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  1. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Hi I don’t play the game anymore because it’s just getting worse and worse. I also leave this forum and this topic. Thank you very much for your help but it seems RETO does not want to fix anything. Every new update brings new bugs and they dont really fix the old ones. You can still report the map releated bugs here, but I don’t think anyone would pay attention to them. So thanks again for all the help, your support meant a lot to me. After more than 6 years, it is time to look for something new
  2. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    It is a known issue for a long time, but it is too small bug to get priority. They will fix it when they have some time for it. Thanks, I will check this
  3. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Hmm its interesting, thanks for the report. Is this the only place with this bug or have you encountered it also somewhere else? It is a known issue, if they have some time for it, they will fix it. Thanks for the report.
  4. robii404-HUN

    Kills/deaths statistics is wrong

    Bots count, they were implemented directly for k/d increase by new players. Only First encounter bots dont count. In the game you see assists as kills, because they dont have a different counter, but only normal kills appear in the statistics. Its working as intended, they just have a very bad UI design
  5. robii404-HUN

    I have a problem with my HUD

    The problem is something like this The issue is very old but rare so it doesnt get priority for fix. I dont know how to resolve it, but there are other forum topics about it, maybe there are some good idea. @serano007 Do you know what you did before the error occurred?
  6. robii404-HUN


    The game has already enough weapons and vehicles. Developers should work on bug fixing and new features like squad linking, clan system, better sounds, PBR things, skill based matcmaking etc.
  7. robii404-HUN

    Cannot use tier one plane

    Can you make a video about the bug? Or some pictures where we can see the error messages or something like that.
  8. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Fixed in 1.21.1
  9. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Fixed sometime in the past
  10. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Fixed in 1.21 Fixed in 1.21.1
  11. robii404-HUN


    They keep it up to date, as you can see from the last update's changelog: "Wallhack", "speed hack" and things like that are usually just ping problems. Press F7 to see your ping and fps and dont play high ping battles
  12. robii404-HUN

    Cant destroy mines underwater

    Because the water slows down the bullet. Its something like this: So it is not a bug, you have to shoot from closer, aim higher or use explosive weapons (HE shells, panzerfaust, grenade)
  13. robii404-HUN

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    What is frustrating? What else do you want? 8 eq point for all AT weapons and 5000 cr / rocket cost? Do you know what advantages tankers had 5 years ago? Nothing. You could destroy a tank with a single mine on the spawn point even if you put it on top of the turret... And now? - Increased repair costs - Changed mine explosion mechanics, they only do damage upwards and dont destroy the tank - Whole spawn area where everything is invisible - All vehicles have modules so you have to aim with the AT gun and have to destroy an important module to causing big damage - Different terrain types where inf vehicles are so slow and you can easily run away from the AT rambo - Changed badges, infantry first fix, armor fist nerf etc. - Changed machine gun mechanics, now you dont have to change to mg, only have to use the mouse 2 If 1 or 2 infantry defend a tank, it is really hard to destroy it. The AT mechanics already has a lot of disadvantages and nerfs, we dont need more. RETO should do something with the reason behind it as @King-Harlaus said.
  14. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    They have a lot of other things to fix as well and smaller bugs like misplaced objects or missing textures are simply too low priority. Sometimes they don’t even know about smaller bugs. Btw thx for the report, I will try to forward it to the developers. If you know more places where you can get stuck in textures, objects etc (except stones, they are working as intended) feel free to send them here. It helps me a lot. (I know the location but next time please send a map location too)
  15. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Can you please send a map location like this? Because I dont know where it is. If there are more places like that, please send me all of the locations. Thx Same as above, can you pleae send me a map location too? I know this building but it may be an individual case so it would help a lot. Thx