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  1. Jonall

    MG13, is it OP?

    I have tried a few things to make the AVS cheaper to run, but the end result is always that you cannot run anything other than the 7N1 rounds which are 6.4 credits a bullet. Only stock rounds and 7N1 prevents the sideways recoil from what i have tested. So my go to setup is sight and 7N1, fire rate mods just makes it kick more so i tend to not use them. I hope the AVS gets looked at if the mg-13 stays the same. It feels a bit silly to compare a LMG to a assault rifle, but they perform very similarly.
  2. Jonall

    MG13, is it OP?

    I bought the STG on the SU side, it works much better against groups of enemies than the AVS does. For the AVS to even compare to the same level i need to run tight grip/dead eye and reload, while with the STG i don't need any of it. It's also MUCH cheaper to run than the AVS. Not everyone are uber soldiers only using weapons with good TTK, ease of use is also a factor players take into account.
  3. Jonall

    MG13, is it OP?

    I would trade in the AVS for a mg-13 as it stands now. The AVS ain't bad, but you need both badges and quite expensive mods to make it competitive which leaves you with less credits and flexibility. mg-13 is cheap as dirt to use even modded, got more rounds in the mag, less recoil, better sights (imo), faster TTK and reloads faster. If you don't think the mg-13 isn't overstepping i got a feeling you haven't played the other factions weaponry in some time. It would be nice if they buffed other weapons instead of nerfing it since it's a lot of fun to use, but i doubt it.
  4. Jonall

    weapon repair more expensive after patch?

    I mostly played staged until the +25% credits so i'm fairly sure. I am at the very least not making more than i used to back when the war bonus wasn't added yet.
  5. Anyone else noticed the resupply cost has increased? usually i only use about 10-15% of the credits i earn with veteran membership for resupplying. but now it's more like 20-30% even with relatively cheap mods, even in war with +25% credits earned i am spending more in percentage to resupply.
  6. Jonall

    CHANGELOG 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    1,2 mill for the STG... holy round objects that's expensive!
  7. Jonall

    New LMGs whatsup

    Maxim feels out of place, it doesn't bring anything new on the SU side, it's just a big drum mag LMG with sway which makes you miss targets at +80m standing still. If i wanted that i would just pick up the PPSH-41 with a much lower reload time and about the same effective range unless you use bipods. The MG13 i picked up was pretty nice, felt like the old LMGs and doesn't shake your camera like your eye sockets where vibrating constantly...
  8. LMG should have close too no recoil while on bipods, otherwise they are just simply bad (like they are now). Also the camera effects while using LMG is horrendously distracting and makes it harder too hit, some people like it apparently but i certainly don't. So how about the option to toggle it on and off in settings (same with the map animations at the start and end of each map)?
  9. Jonall


    I think you mean 90% of forum jockeys use credits, most people don't invest this much time into H&G.
  10. Jonall


    Am i supposed to pity them for their own mistakes? This also have literally nothing to do with earnings and/or server maintenance, why even bring it up? Games legally cannot be a service unless everyone is paying a monthly subscription to get access too it. Their terms and conditions doesn't overrule basic ownership rights.
  11. Jonall


    They take monthly payments from customers and you think basic game testing and bugfixing is too much to ask of them? How jaded are you to start thinking this is acceptable for any game with paying customers? Charge me back what i spent trough the years and i'll agree, but until then i'll hold them up to their own failures as a game company.
  12. Jonall


    Desktop with Ryzen 1800X and 1080TI.
  13. Jonall


    I am quite certain they simply do not care anymore, i posted this a month ago and it's exactly the same. They knew about the problem A WHOLE MONTH IN ADVANCE, and didn't do anything about it! Let that sink in.
  14. Jonall


    What kind of settings do you run? With max FOV and 28'' it makes me nausea. If this stays, i suppose i will give up on LMG's and the US faction.
  15. Jonall


    I feel like throwing up using any LMG now. Why is my camera shaking while i shoot? The LMG's still got very noticeable recoil even with the bipods, only sway is not there. And what's the point of using bipods on AT rifles when you don't tweak the ludicrous conefire on them?? They are just as inaccurate standing as laying down using bipods...