaper for SU and US and decrease the time SU and US need to capture points. That way maybe the GE's overpopulation, op equipments and excess of veterans and cheaters over US/SU will be balanced out 😂
  9. hummer108

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    I'm glad there's people doing it, I hope it launches and gathers population
  10. hummer108

    Returning... Maybe

    There's nothing new that's worth mentioning, and all the same well known problems are still there. But it's H&G and I can't stop playing, so I still recommend it.
  11. hummer108

    M1 carbine, it's guff

    It's the first time Reto has been historically correct lmao, the M1 was supposed to replace support troops' M1911 in WW2
  12. hummer108

    will RETO ever do something about traitors in war?

    I think the only way to prevent that is to make the game paid or make the factions random, otherwise anything can be cheated. But Reto won't fix shirt no matter what it is so whatever.
  13. hummer108

    Ping is getting worse...

    For me fps is being impacted by ping. What would otherwise be a ~~playable~~ 200 ping match turns into a low fps mess. The lucky matches where I have low ping run OK.
  14. hummer108

    Hades want to nerf M2 lmao

    I didn't suggest any blah-blah-realism, just for a minimum of coherence to be maintained. If the whole WW2 period is to be discarded then Reto could add Fortnine-like skins too, just for lulz and money.
  15. hummer108

    Hades want to nerf M2 lmao

    Trying to move the M2 from the SMG to the AR class is as absurd as keeping where it is, because it is neither of them. It's a carbine, a baby rifle, it's even written in the name, it was to be a buffed M1911 (almost)!!! The asymmetrical balancing should be taken seriously, the US had no assault rifle and thus the M2 should be ditched for some other equipment and/or a drastic buff elsewhere in order to compensate.