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  1. C0R0NER

    Update '1.10 - Colmar Hamlet' Preview on Twitch!

    I repeat again and again: we need a ping filter, we can not play on the moscow server! The game skips animations during duels.
  2. C0R0NER

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    Maybe... When you return the possibility play this game half of the players - this is the German faction, You know? You repair the SQUAD and cancel the AR. Give the German generals reparation for the lost ribbon "victorious in the war" as a refund for underdog bonuses for the last year injustice and oppression.
  3. C0R0NER

    Letter from the CEO #2

    Exactly! Three years of work for the German faction and the result? In the past year it was a downright mockery direct to my investments over the years
  4. 71 ammo in magazine of smg, ptrd killed planes, etc... no, system autoresolve on RTS map is broken, for russians. Try to attack by the German AT´s and you will see. This is the problem and the reason the game is unbalanced. And the reason why most players left. And that was the goal of RETO MOTO. Mission accomplished.
  5. Earlier Germany won and started in Berlin. Changes the cities will not solve anything. The problem is that RETO MOTO are fans of Russian.
  6. Ok, jak chceš, ale potom si nestěžuj, že nerozumíš troubo. Tak nějak?
  7. C0R0NER


    Without big generals, there would be no front lines, no attacks, no defensive action. Do you know that a big German player will spend 2-4k of gold a month just for AT deployment?
  8. C0R0NER

    Alternatives for AR

    And would it be such a problem that the units would only return to their starting positions?
  9. C0R0NER

    Wars on GE side

    Previously (two years ago) the Germans won in a wars and the starting positions on the map were the same - in this will not be a problem. RETO must reduce the number of communications links in the Balkans and between France and Britain. Merge resources for the US and the SU faction + for the Germans double resources Let the players naturally play SU + US vs. GE Today now: SU vs US...... 21× conflicts GE vs US+SU.... 49× conflicts
  10. C0R0NER

    Pls. Remove free Deploy

    You absolutely do not understand what's going on. You buy something that does not work, and are you happy? This is a bad example of using the brain:P
  11. C0R0NER

    New vehicle paint jobs in 1.09

    Without a Soviet faction? Yes please!!!
  12. C0R0NER

    Pls. Remove free Deploy

    Three years of grind and can not use my units? What is it the logic? Are you from Russia?
  13. C0R0NER

    Pls. Remove free Deploy

    Thank you for freely deploying units. So far, I had to use only the gold because the German faction never did not receive WF bonus like the Russians and the Americans. I have no WF for a long time and am totally exhausted ... and disgusted
  14. No restrictions please! Solution: Merge the US and SU factions + their sources To double the resources for the German faction
  15. C0R0NER

    New 'Bulletin' and UI updates in 1.09

    Designation for war veterans "ELITE" is OK !!! ...and thank you for possible grouping AT