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  1. ChrisTaylor

    CPU load 100%

    Maybe you have the same issue as I had? Reto-Moto always says that they fixed it, but it has returned few times since then, so it might be the same case.
  2. ChrisTaylor

    Client CPU Loads so different

    Maybe because it's rendered in your screen's resolution so it's more difficult to render when the window size is lower than your screen's resolution? I don't know. My observations on CPU usage (i5 6600K, 4 GHz): Fullscreen: ~15 % Max. size window: ~25 % Min. size window: ~35 %
  3. I can see a very objective opinion. Didn't you play the game before they added scopes to infantry, did you? The game is unreasonably dark. This happens when you just increase brightness (hue and contrast too, but only for a slightly richer colors): I don't think it's hard to adjust these things, especially the brightness.
  4. ChrisTaylor

    Is Two Years enough Time?

    That should be the number one priority. Game needs a desktop engine, not the web browser one, but it seems nobody from Reto-Moto understands that. The time when the menu ran in browser is gone, however it still uses Adobe Flash which is full of security holes. And I can continue like that even more.
  5. ChrisTaylor

    New map proposal

    I think coniferous forest would be fine, there aren't bushes, just fallen needles.
  6. ChrisTaylor

    New map proposal

    Maybe Hürtgen Forest map?
  7. ChrisTaylor

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    I've found bug: When the game crashes and you run it again, you're unable to deploy any vehicle (they even don't show up in deploy menu).
  8. I had to modify my name because "ChrisTaylor" was already taken and I didn't want to add any numbers to my name. It was a nice reaction from Reto.Gargamel, it made me laugh.
  9. This's been one of the most discussed topics so far - infantry scopes. I'll try all my best to explain why and how to prove they're a problem. Why is it the problem? Some players have misunderstood the difference between purpose of infantry and recon. The main purpose of infantry is to attack (cap) and defend points whereas the main purpose of recon is to be the silent and sneaky one, he is meant to spot enemy vehicles and kill enemies without giving them clue where he is. And what am I trying to say? Some players play as infantry but they act as recon. And what gives them this chance? Scopes. There're a few reasons for this: They give you a distance advantage over your enemies. They're the main reason why players camp. (This is related to the reason above. "Why should I go to an objective and fight if I can kill enemies on the objective from afar?") How to prove they're the problem? I was thinking about this a lot and I got an idea. Reto-Moto has powerful tools that can display many game statistics. The whole idea lies in comparing the official server and the prototype server where the scopes are removed or atleast denied to add onto the weapons. And what should we compare? There're a few ideas of mine: Usage of the weapons that have/had scopes (in % or in numbers), Death caused by the weapons that have/had scopes (in % or in numbers), Players who camp with weapons that have/had scopes (in % or in numbers; This might be quite challenging, but if we make formula like, "Player must actively shoot from the radius of 50 m in which he stays at least for 1 minute", or something like that, it would be easy to record.), Players who play on the objectives on the server with/without scopes (in % or in numbers). These are the ideas that I came up with, there can be more of them of course. My predictions if these test will be realized: Less usage and death caused by weapons which used to have scopes, less campers and more players who plays on the objectives. I think this is the best way how to prove Reto-Moto they need to be removed. I've just wanted to point out this problem because it's one of the reasons why I don't play continuously anymore. It makes the whole game less funny and more upsetting. Don't be shy to correct me if I've said something wrong or incorrect.
  10. ChrisTaylor

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling

    A little clarification for the bug I’ve mentioned: It happens only when the character wants to sit while sprinting (transition between pedaling with/without sitting).
  11. ChrisTaylor

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling

    When I enable V-Sync, GPU usage is around 45 % and GPU around 40 % (tested on the official server because no one is playing on the prototype right now). The reason why I have V-Sync disabled is that I feel increased input lag which is critical for FPS game. I've mentioned this "issue" due to the fact that there was a bug causing 100% CPU usage which led to several seconds lags. And it has been returning with some updates since before. I was worried of that and as a result of I didn't even think clearly when I was writing the first post. Thank you for the advice, it's clear CPU and GPU will be used at maximum when there's no frame limit. It's logical but I don't understand why I haven't realized it. That's a brilliant idea! I hope you're going to add that.
  12. ChrisTaylor

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling

    A few problems: When I drive a bicycle on a dirt, it shakes and the whole animation of you riding a bicycle looks weird and jerky. (These two have nothing to do with handling, but there's no section for them so I'll post them here.) The volume of sounds don't decrease with a distance. The usage of CPU and GPU is an overkill (optimisation is needed). I have ~170 FPS but the usage of hardware is: GTX 970 - 99 % and i5 6600K - ~70 %. That's too much for the game with graphics like this.
  13. ChrisTaylor

    New Server? (Instead of Moscow)

    There's a free version of PingPlotter, too:
  14. A few months ago I asked Reto-Moto why there are issues with Moscow servers. The only answer I got was, "We're investigating where the problem is." And that's the reason why I decided to do my own research to find out where the problem could be. I used program PingPlotter which is basically a traceroute app with friendly GUI. Here's a screenshot with the results: As you can see, the biggest problem is on the line 15. Ping fluctuates here between 71 and 730 ms which is not good. And how to find out who's a owner of a specific IPv4 address? It's simple, too. We need to use some kind of IPv4 database to get an information from it. I used and (search results links). And that's the result: And we got the information - this IPv4 address belongs to hosting Now we know where's the problem, in the hosting of RU servers! And nobody have done anything about that. If you have same problem, there's a solution how to fix this. The best solution so far is to deny this IPv4 address in your computer's firewall, it works perfectly, you won't be connected to RU servers anymore. I had to deal with that problem because it was the same problem as @AdrianVictus's one (I live in Europe, too). Now we at least know how to solve it.
  15. What will you do about the issues with moscow servers? For clarification - fluctuating ping etc. I've performed measurements which indicate that the issues are in the hosting of Heroes & Generals itself.