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  1. Anyone has experience still no class limitation in war battles? Germans had 2 Vasilies + 7 Tractors = 9 people playing special classes when the limit should be at 6. Héctor
  2. hectorhfm

    Armor plates

    Removing Heavy Set is a very bad idea due to: - current map design: lots of bushes & bridges - bad visibility - defenders advantage - massive amount of scopes in every game These points favour the use of scoped bolt action & semi auto rifles making almost mandatory the use of Heavy Set to avoid the frustration of beign killed from hidden campers. The idea of removing Heavy Set will affect more the new players since veterans have scopes, fully moded bolt action and semi-auto rifles and they do know how to use them. But well, no one has ever seen RedBjarne trying to push E, B line on French Town with all the amount of vegetation. Neither have we seen him crossing a bridge. Who takes gameplay decisions at Reto? I don't believe a team can make such huge mistakes...
  3. When people complain about STG44 and not about G43...
  4. hectorhfm

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    Will RedBjarne ever come to Teamspeak to play with veterans so he gets to know how his game works? Awful update: - Bipods do not work in most places you could use them: stone walls, church stone windows, some sandbags, etc. - Terrain has holes that get your vehicles stuck easily. - LMGs are now not competitive. They can no longer engage on medium-long distances. - SA rifles (also known as palkas) are now definitely the only competitive weapons in the game. They can engage enemies at every distance and they outclass BA rifles and LMGs easily on far and medium ranges. - Vehicles physics are bugged for some hardware configurations: https://www.twitch.tv/captainsprice/clip/ObeseSquareCamelWTRuck - New sound bug: every gun fire is heard in the client as if it was happening 5 meters away from the player. How to enjoy this update playing as infantry? 1. Loop over all your infantry soldiers unequipping LMGs, SMGs and BAs. 2. Loop again and equip SA rifles. Have different configurations to engage close or long ranges. Don't forget to include on every palka the available scope. Héctor PD: maybe you can maintain assault rifles still (STG, AVS and M2 carbine).
  5. hectorhfm


    Yay! Palka contest
  6. hectorhfm

    fw190 nerf wasn't enough...

    TTK doesn't matter
  7. hectorhfm

    The Illuminati Order

    Very good memories
  8. Yes, you are so true. MCBL4 had 3 ping and he suffered lags vs evil germans. Check it: https://www.twitch.tv/mcbl4/clip/BovineCulturedDiscSwiftRage
  9. hectorhfm

    Translations for voice commands!

    I need voice commands to be able to communicate with the teammates, kappa.
  10. hectorhfm


    Please, please do not close the game until game director plays an E line French town or a B line Mountain town attack.
  11. Yep, you are true. Lots of instant headshots by the Germans. You can check MCBL4 clips for more information:
  12. hectorhfm

    First City Map "City-River"

    Don't forget to include it in the next update!
  13. hectorhfm


    Don't forget about helicopters. We need them!
  14. hectorhfm

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    Do you mean using knife + marathon and outrunning the jeeps or bikes in the forests?
  15. hectorhfm

    How to play armor 2.0 (steam edition)

    Nice idea, this update is unplayable.