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  1. robii404-HUN

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    What is frustrating? What else do you want? 8 eq point for all AT weapons and 5000 cr / rocket cost? Do you know what advantages tankers had 5 years ago? Nothing. You could destroy a tank with a single mine on the spawn point even if you put it on top of the turret... And now? - Increased repair costs - Changed mine explosion mechanics, they only do damage upwards and dont destroy the tank - Whole spawn area where everything is invisible - All vehicles have modules so you have to aim with the AT gun and have to destroy an important module to causing big damage - Different terrain types where inf vehicles are so slow and you can easily run away from the AT rambo - Changed badges, infantry first fix, armor fist nerf etc. - Changed machine gun mechanics, now you dont have to change to mg, only have to use the mouse 2 If 1 or 2 infantry defend a tank, it is really hard to destroy it. The AT mechanics already has a lot of disadvantages and nerfs, we dont need more. RETO should do something with the reason behind it as @King-Harlaus said.
  2. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    They have a lot of other things to fix as well and smaller bugs like misplaced objects or missing textures are simply too low priority. Sometimes they don’t even know about smaller bugs. Btw thx for the report, I will try to forward it to the developers. If you know more places where you can get stuck in textures, objects etc (except stones, they are working as intended) feel free to send them here. It helps me a lot. (I know the location but next time please send a map location too)
  3. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Can you please send a map location like this? Because I dont know where it is. If there are more places like that, please send me all of the locations. Thx Same as above, can you pleae send me a map location too? I know this building but it may be an individual case so it would help a lot. Thx
  4. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Thx for the report but I cant reproduce the issue. Its a different bug with something, not map releated. In other games the map doesnt have these texture bugs.
  5. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Its only on that ladder or everywhere? If everywhere, then its not map releated bug, so please dont post it here under map bugs. If its a special bug of that ladder then please let me know and I will try to test it too.
  6. robii404-HUN

    Gun sounds

    For me the sound of pps and mp40 are the worst, they have to be way more powerful and deep. But most of the smgs are bad, they are too weak. SA rifles and most of the pistols have very nice sound. The mosin and M1903 have good sound but the kar98 has not. I dont know why, it sounds too unrealistic for me. The new weapons have better sounds like MT, Pocket pistols, MG13, AT rifles etc. So I think you should first change the sound of old weapons, like tha kar 98, pps, ppsh or mp40.
  7. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Thx for the report but its already a known bug.
  8. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    HI The sun is not map-releated bug, there are many places where you cant see anything if you look at the sun. After the new update they changed the weather settings, the weather and the sun are now brighter. I think its a bug but it doesnt belong here. The invisible item on the spawn is the truck. You dont see vehicles and soldiers in the enemy spawn, only bots. Its the invisible truck in the spawn protection area where soldiers and vehicles are invisible until they shoot or leave the zone. Not a bug.
  9. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    I checked it and you are right, from the balcony you cant use the ladders. They only work if you use them while jumping. I will report it, thanks
  10. robii404-HUN

    Do you want Fast reload nerf? (From 40% to 30%)

    Maybe make some in-game poll in every month with suggestions and feedback in popular themes like fast reload, balance questions, UI feedback etc. In the past you had a poll with that external company about habits and things like that so I think you can do this without too much development. In that way you can reach more player than forum or discord
  11. robii404-HUN

    Reduce headshot multiplier (round 1)

    The problem is random headshots. Again, random. People in many cases die from headshots, so they want hitbox multiplier change. But the problem is not the multiplier. Servers are bad, there are problems with lag, hit reg etc. and sometimes you shoot the head from 1m, you see the blood splashes from his head, but nothing happen. Then you shoot again and again and only the 4th shot kill the soldier. Sometimes you shoot next to the head or torso etc, but the soldier dies from headshot. This is the main problem. There are many videos about this on youtube and many people complains about bad hit registration and lags on DC or here. This is a real problem and you cant solve this by simply change the multipliers, damages and everything, you have to solve the source of the problem somehow. Obviously a good temporary solution, but it does not solve the problem...
  12. robii404-HUN

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    Only the PMK? What about the other 2 AP mines? They should do the same damage like all AT mines.
  13. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    @Callum5124 Thx for the info but I already reported that bug. If you know more similar places, report them here as well.
  14. robii404-HUN

    Match Maker, are you serious?

    You only get priority when there are one of your assault teams in the battle. When you que on a battle does not mean that you will definitely get into the battle (because without AT you dont have any prio), but that you will not get into other battles.
  15. robii404-HUN

    Scope clip sleeve

    Which nation did you play with?