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  1. Exile58


    too much Swedishness in one pizza, totally wrong. but janssons is good shirt
  2. Exile58

    United Defense Rangers - Elite

  3. How many factional boycotts have been launched at this point? how many times has it actually accomplished anything? As has been said by others, the RTS and maps need the most work. If someone wants to play purely for FPS there are a lot better WW2 shooters out there. The RTS was the main selling point of this game and reto has pretty much abandoned trying to fix it.
  4. Exile58

    Feedback after a long break

    Dingaling, you're not wrong, but its was never just one thing that triggered it. Different vets had different reasons for being burned out on it. There is a quite a laundry list of things that have gone wrong since the glorious days of '16. Weapon balance is pretty high on that list, but certainly not the only thing. Eg: Lack of new maps. RTS being stale and boring. No meaningful balance to factions. RETO blatantly ignoring reality. I could make this list really long if I tried, but no one wants to read a book about my disappointment with reto. Good to see some old vets in this thread. PS. ❤️
  5. Exile58

    No point to deploy...

    Last time I deployed I realized that its so broken and boring at this point that calling it an RTS isn't really accurate anymore. Kinda makes me sad as I spent thousands of hours playing this game building my army. Now I log in once in a while, get a disappointed and bail. Still, I secretly hope the game can recover the magic it once had, though my hope is tempered by sheer skepticism of RETOs capabilities at this point.
  6. Exile58

    Drug Addicts

    Yup, I remember, I was in TAW. Also barntrolling , shovel rushing, and using a kubel as people mower on GaiusGermanicus , check, those things for sure happened. But dora was already doing shady shirt long before that. So claiming you taught him that behavior is a bit.... of a stretch.
  7. Exile58

    Forums so slow, should I start shirt posting?

    +1 If only Gaius had this creativity instead of reposting all of Afonso's memes
  8. Exile58

    Drug Addicts

    Nah, doramass has been doing shady shirt long before you started your pathetic alting campaign. Its cute that your ego lets you take credit for things that have nothing to do with you. What will you come up with next? Yup, I encircle a bunch of his troops = instant dopamine high Ugh, pretty sure the concept of fun is the whole reason we play, but suit yourself.
  9. Exile58

    Stg vs fg 42

    confirmed. STG isn't a god weapon, but its a sweet gun that's very competitive. Claiming otherwise is just pure forum salt and not really worth considering. As long as you end up on the noob team, it should be about right.
  10. Exile58

    United Defense Rangers - Elite

    It seems like we are having more and more people coming in. While it might be premature to call it a comeback we have had nights now with 10+ active players on TS. Kinda cool, though the game is in a rough state at the moment. Hopefully something good comes of it. @LoverBoyUSA Update the roster, scrub.
  11. Exile58

    How's the USA whale population?

    No, we always do better without you. I hear the SU or GE factions could use a salt mining waste of resources though. Good luck out there.
  12. Exile58

    Fallen H&G Friends

    RIP to my bros Binson and RamenRay. Life was good mining all those tanks spawns and trolling our own team in the middle of clan battles. F Yeah, doesn't get much worse. TC was a common denominator for the older all vets, he knew us all.
  13. Exile58

    Infantry is too OP

    9/10 Solid effort boys.
  14. Exile58

    Balance this game.

    best joke on the forums, right there.
  15. Exile58

    how to destroy PLANES?

    At some point, even you must realize reposting the same memes a few hundred times robs them of their value... 1/10 gaius, im disappointed.