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  1. Bebeluhin

    IS-2 hull armor

    Im not complain, im just trying to report a bug. IS-2 has no armor in hull, like Tiger 1 doesnt have gun armor. In both cases, the armor must be more then 100 mm, in game they dont have even 20mm. And this is funny, becouse even bots with MP-34 can penetrate IS-2 back armor. No, really!
  2. Bebeluhin

    IS-2 hull armor

    Since the first days of armor 2.0 update, IS-2 has no armor in the hull. PZB-39 can easily penetrate IS-2 in front armor. Even Panzer-2 can do that! Is this a bug or is it supposed to be? P.S. There's nothing wrong with the turret armor.
  3. Bebeluhin

    Texture quality doesn't change after update

    Yes, it's because of the new update. Developers disabled some manual changes for LOD grapghics. But i dont know, they will fix that or not. Need to wait for the fix and check it out.
  4. In game video settings texture quality doesn't change. Just stay on "High", and dont change to low or very high. Other options, like shadows, changes as it should. Im already reinstall game, and even remove Heroes & Generals folder from AppData, but problem still here. Before 1.21.1 update all options works just fine. Its my PC or game bug?
  5. Bebeluhin

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    Seriously? Changing the interface to such a terrible option is a very bad idea. And now you can not play on any separate map that you like. Fortress or Khutor, like that. I dont want that update. Thats going on like terrible Squad 2.0. Sorry, but this a shame. I want old interface, and old matchmaking. I I
  6. Bebeluhin

    Weird connection issues in game.

    Yea, i have the same problem.