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  1. M26 is mismatched in Heavy Tanks

    Since chaffee is a medium tank in light tank category P38 is a medium fighter in heavy fighter plane category I think putting the pershing into medium tank category seems legit PATCHED THIES!!! and BALACED THIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Your gaming experience

    Its a mess.There will be good WW2 games soon and I dont mean soon™
  3. No Longer Supporting This Game

    Makes you laugh? Why? Vets play/played the game alot. Their oppinion is valuable, isnt it? Maybe you just like to laugh..who doesnt?
  4. thats why running away with me 410 is useless

    Oh I see AdrianVictus is still on his mission good find !
  5. Servers are hurting... ?

    This game is unique: a combination of lag, rng and missing gunshots
  6. With the current state of RTS generals will rather shoot themselves^^

    No because Reto Logic

    nah he wants reto to put pershing in medium category since chaffee is in light...all good
  9. Why did you pick your current faction?

    I mainly play german in staged because I like the challange
  10. Speed on Planes

    US has medium tank in the light tank category And a heavy fighter plane turning like a medium fighter There is logic you see
  11. poilts

    Dude there is something really not ok with your lifestyle Poilts tho yeah I know...POILTS!!!
  12. Xmas Bulletin 2017

    Jesper Kyd and Reto guys in a New York Flat? That sounds awesome! Good Times I bet Merry christmas <3
  13. Car pyshics

    Reto put bumps in front of every chokepoint. So its working as intended
  14. Reveal the staged clans

    Thats also were most of H&G players are tho.