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  1. Ajaxdotter

    M26 is mismatched in Heavy Tanks

    Since chaffee is a medium tank in light tank category P38 is a medium fighter in heavy fighter plane category I think putting the pershing into medium tank category seems legit PATCHED THIES!!! and BALACED THIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ajaxdotter

    Your gaming experience

    Its a mess.There will be good WW2 games soon and I dont mean soon™
  3. Ajaxdotter

    No Longer Supporting This Game

    Makes you laugh? Why? Vets play/played the game alot. Their oppinion is valuable, isnt it? Maybe you just like to laugh..who doesnt?
  4. Ajaxdotter

    thats why running away with me 410 is useless

    Oh I see AdrianVictus is still on his mission good find !
  5. Ajaxdotter

    Servers are hurting... ?

    This game is unique: a combination of lag, rng and missing gunshots
  6. With the current state of RTS generals will rather shoot themselves^^
  7. Ajaxdotter


    No because Reto Logic
  8. Ajaxdotter


    nah he wants reto to put pershing in medium category since chaffee is in light...all good
  9. Ajaxdotter

    Why did you pick your current faction?

    I mainly play german in staged because I like the challange
  10. Ajaxdotter

    Speed on Planes

    US has medium tank in the light tank category And a heavy fighter plane turning like a medium fighter There is logic you see
  11. Ajaxdotter


    Dude there is something really not ok with your lifestyle Poilts tho yeah I know...POILTS!!!
  12. Ajaxdotter

    Xmas Bulletin 2017

    Jesper Kyd and Reto guys in a New York Flat? That sounds awesome! Good Times I bet Merry christmas <3
  13. Ajaxdotter

    Car pyshics

    Reto put bumps in front of every chokepoint. So its working as intended
  14. Ajaxdotter

    Reveal the staged clans

    Thats also were most of H&G players are tho.