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  1. New Weather Settings in Update 1.10

    weather 2.0
  2. Why, Reto?

    So basically what you are doing with P38 plus you take screens of it posting them here to show dem skillz #BesterMann <3
  3. H&G is Killing my PC

    Sounds like a smart machine to me
  4. Optimization of this game

    Not a priority I guess
  5. So people...now look at these stats!!! Join Germany!!!Make a difference!!! ...oh wait

    Yes its fu**ed up!!! If you queue as infantry tho you get a match after seconds...then realize its 80 ping moskow shirt Reto pls!!!
  7. Why is this even possible tho... So stupid
  8. Update 1.09.1 – Player Level Adjustments

    Less xp for pilots Basically making fake hair a nogo in a cancer club Who cares...still cancer, still party!!!
  9. Reto Moto can you please rework/fix the ME 410s cockpit/hitbox? You get shot out of the cockpit instantly by everything from miles away. Its already hard enough beeing outnumbered all the time... reto pls <3
  10. Losing credits while playing M1/M2

  11. Lag spikes

    There is not one single match at 30 ping during EU evening .All are 80/112/140 and super laggy.
  12. something is strange since 1.09

    European servers got out of fashion
  13. Adding Aux seats is bugged

    The other variant of this is getting locked as SL but cant join Battle or setup auxseats
  14. They all thought its fake news until ze Wehrmacht was in town!
  15. War Broken?