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  1. Shootzz

    NVIDIA Settings to Help Stabilize FPS

    Over the last week I haven't been able to play as my FPS drops down to 18 which is impossible to do anything in game. I've tried all the usual steps there is overcome it but nothing has improved it?
  2. Shootzz

    H&G broken "failed to connect to server"

    Have the same problem now after the server was getting the latest upgrade etc Same message map wont load failed to connect to server BLAH BLAH , then if you try again Invalid filters. The H G sync keeps pinging over and over.
  3. Shootzz

    Game Wont Load

    It is still a problem is there a fix on the way?
  4. Shootzz

    Game Wont Load

    Why are we having so much trouble connecting to server? It starts to load and then get a message Failed to connect to server. The H&G Sync panel is loading all sorts of rubbish in background while this is going on, check that DX is loaded etc and a whole lot of trash?
  5. Sever out of order again?
  6. I find it frustrating when exiting jeeps with that silly turn a player does, its puts you at a disadvantage when you come across an enemy soldier while driving a jeep you stop to engage and you end up doing the turn in front of him and he shoots you in the back. Why was it changed it worked well before the mod? :cry:
  7. Shootzz

    Server Downtimes?

    Really Not Again? :cry:
  8. Shootzz

    M29 Weasel Problems

    I think the Weasel is a white elephant. Maybe should have big ears attached to it.
  9. I find The MG 42 a bit of a beast to master, and it does take a lot of practise to get comfortable with and was waiting with interest to see how the cone fire would work with the new mods. But its my choice to use it so will persevere. The issue for me is the semi automatic riffles that seem to hit the target every time when one is waved in the general direction of its target, no matter situation, running, jumping, in a jeep driving over rocks swerving it hits its target every time. Next they will be shooting over there shoulder with a mirror like they do in the circus. :evil: And don't forget the Russian broom stick one shot and it can kill a jeep with all on board what's with that?.
  10. Oh well there you go, looks like I rushed. :roll:
  11. Its not even implemented yet . Wait for NEW build .