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  1. …………………………………………………. Disclamer: This all bellow is in Pre-design meeting status. This thread is created for Informational purposes ONLY ! And as Reto.Christiano requested, DO NOT TAG Christiano in this discussion or any other discussion releated to this ! His focus is on the vehicle update at the moment, and these forum threads tend to take away quite a bit of his concentration when he is getting constantly pinged with questions and replies. And all these plans below are not quite relevant yet ! …………………………………………………. In QnA 14 RedBjarn said, answering my question, that weapon suggestions have been made for the SU tier 2 LMG and SU para. LMG weapon classes. He said that these suggestion were too similar to existing weapons and/or hard to implement. He also talked very shortly about DP variations. After the QnA i have asked Christiano about the subject and he gave me the following information: …………………………………………………. Christiano allowed me to share this information on the R.R.R. so that everyone would be informed. So please behave, and DO NOT TAG HIM ! Christiano will deal with this subject when it will become more relevant ! ………………………………………………….
  2. Jacky95

    The true Heroes & Generals experience

    -When there are 10+FW on the enemy team, but Christiano tells you, everything is fine and blocks you.
  3. Jacky95

    MG42 Builds

    max rpm+sight and TGG gold.. went 87 kills with it after practically not playing for half a year CQC monster and it does amazingly well on 100meters when bipodded got kills on 200 ish and hits on people in o2, on FA from O3 tower
  4. Hitler played a "minor role" in that. It was mostly Lord Rothermere who caused this subject to be back on the international agenda. And Mussolini who was a long standing and great supporter of revision of the territories that had large Hungarian populations and were close to the border...I mean we even wanted to make Rothermere king..... http://www.hungarianhistory.com/lib/rothermere/rothermere.pdf
  5. Jacky95


    I warned them.many of us did. But Christiano did not give a crap. And as usual, what Christiano chooses stays like that for years since there was no and will be no balancing! T28, AT rifles, buccaneers cannon, MIG...Pe3bis..etc And Christiano does not give 2 shts about what people say unless what is said conforms to his agenda Even if Reto tweaks the FW further it won't be balanced, Tier3's won't be balanced until they are just tier 2's, due to the faulty game design(class system)further explanation sig. 3rd link Reto killed their game. with being totally incompetent and arrogant, never listening to common sense. The case of the PTRD is the best example of it, since its addition up until today, none of the at rifles worth a crap, going from OP to UP depending on reto's fit. With bullsht badges influencing dmg and pen, completelly screwing balance
  6. That and every badge that gives more damage or more penetration. This made the PTRD OP for years and ruins balance even now @Reto.Hades
  7. Increase dmg dealt by destroying critical internals like ammo and fuel. Heavily decrees dmg dealt by penetrating shots that don't hit any internals! Tank shells should always deal more dmg to tanks than any other AT weapon In general, hitting critical internals tanks should destroy other tanks in 1-4 shots depending on the skill of the player.(shot placement, angle of post pen) decrees the gun barrel penalty caused velocity loss, and make it universal in case of every tank per class. This now extremely harms tanks that have lower velocity already and can make 100m shots almost impossible as u have to elevate the barrel so much you cant see the enemy in the optic. the destroyed gun breach should stop firing and there should be lightly, heavily damaged and destroyed gun breach. the damaged gun breach slows down-firing and causes misfire. Add internal repairing that can fix a destroyed gun breach back to heavily damaged under let's say 20-30 sec. depending on the class of the tank..big breach more repair time,smaller less repair time. you have to wrench the tank externally for complete repair Solved it for you
  8. Reto was "looking at" adding more AA vehicles and their static variants that would have been placed in tiers which would have been linked to aircraft classes. But here we are in 2019 and reto deemed every baseball added since more important and these useful things wont be added in the near future either this was back in 2017
  9. if they would emulate WT we would have a fantastic armor 2.0..so no. They chickenned out on the modular dmg system and now internals dont matter at all.
  10. Jacky95

    Two shots and APCs are gone.

    I still remember, RedBjarne going on about the dreaded McGaiver infantry, that can do almost everything more effectively than any other class. and now we are back to that with le me running around with 8 rockets +9 H3+ infantry first gold+grenadier gold Or the ultimate scrub lord HnG addition, fullrpm+TGG MG42 with 250 ammo+ 6 H3's... One man army with all of the aids meta weapons
  11. Jacky95

    Wtf is with the puma

    looks at PTRD, looks at anti-tank smg's, looks at T-28, looks at FW, looks at SU smg's, looks at countless bs decision Reto made over the years....looks at laser smg MG42 max rpm+TGG..... What balancing? They can't distinguish between their left and right hand, and if you tell them that their right hand is the right and their left is the left, they block you. Cause everything is fine in their rainbow and unicorn farts world and you are just a troll. Reto spreadsheets are the truth and if they say the FW is not OP than it is not. People are just trolls.
  12. Jacky95

    Wtf is with the puma

    he chooses the vehicles and does not listen when even he can see glaring performance differences now, how will you defend that? he chooses vehicles based on what is cool. he wrote it when the mig 3 high altitude fighter was chosen by him over the proper early war I-16 or its variants. Did not give a toss about the glaring imbalance in the AT tiers he draw up, and did not listen at all. Noone is evil or biased. He is just incompetent because he has no idea about what the game needs and he does not listen to customer feedback. He just blocks people that tell him the FW is OP. No fanboy can defend that DIng
  13. Jacky95

    Wtf is with the puma

    enemy footsteps are still non-existent. they can fix that basic fundamental issue instead of bs pumas ruining the game. and that would actually increase income for them, long term On a side note,this is why i don't trust Christiano. The Puma+SU AT weapons now and the MIG-3 back in the day, He should not be calling the shots
  14. Jacky95

    Wtf is with the puma

    put it in as a tank and place in another more balanced armored car as recon tier 3...the germans had a ton of those. Or add in the T-60 as SU recon vehicle since it was a recon vehicle and do the same for US, add a competent strong tier 3..... please don't pretend like this had to end like this. If he cant figure it out then don't add completelly useless unneeded recon vehicles. but instead, fix the game and add useful needed content that solves balancing issues and other problems like the non-existent,linked to aircraft classes, ground to air weaponry tiers. how about fixing the bug that does not allow the player to spawn, how about rolling back armor 3.0 that made armored gameplay into an unenjoyable arcade sht show that made internals pointless, but managed to f up the game more than ever. And then he wonders why players are still leaving and why he had to fire most of the staff. Some foolish addicts must still be dumping money into this toddler game where a full rpm mg42 with TGG makes any random a highly skilled vet, getting aprox a 100 kill easily.
  15. Jacky95

    Wtf is with the puma

    just look at the Soviet recon vehicle line up and than at the German. Reto gives no shirt about balance at all! They want your monies people! Empty your pockets and pay Bjarne his due for fkin up the game again
  16. Jacky95

    AT rifle accuracy

    bipod only, realistic dispersion, realistic penetration/range. => wonderfull anti-armor/vehicle support weapon which can also be used as a heavy sniper delete the badges that give it and at weapons more dmg and pen(part of the reason that made the ptrd OP for years and its bs anyways, making balancing hard) Would fit the game perfectly. Too much for reto to comprehend. They are completelly incompetent. Hence the PTRD was never fixed since its addition.
  17. Jacky95

    Two shots and APCs are gone.

    Thats why I used the word,: kinda Its still sht.
  18. Jacky95

    Two shots and APCs are gone.

    kinda nice but could be a bit more forgiving for both sides since HnG is not a sim. but it sounds good regarding the gun barrel, you would also have to think about the zoom differences giving an enormous advantage to the German double zoomers would be lovely to flank Tigers in a t34 and one shot them with destroying the large and medium ammo racks but if you want realism than also give tankers the ability to throw grenades and use pistol and smg from hatch
  19. it's mind-bogglingly logic lacking. The kind that hurts your gray matter Nordisk film ain't getting back that 5 mill either
  20. you are still alive? What has brought your poor soul back to this cursed land? also. hi
  21. Jacky95

    Two shots and APCs are gone.

    i agree with hard caps too but inf does not have to be useless either. As it was the first few days of armor 2.0, 1-4 shots to kill a tank with another tank and 3-6H3's to kill a tank with H3's was perfect. Because it depended on the knowledge of the player and the placement of the at weapons and shells. It mattered what internals were hit, so tanks were strong, but weak too. weak if you know what where you doing. pair this up with no infinite at weapon reload on jeeps and no 7 rockets+6 H3's on one infantryman, no more dmg giving badge and no more at weapon ammo giving badge, and its perfect. Reto had it nailed down, but they chickened out because RedBjarne did not like it and could not wait a week for good feedback+ fixing their bugs, and considering that the missing 40% of the patch might be needed to make it work properly...... but hey what do i know... we were so close to a good game-saving patch. then you could 3 H3 a tank, if you hit the correct internals,(for which you have to know their location), but would have to go to specific points to refill the at weapon(less spam),could not carry a mountain of rockets and H3's(but they would be powerful), tanks could 1 shot each other IF correct internals are hit..etc knowledge,skill,flanking would be rewarded and you could also add Gaiuses idea about a protected 3rd person view or just allow tankers to use pistols from hatch Now this is closer to balance than Reto's ra arded ideas. and iam not talking about simulation. just about balance
  22. Jacky95

    Two shots and APCs are gone.

    we are kinda back to where we started before armor 2.0 Its not okay at all, just because now it more convenient for you. Inf were OP, than tanks were made good for 3 days, than tanks were OP dmg sponges and now, AT weaponry OP and tanks vs tanks is still dmg spongy. the one with mental disabilities is the one who thinks everything is okay as long it is okay for him/her/apache helicopter. Bayonetta is in the right here. Inf is the base of the game BUT its not supposed to be a MC Gaiver class that is more effective than a cannon shell exploding in your crew compartment