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  1. pat4444

    HnG weapon calculator

    wow this is mega cool, especially player hits to kill with distance meter
  2. pat4444

    adjusting the soundoutput

    No, this is not possible.
  3. pat4444

    Map editor?

    No, there isn´t any map editor at this time and probadly won't be in future.
  4. pat4444

    letter to Reto

    Enlisted has tanks.
  5. pat4444

    Vehicles speed

    Yes, i know about wiki, but data from there are horribly outdated. There was some pictures of speed before armor 2.0 update, but i can´t find them
  6. pat4444

    Vehicles speed

    Is there any list of speeds of vehicles or tanks?
  7. pat4444

    Nerf bots

    Remove them completely, they are super annoying. Game was better before they add them.
  8. pat4444

    potentiel 30 vs 30

    Having more players in battle is not possible, because their engine cannot handle that
  9. pat4444

    laggy servers

    Reto, what the hell are you doing with servers? This game is unplayable with 120ms ping and it´s been for 4 days now.
  10. pat4444

    Tanker help

    Buy pz IV H. Don't buy Panther, it's absolute rubbish after ARMORdoesn't matter 2.0
  11. pat4444

    Armored Recon Vehicles

    No, these badges only work for handheld weapons like bazooka or AT grenades or rifles.
  12. pat4444

    Iron Fist is weak

    Hmmm, when i play with tank, i score 80% of all kills with MG. HE rounds are almost useless after blast radius nerf.
  13. pat4444

    Dear Reto.Moto

  14. All carbines from m1 family uses .30 Carbine round (7,62 × 33mm) which is nearly the same as kurzpatrone (7,92 × 33mm) used in stg44. I personally dont know why shooting from m1 | m1/m2 is like shooting pistol rounds, when both guns, (m1 family and stg) should have very similar performance. So as Fegaris said, rebalance is the good way.
  15. pat4444

    Why is the wiki page abandoned?

    Lack of information has always been problem in this game. But holding these statistics is unnecessary, because when Reto change some value, there must be person who will update that value in some table or smt. Better solution would be some ingame popup window, which will show when you move cursor on weapon or vehicle with overall price per shot / spawn. On wiki, there should be some kind of "advanced informations" like guides, tank vs tank damage calculations, vehicle modules multipliers and other infos, which is nearly impossible to find now.