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  1. "You haven't been around long enough" Who are you, may i ask? Been playing since early 2015, and yes, i'm more than capable of having an opinion about Reto. This line system sucks, and nobody asked for it, that's the real truth. Just as Squad 2.0, Adams Conefire, and many other things that f*ed up the game.
  2. Yes, being stuck in a line with noob squad leaders is terrible. This line "lock" system just plain sucks, just another one of the many things that nobody wanted. Guess it's just Reto's way of doing things, put stuff on the game that no one has ever asked for.
  3. Awaked-

    Vídeos e Screens

    Conteúdo bacana, +1 inscrito.
  4. Awaked-

    US Migration

    Thanks for the replies guys! You guys are awesome.
  5. Awaked-

    US Migration

    Hey guys. I've been playing for like 3/4 months now. I started joining US, then got bored and switched to German faction. But since it was sooo easy to win, it became boring and i switched to SU, because it was the weakest faction in game. I've stayed for a long time there, and i have plenty of good characters there atm. (Infantry, Tanker, Paratrooper and a Recon. I don't like pilot) But now since i have almost everything in SU faction, i'm thinking about returning to US faction, so i can try to help them a bit. Any tips from Allied players on what to grind first for a Infantry/Paratrooper/Tanker soldier? (Weapons, Tanks, and stuff). Thanks in advance! (Sorry for bad english)
  6. Awaked-

    Soviet Tanker Tips

    There are a lot of videos on youtube about this. i can post some links later. but i would recomend infantry in war and play your tanker in staged unless you know your angles and where to sit or play your tank Yeah, my Tanker is only at staged now. I already have a Infantry guy for War matches (Paratrooper, Inf, Recon, no Pilot tho). I'm going to stick in staged with my tanker until i get some experience with it.
  7. Awaked-

    Soviet Tanker Tips

    The T-38 with upgraded ammo is ok, actually -- just beware of every goddamn thing, and you can do ok Even in War matches! Just keep an eye on what the enemy have to deploy -- you don't want to be up against enemy armour really. But you can do a lot of damage to enemy mechanized forces! In terms of general play tips: - don't loose your tank to "headshots" on your Commander! - don't drive down roads - use cover, keep your head down -- most Soviet tanks have quite a low profile, use that to sneak up on the enemy - don't be afraid to run away! - armour doesn't seem to count for much (everything seems to pen our tanks), so angling is probably not as important as being able to make a quick getaway if you get spotted That's all I've got anyway! I'm no great tanker, but I think I do ok, and I hope this helps!
  8. Awaked-


    Yeah, i already have some guys ready for becoming a Tanker. I'm not expert in any way as a Tanker, and i'm thinking about get a Soviet Tanker. What tanks do you recomend in the Soviet faction? (Light, Medium, Heavy, TDs..)
  9. Awaked-


    Finally finished my grind to Recon today (German one). Now, i'm thinking about getting a Tanker. But, the question is, is it worth? Is it expensive (Tanks, repairs, stuff)? Is it "fun"? And some tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Awaked-

    Recon (Soviet)

    I've been thinking, it is worth becoming a Recon or Infantry is the best choice? Now that you can use scopes being Infantry, are Recons "useless"?
  11. Awaked-

    Best SVT-40 build?

    What's your favorite SVT-40 build to play with? Full RoF or Precision/Stability?